New York City College of Technology IOM Future of Nursing Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

New York City College of Technology IOM Future of Nursing Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help. New York City College of Technology IOM Future of Nursing Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help.

This week you explored AONE key competencies that nurse administrators need to have in order to successfully manage performance. This is a critical activity for healthcare and nursing leaders. The IOM Future of Nursing, Leading Change Advancing Health Report informed us why this is a critical activity (IOM, 2011). You read the answers this week in your readings. In your initial posting answer the following questions:

1)What are 2 reasons, from the IOM Report, that describe why managing performance improvement is a critical activity for nursing leaders?

2) What are 3 characteristics of a high performance organization?

3) What are 3 principles of complexity science and what does this theory offer nurse leaders to help them influence excellence in patient healthcare delivery?

4) Read the case study 10-6 on professional career development and planning for success. Describe the author’s experience, describe 3 major milestones she met, the skills she developed, educational opportunities the author sought, and provide at least 1 example of intentional planning that contribute to positive outcomes.

5) Describe 3 messages from the author’s experience that you will take with you on your personal career journey.

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Delta State University Week 8 Gaps in the Life Model Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Discussion 1 – Week 8


Play Therapy

Children who have been abused or traumatized in some way may benefit from working with a therapist. Children often reenact trauma through repetitious play in order to establish mastery over their emotions and integrate experiences into their history on their own terms. Through the use of toys and props, children may naturally share their emotions and past experiences without feeling the pressure they might encounter with traditional talk therapy.

For this Discussion, review the course-specific case study for Claudia and the Chiesa (2012) and Taylor (2009) articles.

Post by Day 3 an explanation of ways play therapy might be beneficial for Claudia. Using the insights gained from the articles, describe ways you might have worked with Claudia to address her fears and anxiety related to the mugging she witnessed.

Support your posts with specific references to the Learning Resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.

Discussion 2 – Week 8


Transference and Countertransference

Specific skills and knowledge are essential for a social worker working with children. Understanding transference and countertransference is crucial to a healthy therapeutic relationship. Both transference and countertransference can be evident in any client–therapist relationship, but are especially important in working with children because of a common instinct among adults to protect and nurture the young. The projection or relocation of one’s feelings about one person onto another, otherwise known as transference, is a common response by children (Gil, 1991). Countertransference, a practitioner’s own emotional response to a child, is also common.

For this Discussion, review the Malawista (2004) article.

Post by Day 4 your explanation why transference and countertransference are so common when working with children. Then, identify some strategies you might use to address both transference and countertransference in your work with children.

Support your posts with specific references to the Learning Resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.

Discussion – Week 8


Gaps in the Life Model

Piedra and Engstrom (2009) noted how the life model “remains general and unspecific regarding factors that affect immigrant families” (p. 272). Recall that there will never be one theory or a model that can fully explain a phenomenon or lay out all the steps and procedures when working with complex issues that clients present to social workers. Recognizing this, Piedra and Engstrom selected another theory in the immigration literature—segmented assimilation theory. They identified concepts from segmented assimilation theory to “fill in” the gaps that the life model does not address.

In this Discussion, you examine gaps in the life model by applying it to your field experience.

To prepare:

  • Review the life model.
  • Review this article in the Learning Resources: Piedra, L. M., & Engstrom, D. W. (2009). Segmented assimilation theory and the life model: An integrated approach to understanding immigrants and their children. Social Work, 54(3), 270–277.…

By Day 3


Using an example from your fieldwork experience and a diverse population you encountered at the agency (for example, in Piedra and Engstrom’s article, it was immigrant families), respond to the following:

  • Identify and describe the diverse population and the unique characteristics and/or the distinctive needs of the population in 3 to 4 brief sentences.
  • Explain how the life model can be applied for the population.
  • Explain where the gaps are in applying the life model for this population.
  • When looking at the gaps, explain which theory might be helpful in filling the gaps of the life model when working with this population.

By Day 5


SOWK 135 Strayer University The Issues Regarding Child Adoption Summary Writing Assignment Help

Journal Article Reviews Instructions

For each review, you must identify 1 peer-reviewed journal article that reflects research applicable to the practice setting covered in the assigned module/week’s Reading & Study material and use this article as the basis of a 2-page review. In each review, you must briefly summarize the purpose of the article, including the research question(s), and methods used to examine the research question(s), and 1–2 key findings. You must also describe 2 concepts you learned from the article and ask at least 1 knowledge-informed question about the practice setting. Each review must follow current APA format and include a title page and a reference page. The title page and reference page do not count towards the length requirement. Peer reviewed journal articles can be found under additional information in course content for week 0. You can also select peer reviewed articles from the library social work related data bases. Those will need to be sent to your professor for approival.

Each Journal Article Review is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of the assigned module/week.


Reasons Why Peloton Is a Buy in The Stock & Potential investors Presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

Forbes magazine recently published an article last April about a few companies that they predict will thrive in a post-COVID world. One of the companies mentioned was Peloton, an American exercise equipment and media company that was founded in 2012 and launched with help from a Kickstarter funding campaign in 2013. Potential investors would like to know if Forbes’ prediction is correct before they invest in the company’s stock.


Your task is to create a PPT presentation that contains a three-bullet structure in rating the company. Consider the format below:

Main Idea: I choose to rate this company a (BUY/HOLD/SELL) in their stock because:

  1. Reason A
  2. Data to back it up
  3. Reason B
  4. Data to back it up
  5. Reason C
  6. Data to back it up

provide your each reason with relevant financial data and resources:

  1. Three-statement model (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement) for the recent fiscal years and/or quarters and what it means for the company to have such numbers at its current standing.
  2. Recent news regarding the company (technological advancements, recent financial status, modernization, expansions, etc.) and how such news can affect the company’s performance in the future.
  3. Recent stock performance (stock price, EPS, DPS, ratio analysis, etc.) and how this supports your claim to BUY/HOLD/SELL

Note that the data you can have for each bullet point can be plenty, as long as it is data that supports your reasoning.


The Doubt Plays An Integral Part Of Human Life Every Day Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Assessment on Doubt:

Essay Topic: In the Preface to this play John Patrick Shanley says, “You may come out of my play uncertain. You may want to be sure. Look down on that feeling.” Analyze this comment in relation to the meaning of the play as a whole. What do you think the comment by Shanley means? Does that comment alter your reaction or perspective on the play? What do you think Shanley wants you to take from the play?

essay with 5 paragraphs and 3 body paragraphs according to the directions each body paragrah need one topic sentence and one evidence from the book. The documents attached are the etext book and the directions from the teacher to the topic.



WU Wk 3 Clinical Inquiry & Research Methodologies EBP Article Matrix Worksheet Health Medical Assignment Help

After reading each of the four peer-reviewed articles you selected, use the Matrix Worksheet template to analyze the methodologies applied in each of the four peer-reviewed articles. Your analysis should include the following:

  • The full citation of each peer-reviewed article in APA format.
  • A brief (1-paragraph) statement explaining why you chose this peer-reviewed article and/or how it relates to your clinical issue of interest, including a brief explanation of the ethics of research related to your clinical issue of interest.
  • A brief (1-2 paragraph) description of the aims of the research of each peer-reviewed article.
  • A brief (1-2 paragraph) description of the research methodology used. Be sure to identify if the methodology used was qualitative, quantitative, or a mixed-methods approach. Be specific.
  • A brief (1- to 2-paragraph) description of the strengths of each of the research methodologies used, including reliability and validity of how the methodology was applied in each of the peer-reviewed articles you selected.

WU Wk 3 Clinical Inquiry & Research Methodologies EBP Article Matrix Worksheet Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

CU Pretty Good Privacy Encryption Package & Adding Compression Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Write 750 words

here are many ways to provide encryption services. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is one example of an encryption package that is readily available.

Out of the 5 principal services that are provided by PGP, which services do you find the most important? Explain your answer in detail.

  • Why does PGP generate a signature before adding compression?
  • What is your personal opinion about PGP?
  • Would you use PGP or a different encryption package? Explain your answer in detail.
  • How would you implement PGP in your own company or at home?
  • What are some situations where PGP would not be the best encryption package for an organization?


Capella University Services Provided By IPsec Presentation Writing Assignment Help

  • What are the services that are provided by IPSec?
  • What is the difference between transport and tunnel modes?
  • Describe the different services provided by AH and ESP.
  • What is a replay attack?
  • List 3–5 practical applications of IPSec.
  • Title slide
  • 1–2 slides per topic or question(s) listed above
  • Reference slide with all citation material

Using the online library, Internet, and all course materials, research the topic(s) assigned to you.

Your slides must include the following:

  • Detailed information on your topic(s) fully answering any question(s)
  • Practical application examples of your topic(s)
  • Detailed speaker notes on each slide you create
  • You must use at least 2 unique references on each above bullet


UNT Issues Facing Students and Related Resources to Help Presentation Writing Assignment Help

This is designed to evaluate knowledge of the Learning Environment. There are two parts; Part 1 Management Strategies and Part 2 Issues and Resources Presentation.

Part 1: Identifying the management strategies used by a teacher when conducting a lesson

  • Read the entire scenario as presented
  • Identify the strategies used by the instructor
  • Justify your strategy identified by providing evidence from the text
  • Identify the management style from which the strategy comes

Please use the following attached format for submission.

Part 2: Issues Facing Students and Related Resources Presentation

  • Identify at least five issues that are faced by students today that impact achievement.
  • Identify the developmental impact of each issue.
  • Research and provide resources that are directly related to the issue and are aligned to the developmental goals for students. These are resources a parent or teacher could use to learn more about the issue and how to address the impact of the issue. These are NOT the resources used in your research.
  • Using the presentation tool of your choice, create a presentation (such as powerpoint, prezi, etc) and submit for evaluation.

You may find the attached sample presentation helpful. This presentation received a perfect score and includes many elements not in the rubric. You do not have to include all the elements found in the sample (music, video) but must review the rubric carefully before submitting.


BUS 101 Introduction to Business Course Reflection Paper Writing Assignment Help

UPDATE: I just received a bunch of essays! I will read and give feedback on those over this weekend. THANK YOU FOR SUBMITTING!

Reflecting on the first seven weeks of Fall Quarter, write a 2-5 page essay using one of these prompts:

The most useful thing I learned about business so far this quarter is……. because…..

The thing that has surprised me most about business so far this quarter is …… because…..

What I’ve learned so far this quarter has made me more curious about …..because…..

You may also write about how you’re doing at learning business. What are you learning about yourself in the process?

If you use a quote, cite it properly using APA.

Post your essay here.


New York City College of Technology IOM Future of Nursing Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

New York City College of Technology IOM Future of Nursing Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help