PCN-515 Action Planning and Overcoming Barriers Humanities Assignment Help

PCN-515 Action Planning and Overcoming Barriers Humanities Assignment Help. PCN-515 Action Planning and Overcoming Barriers Humanities Assignment Help.

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If counseling is all talk and no action, it is not effective counseling. The problem is that clients encounter many barriers in carrying out actions they identify in the counseling process.

Write a 750-1,000-word paper discussing action planning and overcoming barriers for client treatment. Please use headings and include the following in your paper:

  1. A discussion of the principles for effectively implementing an action plan.
  2. A description of at least five barriers that might interfere with client implementation of the action plans that are created. Include a case example of each barrier.
  3. A description of a counselor intervention that would help to overcome each barrier.
  4. A description of your local community resources for different types of needs.
  5. A description of an aftercare plan that utilized local community resources.

Include at least three scholarly references in your paper.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. Make sure that each item listed in the Rubric is addressed.

PCN-515 Action Planning and Overcoming Barriers Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

The regional difference in CSR report between China and America Business Finance Assignment Help

revised the paper based on the feedback


  • there are less reference
  • In methodology, you should include you research method, research object, what is your simply number, how to design this research.(must have some data ) (documentary analysis means you need to choose several documents, report and so on to analyze)
  • In findings, you need analyze the data according to methodology, and analyzing the document you choose to research in methodology.

Also, in the first sentence, i wrote that i use documentary analysis and case study,but maybe i do not find the case.

(i hope you can rewrite this part,choose several documents, report and so on to analyze then write Experimental data )

* design research and data is the important part

4.this part is literature review that i wrote ,but why it belongs to methodology.Methodology should pay more attention to design research, not introduce CSR.

  • WHY there are a lot of number in each sentence.
  • Each chapter should have some sub-title
  • Format


PLEASE FOLLOW Instructions and use APA format no plagarism 400 words –NIX Engineering Assignment Help

This is a required assignment worth 20 points (20-points/1000-points). The assignment must be submitted by the due date. No late assignments are allowed. Please discuss the following topics and provide substantive comments to at least two other posts.

Select from the following list four (4) topics and discuss. Use only 50-words max per topic to discuss and present your answer.

The discussion questions this week are from Chapters 3 & 4 (Jamsa, 2013).

Chapter 3 topics:

  • Define and describe PaaS.
  • List the benefits of PaaS solutions.
  • Describe the potential disadvantages of PaaS.
  • Describe how a cloud-based database management system differs from an on-site database.
  • List the computing resources normally provided with a PaaS.

Chapter 4 topics:

  • Define and describe IaaS.
  • Define and describe system redundancy. Discuss how you might use IaaS to implement a redundancy plan.
  • Define and describe load balancing. Discuss how you might use IaaS to implement load balancing.
  • Define and describe the NAS. Assume you must implement a shared file system within the cloud. What company would you select? Why? What costs should your client expect to pay for cloud-based data on a gigabyte (GB) basis?
  • Define and describe colocation. Discuss how you might use IaaS to implement colocation.
  • Compare and contrast a cloud-based disk storage device (with a file system) with a cloud-based database.
  • Compare and contrast physical, dedicated virtual, and shared virtual servers. Search the web for companies that provide each. What cost should a customer expect to pay for each?


How to watch tv: seinfeld season 1 Writing Assignment Help

One TV show. One season. One week.

Then, you will write a 3-5 page paper that uses your observations, along with supporting evidence and theories from at least 3 class readings, to develop your own arguments related to one or more of the topics we’ve explored this term. In short, this final paper will be your opportunity to tell me “how to watch TV.” You may choose to focus your analysis and arguments on the specific show you watched or you may use your viewing experience as a case study through which to make a more general argument about the nature of television or television viewing. The goal of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to demonstrate what you’ve learned over the term and put this newfound knowledge into conversation with your own unique interests, arguments, and insights about television.

  1. Choose a television series to binge-watch. Seinfeld season 1 you much watch an entire season of a television show and you must watch it all. Make sure you take extensive notes during your viewing sessions—you’ll need them to develop an argument and write your paper later.
  2. Log your viewing times, locations, and key takeaways using the worksheet provided. (attached) Note: you must upload your worksheet to canvas along with your finished paper.
  3. Review your viewing notes and worksheet to help determine the direction you’d like to take in your paper. Remember, you can choose to develop an in-depth analysis/argument about the show itself or you can use your observations to develop an argument about the nature of television or television viewing in general. Be sure your paper connects to at least one of the following topics: industry, form, representation, technology, and/or audiences. Note: If you’re looking for ways to take your paper to the next level, consider speaking to the connections and intersections between more two or more of these topics.
  4. Review your notes, readings, and reading responses from the term and look for theories, arguments, and evidence from at least 3 readings that will help to frame and support your arguments. You are welcome to draw upon class lecture/discussion and/or outside research in addition to these 3 sources. But this is not a requirement of the assignment. You must cite ALL of your sources in a Works Cited page. Note: you may use your weekly responses to review the term’s readings and fine tune your insights, you may even use the same readings or quotes you discussed in your responses, but you may not self-plagiarize by cutting and pasting content from your responses directly into your paper.
  5. Write your 3-5 page paper! Remember: 3 FULL pages is the minimum required page length. If you have more to say, you are free to go over the minimum, as long as you are careful to ensure the paper remains clear, well-organized, and avoids repetition.

Your paper must include:

  • A title
  • A clear thesis supported with specific evidence from your television show, viewing sessions, and at least 3 class readings
  • Professional and polished prose that has been thoughtfully edited and revised
  • In-text citations or endnotes for all sources using standard MLA.
  • A works cited page


  • Your paper must be at least 3 COMPLETE pages in length (not including your worksheet or works cited page).
  • Times New Roman, 12-point font
  • Double-spaced text
  • 1-inch margins


com-science presentation abstract Business Finance Assignment Help

Specific Requirements:

  • Write an abstract on the article you have chosen for your 60 Second Science presentation. It should be your own work and not simply “cut and pasted” from the study itself or from the abstract of the authors. Your abstract must be written in paragraph form and must be no longer than 150 words. Do NOT indent the first line of the abstract. Do NOT use bullet points or numbers to demarcate the different headings.
  • Assignment should be submitted as DOCX or PDF file, double-spaced, have 1″ margins, and typed in 12-point Times New Roman black font (this standard should be followed for the remainder of the semester). You must use spell check and correct grammar. Too many spelling and/or grammar errors will result in the assignment being returned with an incomplete until the corrections have been made.

Parts of the Abstract:

  • Title: Write the title using APA format (Hint: It should be centered at the top of the page). If you have never used APA, you can consult the formatting and style guide at http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ or consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association available within Brightspace.
  • Begin the abstract on the top of page 2 (I would suggest inserting a Page break). The word “Abstract” should centered at the top.
  • General topic: The first part of the abstract introduces the study. It should describe the goals, significance and background for the study. This is usually accomplished in one or two sentences that describe the general topic to be investigated and why it is important. Sometimes this is most easily done by discussing something about the state of the field and why the author did the experiments.
  • Specific Question or Relationship: Write one or two sentences describing the specific question the author addresses or relationship he or she investigated with this project.
  • Method: The second section of the abstract summarizes the methods used: how the study was designed and carried out. This usually takes about two sentences, but may be shorter or longer depending on the complexity of the study. Do not attempt to write a detailed procedure; just give a general idea of how the author performed the study. The research methods might be important if they are new or unusual, but if they are standard, only refer to them briefly.
  • Results: Write one or two sentences explaining what the authors found. Be as specific as possible. State only the major findings of the study. These should relate to the objectives that you described in the introductory section of your abstract. This section is variable in length, depending on the number and complexity of the findings, but is typically two to three sentences long.
  • Conclusions/Implications: The final part of the abstract consists of one or two sentences giving the author’s interpretation of the results and the overall significance or implications of the study.
  • Note that Keywords are not needed for this assignment.
  • Cite your chosen article in APA format on the third page (with the word “References” centered at the top) Don’t forget the hanging indent!



answer the discussion prompt below as stated use doc I will attach Writing Assignment Help

This module focuses on biological approaches to understanding crime and behavior. In particular, early biological theories attempted to identifyphysical characteristics that differentiate criminals from non-criminals. Differences in physical appearance, biological make-up, moral disposition, and individual characteristics were thought to be associated with certain behaviors (e.g., criminal) that biological theories attempt to explain ascontrary to societal expectations. Biological theories can be classified into three types: (1) those that attempt to differentiate among individuals on the basis of certain innate (i.e., those with which you are born) outward physical traits or characteristics; (2) those that attempt to trace the source of differences to genetic or hereditary characteristics; and (3) those that attempt to distinguish among individuals on the basis of structural, functional, or chemical differences in the brain or body.

It’s important to note, contemporary biological researchers and theorists are careful to acknowledge that certain traits do not cause crime by themselves. Rather, the environment in which an individual lives has a significant impact through various processes (discussed in subsequent chapters). That is, contemporary biological theorists recognize the interactive relationship between internal biological events and external sociological events.

Your discussion board asks you to examine the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Buck v. Bell, and understand its influence and implications. In addition, you are asked to consider the connection between forced sterilization of repeat sex offenders, and the implications of eugenic practices on certain groups.


  • Apply biological theories to the explanation of crime and criminal behavior.
  • Provide an overview of of the historical development of thought regarding biological factors and criminal behavior.
  • Identify a number of physical characteristics associated with criminality that were advanced by early biological approaches.
  • Analyze why the eugenics movement took root in the United States.
  • Explore how eugenical thinking influenced the Supreme Court’s decision in Buck v. Bell.

doc https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/featur…


answer the discussion prompt below as stated use doc I will attach Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Powerpoint presentation: (10 to 15 slides) Writing Assignment Help

Powerpoint presentation: Students will present a summary of the pertinent ethical and legal findings from one selected article. Journal Article( Improving the health of African American in the USA)


Powerpoint presentation**********************************
-Students will present a summary of the pertinent ethical and legal findings from one selected article. Journal Article( Improving the health of African American in the USA)
– Introduces ethical issues in the selected journal article that clearly states points of the discussion. Provides the title of the article selected, name of author(s), date of publication is from a peer-reviewed journal. (5 points) The article selected indicates a legal and ethical issue in nursing in the title of the article.
-The articles addresses pertinent topics such as: Professional nursing practice, malpractice, bioethics, informed consent, confidentiality laws, end of life, abortion, stem cell research, spirituality, transgender, organ donations, fraternization, Medicare/insurance fraud, mandated reporting (abuse), cultural sensitivity/humility, and impaired healthcare providers. Evidence of critical thinking, synthesis and analysis throughout the presentation (10 points)
(Powerpoint of 10)

The sources should be latest (from 2016 to 2020)


PMC 6601 Alabama Southern Community College Improving Marketing Departments Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

WBS, Schedule and Budget

This course has a major project assignment that will be due in Week 5. It will take more than a week’s effort to adequately complete it. Plan time to start the research and other work for the assignment earlier than the week in which it is due.

This week, you will submit the third and fourth increment of the course-length project. The project analyzed must be the project approved by the instructor in Week 1. The deliverable for this week is a WBS and Schedule and Budget.

WBS chart: Create a WBS. Include an explanation of the hierarchical relationship among each level on the chart. Level one should depict the end result (a product or a service) of the project. Level two should consist of the major tasks outlined in the statement of work (SOW). Level three should list the subtasks contained in each SOW task. You can use the series of charts available in Microsoft Project (although you are not required to use Microsoft Project). Submit your answers in a Microsoft Word document with the supported Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Project files, and other documentation as needed.

Schedule: Sequence the tasks in the order of completion. Arrange the work breakdown structure elements in the form of a task-flow network to determine dependencies. Identify the critical path along which necessary resources should be allocated to achieve the project objectives within the defined time frame. Indicate the earliest occurrence and highlight the critical path. Use a Gantt chart to illustrate the start and completion dates of each task. Consider whether the tasks can be completed in parallel or must be performed in sequence.

Cost plan: Develop a cost plan for your project that identifies the allocation and cost of resources to your project.

Submission Details:

  • Submit your answers in a 4- to 6-page Microsoft Word document with supporting Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Project files, and other documentation, as needed.
  • Use APA style.
    Name your document SU_PMC6601_W4_ LastName_FirstInitial.doc.


Lesson 6 Phase 2 Mathematics Assignment Help

Lesson 6

Course Project – Phase 2

This week you will begin working on Phase 2 of your course project. Using the same data set and variables for your selected topic, add the following information to your analysis:

  1. Discuss the importance of constructing confidence intervals for the population mean.
      • What are confidence intervals?
      • What is a point estimate?
      • What is the best point estimate for the population mean? Explain.
      • Why do we need confidence intervals?
  2. Find the best point estimate of the population mean.
  3. Construct two confidence intervals for the population mean: a 95% confidence interval and a 99% confidence interval. Assume that your data is normally distributed and the population standard deviation is unknown.
      • Please show your work for the construction of these confidence intervals and be sure to format your equations to fit the appropriate form (may need editing here).
  4. Write a paragraph that correctly interprets the confidence intervals in context of your selected topic.
  5. Compare and contrast your findings for the 95% and 99% confidence intervals.
    • Did you notice any changes in your interval estimate? Explain.
    • What conclusion(s) can be drawn about your interval estimates when the confidence level is increased? Explain.2


In summary, disability is an experience. Impairments are just a part of that experience. The disability experience is so much more than how a person’s body or mind functions. It is the intersection between the impairment and society’s response to the exis Science Assignment Help

In summary, disability is an experience. Impairments are just a part of that experience. The disability experience is so much more than how a person’s body or mind functions. It is the intersection between the impairment and society’s response to the existence of people with said impairments. Many factors contribute to a person’s experience of being disabled. Whether the disability is visible or invisible, congenital or acquired, and many other factors, bears on perceptions of disability. However, ableism is at the core of the disability experience. By examining our own perspectives around disability, we can become more keenly aware of our own disabling attitudes and consider alternatives that empower life quality for all people.

Based on what you read, provide an example of how one of these topics translate into your world? What have you not noticed until now?


PCN-515 Action Planning and Overcoming Barriers Humanities Assignment Help

PCN-515 Action Planning and Overcoming Barriers Humanities Assignment Help

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