Organizational Behavior, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Organizational Behavior, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help. Organizational Behavior, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help.

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  1. Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” in the Student Center.
    Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center. Assignment 1: “What Makes ______ the Best Place to Work and Why?”
    Due Week 3 and worth 100 pointsChoose one (1) company that you believe would be an ideal company to work for based on working conditions, salary, opportunity for advancement and work involved. Use the Internet to research. Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:
    1. Evaluate the fundamental driving forces that shape the organizational environment of the selected company. Be sure to address the following: competing in a global marketplace, workforce diversity, ethics and morality, and technological innovation.
    2. Examine the selected company’s specific practices or policies. Speculate on the major influences that these practices or policies have on individual and organizational outcomes.
    3. Determine which practices related to work attitudes in U.S. organizations are most strongly affected by diversity and suggest a strategy to address the effects.
    4. Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.

    Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

    • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
    • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

    The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

    • Evaluate human behavior in organizations and the forces shaping the behavior.
    • Analyze individual differences within organizations and their impact on organizational behavior.
    • Use technology to research issues affecting organizational behavior in order to deliver assignments which are clear, concise and have proper writing mechanics.
    • Write clearly and concisely about operations management using proper writing mechanics.

    Click here to view the grading rubric for this assignment.

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Organizational Behavior, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Tammy Discussion 2 The factors that led to the collapse of Communism, history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Reply to this post.

The factors that led to the collapse of Communism was due to poor leadership and economy. Russia was using the eastern countries to help build their own economy were angry. They were irritated with communism after years of fighting and defeating the Soviets in Afghanistan. The Eastern European countries were angry with Russia toward the end of WWII, and after the Helsinki Accords in 1975, many of these countries dropped their communist regimes (Schubert, 2012).
Nationalism gave aid by bringing the countries together so they would come to an agreement and refuse communism. There was an association during this time, that was located in Poland, who helped the people and the Catholic Church to stay together in agreement. It took thirteen years until communism fell, and then the Solidarity movement gained the control to govern. In 1989, Hungary was able to switch over to a democracy, because there was a change in Poland and strong Hungarian nationalism (Schubert, 2012). Germany and Berlin became determined and wanted to be reunited and German Nationalism helped to tear down the Berlin Wall, and was finally able to break the Iron Curtain for good in 1989.
There was distrust and anger toward the communist governments, which seemed to be the cause revolutionary protest movements to arise in communist countries. After Hungary and Poland were able to gain independence, nationalism took place in other countries and seemed to follow in the same manner. Several members of the regimes fought against to try and remain in power, but all were beaten by the people and caused communism to fall.
After 1964, our book explains that the next 20 years of Soviet rule was known as the Era of Stagnation (Schubert, 2012). The average age of a politburo member in 1980 was 70 years old, which lead us to believe that many of the policies that were drafted didn’t focus on the issues that used with the baby boomer generation. They felt that a change was necessary, so they chose Gorbachev to lead. He tried to connect with the citizens. Gorbachev was the first party leader who was born after the revolution and was the first to begin his career after Stalin had died (Schubert, 2012). The important thing was that Gorbachev not influenced by any of the old ways, unlike many of the leaders before him. He was more open and allowed transparency in the government, which was not something that communism would allow.


Schubert, A., & Goldstein, R. J. (2012). Twentieth-century Europe. [Ashford Constellation]. Retrieved from

Schubert, A., & Goldstein, R. J. (2012). Twentieth century Europe. San Diego, California: Bridge Point education.


Describe Voluntary Manslaughter and Involuntary Manslaughter, discussion help Business Finance Assignment Help

PICK 2 only and answer!!!

  1. Describe Voluntary Manslaughter and Involuntary Manslaughter providing the elements of each and give examples of each.
  2. Under common law murder, how was a person defined to be a victim? How are they defined in modern murder cases?
  3. What does the term “cooling off period” have todo with killing another person? What would be the charge if such a period was found by the court to exist?
  4. How does common law murder and modern statutory elements for murder compare?
  5. Describe how felony murder is applied and what crimes are involved. What is the degree of murder applied generally?
  6. Describe the crimes of kidnapping and false imprisonment and explain the primary differences between them.
  7. At common law, what were the elements of rape and how have they changed in modern law?
  8. Some states maintain separate statutes for assault and battery, what is the difference between these crimes?
  9. What is statutory rape in your state, what is the required difference in age between the suspect and victim, and what mens rea is required?
  10. What defenses that we learned earlier in the course may be applied to assault; and battery?q


Short Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

  1. Select ONE Crime Against Persons (ie. Assault/Battery, Rape, Murder, Kidnapping etc.)
  2. Research a State and its Statute concerning the Crimes against Persons and explain the elements necessary to prove the case. (See Legal Research Link or the Webliography)
  3. Research the historical common law for that crime and explain the elements. (See Text and the web.)
  4. Based on your research, compare the current criminal statute with the historical common law to see how the elements of the crime have evolved.
  5. Write a short essay, at least 1,250 words or five typewritten or computer-generated pages, describing the elements of the current state statute, the elements of the historical common law, and comparing the elements and how they have changed. Discuss possible reasons for the changes in the elements, how the interaction of criminal justice agencies and the law may have contributed to these changes, and suggest new changes in the statute, based on society’s needs today.


Home Inspection Price Comparison Study, homework help Other Assignment Help

Assignment: Price Comparison Study

Objective: To count with a document that will provide us with an efficient way to analyze what the Ome Inspection Software offer, for what price, and in which terms. We would like to find out things like range of pricing, median price, and common or popular bundled packs or services that they offer. Likewise, and in the course of gathering this information, we expect that our current Inspection Software Comparison Table will be updated (attached).

Expected Outcome:We expect the outcome will be a 7 to 10 pages document in which the main software actors are presented in a clear, concise, and readable way with detailed pricing/packs information tables, as well as additional pages containing range and median pricing, as well as popular packs and terms. Document can be created in MS Word or Publisher. In addition and separately, the current Comparison Table should be updated or improved to reflect changes.

Suggested Content/Sections: Observed Trends; Popular Bundles/Services; Pricing Ranges/Median; Details on what is offered for the money; Common Terms; Pricing of: Updates, Required Purchases, Subscriptions, Templates, Tech Support, Add-on Services, etc.
Feel free to add sections or content as you see fit.

List of companies

3D Inspection System (3D) Since 1987 Based in Fort Myers, Florida

Rapport Express Based in Montreal, Quebec

Home Gauge (HG) Since 2002 Based in Asheville, NC

Inspect Faster Since 2007 Based in Los Osos, California

Home Inspector Pro (HIP) Since 2005 Based in Claremont, CA

Inspection Report Creator Since 2004 Based in Madison, SD

Whisper ReporterSince 1995 Based in San Antonio, TX

Interspect Since 2009 Based in Cypress, TX

Palm-Tech Since 1998 Based in Cincinnati, OH

Inspector FX Since 1992 Based in Corinth, TX

ReportHost (RH) Since 2003 Based in Poulsbo, WA

EZ Home Inspection Software Since 2012 Based in Columbia, MO

HomInspect Since 2009 Based in Riverside, CA

Identify & Report Since 1999 Based in Oceanside, CA

Horizon Software Since 2005 Based in Des Plaines, IL & Toronto, ON

HI-Spec Pro Since 2004 Based in Ottawa, ON

InspectMate Since 2006 Based in Hudson, WI

InspectVue Residential Since 2004 Based in Palm Springs, CA

NoticeWare Reporter Since 1997 Based in Munster, ON

Nspector Since 1998 Based in Albany, NY

Swift Software Since 2014 Based in Northridge, CA

Spectacular Home Inspection System Since 2001 Based in Moorpark, CA

Agile Inspections since 2013 Based in Carrollton, TX

Inspect It Based in Waukesha, WI *requires phone contact prior to demo download

InspectExpress Since 2001 Based in Vancouver, BC

Inspection Support Network Since 2000 Based in Las Vegas, NV

Heritage Since 2000 Based in Toledo, OH

HomeTrex Since 2000 Based in Toledo, OH

Titanium Since 2000 Based in Toledo, OH

Vanguard Since 2000Based in Toledo, OH

Capstone Since 2000 Based in Toledo, OH

XL Pro Legacy Since 2000 Based in Toledo, OH

Inspector Logic Since 2000Based in Toledo, OH

WindSurance Since 2000 Based in Toledo, OH



analytical research paper using the critiques and the two short stories, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

write an analytical research paper using the sources that I have provided. the two texts are by Alice walker. “the flowers” and “everyday use”

you also have to use the critiques that I have provided to prove your thesis.

the thesis/topic you can choose from are :the struggle of life, personal values. finding your true identity or the struggle within African American culture.

the tough part is that the critiques have to back up your thesis and so does the two short stories.

use in text citations and I will attach the 5 critiques, 3 for the short story” the flowers” and 2 of the critiques are for the short story “everyday use, YOU HAVE TO make sure you use the short stories and the critiques to prove the thesis. DO NOT COMPARE AND CONTRAST. ANALYZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you have to prove your thesis by using all the sources and the short stories that I provided..

I will guide you through the introduction.

INTRODUCTION should be a brief summary of the two short stories and the for critiques also you should state your thesis in the last sentence of the introduction. ABOUT 8-10 SENTENCES ONLY FOR THE INTRODUCTION

CONCLUSION should be what you mentioned in the introduction, but do not repeat yourself do not add anything new, and be sure to add the thesis. NO PREACHING. JUST PROVE YOUR THESIS, ANALYZE!

and you have to prove your thesis by using quotes from the two short stories and the critique. please use in text citation’s and the citations MUST match EXACTLY WHERE YOU GOT IT FROM IN THE TEXT!!!!! 

please have a work cited page MLA FORMAT





I have attached three critiques for the flowers and 2 critiques for everyday use. and the reason I underlined it, is because that’s the information you need.

let me know if you are unable to see any of texts I can re upload because you have to use all of the sources.


I will also provide a template if you are confused


analytical research paper using the critiques and the two short stories, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Interpret an SPSS output? (Regression Assumptions), assignment help Mathematics Assignment Help

Can you help w/ interpret SPSS output? (Regression Assumptions)

  • Annual income (in thousands
    of dollars)
  • Average number of hours
    spent exercising per week
  • Years of education (range is
    0 – 10, please refer to the values entered in the data file)
  • Average number of hours
    spent volunteering per month

The basic questions I want you to answer (based on this fictional data
set) are, “Do these variables predict annual income” and “How valid is the
regression model?”


Comment on the reasonableness of each of the following assumptions.  In your comments, please include the values
from your output and the criteria for making your determination

1.  Residuals

2.  Normality of errors

3.  Homoscedasticity and
independence of errors

4.  Multicollinearity

of the Model

5.  Which values should you examine
in the ANOVA table in your output?  What
do these values indicate, or what would you conclude, for this data set?

6.  What do the values of R square
and Adjusted R square indicate about this model?


Write a 750-1000 word comparative essay, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Write a 750-1000 word
essay about a pair of items in which the similarities and differences of those
items are compared and contrasted in the style.

Comparative Essay
Topics Handout

  1. Cash vs. Credit

  2. Renting vs. Owning

  3. Online Education vs. Traditional Education

  4. Childhood vs. Adulthood

  5. Rural Living vs. Urban Living

Process: For the comparative essay, you will complete
the following steps

1. Choose a pair of topics that complement one another: See the suggested
list of topics in the “Comparative Essay Topics Handout” below in the
supplemental documents portion of these instructions.

2. Create a list of similarities and differences

3. Create a thesis statement based on similarities, differences, or both
similarities and differences

4. Choose whether to organize your essay by point or by subject

5. Consult the “Comparative

Stylistic details: All essays must meet the following requirements:

750-1000 words.

in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.

1” margins on all sides.

an APA cover page (for all essays) and reference list (if sources are used).

to APA convention and documentation style.

No sources are required.
However, if sources are used while writing the paper, then those sources must
be cited.



The wolf of wall street, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

You have to watch or have seen the movie ” The wolf of wall street ” for this assignment.

Taking a look from Mill’s perspective of the Power-Elite Model, how can you analyze the life of Jordan Belfort?  Does money corrupt?  Is it inherently evil for someone to want to get rich?  Or, does it come from a structural force that compels us to behave in the most self-interested way?  Are we all in a jungle, or are we in a more civilized society where some act in ways that is not for the collective good?  

Read over the instructions and tips for getting high points – they are very helpful

This is available on Netflix.  

  • 250 word requirement/limit
  • grammar, punctuation, and spelling count in grade
  • looking for evidence of applying course material
  • DO NOT put your name on the text
  • hit the “write submission” button and cut and paste your text into the box
  • include a word count


Womens History/Rights/Suffrage, history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Essay: 2-3 pages long at least, APA format.

Primary Source A:

Primary Source B:

Paragraph 1: Describe major characteristics of Primary Source A (i.e. author’s background, major ideas, the reason it was created.).

Paragraph 2: Explain how Primary Source A reflects major events of the historical time period (i.e. social movements, developing ideologies).

Paragraph 3: Describe major characteristics of Primary Source B (i.e. author’s background, major ideas, the reason it was created.).

Paragraph 4: Explain how Primary Source B reflects major events of the historical time period (i.e. social movements, developing ideologies).

Paragraph 5: Discuss how the two primary sources relate to each other within their historical context.

Please reference/cite using APA format!


Organizational Behavior, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Organizational Behavior, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

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