Orlando nightclub shooting, marketing powerpoint presentation help Business Finance Assignment Help

Orlando nightclub shooting, marketing powerpoint presentation help Business Finance Assignment Help. Orlando nightclub shooting, marketing powerpoint presentation help Business Finance Assignment Help.

Please read the crisis that provided to you below:

Orlando nightclub shooting: 50 dead, 53 injured in worst
mass shooting in U.S. history


Then make a PowerPoint as following:

Describe the crisis.

Describe the parties that
were affected.

Describe how the crisis was

Describe how the crisis was
resolved (or not).

Describe the short-term and
long-term effects of the crisis.

Described what you learned
about effective crisis communication by studying this case.

Include video not more than
6 mins

The PowerPoint should be not more than 8 pages

Please use 10 sources then Make a word File and write down these
sources with their website.

Do not include the sources in your PowerPoint slides.

Orlando nightclub shooting, marketing powerpoint presentation help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Report on “A Study of Data Mining based on Hadoop” computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Report Specification:

Please follow the report submission guideline mentioned here to prepare the report.

1.Please use the template for IEEE Conference Papers in the following pages.

2.The number of pages should be 15+_ 2.

3.The contents must also conform to IEEE Conference Papers.  Specifically, the conclusion must include your critical comments on the topic.

4. Report
should be 13-17 page long.

5. IEEE Conference
paper template should be used.

6. You
need not to implement anything.

7. You
need not to come up with any new idea.

8. You
have to be very knowledgeable in the area of specialization.

9. The
report should be like a review paper.

10. Your
critical comment on the project should be in the conclusion section.

11. Plagiarism
is strictly prohibited.

12. Proper
citation should be given.


Roman and Mongol Conquests Research Paper, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Research either the political or military rise of the Romans and the Mongols.

Draft a thesis statement summarizing the factors that contributed to the power of the Roman and Mongol civilizations, supported by your research.

Write a 700- to 1,400-word research paper supporting your thesis. Include comparisons of the following:

  • Geographic location
  • Cultural advances
  • Technological advances
  • Tactical advances
  • Governments

Summarize how Roman civilization was similar to Mongol civilization and how they differed.

Cite at least one primary source to support your thesis. (Very Important)

Cite at least two secondary sources to support your thesis. (Very Important)

**Please Note: that if you choose to do the “Military Rise” you will only need to use bullet points, such as:Tactical advance ,Geographic location, & possibly Technological Advances.

If you choose to do the “Political Rise”  you will include bullet points Governments, Cultural Advances, & possibly Geographic Location. 

Paper must be in APA style and is also  checked for plagiarism, so please use original work with the exception of quoted resources as references. 


Analytical Summary, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help



Sources 1

Identify the subject addressed
Identify what views the author is arguing against.
Identify the author’s main points and how those points are different
from the literature or authors he/she is arguing against
Identify the argument(s) and evidence the author uses to support that
One way to understand the assignment is that you are explaining the
piece that you read to an intelligent layperson (non-specialist) like
your mother or your college roommate. You need explain the context, what
complicated terms mean, and what the argument is such that they can
understand the piece and decide for themselves whether they agree or
You should think of yourself answering the question: what are Marx’s
views on capitalism in the Communist Manifesto?
Introduction and I. Bourgeois and Proletarians

I`m uploading 2 more files.


Human Impacts , science homework help Science Assignment Help

In this lab, you will see the time progression of industrialization
and human development to help you write up a scientific paper that
centers on the following:

  • If current human development does not change, will groundwater sustainability be affected?

Human Impacts on the Sustainability of Groundwater

Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that is
needed for survival and well-being depends either directly or indirectly
on the natural environment. Sustainability creates and maintains the
conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive
harmony, while also helping to fulfill the social and economic
requirements of present and future generations.

Using the M.U.S.E. link, review the background information and gather your data.

Use the Lab 1 worksheet for assignment instructions and data collection. 

Push Ctrl and the link above for it to pop up.



Virtue Ethics, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Part 2: Virtue Ethics

Visit the library, and locate the following article:

Sethi, S., Veral, E., Shapiro, H., & Emelianova, O. (2011). Mattel, Inc.: Global manufacturing principles (GMP) – A life-cycle analysis of a company-based code of conduct in the toy industry.Journal of Business Ethics, 99(4), 483-517. Retrieved from ProQuest. (see attached)

Case Assignment:

In a well-written min 5-page paper, discuss how three virtues apply to the Mattel case.

Keys to the Assignment/Requirement:

1. Choose three virtues (e.g., justice, fairness, integrity, courage, honor, truthfulness, etc.), and define each using a reputable online dictionary (e.g., http://www.merriam-webster.com/).

2. Using a section heading for discussion of each of your chosen virtues, discuss how each virtue applies to some ethical issue raised by the Mattel case. For example, you might describe how the virtue you have selected might have been used to more appropriately guide the actions, behaviors, and/or policies of the company (e.g., you may choose to discuss the company’s working conditions, worker safety, company fairness, or Mattel’s attitudes towards the environment).

3. Be sure to use at least two sources from the library to support your discussion and analysis (choose sources that are not included in the Background section).(See Attached Virtue Ethics Journal)

4. Follow The Student Guide to Writing a High Quality Academic Paper guide.( see attached)

5. Don’t forget to properly cite your sources – both in-text and as end references in APA Format! Plagiarism will not be tolerated, Turnitin.com will be used to check for plagiarism.

6. You are expected to demonstrate evidence of critical thinking – as defined in thebackground materials and the grading rubric.

Assignment Expectations

Your paper will be evaluated using the grading rubric. (see attached)

Background material

Virtue ethics can be traced as far back as Plato and Aristotle. Of course, virtues include such traits as fairness, self-control, and generosity. It is not difficult to understand how such characteristics – or virtues – as honesty and integrity would be relevant in the context of business ethics. In this module, we will use virtue ethics as a lens through which we will evaluate an organization’s business practices.

The following sources provide a very good overview of virtue ethics:

Velasquez, M., Andre, C., Shanks, T., & Meyer, M. J. (2008). Ethics and virtue.Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Retrieved fromhttp://www.scu.edu/ethics/practicing/decision/ethicsandvirtue.html

Virtue ethics. (2011).Seven Oaks Philosophy. Retrieved fromhttp://www.sevenoaksphilosophy.org/ethics/virtue.html

Virtue Ethics, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Consumer Protection Law in the State of California, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Most states have enacted their own consumer protection laws. These laws vary tremendously from state to state. Identify a consumer protection law in your state and address the following:

  • Analyze the law, its purpose, and what it is aimed to accomplish;
  • Describe the industry that the law affects and what types of businesses are affected;
  • Explain the changes and/or policies that an affected business would have to implement in order to comply with the law or portion  the law;
  • Assess whether the law is effective in accomplishing its objective.

The paper

  • Must be four to six double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in theAshford Writing Center.
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • Must use at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course text.
  • Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Course Text

Miller, R. L. (2014).Business law: Text and cases – commercial law for accountants. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.


Validity Reliability, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Part 1 

There  are two parts to this assignment  first for this assignment, review the business plan and submit a one page report on whether you can ensure the results will provide validity and reliability. 

Part 2 

For part 2 Modify the  business plan  and make sure it provides validity and reliability. Support your
response citing sources on validity and reliability.It should be 5 pages 12 font times roman,citations, and references.

Please do not copy my business plan modify it in your own words.


Our world today is
holding numerous events that range from weddings, parties to graduations
ceremonies as opposed to past years. In every country there is a party or an
event being held at a particular area. Most of these parties demand catering
services as people will require services in terms of foods and drinks to
celebrate the event. As such these celebrations are creating business
opportunities for caterers to offer services to those holding the parties.
Catering Capers has seen this as a business opportunity to offer its services
to those who wish to hold these celebrations at a relatively affordable cost.

a)  Project

Catering Capers plans
to provide catering services to any individual or organization that wish to
hold events or celebration parties. Catering Capers project on catering
services is set to be completed by the end of the year 2016 where majority of
the celebration events will be held. The project is also set to accomplish
three key elements that are; offering catering service at an affordable cost,
reducing the burden of cooking and preparing for food and beverages to
customers and lastly increasing the availability of catering services.

Catering services are
more demanded in the world since parties have become part of the society
aspects. This is because a simple occasion is marked by having a party between
friends and family members. Moreover no party can be complete without the
presence of food and drinks to feed those present. The project therefore by
Catering Capers to open a new business is a fruitful project since more of its
services will be demanded by customers planning different events.

b)  Objectives

The project plan wishes to accomplish a number of
key objectives namely;

1.  Availability
of catering services

2.  Provision
of quality and reliable catering services

3.  Customer

4.  Provision
of catering services at an affordable cost

5.  Provision
of services to all customers regardless of the size party or cultural

c)  Mission

Catering Capers plans
to operate under the mission of making money from the number of parties it
serves to providing the community or customers with a minimal cost rate of the
catering services.

Expected Outcomes

The main purpose of
starting the catering business project is not to make profits but rather to
offering as much catering services as possible. Therefore the Capers company plans
to attract all customers both capable of holding large events and parties and
those hosting small events. As such the project main goal is to be able to
attract as many customers as possible who seek catering services.

a)  Project

Majority of the
catering clients often rely on companies that they are aware of and have
knowledge of their services. It is difficult to convince clients of accepting
services from a new business in the industry. However, a project should not be
foregone because it is new and in a competitive environment only leads to
failure from the start. There are always alternatives that one can employ as
the business project is being implemented.

The catering services
is a duty that is demanded most of the times as people hold events a lot on a
daily basis. Therefore it is easier to accomplish the goal of attracting
customers within a shorter period of time. The project for one does not have to
wait until its completion but can be implemented along the way. Capers Company
will have to start offering catering services to small parties and events so as
to establish a good customer relation. Moreover catering services only require
good skills in cooking and serving. In terms of catering equipment, they can be
hired form companies that offer equipment rental services.

The project is more
likely to benefit from the increasing demand of catering services in the world
as well as the existence of rental companies that can make equipment readily
available. Catering Capers will only require offering its cooking and serving
services as it plans on attaining equipment required by the end of the project.
Additionally there is a ready market willing to try new catering services and
once the services is advertised on social media and other advertising networks
the people become aware of the catering Capers.

The project plan of
Catering Capers will not only benefit from the available market and rental
companies alone but also from the growing technology. This is because through
this technology the project will have knowledge of the market and industry
performance. Moreover Capers will use the technology to advertise its services.
In the end the project expects to gain the interest of clients seeking catering
services, work with rental companies and have a market share in catering

b)  Organization

Starting a catering
business is not easy at first as clients rely on existing organizations that
have been in business for long. However once the new business has creating a
good brand image to clients it becomes an ideal business in the long run. The
organization will most likely benefit from having more clients seeking its
services especially when it has efficient cooks who prepare good food. Moreover
by providing satisfying foods to clients will benefit the organization from
deciding to implement the catering project.

Secondly after
establishing a catering business Capers will be able to expand its social
circle to broader areas. The organization will have the opportunity to offer
its catering services in bigger events with people of great importance. It will
also have opportunity to open up more catering branches across the globe.
Therefore Catering Capers will be able to improve its catering standards and
thus earn more profits from its services. The organization catering standards
will benefit it by creating opportunities for it to be given more jobs in
serving in large parties as well as in smaller events.

Business Plan Success

a)  Key
to Success

Any business plan
should be set under an optimistic schedule that the organization believes it
can accomplish. However the schedule should not be overly optimistic in a way
that it exceeds the available skills or resources of the organization. Catering
Capers should thus set up a business plan that is aligned to its current
standards. The first objectives should be to have possible project deliverables
that can be accomplished by the end of the entire project (Rad and Anantatmula,
2010). Secondly the required resources and skills to accomplish the project
should be aligned to the available resources and skills.

In addition
communication is also another basic requirement in the success of the business
plan. It allows for all stakeholders to be aware of the business plan, its
benefits and failures so as to ensure that they are all in support of the plan.
This also ensures that the business plan receives support from all stakeholders
through implementation. Lastly the team managing the entire project should
constantly assess the progress of the plan to determine any conflicting ideas
with the available resources and skills of the available team (Ketchledge,
2015). In the end communication, support and available resources as well as
optimistic schedules ensure that the success of the business plan is intact.

b)  Measures
of the Business Plan Success

An external auditor
will be sought out to measure the effectiveness of the plan set to deliver the
project deliverables. Moreover this auditor will be consulted in terms of
whether the available resources and skills will be adequate to accomplish the
set objectives.

Business Description

a)  Company

Catering Capers is a
new business that plans on proving catering services in big and small events
that encompass weddings, birthday and holiday parties as well as funerals. The
aim of the catering company is to ensure that services offered to clients are
affordable and of high standards. It also wishes to provide the best party
experience by serving clients with tasty food and drinks.

b)  Available

Catering Capers wishes
to offer job opportunities to graduates and the poor people and as such most of
the employees will comprise of this category of people. However the company
will require providing training to these people to prepare them for the
services required from them. Therefore part of the employees for the job will
be graduates and poor individuals. The graduates are expected to account for
the profession skills on catering that they have learnt from school. Therefore
the company already has a reliable team of employee s that can use creative
skills and academic efficiency to help implement the project.

Secondly the poor
category of employees is already aware of what their communities expect and how
they prefer to be served. This group offers knowledge to the group of the less
fortunate communities on how to provide catering services to them at the lowest
rates. This ensures that the poor communities do not feel left out or
intimidated by being offered services of high cost like those in high class

c)  Personal

Catering Capers has a
manager and a few members of the management team that have worked in catering
industry for more than 5 years. This will provide training to the graduates and
poor employees as well as educate the entire team on what is expected in the
catering industry. Therefore the company has reliable team with the required
skills to manage the project as well as the company services.

d)  Industry


Catering Capers will be
an organization that specializes in catering services and thus it will be able
to deliver the best services to its clients without disruptions from other


The main weaknesses at
Capers are the available labor which is from graduates and employees from the
poor communities. They lack proper experience in catering which will require
training to increase their efficiency.


The catering business
is one a profitable one as more events continue to be held when people have to
celebrate different occasions. Moreover catering is readily sought out in every
corner of the globe such as in schools, sport centers, houses and in corporate
institutions. Therefore the target market for catering is abundant and thus
creates the opportunity for a business to grow (Kumar, 2010).


In the catering
industry there are more catering firms that have been in business for a long
period of time. These companies have more experience and knowledge of the
market preferences, expectations and demands (Peterson, 2009). These
competitive catering firms are the main threat to Catering Capers as a new


The choice of a
catering business is influenced by the availability of a reliable target
market. The market of catering is increasingly growing by the day as more
events are being held by different organizations. Schools hold graduation parties,
closing ceremonies as well as reward events all of which demand catering
services. Organizations also commemorate various achievements by holding
parties, weddings also demand for catering services thus creating more
opportunities for caterers. Additionally the profit that a company is bound to
enjoy from catering is relatively large and promising hence the reason for
choosing to plan for a catering business (Shiring, 2014). Lastly the catering
company as it plans to also create job opportunities for poor people and
graduates makes it more promising to start a catering service company since it
will offer more jobs to these people as opposed to other choices.


Can you write this essay about “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”?, writing homework help Other Assignment Help

ENG 224A

American Literature II

Fall 2016

The Close Reading Essay


Your purpose is to demonstrate a general familiarity with the course concepts and

notes through a close reading of one primary text. Of course, you are in no way

responsible for a comprehensive reading of the total work. Rather, the essay will take

the form of a thesis-driven sequence of paragraphs that examine a critical issue or

question that the selected text illustrates. With this in mind, compose a focused,

complex, and debatable position supported by an analysis of manageable scope.

Since your purpose is analytical, you are asked to show how the assigned works are

relevant to significant issues we have examined in the course. You will achieve this goal

by carefully reading and annotating your text in order to supply clear examples and

evidence that back up your thesis. Following this logic, your piece should demonstrate

not only that you’ve read the work with understanding but also that you are actively

engaging with the broader ideas in class. Note: to this end, you may draw upon any

additional handouts or materials to develop the implications of your thesis (for

example: quotations and excerpts from De Tocqueville, Olson, Derrida, Faulkner,

Bloom, Slotkin, Sinykin, and others used in class discussion). The only exception to

these materials would be the Twain critics, given their dominant role in the midterm.

Sample Prompts

Write an essay of at least 1500 words that explores late-nineteenth

century American national identity through a single course author or text

with one of the following questions guiding your analysis. Feel free to

invent your own question as an alternative (whether in part or whole) to

one of these options. 


Consider Jim’s development as a character. Does he develop over the course of

the novel? For example, in what ways does Twain open up possibilities for

human agency with respect to Jim in the context of a social environment that

fails to recognize or flatly resists them? Examine the symbolic importance of the

river to this element of the design and structure of the novel’s message.


Please note that I have given you a range of possible topics, but not a thesis. Make

sure your paper has a well-developed thesis! Your paper should include citations from

our primary readings, with the option of using one of the supplemental readings

assigned for the course (for example: pdfs or notes posted to Moodle). You are

welcome to reuse material that you posted on the forums (without citation) if it is useful

for your paper.

Key Questions for the Close Reading Essay

1. Have you shown how the literary works are relevant to the issue explored in the

course or the specific assignment?

2. Have you displayed your general familiarity with the poetic, narrative, historical,

or sociological concept being illustrated?

3. Have you confined yourself to one, two, or at most three aspects of the literary

works, each one developed in a sequence of clear, concise paragraphs?

4. Have you drawn concrete examples from the literary work—lines of dialogue or

poetry, elements of plot or characterization, storyworld details or imagery—

which support the aspects you’ve picked out?

Bibliographic Requirement

You should cite all sources used for the preparation of this piece both in-text and on an MLAformatted

works cited page. Papers submitted in an alternative citation style will have points


Rules of thumb

! Give your paper an interesting title. Calling it “Paper #1” or “Fairy Tale

Essay” is not interesting.

! Proofread carefully—mechanics count.

! Put page numbers on your document.

! Follow standard rules for quotations. Short quotations should be

embedded in your essay with an introductory phrase. Long quotations

(called block quotations) should be indented. Look these rules up on the

Purdue OWL website if you are not familiar with them.

! Avoid excessive use of long quotations.

! Make sure your paper has a thoughtful thesis to guide it.

! Don’t summarize the course materials; I’ve already read them.

! Put the word count for your paper on the first page.


criminal justice (parole), law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

We just need to write
atleast 2 pages. My role is the supervisor of Parole.

Phase 4 – Group Collaboration and Presentation Each Group
will submit a collective paper which will address:

A summary of the problem assigned to the group

A brief description of each criminal justice agency’s
traditional role in dealing with this issue

A description of how the group came together to identify a
solution to the issue while maintaining their role as representative and
advocate for their respective agencies

A description of the solution to the assigned problem and each
agency’s role in it.

spokesperson will submit an 8 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) page paper reflecting
the Group’s work and addressing each of the Phase 4 required
elements. This description will be supported by 4 outside
resources. Additionally, each member of the Group will submit a Peer
Evaluation form, ranking the participation and cooperation of each member of
the Group.

esource page (not included in the page count) Resources other
than course instructional material must be referenced using APA formatting.

GROUP PROJECT – The Virtual Criminal Justice Alliance

For the past 11 months, the Virtual Police Department has
applied a variety of investigative resources and strategies and is prepared to
bring a number of criminal charges against the members of the Very Bad Bike
Club. These started out as investigations of individual calls-for-service,
complaints and criminal investigations. They merged into a collective effort
as the pattern of activities and participants began to form. Based on the
investigations, the department believes it has probable cause to arrest and
charge nearly every one of the 63 VBBC members for conspiracy to manufacture
illegal drugs, conspiracy to sell illegal drugs, and participation in a
criminal enterprise. Additionally, numerous individual VBBC members can be
charged with combinations of individual criminal violations, including
possession of illegal drugs, illegal possession of firearms, robbery, attempted
robbery, aggravated assault, and attempted murder. Despite the confidence
the Chief of the VPD has in these cases, no information has been conveyed to
the Office of the District Attorney nor has there been any involvement with the
Grand Jury. As far as the Chief of the Police is concerned, this is the chance
to destroy the VBBC once and for all.

The VBBC has plagued Virtual for over a decade. Efforts to
stop criminal activity by members of the VBBC have been made almost exclusively
by the police department, with little or no support from the rest of the
Virtual criminal justice system. In the past most criminal charges brought to
the Virtual prosecutor’s office by police detectives have resulted in outright
dismissal for lack of probable cause or plea bargained agreements that reduce
potential felony charges to misdemeanors with payable fines. There have
been however, two prior instances of massive arrests of VBBC
members. Approximately 7 years ago raids resulted in the confiscation of
drugs and weapons and the ultimate conviction of 12 VBBC members. Six of
these members are on parole and still reside in Virtual; two others are
currently in the county detention center awaiting trial for new criminal
charges and four others are confined to the State prison near Virtual.A similar
sweep three years ago produced nearly identical results. These sweeps
appear to have been ineffective. In short, the VBBC has a network of members in
jail, in prison, on parole in the community and free on the street. The
current police investigation has affirmed that all of these VBBC members are in
near constant communications with each other.

Robert “Buddy” Pole is the “president” of the VBBC. While
currently on parole for manufacturing methamphetamine, Buddy Pole continues to
orchestrate the criminal enterprise that is VBBC. Provisions of his parole
agreement that prohibit association with known criminals have gone
unenforced. Robert Pole, Jr, (a.k.a. “Little Buddy” or “Bud Lite”) is
currently in the Virtual Detention Center awaiting trial for carrying a
concealed weapon. He seems to be in no hurry to make the affordable
bail. Jail officials believe he is trying to organize a drug network
within the jail. Two Detention Center correctional officers were recently
disciplined for attempting to smuggle cell phones into the lock-up. It is
believed they were destined for Little Buddy’s use. The youngest member of the
Pole family is Patricia (a.k.a. “Tripper”). A chronic truant and trouble
maker in school, Tripper was suspected of providing marijuana to her junior
high school classmates and has continued the practice in high school. At
age 19 and legally an adult, she is just about to complete her senior year of
high school. Tripper’s collections of miscreant friends, most of whom are
VBBC members or “wannabes”, congregate regularly around the Virtual Mall and
commercial centers. Her boyfriend, John Henry Maxwell applied for a job as a
Dunbar Security Force officer but was rejected because of his record.

In order to rid the city of Virtual of this criminal gang,
Virtual Police Department Chief Clayton Moore called upon his criminal justice

The head of the Virtual Police Department VBBC task force,
Captain Jay Silverheels

The chief criminal prosecutor from the Office of the District
Attorney, Raymond Burr

The Security Chief of the state correctional facility, Major
Allen Irongates

The District Supervisor for the state department of parole,
Martha Street

The Operations Director of the Virtual Security Force,
James Dunbar

The Virtual Security Force, a private security company hired by
the Virtual Commercial Merchants Association to provide security personnel,
equipment, etc. to supplement the resources of the Virtual Police Department in
designated business and commercial areas of the city. VSF personnel hold
special police commissions, have arrest authority on the property of their
clients and may or may not be armed depending on their assignment and

At their initial meeting Chief Moore made it clear to these partners
that they had a single goal, to end the reign of terror emanating from the VBBC
and victimizing Virtual’s citizens. Clearly if there was any hope of
success, each criminal justice partner has to do their part for the collective
good of all. The Chief’s remarks were met with wholesale
agreement. It was decided the Virtual Criminal Justice Alliance would
attack the VBBC on two levels (1) the pursuit of the current police
investigations and prosecutions, and (2) a strategic plan to work collaboratively
to reduce crime in Virtual. When the initial meeting adjourned Chief Moore had
designated Captain Siverheels as his delegate. He was not sure, however,
that every agency representative in the room felt his level of commitment or
truly understood the consequences of failure. He was also curious as to
what resources each “partner” was willing to bring to this operation and what
would be held back.

Major Irongate has her own issues with VBBC. Their presence
in the state prison has settled down what had previously been a powder keg of
gang-related unrest. VBBC has become the dominate force in the
prison. John “Jacky” Pole has been able to get the warring
national/international gang members in the prison to suspend their violence and
focus on drug-related profits.With tensions simmering just below the surface,
Irongate knows the self-serving truce may be short lived. Major Irongate
was also asked to represent the Virtual Detention Center. This facility
holds arrestees awaiting a bail hearing, denied bail prior to trial or in
transitional housing from the state prison to attend court. The jail also holds
offenders serving short sentences for convictions on misdemeanor charges.
Nearly all of the prison’s inmate population came through the Detention Center
and may return there to be available for court appearances. Major Irongate is
convinced that these “traveling” inmates are being used as “mules” for drugs
and contraband cell phones.

Of the persons assembled by Chief Moore, only Dunbar represents
a commercial, profit-driven agency. Simply put, these profits are the
difference between the costs for the security provided and the fees Dunbar
charges. Dunbar is eager to demonstrate a successful partnership with VPD and
the Virtual Commercial Merchants’ Association as a stepping stone to contracts
with larger jurisdictions. In any case, Dunbar’s primary motivation is to make

Raymond Burr would applaud Chief Moore’s plan if he could, but
as a pragmatist he feels that this is a waste of time. He understands, if
no one else at the table does, that plea bargaining is to only way the criminal
justice system can do business. He has also warned the chief before that
his detectives need additional training on establishing probable cause, proper
interrogation procedures, appropriate charging, etc. If the VPD could get its
act together he would love to prosecute a good solid case against the VBBC, but
prosecuting a “looser” case will not solve the problem or help his own
political ambitions.

NOTE: Each student will be assigned a role as one of the five
members of the Chief’s team. The student should fully take on the
persona of that member
. Not all of the details can be
provided. Students are encouraged to (reasonably) embellish on the
character of the person they are assigned and play that role to the fullest.



  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • Must use at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course text.
  • Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

  • Course Text

    Miller, R. L. (2014).Business law: Text and cases – commercial law for accountants. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.