Operation and Algebraic lesson Plans Mathematics Assignment Help

Operation and Algebraic lesson Plans Mathematics Assignment Help. Operation and Algebraic lesson Plans Mathematics Assignment Help.

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*Choose a grade level between 1st-5th grades.

*Choose a North Carolina state’s standard as based on the Operation and Algebraic Thinking domain.

*Find 4 sample lesson plans from 4 web sites per your chosen standard and grade level to use as resources.

*Design a new Operation and Algebraic Thinking lesson plan using the COE Lesson Plan Template.

*When done with your lesson, identify an instructional strategy for a student with perception and attention difficulties.

*Identify an instructional strategy for a student with memory and retrieval difficulties.

*Write 500-750 words to summarize each strategy as to how each one develops critical thinking for that is specific to your lesson regarding the student and intended learning target.

*Use this week’s readings and at least two other sources to support ideas in your report.

*Cite websites used in developing your lesson plan.

*Look at rubric to see how grading will be done.

Operation and Algebraic lesson Plans Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Perinatal Care Health Medical Assignment Help

Please fill out the form completion and you will use the link that will lead you to the internet in were you will use only page 8 the negative deficiency towards exclusive breast milk feeding.

The link is https://www.qualitycheck.org/accreditation-history…

click 4/25/2017 quality report and you will see page with 9% of 281 eligible patients in hospital results, this will show you that your in the right page.

In the form you will create a mission and vision statement in which you will use later on in the essay.

Then you will open the layout and follow instruction than create the essay. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 Please follow instructions carefully


I need a revision on my paper Writing Assignment Help

I only need a to fix some sentences and write an additional one full page to make it 7 pages in total. You can add up information here and there without changing the original sentences, just continue and keep the same pattern. Also, what needs to be corrected is next to the red notes, there you may change the sentences as explained. Also, I need 5 research question based on what I wrote. These research questions supposed to be a help when I wrote this paper. For ex, based on what I wrote, How does cost directly affect quality in the U.S. Healthcare? please write them at the end of the paper after the cited work.

* Be careful when you write and remember to cite. Only use the sources on the “cited work”.


Add a community nursing diagnosis and relate it to HP2020 in the nursing diagnosis part in this aggregate paper Health Medical Assignment Help

Add a community nursing diagnosis and relate to HP2020 to the nursing diagnosis part in the aggregate

summarize and put the nursing diagnosis part part only in 2 or 3 poster and power point slides after the add up

Here is the link to whole paper:


This is the the nursing diagnosis part in case you cannot find it in the paper.

The nursing diagnosis focused in this paper is “An ineffective health maintenance as evidenced by opioid abuse related to serious impairment, suicide, depression, sleep disturbance, and anxiety by opioids abusers especially teenagers and older”. As witnessed in nursing assessment, the use of opioids for wrong purposes is the reason why opioids abuse is increasing tremendously over the past decades (Butcher et al, 2018). The focus of this paper is therefore to examine the best interventions that can be used to minimize opioids abuse in order to minimize mental health problems that have been witnessed in the past.

In relation to Millennium Development Goals ratified by more than 191 members states, the nursing diagnosis focus in this paper will act as a cornerstone in achieving those MDGs especially in relation to improving maternal health and reducing child mortality (Morton et al, 2017). As part of achieving these MDGs goals, the evidence-based treatment plan for opioids is mainly centered on methadone and Buprenorphine that have been scientifically proven to be effective in treatments for opioid use disorder. A recent meta-analysis has concluded that methadone and Buprenorphine are linked to higher treatment retention.

The nursing diagnosis is important because it helps in minimizing mental health diagnosis that is mainly caused by opioids abuse. It also assists in designing effective secondary prevention that can be employed to minimize the rate of opioids abuse in the community (Morton et al, 2017). The nursing diagnosis is centered on offering coping mechanisms that can be utilized to reduce the number of medical lapses and exacerbation conditions triggered by aforementioned health conditions. When using the nursing diagnosis, it is important to consider the historical and current health records of the patients before delivering the services.


Small question essay based on reading Other Assignment Help

  • Read the assigned chapter of the Psychological Science in Action text, and choose 1 of the 3 Practical Application Assignment prompts from the end of the chapter to complete.

  • You must label your paper with the prompt number to identify which PAA you are completing. Your paper should be about one page of double-spaced texted (preferably, no longer than two pages), and it must address all aspects of the prompt.

  • While no in-text citations are required, you must cite your source(s) of information at the end of your paper (each chapter in the Psychological Science in Action book contains the reference for the article at the end of the editor’s note). Acceptable outside sources (if utilized) include only peer-reviewed journals and educational websites (no Wikipedia). You can use any formatting style (APA, MLA, etc.).

  • To submit your assignment, paste your prompt into the textbox available under the Assignment Submission section (there’s an area that says Write Submission). Do not submit your assignment in the Add Comments section. You can also attach a document; only word documents (i.e., .doc or .docx files) will be accepted, any other file format will automatically receive a grade of a ‘0’ and will NOT be allowed to be resubmitted.

  • DO NOT COPY directly from your book or any other sources such as another textbook or websites (e.g., Wikipedia). Plagiarism will result in a ‘0’ on the assignment, and the student may be referred to the administration for disciplinary action.

  • Remember: the purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you have read the information, can demonstrate your understanding of the content, and that you can also apply it to a novel situation as suggested within the PAA prompt. Use the provided grading rubric to help guide your writing of this assignment.



Business Statistics Mathematics Assignment Help

APA Format.Documents/Excel sheets attached.


Mirabella, J. (2011, October 1). Business Statistics. (Savant Learning Systems) Retrieved from Bethel University, College of Professional Studies: htts://www.betheluniversityonline.net/cps

Problem 1

1a. Research Chi Square Goodness of Fit Testing (both equal and unequal expected values) and provide a narrative defining the concept and when / how it can be used. You need to include at least two scholarly sources to support your discussion.You should have a minimum of 250 words.

1b.Historically, in the MBA program at Whatsamattu U., about 40% of the students choose a Leadership major, 30% choose Finance, 20% choose Marketing, and 10% choose no major.Does the most recent class of 200 MBA students fit that same pattern or has there been a shift in the choice of majors.Using the sample of 200 students (student data file), conduct a Chi Square Goodness of Fit test to determine if the current distribution fits the historical pattern.Use a .05 significance level. Copy and paste your output information to support your findings.

1c. Write an analysis of the output information from above.Be sure to use the actual information from the output in your discussion.You should have a minimum of 150 words.

Problem 2

2a. Research Chi Square Test of Independence and provide a narrative defining the concept and when / how it can be used. You need to include at least two scholarly sources to support your discussion.You should have a minimum of 250 words.

2b.While job opportunities for men and women are considerably more balanced than they were 40 years ago, the career aspirations may still differ.Is there a difference in majors chosen by men and women?Using the sample of 200 MBA students (student data file), conduct a Chi Square Test of Independence to determine if one’s choice of major is independent of their gender. Use a .05 significance level. Copy and paste your output information to support your findings.

2c.Write an analysis of the output information from above.Be sure to use the actual information from the output in your discussion.You should have a minimum of 150 words.

Business Statistics Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

please do the attached assignment Writing Assignment Help


Prepare the methodology section for the research topic selected in Assignment 3 and literature reviews in Assignment 4.

Procedures for experimental and survey techniques usually differ from those of documentary. In this assignment, you

should indicate the type of research methodology employed to complete the prospectus and discuss the following items

in this section.

1. Population (Specimen if not people)

This section of the procedures should include a complete description of the population or specimen to be used in this

study. Several typical questions should be answered and then structured into proper sentences and paragraph form:

1) What people or specimen (description)?

2) How located?

3) How selected?

4) How many?

5) How grouped and used?

2. Instruments and/or Apparatus to be Used

This section of the procedures should include a complete description of each instrument and/or apparatus to be used.

Several typical questions should be answered and then properly structured in sentence and paragraph form.

1) Description of each instrument and /or apparatus.

2) What data or information will derive?

3) How developed or obtained?

4) Validity or reliability?

5) How used?

3. Statistical Analysis

This section should include a complete description of the following three items:

1) A description of each individual or group comparison to be made.

2) An identification of each statistical procedure to be used (including formulas).

3) The critical limits or levels of confidence acceptable on the total study of each individual comparison.

4. Research Plan

This section should include a ?step by step? or sequential plan of attack for the entire study. Each item or step should be

listed form the beginning to the end, placed in its proper sequence, and then written in the proper sequence and

paragraph form. In other words, it is ?when? will ?what? be done type of discussion.

5. Time-on- Task Analysis

This section should include a time schedule or time budget to complete the identified research by the proposed deadline

(end of semester). The proposal may use a bar chart or CPM diagram or Excel to illustrate these events.

The handout “Method Section” in Unit 4/Supplements/ also describes the characteristics of major parts (e.g. research

participants, instruments, materials/apparatus, design, procedure, data analysis, and time schedule).

Submit your assignment 7 by April 18th in the Discussion Board, under forum “Assignment Seven-Methodology”. Use

single space and it should not be less than 4 pages excluding additional materials (e.g. questionnaire, research design

forms). See samples of writing methodology in Assignment/Methodology.

Note : Please find the attached sample by the name “CALEB”


Construction Engineering Lab Engineering Assignment Help

I’m looking for a professional Lab report. This report require a little bit of research. I’ll provide you with everything you need.

Laboratory assignments will be completed as TYPED reports with the following sections:

1. Project (location, description, participants)

2. Project Conditions (project status, weather, on day visited)

3. Answers to specific questions for the lab

4. Summary and conclusions

The lab report can be as long as needed in order to complete the assignment. Professional

work is expected. Use a table of contents, figures and tables should be referenced and

have captions, and so on. You may have attachments, which should be neat, clean, and

firmly attached

Figures: Project description with photos and maps as needed, provide photos for all items


Safety toolbox: Reference OSHA section numbers, answer all questions with sufficient detail,

use appropriate figures.

2. Appearance and organization:

Professional Appearance: Typed, not congested, not much empty space, use paragraphs

Well organized/easy to find things: TOC, LOF, page numbers, section titles, items discussed in

correct order, attachments well organized.

Use of figures: Figures and tables are numbered, captioned, and referenced in the text, set in

line with text (do not wrap with text).

3. Language: Use technical writing style, short and clear sentences, use correct spelling and grammar, use



Reflection Paper Programming Assignment Help

The write-up should be approximately 4000 words and describe all the various steps followed, and should also include the sketches, screen dumps and other materials created and collected. Anything published online should be made viewable so it is important to include your URL. The report should include sections on the aims, introduction (background reading), method, analysis, discussion and conclusions. It is important to write it up as a report and not as an essay.

  1. TITLE: Give the report a title that reflects the nature of theproject, e.g., “A user-centered design approach to…”
  2. ABSTRACT: Write a 150 word (approximately) summary ofthe project. Include a brief description of the aim of the project, what you did and the main outcomes.
  1. INTRODUCTION: Write an introduction (approximately 500words) to the project, outlining what you consider to be themain issues when designing a game that is educational and entertaining at the same time.
  2. USER CENTERED DESIGN AND EVALUATION: Describe theapproach you took to (i) identifying the focus of the game; (ii)coming up with requirements; and (iii) designing your ownsystem / game. Include examples of your designs (e.g.scenarios). Discuss the steps you took to involve users inyour process. Include examples of their feedback. Show howuser involvement helped you in your design. Present asummary of the findings from your evaluations and show how you used these to redesign your prototypes.
  3. DISCUSSION: Write a brief discussion about your project, pointing out what you have learned aboutdesigning a game from a user-centered design perspective. Describe how, if you had the time and resources, youwould improve the game. Finally, discuss lessons learned from your project.
  4. CONCLUSIONS: In a few sentences draw some conclusions about your project.
  5. REFERENCES: Write in FULL the references that you used.This should include reference to questionnaire design, if youadapted someone else’s.
  6. APPENDICES: This should include materials created andcollected for your design and evaluation (e.g.,questionnaires).


Mini-Case and Company Research Business Finance Assignment Help

  • Part One: Complete the mini-case for Chapter 2.
  • Part Two: Research companies for the final project.
    • Research companies with which you are familiar. Use the Internet for your research.
    • Select one of the companies to follow throughout this course and to evaluate
      for your final assignment. Write approximately 250 words that describes
      why you chose that company rather than the others you researched. Cite
      your research.
    • Choose a U.S. publicly traded company with a market capitalization of $2–$10 billion.
    • Visit the company’s website to gather information about its organization and business.
    • Invest
      a hypothetical $1,000 in the company’s stock on the first day of the
      course. Track the price of the stock over the first seven weeks of the
      course and include in your final paper responses to the questions raised
      in the Week Seven assignment regarding the value of your investment.
  • Include a minimum of two sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, and other selections. One source should be the company’s most recent 10-K Annual Report.


Operation and Algebraic lesson Plans Mathematics Assignment Help

Operation and Algebraic lesson Plans Mathematics Assignment Help

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