Perception about the world in general.

Perception about the world in general.. Perception about the world in general..

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Directions: In an essay of personal narrative or experience, I would like you to write about a situation that has in some important way transformed your view of the world and your place in it. This essay asks you to consider, perhaps, a profound moment of change in the way you perceive the world. This could cover a broad range of situations and many students choose to write about both positive and negative experiences. Some write about their family, others their friends. The tone of the essay is completely up to you.

You may choose to talk about a personal experience that has taught you something important about yourself, about others, or even about your perceptions of the world in general. It doesn’t really matter whether your experience was small or large, since it turns out this is usually only a matter of perspective.

What are your most meaningful moments? What scenes from your life have made a lasting impression? Try to focus on ONE situation, as trying to discuss many experiences usually proves too demanding.

I find very often the most amazing insights can be found when we pay attention to seemingly “inconsequential” matters. If your experience moved you in some way, it is likely to do so for your readers as well.

Guidelines: Your essay should be 4-5 pages in length. It should be MLA formatted as well.

Perception about the world in general.

Perception about the world in general.

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