On the instruction

On the instruction. On the instruction.

I need an explanation for this Sociology question to help me study.

Please read the information at the following site:

Reference 1: https://sites.psu.edu/struggleoftheorders/ (Read all of the page found on the right hand side of site).

Reference 2: https://avalon.law.yale.edu/ancient/twelve_tables.asp

Prompt 1: What was the Struggle of the Orders? What role did the Law of the Twelve Tables play in this conflict? What does the Twelve Tables reveal about Roman society and its conception of justice? (Must be one 1 page, 300 words).

Prompt 2: Compare the Twelve Tables with the Code of Hammurabi. What are the similarities, if any, and what are the differences? (Must be another paper, 300 words as well)

Note: Both are journal prompts, professor wants it on 2 separate papers.

On the instruction

On the instruction

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