NU Methods & Tools in Scanning & Enumerating Systems & Network Targets Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help

NU Methods & Tools in Scanning & Enumerating Systems & Network Targets Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help. NU Methods & Tools in Scanning & Enumerating Systems & Network Targets Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help.

  1. Describe the methods and tools used in scanning and enumerating system and network targets (think Nessus, NMAP etc) during a pentest and how the results are used during the rest of the pentest.
  2. What is your favorite tool that you learned about in this class, how you used it, and, explain why and how it enhances your ability to conduct a pentest?

    (Burp Suite)

Your answer should be written in essay form with a clear intro, body, and conclusion. Use examples as applicable. There is no minimum length but you should clearly answer all parts of each question. Your answer should be in your own words. Short quotes can be used as needed. Cite any references used in APA format.

Assignment Formatting Requirements:

  • APA Standard 1-inch margins all around
  • Standard font (e.g., Arial, Times Roman, Calibri, Tahoma, etc.)
  • 12-pt font size
  • Double-spaced
  • No cover page – use a simple heading at the top of the first page with Course #/Title, Exam Name, Your Name, and Date (this heading can be left-justified, centered or right-justified)
  • No Abstract
  • Identify the question number for each response (e.g., “Essay Question #1”) – do not repeat the actual question text.
  • When using external sources, list the references immediately following the end of the essay question where used (do not put all references at the end of the document)
  • Start Q2 on a new page

NU Methods & Tools in Scanning & Enumerating Systems & Network Targets Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

PUB 650 Grand Canyon Health Insurance Coverage and Service Quality Paper Health Medical Assignment Help



– minimum of 150 words or more

– strong academic writing / APA style 7th ed (please use in-text citing and References at end )

– must use scholarly articles only no older than 5 years or website that is gov/ org. no blogs to justify response.

– please be original writing ( will check for plagiarism ).


Research has found that there is a positive relationship between health insurance coverage and health-related outcomes. The best evidence suggests that health insurance is associated with more appropriate use of health care services and better health outcomes for adults. Uninsured adults are less likely than adults with any sort of health care coverage to receive screening services and preventative services. Uninsured adults are also likely to receive these types of services in a timely manner. Health insurance that provides more extensive coverage of screening and preventative services is likely going to result in a greater and more appropriate use of these services. Health insurance facilitates both the receipt of services and a continuing care relationship or regular source of care, which also increases the chances of receiving appropriate care (NCBI, n.d.).

The problems with employer-sponsored health insurance (ESHI) is job lock, which reduces labor mobility for ESHI beneficiaries; inequity of benefits of the way the benefits of ESHI largely accrue to the highest-paid workers; and increased fragmentation of health care finance inherent in a system administered by thousands of separate employers (NISKANEN Center, 2018). The role of government care has expanded over the years and influenced policy. The government plays a major role in achieving better quality and value in health care and in success or failure of lasting healthcare reform. An example of the government improving quality and value in the healthcare system is the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Berry, 2013).


Berry, S. M. (2013). A role for government: An observation on federal healthcare efforts in prevention. Retrieved from

NCBI. (n.d.). Effects of Health Insurance on Health. Retrieved from

NISKANEN Center. (2018, November 6). What’s Wrong with Employer Sponsored Health Insurance. Retrieved from…


About Cold War and Atomic Bomb History Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

I’m trying to learn for my History class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Question: Having more money and resources being allocated for scientific research and development is, generally, a good thing. Why have scientists and politicians in the US worried so much about science getting “big”? What were the implications for the universities, pedagogy, and the students?

1. Please use your responses as a place to start off your reflections on the topic of the week. What are other questions that came to your mind as you proceeded with your reading, listening and viewing of the materials in that week? Try to make connections between the lectures, the readings and the films. The more effort you make in putting these different materials in conversation with each other the better.

2. No formal citations are required but quotations from the readings to illustrate your points are welcome (make sure, however, to not use quotes as a substitute for your own wording). Making interesting connections and observations weaving together different ideas from different sources is the best strategy to write an interesting and engaging journal throughout the course, which not only will receive a high weekly grade but also prove helpful for your final paper in this course.

3. A note on expressing your own opinions: your opinions on, for instance, whether a certain development was “right” or “wrong”, or good or bad one, are welcome. However, you should make sure to substantiate your opinions with text-based evidence drawn from the materials in this course. Explain what stood out for you in this week’s materials, and why. Please be specific and cite different materials assigned for this week.


COSC 241 College of Eastern Utah Population Wellness Education Question Writing Assignment Help

Over the last three meetings, we’ve discussed several examples of ethical and unethical behavior and how one can demonstrate reliability and dependability. Take what you’ve learned from the past three weeks and your own experiences and knowledge to answer the following:

1. Should a college education be free to anyone who wishes to obtain one and why? Support your response with more than emotions and feelings.

2. “You can’t put a price on health.” is a common saying yet, education to be certified/licensed in healthcare is constantly rising and medical insurance exists. Is the health and well-being of others(humanity) the responsibility of everyone(society)?

Keep the following in mind:

  • Respect
  • Syllabus


ACT Customer Loyalty in Real Life Application with Wegman Company Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

you just only write one pager it is well

Thank you

Project Description:

For this project, explore customer loyalty in real-life application with Wegman’s case study. Read about Wegman’s by visiting the company’s website at:

Answer the following questions in your own words using these resources: Wegman’s website, course textbook, and your own independent online research.

  1. After reading about and researching the company, would you describe yourself as a promoter of Wegmans – someone who would willingly recommend it to friends? Explain why or why not.

  1. What challenges do you think Wegmans will face in the future regarding customer loyalty? How must it apply core competencies to remain successful?

  1. How could you build/improve customer loyalty at Wegmans?



CSIA 360 UMUC Government Mobile Apps Security Assessment & Strategy Research Report Computer Science Assignment Help

or this research report you will research and then present your findings about cybersecurity issues specific to mobile applications. You will also provide a set of recommendations for best practices (your “strategy”) for security architectures and designs for mobile apps.

Mobile applications are important because they allow citizens and other stakeholders to access information and services through the federal government’s digital government initiatives. For more information about requirements to provide mobile friendly websites and mobile apps see this blog posting from GSA.GOV… and the text of the Connected Government Act Public Law 115-114…

Note: this assignment requires inclusion of diagrams or graphics that help to explain the information provided in your analysis and strategy. You are not required to create these on your own. Instead, you should look for useful graphics/diagrams in the readings and use those to support your work. You must cite the source for each piece of artwork used in your project. Put a figure caption under the diagram or chart and then place the in-text citation at the end of the caption. See the example at the end of this file.

CSIA 360 UMUC Government Mobile Apps Security Assessment & Strategy Research Report Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

CCC Barbara Kruger Your Body Is a Battleground Art Discussion Writing Assignment Help


In 1971, not to be outdone by the big boys of installation art, Judy Chicago, Miriam Schapiro and the feminist project at Cal-Arts commandeered a condemned two story house in Hollywood, CA. Each artist was given a room and a mandate to raise public consciousness of feminist issues.

They valiantly tried to do so. (Links to an external site.)

Check out this short video about Womanhouse:

Feminism was an infant movement in 1971 and it’s members had a lot to be indignant about. Before the social revolution of the late 60s, any woman who didn’t care for the idea of having a litter of kids, then spending the rest of her life as a cook, nanny, dishwasher and a not so happy homemaker was considered “neurotic”, “socially dysfunctional”, “unbalanced”, or worse. That was just one issue. Being trapped in a crappy, low paying job within a culture of pervasive sexual harassment were some others.

This is an image of an installation at Womanhouse by Robin Schiff, titled "Nightmare Bathroom" This is an image of an installation at Womanhouse by Camille Grey, titled "Lipstick Bathroom" This is an image of an installation at Womanhouse by Sandy Orgel, titled "Linen Closet"

Robin Schiff, Nightmare Bathroom Camille Grey, Lipstick Bathroom Sandy Orgel, Linen Closet

Shortly after the show closed the house was bulldozed. A short film and a few photographs are all that remain. Gradually, decades later, the exhibition began to acquire mythic status. Certainly it was the most ambitious, cogent, and politically energized art of it’s day, and there’s been almost nothing like it since. By any measure, this is the art of nightmare, protest and indignation, and nobody who saw the exhibition on opening day would ever forget It.

One might argue that the rigid gender repression that used to define American society has changed for the better in the two generations since Womanhouse was demolished.

Or not.

Your Assignment

In this Discussion, you will select a Feminist artist who does work that you find powerful and interesting. You will then post a 500-750 word analysis of one of her works. If, during your exploration, you discover a different Feminist artist whose work you would rather write about, you may do so..

Before You Begin

Please read the overview about the Feminist Art Movement located at this link:

Feminist Art Movement, Artists and Major Works/The Art Story (Links to an external site.)

Thoroughly read and explore the home page until you are familiar with the Feminist Art Movement. Links to pages about Key Artists in this movement are listed below.

Please note: The internet is filled with information, images, and videos by and about these artists. I encourage you to do additional research about the artist you select. Please cite your sources.


Step One: Post an Image

Find an image of the work of art that you plan to write about and post it in your discussion. This will give your classmates a better idea of what you are talking about.

In addition, you may also post a link to a video by or about the artist and their work.

Important Notice

Please do not select images of nudity that might be considered too graphic.

Please only include images that are appropriate within the standards of this institution. I respect your choice of writing topics, but some images may be disturbing to some individuals and too strong to include. Some art is like that.

If you have selected an image to write about, but are unsure whether it is appropriate, please contact me for guidance before you write your reflection.

High resolution images are preferred.

Step Two: Post in the Class Discussion

  1. Briefly summarize the key ideas in the work of your selected artist. What is she saying through her work?
  2. How does the artist convey her content through her art? Consider her medium and approach.
  3. Did this art work make a difference to you, or to your way of thinking about feminist issues, beyond mere amusement or decoration? Why or why not?

Your post must be between 500 and 750 words.

Step Three: Respond to your Classmates

Next, review the posts of your classmates. Post a cogent and thoughtful response to a post by two different classmates (at least 100 words each). Add a new insight to the discussion that helps the reader better understand the artist’s work. To do this consider the following:

  • Do you agree with your classmate’s analysis and interpretation? Why or why not?
  • Did they leave out something important? If you think so, introduce this to the discussion.
  • Did you find something interesting in the post, but you don’t fully understand? Politely ask them to clarify for you.


AHS 8300 WU Week 13 Lack of Adequate Human Services Thesis Paper Health Medical Assignment Help

Please submit your initial draft of your Final Thesis Submission for review and feedback prior to final submission.

Thank you for your Week 12 draft submission.
I was able to review your paper yesterday and this morning. Overall, you are making great strides towards getting to a finished product.

Please note that I fixed your pagination, so it is correct. I also aligned your first pages of the Thesis and added page breaks throughout your paper, mostly between chapters. At the end of each chapter, you need to have a conclusion paragraph or paragraphs. The purpose of the conclusion statement is to summarize the current chapter and provide a transition statement to the next chapter. I have provided you with some starter sentences that you just need to finish. You may use the language that I have included.

To date, you have 22 references. I would like for you to have closer to 30 references in your paper. You also need to provide more in-text citations. Remember that any time you’re writing about a position, it needs to be cited. I made several notes on your paper. You may want to add additional information to Chapter III. I also did some quick research regarding “Community-Based Sociotherapy” from Rwanda. I provided you with a web link in your paper. Please add information regarding this community-based support in your paper. (This link can also be added to your references.) As much as there is a gap in services, this appears to be a program that is working.

Please check the APA 7 Formatting for your Figures.This is good information, I just want you to be sure that it is formatted correctly. I provided some directions for you in your paper.

I know that you’re working on Chapter V and the Abstract. Please strive to have these completed with your next draft.

Because of the page breaks, you’ll want to double-check the page numbers listed in the Table of Contents to be sure they are accurate.

Again, I can see that your thesis is coming together. I look forward to receiving your next draft.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


Dominican University Apple Inc Annual Report Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Select a company APPLE and look up its financial statements on the internet.

Then calculate (showing YOUR calculations) 2 out of the following 3: (for the most recent available date or time period).

  1. Current ratio
  2. Inventory turnover
  3. Debt to equity ratio

Include a link to the website, (ideally the company’s own website) and applicable page numbers

(if applicable) in which you found the information used in your calculations.

Avoid Wikipedia and other web browsing shortcuts!

Then, prepare (100 – 200 words total) evaluation of the (both) ratios you selected.


  • Points will be deducted as applicable for incompleteness (including vague evaluations), calculation errors, misinterpretations in your evaluation section of what these ratios mean and/or wording that appears to be copied from a website or other source (unless appropriately cited).
  • Make sure you have appropriate explanations of what these ratios tell us specifically about your selected company explained in your own words!


MGT 430 Saudi Electronic University Internship Report Business Finance Assignment Help

Academic Report Guideline(Co-op)

The purpose of the Internship Report is offer students to describe their accomplishments and demonstrate what they learned through participation at Saudi Electronic University. The report should be submitted within two weeks after you finish your Co-op training Program. In addition, the report should be approximately 3000 – 4000, single –spaced and consider taking the followingformat


First page should display student’s full name, internship start and finish dates, working hours per week, company/institution name.

This page should be signed by the work and university supervisor off the intern student.

Cover pager form

Internship Report

Student`s name :

Student`s ID # :

Training Organization:

Trainee Department:

Field InstructorName:

Faculty Member:

Field InstructorSignature:

Faculty Member Signature:

Internship Start Date:

Internship End Date:



Academic Year/Semester:

2.A Brief Executive Summary of theInternship

A one-page summary of the company/institution and a short account of the major activities carried out during the internship period.

3.Table ofContents

Contents of the report with page numbers, list of tables, and list of figures.

4.Description of thecompany

This section should answer the following questions:

  • What is the full title of the company/institution? Give a brief history of the company, full mailing address and relevant weblinks
  • What is the type of ownership of the company/institution? State the main shareholders and theirshares.
  • What is the sector that the company/institution operates in? Specify the products and services produced and offered to itscustomers/clients.
  • Who are regarded as the customers/clients of your internship company (consider the end users, retailers, other manufacturers, employees,etc.)?
  • Provide an organization chart of the company, along with information on the number of employees.
  • Provide a list of functions performed by different departments/divisions in the internship organization.
  • Describe your working conditions and functions, such as: Who is your supervisor (include his/her name and his/her position); other team members or co-workers and what their functions are to complementyours.
  • Provide an organization chart of the internshiporganization.
  • Provide the department or division layout of the internshiporganization.
  • Provide an overview off the production system or service procedure (what are the resources, inputs, outcomes, andconstraints?)
  • Provide a process chart of a major product and/orservice.
  • What kind of accounting/finance/IT//quality/marketing standards and principles are used in theorganization?
  • Discuss telecommunication technologies (Database, Instant Messenger, Networking, Ecommerce tools) used in thecompany.
  • Describe the quality planning and control activities in the internshiporganization.
  • Describe the quality control activities throughout the life cycle of the product/servicegroups.
  • What kind of financial analysis and decision-making methods are used by corporatetreasurers and financial managers in the internshiporganization?
  • What kinds of incentives are used in order to create more effective and efficientorganization?
  • What types of marketing, selling, and human resources analysis are performed (cost system, evaluation of consumers, needs, product strategy, distribution strategy, promotional strategy)?
  • Describe what kind of working documents and analysis you did there and what experiences you have gained throughout yourtraining.
  • Show some work samples that you have encountered/conducted at the company through graphs, pictures, data, drawings, or design calculations and include them in your report.
  • What skills and qualifications you think that you have gained from theinternship?
  • What kind of responsibilities you have undertaken during the internshipperiod?
  • How do you think the internship will influence your future careerplans?
  • How do you think the internship activities that you carried out are correlated with your Classroomknowledge?
  • A summary of key conclusions derived from the internshipexperience.
  • General observations about the sector in which your internship company/institutionoperates
  • You do not have to provide a day-to-day diary of the internshipactivities.
  • Do not write theoretical excerpts from textbooks! Describe what you exactly did there and what experiences you have gained throughout yourtraining.
  • The internship report should be between 3000 – 4000words.
  • The internship report should be original. Plagiarism will result in failure in the course and disciplinaryaction.
  • You can include graphs, pictures, data, drawings, or design calculations in your report; however, they should not cover more than 1/3 of the page. Larger graphs, pictures, data, drawings, or design calculations should be given as anAppendix.


This is the main body of your report. During the internship period, an intern may focus on the following types of analysis and questions. You do not have to answer all the questions in the list:

•A comparison between theory (things you have learned in the classroom) and practice (things you did or observed at the company) must be made and highlighted.

6.An assessment of theinternship

in this section you should answer the following questions:

7.Conclusions of thereport

This section should include:

8.Appendices and supplementary material (charts, graphs, pictures,etc.)

  • References

Rules for writing the internship report:


NU Methods & Tools in Scanning & Enumerating Systems & Network Targets Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help

NU Methods & Tools in Scanning & Enumerating Systems & Network Targets Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help