Outline the process of buying a home and identify at least 3 ways math is important during that process. Explain why math is important in each of those cases and illustrate your point by using math in some examples (e.g., “If I would like to put at least 20% down on a house that costs $____, then I know I should save at least ____.”)

Essay Length: 2 pages
Sources – 2 websites required

The Title Page

The first page of essay
Place the following information at the very center of the page.

Essay Title

Your Name

Course Name

Required Components Throughout All Paragraphs
Use the font “Times New Roman”.

Font size should be 12.

The lines should be double spaced.

Introduction Paragraph (3 to 4 sentences)

Discuss: What is this essay about? What are the main points of the essay?

Introduce the topic using a “hook” that grabs the attention of the reader. Look to the right to see ideas of common attention grabbers.

Up to 3 sentences that introduce the topic, outline the major points that will be discussed, and present a clear thesis (main idea) for the entire essay.

Body Paragraph #1 (4 to 5 sentences)

Discuss: The first main point of your essay.

Topic sentence that introduces the main idea of the paragraph.

3 to 5 sentences that include details supporting that main idea.

At least 1 in-text citation to reference the source of your details. (More on this later in Part 3: References

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