paper will be a response/examination/analysis of any of the essays we’ve read up to this point in the class. This includes Plato’s Allegory, Douglass’s How I Learned to Read, Seneca’s Liberal and Vocational Studies, Martha Nussbaum’s Education for Profit/Democracy, John Adams’s Eloquence is the Child of Liberty, Virginia Woolf’s “Shakespeare’s Sister,” Gandhi’s “Moral and Economic Progress,” and MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” That’s EIGHT essays. You may choose to write about one or perhaps do a comparison of two or analyze three or more. See the module for Paper #1 Prompt for more ideas

Woolf was a “feminist” at the beginning of the movements for women’s rights worldwide [but specifically here in England and America]. In what ways would this essay contribute to our knowledge of and appreciation for the difficulties women have experienced historically? In other words, does the essay move you? How? 3-4 pages Text pages are included down below Essay requirements – thesis , body, conclusion

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