Oral Report Assignment. Business Finance Assignment Help

Oral Report Assignment. Business Finance Assignment Help. Oral Report Assignment. Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Assignment Objectives:

  • to become familiar with scholarship in a particular area of bioethics.
  • to demonstrate an ability to summarize another thinker’s argument or point of view.
  • to demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively.

Assignment Description:

The oral report is an article review. Students choose a current scholarly article written on a topic in bioethics to summarize and analyze. They present their summary and analysis in a 2-3 page essay and as an oral report via power point, Prezi, or some other presentation tool. Students use Stritch library data bases or bioethics anthologies of articles on reserve for this class to choose and then summarize a scholarly, academic article that entertains a topic in bioethics. Students then present their summary of the chosen article to the class along with an analysis of the article. A power point or prezi or handout is required. The report should include:

  • The article title and bibliographical information – author, where and when it was published. (A copy or link to the article should be submitted on Canvas.)
  • A brief statement of the author’s credentials/affiliation, if accessible.
  • A correct and detailed summary of the article’s argument, position, content.
  • An analysis which may include: a consideration of the truth or falsity of one or more statements made in the article; a consideration of weak or strong portions of the article; if an analogy is introduced, a consideration of whether the analogy ‘works’; an identification of any logical fallacies (Links to an external site.) that may be present; a statement about which theoretical perspective (if discernible) informs the author’s view.

Grading will be based upon the quality of both written and oral presentations of the material.

Due dates vary, depending upon when the class is discussing the issue chosen for research.


Oral Report Rubric (1) (1) (1) (1)

Oral Report Rubric (1) (1) (1) (1)

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeContent: Depth and Accuracy

45.0 Pts

The article was summarized in detail and with care. There were no inaccurate statements.

35.0 Pts

The article was summarized adequately. There were no inaccurate statements.

30.0 Pts

The article was summarized in a basic way. There were some inaccurate statements.

20.0 Pts

The article was summarized poorly. There were many inaccurate statements. It was incomplete.

45.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeAnalysis

15.0 Pts

The analysis was advanced, thoughtful, careful. Student demonstrates advanced analytical ability.

10.0 Pts

The analysis was basic. It showed effort and attention.

5.0 Pts

The analysis was poor – disorganized, careless, or very brief.

0.0 Pts

There was no analysis or the analysis was incomprehensible.

15.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeUse of Communication Aids

15.0 Pts

The visual presentation was helpful to the audience and either very attractive or very creative. There were no grammatical errors.

10.0 Pts

The visual presentation was helpful to the audience in understanding the article and the issues at stake. There were a minimal number of grammatical errors.

5.0 Pts

Visual presentation was very short, lacking creativity or carelessly written

0.0 Pts

Visual aids were non-existent. OR Writing was difficult to read because there were so many mistakes.

15.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeOral Performance

10.0 Pts

The student seemed very comfortable with the material and did little reading – and supplemented reading with explanations that are not read.

7.0 Pts

The student sometimes floundered, but attempted to speak independently from notes.

3.0 Pts

The student read most of his/her presentation.

0.0 Pts

The student read the entire presentation.

10.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeDocumentation

15.0 Pts

Citation style is followed carefully. Student cites the source article within the text of the summary essay, on the “References” page and within the powerpoint.

10.0 Pts

Minor citation mistakes are noted. Citation may be missing from the text of the summary essay or in the powerpoint.

5.0 Pts

Citation is somewhat haphazard or careless, but is present in one part of the project.

0.0 Pts

No Marks

Student payed little attention to citation style and guidelines or student does not indicate authorship at all.

15.0 pts

Total points: 100.0

Oral Report Assignment. Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

References and APA format must and pls 300-400 words only add citations Writing Assignment Help

a. How do social media analytics aid an organization? Give an example of a social media data stream and the type of insight that might be drawn from it.

b. Do you believe sending targeted advertising information to a computer using cookies is objectionable? Why or why not?

c. Private corporate data is often encrypted using a key, which is needed to decrypt the information. Who within the corporation should be responsible for maintaining the “keys” to private information collected about consumers? Is that the same person who should have the keys to employee data?


research update Writing Assignment Help

Hello again! This is a research you previously worked on and I need you to update it for me. I attached a document with 10 sources for reference (Critical Annotations). 5 of them were previously used, and 5 are not. I need you to use these 5 new sources for citation and reference and include them in the research. Also, I need you to update the information of each part of the research, if found. Plus, update the Literature Review too. This is all, please let me know if you have any questions.


Write a case analysis for Huawei case and provide an analysis of the case using the following case questions Business Finance Assignment Help

Write a case analysis for Huawei case and provide an analysis of the case using the following case questions prompts for guidance. Paper should be no less than 15 pages not including cover page and reference page. Your work should be formatted in the APA style and you must provide at least 8 references to support your work. Make sure that you use headings in your paper. Make sure that all necessary content is cited properly.

A good response is: Answer; why have you answered in this manner; support your response with a reference.

To answer the questions, you need to analyze the company, industry and external market issues. Identify issues, explain why it is an issue, explain your response, why did you respond as you did, and support your response with an external reference.

  • How impressed are you with the latest mobile phone model Huawei is introducing, the Mate 10/10 Pro? Do you believe the imbedded AI processor is a game-changer? How should Huawei communicate and price these new phones?
  • Huawei seems eager to establish a brand identity. What recommendations do you have on what this identity could be and what steps should take to create it?
  • How do you propose Huawei penetrate the US marketplace given the challenges it faces? Or do you think the company should concentrate on other regions for the next few years?
  • Do you think that the company can follow through on the CEO’s bold claim that Huawei will overtake Apple within 3 years and Samsung within 5 years in smartphone market share? What would it take to achieve this goal in terms of technology and marketing?


Ethanol production by hydration of ethylene Engineering Assignment Help

Ethanol can be produced by the hydration of ethylene.

C2H4 + H2O C2H5OH

There is a side reaction that produces ethyl ether

2C2H5OH (C2H5)2O + H2O

The feed flow rate of ethylene and steam to the reactor is 6×10-3 kmole/m2 s to the reactor and contains P% C2H4, Q% H2O and the balance inert materials on a mole basis. An ethylene conversion of R% and ethanol yield of S% is achieved. Compute the composition of the reactor output stream.The reactor used for the process consists of a number of tubes each of 120 mm diameter packed with catalyst with a bulk density of 1600 kg/m3.Estimate the length and number of tubes required to produce 10000kg/ hr of ethyl ether.

From literature review identify the suitable operating conditions and critically analyse the process to obtain this yield



San Diego State University Pepsi Company SWOT Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

1) Should Investors Buy or Short the stock?

2) What is the target price?

Required Items


1) Use at least 4 Bloomberg templates to make your case

2) Company Analysis (i.e. SWOT analysis)

3a) Cash Flow Analysis (Top Down Assumptions)

– How does the recent US China trade issues affect you?

– What is the appropriate beta to consider? (1Y, 3Y, 5Y, etc.)

3b) Cash Flow Analysis (Bottom Up Assumptions)

– Projects, revenues, costs (similar to Table 19.1)

– Appropriate discount rate (cost of capital)

– Sensitivity analysis (cash flows and discount rates – main assumptions can be sales growth rates and market betas)

– Compare assumptions with analyst assumptions

4) Chart that shows historical price

– Show every bond issuance (with arrows)

– How does the stock price perform -3 to +3 days after debt issuance? (Relative to market)

– What is the rating? yield? How is the yield compared to the benchmark?

– What was the debt ratio at the time of issuance? (Table 18.1 comparison)

-5) Chart that shows insider selling (at least over past 2 years)

– Bloomberg or SEC documents

– Stock price reaction when market becomes informed of insider selling

6) Chart that shows merger activity

– Stock price reaction to merger announcement

– In comparison to market returns

7 – please include bonds , options, and forecasting, and CDS

What I need from you: PEPSI CO

1) POWERPOINT PRESENTATION ( 18-25 slides) associated with your research

2) Report also due in Class (10+) pages

Let me know if you have any further questions

San Diego State University Pepsi Company SWOT Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Use 1500 words to write 2 essays Writing Assignment Help

The test consists of you writing two essay responses to the following
themes. As you will see, the themes are broad, so a big part of your
response involves you creating a clear, specific thesis about your themes
and discussing them in relation to two of the works that we have discussed
in class. And so, I would like you to discuss two authors per essay, e.g.
one on Schnitzler and Remarque and one on Remarque and Kafka. As
we did more than one work by Kafka, your range is a bit more open in
regards to what you can choose from him.


Cover Letter Business Finance Assignment Help

A good cover letter is crucial for demonstrating your experiences and
abilities in this ever-changing information technology and system
field. Your cover letter will be a strategic tool in proving you are a
competitive candidate for specific job openings.

Your cover letter should combine and demonstrate your ability to
analyze and build information systems and your business administration
experience–recruiters want to know that you can use technical resources
to support effective and efficient decision making.

Your cover letter needs to include the following points:

  • What positions are you applying for? In what contexts, organizations, or business areas are you interested?
  • What are the information related skill sets you have for this position? Your skill sets should be relevant to the job posting.
  • What relevant business experiences do you have? They do not have to
    be in the same or similar industry as the job postings, but you need to
    have some understanding of basic business structures and relationships.


paper i need you to add on it Business Finance Assignment Help

hello i have attached my Gena project i need you to add on it .

also please find any updated article for this project and add it to the paper i need at least 2 more paper to add to this word document please see the out line below and follow the instruction also i will attach a book name for the citation ..

i will add a part of the book i want you to relate it to this project if there any relation because she want some thing in this project from the book:

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Several Middle Eastern nations formed the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in 1980. Members of the GCC are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab
Emirates. The primary purpose of the GCC at its formation was to
cooperate with the EU and EFTA. But it evolved to become as much a
political entity as an economic one. Its cooperative thrust allows
citizens of member countries to travel freely in the GCC without visas.
It also permits citizens of one member nation to own land, property, and
businesses in any other member nation without the need for local
sponsors or partners.

Culture Matters

Playing by the Rules

legal systems in other countries begins with an awareness about
cultural differences. Here are snapshots of several nations’ legal

  • Saudi Arabia. Islam permeates every aspect of life in Saudi Arabia
    and affects its laws, politics, economics, and social development.
    Islamic law is grounded in religious teachings contained in the Koran
    and governs both criminal and civil cases. The Koran, in fact, is
    considered Saudi Arabia’s
    constitution. The king and the council of ministers exercise all
    executive and legislative authority within the framework of Islamic law.
  • ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Please see the outline below to follow for your GENA project.


Structure and flow suggestions

Essay Outline


Introductory information (country, industry, demographics, company information)

Use GlobalEdge, World Bank, IMF to set up back ground information

Thesis – What the essay is about? and What will you be talking about in the paragraphs to come?

Topic Sentence + Stance + Reasons

Body Paragraphs (1-2)

Write a topic sentence to transition to your current event article

Article overview and lead into the analysis of the article

Include details and examples from chosen article

Provide a summary of any updates (if any) and make sure to cite sources

Body Paragraphs (3-4)

Write a topic sentence to transition to what we learned in class

Use supporting information from book and class to analyze what is going on in the article

Include things like cultural differences, globalization, anti-globalization, modes of entry, competitiveness analysis, etc.


Write a final transition to your analysis of what will happen going forward

Will there be more (or less) investment?

How do you think stakeholders will respond?

Restate your thesis and conclude


Critical essay Writing Assignment Help

Write an essay that both responds to the argument in the article and presents an original interpretation.You may refer to other sources as well, but focus your response on one critic’s analysis of the work.As in the previous essay, you are presenting a unified, coherent argument, but here you are offering it as an alternative reading to that of your critic. Again, support your interpretation with specific evidence from the text. The final draft must be 8-10 pages, typed, in MLA format.Research is required, so be sure to review the MLA guidelines for documentation.You will need a works cited page, and sources you cite must be included with the essay. Review the policy for submitting papers in the syllabus. Due at the beginning of class on the due date. The essay will again be graded on the quality of its content (originality and accuracy of ideas), organization (logic and coherence), and style (sentence skills and language use).


Oral Report Assignment. Business Finance Assignment Help

Oral Report Assignment. Business Finance Assignment Help

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