Paper AND excel sheet to show work Business Finance Assignment Help

Paper AND excel sheet to show work Business Finance Assignment Help. Paper AND excel sheet to show work Business Finance Assignment Help.

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to help
students become familiar with the presentation of the income statement
and the retained earnings statement, including how parts of the
financial statement is evaluated to determine the operational success of
the business.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, p. 36

Scenario: On June 1, 2017,
Elite Service Co. was started with an initial investment in the company
of $22,100 cash. Below are the assets, liabilities, and common stock of
the company June 30, 2017, and the revenues and expenses for the month
of June, its first month of operations:


$ 4,600

Notes payable


Accounts receivable


Accounts payable


Service revenue


Supplies expense




Maintenance and repairs expense


Advertising expense


Utilities expense




Salaries and wages expense


Common stock


In June, the company issues no additional stock but paid dividends of $1,400.

Prepare an income statement, retained earnings
statement, and balance sheet analyzing your findings using the questions
below, in a total of 1,050 words:

  • Briefly address whether the company’s first month of operations was a success.
  • Discuss the company’s decision to distribute a dividend.

Use the Excel® spreadsheet to show your work and submit it with your analysis.

Paper AND excel sheet to show work Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Literature Review and Problem Statement Effect of Leadership on Smoking Cessation, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

For this Project Assignment, think about common trends in public health leadership, or critical areas of need for leadership in the field. Prepare a literature review of scholarly articles related to your topic ( Effect of Leadership on Smoking Cessation !!). This review should contain a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed or scholarly resources. Additionally, based on your conducted review of the current literature, create a problem statement that addresses identified gaps while incorporating implications for positive social change. Located within the Learning Resources for the week, you may find the information from Walden’s Online Writing Center helpful for your completion of the assignment.

  • For this Project Assignment, think about common trends in public health leadership, or critical areas of need for leadership in the field.
  • Prepare a literature review of scholarly articles related to your topic in public health leadership. This review should contain a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed or scholarly resources.
  • Based on what you find in the current public health leadership literature, Create a problem statement, (Learn how to write a good one) It must addresses:
    • Identified gaps while incorporating implications for positive social change

Literature Review and Problem Statement (6–7 pages, APA format):

The Literature Review section should be written in the narrative form integrating concepts from the articles you find. The section should include:

  • A synthesis of a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed, scholarly resources that give the reader a good overview of the issue. The section should show the reader common trends in public health leadership, or critical areas of need for leadership in the field
  • A description of theoretical gaps in the research area – Based on the research you just did in leadership, what seems to be missing (Theoretical gaps)?
  • Problem Statement should include:
    • An explanation of the specific problem that addresses identified gaps within the literature – If you are not sure of what a problem statement should include look it up. I’ll be looking for good comprehensive statements
    • An explanation of how your problem statement incorporates implications for positive social change – As students at Walden, “We” are preparing to become agents of social change, based on your leadership topic, the research you just did and the gaps you found how would you be a social agent for change?


ANSWER the FOLLOWING Humanities Assignment Help

For this week’s assignment you will choose ONE film that is a known motion picture that you enjoy and deals with an aspect(s) of Multicultural issues. The film can be a current/recent film or a film that is from a different era of the last 60-70 years. It can be a Drama, Tragedy, Historical Narrative, or a Comedy if the comedy that looks to make a point and comment about culture and society.

This film should have something to say about societal, cultural, political, racial, religious or relational issues that we may be dealing with today or have dealt with as a nation. The thrust and emphasis of the story for your film should surround a topic that we have been wrestling with so far in this course. Issues may include African American issues, education, Asian American issues, poverty, immigration, racial history in America, assimilation, films that deal with the rise and individuals of the LGBTQ movement or films that deal with social change, political change, ethnic or racial problems, historical looks at our past and the wrongs we may have done and what we learn now. Choose a film YOU want to watch and can be passionate about.

There 20 Questions. This is worth 100 pts.

Please reflect on our previous lesson #5 where we discussed Play (Hodge) analysis for your midterm assignment.

As your watching the film, answer the questions below to the best of your ability. Your answers should explain how well you understand the story, the plot, its structure, the characters and the relevant action of the story/film. Please spend time with your answers. These questions require some thought. You must express how you believe your conclusions to these questions impact the action of the story and the characters.

TITLE OF FILM: _______________________________________

Given Circumstances:

1. Geographical location, including climate:

2. Date; year, season, time of day:

3. Economic environment (What is the ECONOMY like for the Characters? How does it affect them?)

4. Political environment (Who is IN- CHARGE in the relationships? Who or what has the power?)

5. Social environment (what are the characters SOCIAL NORMS? How/who do they CONDUCT themselves with? How does that affect the story)

6. Religious environment (what effect does RELIGION/ FAITH or the LACK OF RELIGION/FAITH play and affect your story?)

Play Structure

7. Who is the Protagonist and what does he or she ultimately want or hopes to achieve by the end of the story? (Their “Super Objective”?)

8. Who is the Antagonist and what does he or she ultimately want or hopes to achieve by the end of the story? (Their “Super Objective”?)

9. List the Inciting Event (the event before the story starts that sets up the action.)

10. List the Stasis (how does the world of the story open and exist?)

11. List the Intrusion (that moment or event that provokes the present action into motion // breaks the stasis)

12. List events in the story of the Rising Action. (The dramatic events leading to climax)

13. List the major Crisis moment(s) 6-8 examples

14. List the Climax

15. List the Resolution // The Return to Stasis ( the way the world is now)

CONCLUSIONS: (Please flesh out your conclusions and explain how your conclusions affect the overall idea and intent of the film-makers.)

1. How does the clash of desire, will, and objective between the Protagonist and the Antagonists help provide the dramatic conflict for the story and shape the overall idea of the film and the film makers intent?

2. In your opinion, what is the major social, political, cultural or relational issue that this film is speaking to and why? What do you believe is the overriding point or theme of your film and what you believe the filmmakers are trying to convey about that issue?

3. How does this film help to shape your own overall outlook at Multicultural issues and the problems we face as a society? Do you believe that this film can help with the issue(s) and conversations about what the film speaks to? Why or why not?


BLOGS and JOURNALS ! Humanities Assignment Help

Collab-Write a short poem about yourself using rhyming couplets. It could be as short as 4 -6 lines, but it could be longer if you wish.

If you are not comfortable writing poetry to share, then focus on an incident from your childhood, and tell a story. We all have a good and a bad side, just as Poe did. Tell about a time when your bad side got you into trouble. On the other hand, you could also write about a time when your good side took over, and you did something that made you stand out.

U3L1JWrite a paragraph describing a place where you really feel (or felt) alone. It could be a room, a house, another building of some sort, or it could be an outdoor place. Use descriptive language to give your reader a feeling of desolation and/or feeling isolated.

Collab-Read over the poem a few more times. Then think about countries that are struggling with immigration problems. It might be illegal immigration, such as the United States and the problems with illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America. It could be the current situation concerning the Syrian migration, the people trying to get away from the war in Syria by going through Greece and up through Hungary trying to get to Germany and other northern European countries. What connections can you make between any of these situations and Kipling’s poem? Share your thoughts, and then respond to the thoughts of at least one other classmate.

U3L2J-Do you think this poem has meaning in today’s times? How could it be applied to our current culture and time period?

Collab-Let’s go back now to the Johnny Cash site. And this time, listen to some performances of other songs. When you have sampled some, listen to this one. It’s a song recorded with another superstar of music, Bob Dylan. Can you find similar themes in this song and “Folsom Prison Blues”? What are the similarities? Do the songs create a similar mood? Why or why not? Share your thoughts about the song “One Too Many Mornings” and “Folsom Prison Blues.” Then read the thoughts of at least two other classmates and comment on their thoughts.

U3L3J-Now it’s your turn to write in Johnny Cash’s style. Imagine you are grounded (or serving detention at school), and write a poem or song (at least 3 stanzas) in the style of Folsom Prison Blues. Think of the sound you might hear that would make it feel even worse that you couldn’t go outside, just like the sound of the train reinforces it for the prisoner. What would you miss? What would you imagine others are doing? Post your poem in your journal for this lesson.


Mod2 Case MGT401, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

For this assignment, first review the background materials with a
focus on Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model. Make sure
you are familiar with the four leadership styles covered in the
situational approach including Directing, Coaching, Supporting, and
Delegating, and situations where you are supposed to use these four

Also, familiarize yourself with the more complex Path Goal model and
Fiedler’s Contingency model. You don’t need to know these two models in
as much detail as the Situational model to complete this assignment, but
make sure you understand the main idea of these models as well as some
of their main advantages and disadvantages.

Once you have finished your reading and research, write a 4- to
5-page paper answering the following questions below. Make sure to cite
at least one of the required background readings in each answer, and to
cite at least three of the required or optional readings total in your

  1. For each of the following scenarios, explain which of the four
    leadership styles covered in the Situational model best applies to the
    situation. Explain your reasoning for your choice.
    1. You are in charge of a team of architects. They are highly skilled
      but have strong opinions and do not necessarily follow instructions.
      These architects are independent thinkers who are used to doing things
      their own way.
    2. You are in charge of a fast food restaurant. The employees are all
      teenagers who have not yet graduated from high school, and for most of
      them this is their first job.
    3. You are the supervisor for a team of software engineers. They are
      all highly skilled and highly motivated, and are used to working
      independently. All of them believe in the mission of the company.
  2. For the above situations, how hard would it be to apply the Fiedler
    Contingency model or the Path Goal model to choose a leadership style?
    Would it be easy, or would you require a lot more information about each
    of the situations? You don’t need to actually apply these two models,
    just discuss how difficult it might be to apply these models.
  3. Of the three models (Situational, Fiedler Contingency, Path Goal),
    which one do you think is the most useful for the real world? Explain
    your reasoning.
  4. Follow the assignment instructions closely and follow all steps listed in the instructions
  5. Stay focused on the precise assignment questions, don’t go off on
    tangents or devote a lot of space to summarizing general background
  6. List supporting references and cite sources in proper format
  7. Use appropriate writing style in essay form (organization, grammar, and spelling).
  8. Include both a bibliography and in-text citations. See the Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper,
    including pages 13-14 on in-text citations. Another resource is the
    “Writing Style Guide”, which is found under “My Resources” in the TLC



Why should all public schools wear uniforms, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Locating Scholarly Articles

This week, you’ll continue working on your annotated bibliography by

  • Using your research question to develop search terms.
  • Using those search terms to find two scholarly journal articles.
  • Writing APA references and annotations for those articles.

Before you get started, be sure to read Module 2 of your textbook, complete the APA skill activity on formatting references and watch Keywords are Critical. If you have not yet done so, take a few minutes to watch the Strategic Ways to Read Scholarly Articles video (written transcript).

Also, check your instructor’s feedback on your research question for last week’s assignment. If you’re not sure how to view the comments on your papers, you can learn how by watching this HelpNow! video. Consider the advice that your instructor gave you and your experiences researching your topic. Then, make any necessary revisions to your research question.

To start this assignment, complete the “Generating Search Terms” worksheet. The “Generating Search Terms” worksheet will help you select the major concepts in your research question. Think of synonyms, and then develop keywords that you can use to search for your topic. For example, if you are researching “acid rain,” write down “carbon dioxide,” “air pollution” and/or “smoke.” Save the keywords that you develop so that you can use them as you search for sources in weeks Four and week Five.

Note: You do not need to submit this worksheet. It is for your use only.

After you have developed your keywords, you are ready to search for scholarly journal articles. Review the steps for using Findit@AU for searching for scholarly journal articles by going over the Introduction to the Ashford Library. Now, use Findit@AU to locate two scholarly journal articles that are related to your research question. Be sure to download and save the articles that you choose so that you can refer back to them later if you need to. Tip: click the “Full Text” box to make sure you find articles that include the full text and not just a brief description or an abstract.

Now you are ready to create the APA references and annotations for your sources in the Locating Scholarly Articles template. When writing your APA references for your sources, you can refer to the Ashford Writing Center’s Common APA Reference and Citation Models. You can also view the sample Annotated Bibliography.

As you build your annotated bibliography in weeks Three, Four, and Five, you are encouraged to submit your work to the Ashford Writing Center for feedback. The Writing Center staff can help you identify formatting, grammar, and other common writing issues in your work and give you ideas for ways to fix them. The Writing Center staff is available by email or by chat.

Why should all public schools wear uniforms, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Research paper step 2 * research paper step 1 attached below. Humanities Assignment Help

Research – Research Paper Step 2

Write your Thesis Statement

Review your experiential essay from the step1 in the research process:

it’s more likely that you will only have discovered a topic about which you are interested through Step 1. Now, it’s time to discover your limited subject and write your thesis statement. Remember thesis is a one sentence statement that summarizes your paper.

. Remember to ask yourself, “Can I imagine someone arguing with me on the basis of this thesis statement?” You must produce tension that would stimulate a back-and-forth, or dialectic, on your topic.

Submit your initial thesis statement to your instructor for approval as an uploaded MS Word attachment

***research paper step 1 is attached below


Policy Analysis, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Portfolio Project Assignment Choice #1: Policy Analysis

The Portfolio Project requires you to write a memorandum to a decision maker, such as the President of the United States, a member of Congress, a chairperson of the SEC, or a state governor, on how to reform corporate ethics in American business today. As we have seen, legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley has received considerable media attention but has not prevented significant catastrophes such as the global economic meltdown of 2008. You should be prepared to propose policies that might help to ameliorate or to prevent corporate ethics lapses that might occur in the future. You have the freedom to select any policy avenues that you think might help to strengthen and fortify corporate ethics. Your memo should cover the following:

  • Set forth why your chosen policy pathway is important
  • Compare and contrast with the policy it replaces
  • Articulate your ideas on how to remedy the issue of corporate malfeasance
  • Proffer some recommendations to the decision-maker about how to improve overall corporate governance.

Please note that your prescription for change is not nearly as important as your ability to forecast potential challenges to the corporate boardroom and to predict possible ways the government could intervene to assist not only solid corporate governance but also the interests of individual shareholders. It is recommended that you suggest at least two methods and/or policy proposals that critically address the public policy concern. Bring in facts and other data to support the policy issue addressed and make sure each fact is cited to relevant authority. Demonstrate critical thinking by analyzing, evaluating, and interpreting appropriate policy to provide original perspectives to enhance corporate legal and ethical environs.

You are expected to convey complex ideas in a clear, concise, and organized fashion, using the required and recommended readings from the course for analytical support. Although you are encouraged to cite from your textbook, you are required to cite a minimum of four scholarly sources (beyond the textbook) to support your statements. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources.

Your well-written paper should be 8-10 pages in length, not including the title or references pages. Review the Portfolio grading rubric, which can be accessed from the Course Information page, and make sure to follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Please be sure to reach out to your instructor at any point in the course if you have any questions about the assignment.


African Studies, history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

tHIS IS a quiz based on diff. poems so reserach and some reading is required i need the 10 out of 10 so make sure you are up for it. african studies quiz

Question 1

Not yet answered

Points out of 1.00

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Question text

In “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”, what is Hughes alluding to in this poem?

Select one:

Question 2

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Question text

In the poem, “Life is Fine”, what does the speaker attempt to do by jumping into the river?

Select one:

Question 3

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Question text

Towards the end of the poem, “Life is Fine”, the speaker decides to keep living?

Select one:

Question 4

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Question text

In the beginning of the poem, “Mother to Son”, when the mother says “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair”, what does this line refer to?

Select one:

Question 5

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Question text

In the same poem, what is the speaker referring to when they say “It’s had tacks in it/And Splinters/And boards torn up”?

Select one:

Question 6

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Question text

At the poem, “Mother to Son”, what does the line “So boy, don’t you turn back./Don’t you set down on the steps” actually mean?

Select one:

Question 7

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Question text

In the poem, “Harlem”, Hughes is talking about people who are not able to live out their dreams?

Select one:

Question 8

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Question text

In the poem, “Ballad of the Landlord”, what is Hughes talking about?

Select one:

Question 9

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Question text

In the essay, “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain”, Hughes uses the mountain as a metaphor to suggests what to Black artists?

Select one:

Question 10

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Question text

In the poem, “Let America be America Again”, what does Hughes reveal about America?

Select one:


Micro-economics: Costs of production, Overall Market, and Recommendation Economics Assignment Help

I need help composing a report with the following guidelines:

Notes from Instructor: Submit a draft of the costs of production, overall market, and recommendation of your research paper, including all critical elements listed below. You will review your firm’s financial reports and other relevant data sources to collect and analyze cost information for your firm (Starbucks) over the past five or so years. Using real data and the economics tools developed in module 4, you will analyze your firms profitability and how costs impact it’s growth. Additionally, you will find data on your firms competitors in order to detail your firms place within the market currently and over the past five or so years. Lastly, you will develop a recommendation for how the firm can manage it’s future production.

Please review rubric and Milestone 3 guide to assist with this assignment.

Thank you so much!

[supanova_question] Please be sure to reach out to your instructor at any point in the course if you have any questions about the assignment.