Payroll Accounting 2017 Business Finance Assignment Help

Payroll Accounting 2017 Business Finance Assignment Help. Payroll Accounting 2017 Business Finance Assignment Help.

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November 30

Compute the Net Pay for each employee. Employee pay will be disbursed on December 5, 2016. Update the Employees’ Earning Record with the November 30 pay and the new YTD amount.

The company is closed and pays for the Friday following Thanksgiving. The employees will receive holiday pay for Thanksgiving and the Friday following. All the hours over 88 are eligible for overtime for nonexempt employees as they were worked during the non-holiday week.

I put some answer correct.. fill in the blue box or separate your answer in word document and show your solution

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Thermodynamics practice exam Engineering Assignment Help

I would like to get answers for my practice exam. I would like to receive the answers one by one for each questions at once you could solve it. it is very important that I get them as soon as possible. I might send you a different practice exam if you were able to solve these questions in fast period; however, this practice exam is more important than the other one. I am welling to pay as well for the second exam if you can finish fast for this practice exam. Thank you! please Kindly send me the answers as soon as possible.


Strategic Plan Implementation Plan Strategic Controls and Contingency Plan Analysis No Plagiarism Word Document Business Finance Assignment Help

I am currently in a graduate master’s level course that is titled “Strategic Planning & Implementation” and am needing some help on a following research paper of a “former employer” of mine (included web links below about the “OhioHealth” hospital medical organization that I used to work for and also must include No Plagiarism and APA citations used, including three or more peer-reviewed references with web links provided (meaning more than one author for peer-reviewed sources).

My chosen organization will be on my Former Employer of the OhioHealth Organization

Web Links Below:

About Your Signature Assignment

About OhioHealth:

OhioHealth Who We Are:

Copy of OhioHealth Year-End Financial Statements from 2012 & 2013:

Copy of OhioHealth Year-End Financial Statements from 2015 & 2016:

Copy of OhioHealth Financial Results for 2015 & 2014:

Per instructor request:

  • No Plagiarism and will be checked
  • Include Proper Headings and Sub-title headings of required topics listed below
  • Include three or more peer-reviewed sources (as in more than one author) with direct web links
  • APA citations used in paper and APA references
  • Based on one of the topics below, must develop a break-even chart with detailed explanation-include APA cited reference.

This signature assignment is designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. The signature assignments may be graded with an automated rubric that allows the University to collect data that can be aggregated across a location or college/school and used for program improvements.

Write a 1,400-word minimum or more (excluding cover and reference wording) strategic implementation plan in which you include the following:

  • Introduction-detailed
  • Create an implementation plan including:
    • Objectives-detailed explanation with examples
    • Functional tactics-detailed explanation with examples
    • Action items-detailed explanation with examples
    • Milestones and deadlines-detailed explanation with examples
    • Tasks and task ownership-detailed explanation with examples
    • Resource allocation-detailed explanation with examples
  • Recommend any organizational change management strategies that may enhance successful implementation.-detailed explanation with examples
  • Develop key success factors, budget, and forecasted financials, including a break-even chart.-detailed explanation with examples; included OhioHealth copies of their financial statements above-numbers used cannot be exactly from those financial statements, but shown as examples; include APA citation of break-even chart created and discussed.
  • Create a risk management plan including contingency plans for the identified risks -detailed explanation with examples.
  • Conclusion-detailed
  • References-APA three or more peer-reviewed sources (more than one author used); include direct web links

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


Legal Writing Business Finance Assignment Help

Read Five Steps Towards Persuasive Writing, Evan Schaffer

Schaeffer, T.E. (June 1998) found at

and Improve Your Legal Writing with Five Simple Rules found at

Share your thoughts on one step for persuasive legal writing and how
that might improve your legal writing skill. Why do you feel the step
you chose is an important step for persuasive legal writing? Use your
words to persuade your classmates that you are correct. In your
response, play the devil’s advocate and argue against one of your
classmate’s choices.


Literature review on organizational behavior- PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS FOR REQUIREMENTS Business Finance Assignment Help

The topic: Organizational behavior

Theme- Organizational Behavior is the study of human behavior in an organizational setting. By understanding human performance optimization it will allow an organization to be more efficient. As the generations evolve and a new workforce is entering the workplace utilizing their strengths and weaknesses will be imperative to ensuring a businesses level of success for decades to come.

Current APA format, must be a minimum of 16 pages (not including the title page, abstract, and references), and must utilize at least 15 scholarly references. The final format must include the following:

  • Title page;
  • Abstract;
  • Outline;
  • Introduction (no longer than 1 page);
  • Findings (a minimum of 13 pages);
  • Conclusions, recommendations, and suggestions for further study (a minimum of 2 pages); and
  • References that are current (less than 3 years) or important for historical background.




Serious Tutors Only 4-6 pages; No Plagiarism Writing Assignment Help

Assignment – The Value of Fair Treatment in the Workplace (280 pts) is due this week


Things to consider:

Don’t Over Think the Assignment: Break the Questions down and organize your thoughts by outlining the topics to cover, the relevant concepts, cases, examples, etc. Build an analysis weighing the information assessed to derive at the conclusion(s) provided.

Write a four to six (4-6) page report in which you:

  1. Analyze the benefits and costs of voluntarily prohibiting three to five (3-5) federal forms of discrimination prohibited under the federal anti-discrimination laws.

Example forms:

• Disparate treatment—form of discrimination in which members of different races/sexes are treated


• Disparate impact—test or screening device that affects one group more than another

• Pattern or practice of discrimination—theory for establishing discrimination that compares population percentages with workplace percentages

• Sexual harassment—form of discrimination that involves a quid pro quo related to sexual favors or an atmosphere of harassment

  1. Discuss the benefits and costs of voluntarily prohibiting a form of discrimination not covered by any of the federal anti-discrimination laws.
  2. State the benefits and costs of voluntarily adopting hiring and promotion practices designed to diversify the workforce.
  3. Evaluate the ethical considerationsof not voluntarily prohibiting the forms of discrimination laws examined in the first part of your report. Next, determine the ethical considerations of not voluntarily adopting hiring and promotion practices to diversify the workforce.

[In other words Evaluate Ethical Considerations to #1 above, and in #2 above]

  1. Provide a final recommendation to this retailer on whether or not they should ensure all, part, or none of the employee protections examined in the first part of your report. Your recommendation should also include whether or not the retailer should adopt hiring and promotion practices designed to diversify the workplace. Be sure to include a rationale for your recommendation along with an explanation for any rejections of contrary positions or other pertinent considerations.

[In other words should Retailer ensure all, part, or none of the employee protections examined in #1 above, and in #2 above

Serious Tutors Only 4-6 pages; No Plagiarism Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Data Analytics Case Study ( 600words plus some Exel work ) Computer Science Assignment Help

Case Study Analysis

1) A Word document of approximately 600 words that explains:

How you would engage stakeholders in order to get the problem defined and collect appropriate data. You must identify the tools and technique(s) you propose to use, and illustrations of these techniques (for example, the Stakeholder Analysis sheet, the questions you will be asking them if you use interviews to elicit requirements, etc). Illustrations may be included in your document as screen captures or uploaded onto your ePortfolio as separate documents.

o What data pre-processing you have done and why you chose to do so?

o What data analyses you have done and your interpretation of the outcomes.

2) An Excel file of data that have been pre-processed (clean, transformed, reduced, etc) as necessary, and analysed for a given business case study. Data must be analysed using the tools and techniques learnt in weeks 1 to 5.


see description? Programming Assignment Help

This assignment needs to be completed in SPSS… For each question, there needs to be screen shots for each step of each question with completed questions. Second, previously I’ve gotten many wrong answers… please I need correct answers to the questions!

The purpose of this assignment is to perform neural nets
classification, interpret the results, and analyze whether or not the
information generated can be used to address a specific business

For this assignment, you will use the “Credit Card Defaults
Oversampled” data set from the Topic Materials. Note that this data set
includes the same information as the Topic 5 assignment data set,
however, the default cases have been randomly oversampled to balance the
defaulters vs. the nondefaulters. This is one method to increase the
accuracy of a rare outcome (i.e., default).

You are an analyst for a credit card company. Management wants to
know if there are any early signs that indicate whether customers will
default on their credit cards. If these indicators can be identified,
then more scrutiny can be placed on customer transactions in an effort
to avoid losses. For this project, management is interested in very
accurate predictions. Management would like to receive a list of ranked
variables related to default, however, understanding the specific
relationships between the predictors and the likelihood of default is

Question 1: Partition the data to create a training data set (70%) and test data set (30%).

Question 2: Build a neural network using
the Multilayer Perceptron method with the training data and “Default” as
the target. Make sure to output predictor importance. Include the
“Default Neural Network” output when submitting the answer.

  1. What is the ranking of the variables? Include the “Predictor Importance” output when submitting the answer.
  2. What is the accuracy of the model when using the training and test
    data? Include the “Misclassification Table” outputs when submitting the

Question 3: Rerun the model but only use the top six variables.

  1. What is the accuracy of the model when using the training and test
    data? Include the “Misclassification Table” outputs when submitting the
  2. Did the accuracy improve? Explain why.
  3. Produce a ROC curve when using the training and test data and
    interpret the results of the ROC curves. What do the curve and the
    45-degree line represent?

Question 4: Explain how the selected model
can be used to solve the business problem. What are the advantages and
disadvantages when building a neural net model vs. the simpler
classification model like the one completed in the Topic 5 assignment?

General Requirements:

Submit the answers to Questions 1-4 as a Word document.


Strategic Plan: Financial Plan. Health Medical Assignment Help

Need assistance with a financial plan, creating a projected budget on Excel and a narrative. This is a continuation for Healing Hands LTCH Strategic Plan.

Please see Attachments for instructions.


Budget Spread Sheet =

  • Created a projected budget in a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet that contains a 3 to 5-year financial projection including detailed expenditures, income, and gain or loss.
  • Capital Expense and/or Contingency expense is included in the budget spread sheet.
  • Description of assumptions
  • Strategies to increase volume.
  • Describe the Elements of the projected budget
  • Describe the Capital Expense Plan and the Contingency Plan
  • Describe the organization’s current business model.
  • Evaluate the budget assumptions listed in the budget.

Included on Spreadsheet – (See Sample Budget for Format on attached spreadsheet).

  • Description of assumptions
  • Strategies to increase volume

Strategic Plan Financial Plan=

Identify and explain the details of the strategies to increase volume.

  • Describe the Elements of the projected budget
  • Describe the Capital Expense Plan and the Contingency Plan
  • Describe the organization’s current business model.
  • Evaluate the budget assumptions listed in the budget.
  • Identify and explain the details of the strategies to increase volume.

Must include at least 4 in-text citations – peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar resources to support your information. (No Wikipedia, use only trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality)

Format the paper according to APA guidelines


big data scenario Business Finance Assignment Help

Big Data is everywhere and various businesses around the world are driven by Big Data. However, while some businesses rely on Big Data for organizational decision making, this does not mean that the implications and applications of Big Data are properly used to ensure optimal effectiveness for the organization

For this scenario, you have been appointed as the Business Analyst for Big D Incorporated charged with providing authoritative recommendations to the Board of Directors. As the Business Analyst, the recommendation you provide will be based upon data calculated from statistical appropriate formulas. Be reminded that you are not the company’s statistician yet the Business Analyst and therefore responsible for interpreting statistical data and making the appropriate recommendations.

Big D Incorporated was offered a series of business opportunities and it is your job as the Business Analyst to provide expert insight and justification for recommendations regarding these potential prospects.

Based upon the input from Units 1 and 2, you have just received your next assignment that will contribute to your next decision. For the outdoor sporting goods client, based upon your prior decision as to either expand to the next market or retain your current position, justify your decision further utilizing the Chi-Square Distribution tool. One key criterion point: You do not have adequate data to formulate a full Chi-Square for the outdoor sporting goods client. However, you do have sufficient data to initiate this process. You are charged to demonstrate the initial steps of a nonparametric test that are qualitative. Utilizing the null and alternative hypothesis, further present your justifications for your selection and what it means beyond the mere formulas. What is this going to tell the Board of Directors and contribute to the decision-making process?

The following information may be helpful in understanding Chi-Square and hypothesis testing:

Chi-Square and Hypothesis Testing

Please review this helpful video. The presenter uses the “flip of the coin” and the “role of the die.” These are examples and analogies used in the CTU resources.

The following are assumptions you might make in this assignment that might make the assignment more helpful and make the responses more uniform:

  • Continue to utilize the Big D scenario. Work under the assumption that the sample is based upon two different proposed product lines.
  • Additionally, work under the assumption that the same demographics are utilized for each product

1500 words


Bozeman Science. (2011, November 13). Chi-squared test [Video file]. Retrieved from





Payroll Accounting 2017 Business Finance Assignment Help

Payroll Accounting 2017 Business Finance Assignment Help

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