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Nursing Assignment Science Assignment Help. Nursing Assignment Science Assignment Help.

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? Please bid for this assignment only if you can adhere to the following:

• Stick to the given deadline, NO extension will be given.

• Be responsive, communicate with us regularly.

• Send us the assignment progressively on the 50% mark and when it has been completed.

• No copy and pasting work, DO NOT plagiarise. We use the Turnitin system to check for plagiarism, we do not recognise any other plagiarism checking tool.

• No using of fake references. References used must tally with content written.

• Do not take up any assignments from us if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Clinical placement guide

Must fill up frm A to G

F: care plan

Nursing problems

1. Shortness of breath (SOB)

2. Explore the food/water intake

3. Pitting odema lower limb

4. Fall Risk

5. Poor wound healing

using SMART

Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time

The assignment details are attached in the files below. You are supposed to work on the file named Clinical Placement Guide and Case Study 19 Nov 2018 reformatted V2. at the end of the case study there the table that need to be filled.

Before bidding please go through the assignment instructions and make sure you can handle the paper (Preferably Nursing background)

Number of words: 1500W

Number of references: 6
Style: APA

The assignment instructions are in this link –

Nursing Assignment Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

sale and marketing (task 6) Business Finance Assignment Help

ask 6 Advertising and the Role of Technology

Investigate Advertising.

  1. Read ebook Chapter 18 – Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations
  2. Work through the tutorial Advertising Fundamentals
    1. Getting Your Message to Market
    2. The Minimum Viable Marketing Plan
    3. Working With Partners
    4. Advertising in Larger Companies
  3. Watch
  4. Watch

Investigate use of social media for advertising and connecting with customers.

  1. Read ebook Chapter 19 – Using Social Media to Connect with Consumers
  2. Complete the tutorial on Pinterest for Business. Download the Pinterest Checklist from the Important Documents site. You will need this during the Lesson as your marketing team designs you advertising campaign.
  3. Complete the tutorial Facebook Advertising Fundamentals.

Investigate Online Marketing

  1. Complete the tutorial on Online Marketing Fundamentals

Download the Online Marketing examples and worksheets from the Important Documents site. As you work through the Online Marketing Fundamentals tutorial, complete the worksheets. You will submit the completed documents here and bring to the Lesson.

H+ Sports.pdf
Marketing Strategy Worksheet.pdf
Customer Strategy Worksheet.pdf
Business Strategy Worksheet.pdf
Customer Strategy Worksheet Example.pdf
Business Strategy Worksheet Example.pdf
Marketing Strategy Worksheet Example.pdf


Provide an workplace organizational chart with description of influence and management. Provide a discussion for each. Health Medical Assignment Help

For this assignment, locate an organizational chart from your employer or ideal employer and review it to determine the span of control and the areas of responsibility.

Next, you will select job titles that you believe represent Positions of Influence and Positions of Management. For confidentiality, all names of individuals in this document as well as the name of the organization are to be redacted. Only job titles remain visible.

You may type directly on your organizational chart using the letter I for Positions of Influence and the letter M for Positions of Management next to the job titles. Be sure to write your name on the organizational chart. Scan or save the document to create a pdf, that you will submit as part of this assignment

Next, provide a brief discussion and justification for each job title you identified as one of Influence or Management.

Length: 1 page organizational chart; 2-3 page analysis

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.


Book reflection Humanities Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will read Aké by Wole Soyinka. The book describes life in Nigeria during the 1930s. I have chosen this book because it describes life in Nigeria under British imperialist rule during a time of dramatic global change. The book is written from a child’s perspective, and so the author is not compelled to attribute meaning to any of the cultural interactions and events that take place. In your essay (approx. 1500 words), therefore, I would like you to discuss what life in Nigeria in the 1930s was like, by pointing out and discussing areas of cultural interaction and syncretism. As a starting point, you might want to address the following four questions:

1. In what ways is the British presence illustrated in the book? Use examples.

2. Find examples of the rise of Hitler and the war in the book. In what ways are they affecting the people of Aké?

3. How does western ideology and traditional ways of living play out in Aké? Is it a clash of cultures or is there an element of reconciliation and/or absorption?

4. How would a historian use this book? Is it a useful source for understanding the effects of imperialism? Explain.


nurses as writers Writing Assignment Help



Capsim business simulation Report Writing Assignment Help

•Introduction and company overview

•Strategic Posture

Strategic history of the organization (over the 6 rounds)

Organizational mission statement and strategic vision

Business level strategy

•External Analysis: Industry and Environment

Strategic history of the industry

Five-Forces analysis of the industry

Segment Analysis OR Competitive Dynamics Analysis

•Internal Analysis

Functional analysis – Explains the business model that includes all the functions. You will address questions such as: What did the team do in in each functional level in each round? How the general strategy was implemented? That is, how did the strategic choices being made in each round relate to the general strategy? What were the observed outcomes?

Financial analysis – A financial analysis of the firm in comparison to the industry.

Organizational structure and culture (think about group-level dynamics among the TMT members)

VRIN Analysis

Core and distinctive competencies

•Summary: SWOT (listing and explanation) and TOWS


•Discuss the specific strategic and tactical decisions that led to the company standing. If something went wrong (low performances) the TMT should detect the major strategic mistakes and provide possible solution to address the issue.

•Business Model to improve/correct strategic direction

•Key Strategic Issues (KSI)

•Strategic alternatives each KSI

•Recommended strategy each KSI and justification

•Action plan (tactics) for subsequent year (what would have been your strategy for an hypothetical round 7, 8 etc…).

Additional instructions

•All sources of information must be cited.

•Formatting American Psychological Association (APA) academic formatting style for all assignments.

•No information in the analysis may come from a case or case analysis written in any form.

•Unity in the paper. The paper should show unity; that is the content should build together to the conclusions. Content, analysis, and writing should be consistent throughout the paper. Major points will be lost if this is not done.

Put references in one page

I’ll give more details once its assigned to you.

Capsim business simulation Report Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

sale and marketing ( lesson 6) Business Finance Assignment Help

Lesson 6

Activity 1: Team discussion – Advertising Elements

Teams work together using their worksheets on Marketing, Customer, and Business Strategy to develop a consensus model for their company.

Each member should present their completed worksheet and then through negotiation and discussion the team will decide on one strategy. This will provide the basis for the advertising campaign.

Team should fill out a separate consensus form electronically and email to all members for later reference.

Activity 2: Designing the Advertising Campaign

Teams will work to design their advertising campaign for a new line of product or service for their company. Members should draw on information learned during the Task.

Some additional starting points include:

                          1. The 8 Steps of an Advertising Campaign
                          2. How to Design an Advertising Campaign

The campaign should be specific to the company and product/service, be based on the brand, be realistic and achievable for the company, financially responsible, and include at least 5 different modes of reaching the intended audience.

As a team read this article before you go too far – Promotional Campaign vs Advertising.

Activity 3: Case Studies on Play-Doh and Lego

As a team read the case studies on Play-Doh and Lego. Analyze their social media use in advertising.

Focus on:

  1. What does each company do? What products are they marketing and advertising?
  2. What are their advertising strategies?
  3. How is social media used to enhance their presence and connection to the customer?
  4. How do they use technology?
  5. What are the effects?


sale and marketing (lesson 5) Business Finance Assignment Help

Lesson 5

Activity 1: Team Discussion on Branding

Teams each will investigate the five key brand elements in depth. These elements will be used for the next activity in designing a brand for the team’s chosen company. Use the Internet, books, library resources, and personal interviews for more information. Make a team graphic that you can refer to as you later design your own brand.

Five Key Brand Elements:

                            • Brand Position
                            • Brand Promise
                            • Brand Personality
                            • Brand Story
                            • Brand Associations

Activity 2: Design Your Brand

Teams work to design a brand campaign for their company. Use the key brand elements and all the information learned during the task and from the companies that have been successful in branding.

You might also want to look at Brands Create Customers about how Apple brands to get ideas from one successful company.

And, Introduction to Brand Strategy: 7 Essentials for a Strong Company Brand

Decide what you brand is. Then design a brand strategy for your company.

Activity 3: Boden Case Study

As a team read the Boden case study. Analyze the case looking specifically at the branding by Boden.

Think about:

                          1. What did they do?
                          2. How did this differ from previous efforts or from the competition?
                          3. How successful was the branding?
                          4. What does this example tell you about branding your company?


Fix the paper Writing Assignment Help

Hi! my friend, I just revived feedback from my group that I work with and they want us to fix some things in the work in order to all be at the same side because we are writing 30 pages paper… thank u for your understanding I will pay additional $20 if u will be able to fix it within 3 h from know bc we have to submit the work. Thanks!

here is the feed back:

1. Read what is written in the report so that anything you are writing is consistent. That’s why I wanted people uploading before now. It’s not possible to have a cohesive report when everyone does work on their own and waits until the last minute to submit it.

2. Put each of your sections into the sections on the document.

3. The promoters & detractors section is confusing. You can use bullet points or charts to better structure information if you need to. After presenting the statistics from the survey, you need to show how they relate and what we can learn from that data. Perhaps having a bulleted list of promoters and detractors after, derived from the data, would be helpful. Idk something like that

4. We cannot claim in our report that the pancakes are very delicious because that is a single opinion and according to the overall class experience, not actually representative of what a wider audience thinks

5. We cannot claim that these pancakes are “very healthy” unless we have something to support that. There are definitely additives and preservatives in the product, or it wouldn’t be able to be shelf-stable for so long. It is actually likely that this product is UNhealthy, but we don’t want to say that.

6. Furthermore, multiple people in the class who had the bottle stored noticed mold after less than 30 days, so we are no longer sure about the safety

7. You say their products lead to healthy living because they use natural ingredients. I don’t think this is true…you would need health or science data backing this up. I think what they claim is that they use real ingredients like in the coffee. But this does not mean they are healthy. We need to be careful with that claim. Or you should have backed it up with research from them.

8. The original consumer experience journey is based on our analysis from that class period on Tay. You shouldn’t say it’s her, but explain that is how a consumer would currently interact with the product based on where the brand is right now, before implementing any changes here is the first customer experience with the new product of the pancake liquid Mr. batter mapping for first customer experience ( client brief – excited but?? it is a new product!! – skeptical curiae – it is liquid and you can microwave it!! and microwave = chemekals so is this something I want to put in my body – concept ingredients –tasting demo — dismayed – appearance pancakes has bubbles thin actually this does not look like a pancake!! – to much vanilla weird after taste- decided to try it again? it is too sweet more sweet with syrup perfect with honey better without syrup- annoyed the tast bottel comes without lable so that confused me —happy bc of saving time and my effort the bottle design to makes mini pancakes.

9. In that analysis, make sure you are including specific touchpoints and using the language we were taught in class like in that slide show presentation and our analysis. Then there needs to be an analysis showing where the gaps are like if Tay didn’t like the texture, that was a negative reaction and we need to look at that as an area of improvement or at texture as a touch point, whatever like that.

10. The updated customer experience journey is separated out by each target persona, not as one giant section

For those, you also need to be using the language of touchpoints, emotions, etc whatever we had done in class

11. Make sure you are referencing specific articles or research like the discussion boards

12. Under implementation, see that it follows the recommendations we have given. Right now they are arbitrary. We are recommending specific things. Talk about next steps for the company. What they should be doing specifically for the brand

13. Be more specific in the timeline.

14. You say they offer good packaging – they do not. It is one of the things our plan recommends changing. What do you mean that other companies have “incomplete packaging”?

15. Overall, do not cater so much to what they say on their website like the “we are great” stuff – it’s about us being honest with them and addressing in clear terms where their strengths and weaknesses are

pls any change or add to the report highlight them to make me easy to read them. I will provide u with the group work too and the slides


summary of I Pencil My Family Tree as Told to Leonard E Computer Science Assignment Help


This is an assignment for E-Commerce class

I attached picture of the book


  1. Read “I, Pencil: My Family Tree as Told to Leonard E. Read”
  2. Create a table of direct goods, their country of source and their role in the manufacturing process – goods directly involved in the production process (Page 758)
  3. Create a table of indirect goods, their country of source and their role in the manufacturing process – all the goods not directly involved in the production process (Page 758)
  4. Create a table of MRO goods, their country of source and their role in the manufacturing process – products for maintenance, repair, and operations (Page 758)
  5. Create a table of skills required, their country of source and their purpose in the manufacturing process.
  6. Create a table of possible languages spoken and written in the various countries involved in the supply chain.
  7. Provide at least three examples of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data could be exchanged between these firms. Describe the purpose of this exchange?
  8. Draw a supply chain – firms that purchase goods, their suppliers, their suppliers’ suppliers. Includes not only the firms themselves, but also the relationships among them, and the processes that connect them. (Page 768)
  9. Write a summary of all your research. Include all of the aforementioned lists and diagrams you generated to complete this assignment after your minimum two page summary. You may make educated inferences based on Leonard E. Read’s text.


Nursing Assignment Science Assignment Help

Nursing Assignment Science Assignment Help

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