persuasive paper final draft Writing Assignment Help

persuasive paper final draft Writing Assignment Help. persuasive paper final draft Writing Assignment Help.

It’s time to submit the final draft of your persuasive essay. At this point, your course faculty member has returned to you the graded first draft of the assignment, as well as, some insightful feedback.

For this assignment, consider all the feedback you’ve received on your first draft, including from last week’s Online+ session, and submit your 3-4 page persuasive essay based on the following criteria:

  • An introduction paragraph with a thesis statement.
  • Three body paragraphs that each focus on a separate major detail.
  • A summary paragraph that summarizes your main ideas and puts a bow on the essay.
  • Your reference page will list all of your sources in APA style.
  • Additionally, be sure to proof your essay draft carefully for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.
  • Applied revision and editing strategies to strengthen the essay.

please see the attachment for feedback and comments that were provided on my rough draft and fix accordingly do not forget to add some paragraph from the rough draft to make the paper look the same.

persuasive paper final draft Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Assignment 3: Persuasive Paper Part 1: A Problem Exists Due Week 5 and worth 150 points Using you Humanities Assignment Help

Assignment 3: Persuasive Paper Part 1: A Problem Exists
Due Week 5 and worth 150 points

Using your thesis statement and research, present the problem that needs to be addressed with your proposed solution. Note: Your solution, advantages, and challenges, will be in Parts 2 and 3.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

Provide an appropriate title and an interesting opening paragraph to appeal to your stated audience (appeal with logic, ethics, or emotion).
Include a defensible, relevant thesis statement in the first paragraph. (Revised from Assignment 2)
Describe the history and status of the issue and provide an overview of the problem(s) that need to be addressed. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs.
Explain the first problem (economic, social, political, environmental, complexity, inequity, ethical/moral, etc.) and provide support for your claims. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs.
Explain the second problem (economic, social, political, environmental, complexity, inequity, ethical/moral, etc.). and provide support for your claims. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs.
Explain the third problem (economic, social, political, environmental, complexity, inequity, ethical/moral, etc.) and provide support for your claims. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs.
Provide a concluding paragraph that summarizes the stated problems and promises a solution.
Develop a coherently structured paper with an introduction, body, and conclusion.
Use effective transitional words, phrases, and sentences throughout the paper.
Support claims with at least three (3) quality, relevant references. Use credible, academic sources available through Strayer University’s Resource Center. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.
Your assignment must follow these formatting guidelines:


What are the characteristics of someone with this dysfunction?, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Use the material that covered in Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Select one of the dysfunctions. ( i have attached 2 slides, where you will find 5 dysfunctions) then

⦁ Describe the dysfunction in detail.

⦁ What are the characteristics of someone with this dysfunction?

⦁ What are characteristics of someone who has overcome the dysfunctional characteristics?

⦁ What are someone ideas, actions or activities you can use to help your team overcome the dysfunction?

*** you can take anything from online and no citation or reference needed. But i need the brief Speaker note so that i can do the presentation.


Strategic Analysis Paper Computer Science Assignment Help

Research and Analysis Paper – IT Governance Models

After watching the videos below and reading about the Balanced Scorecard in Chapter 12, compare and contrast the Balanced Scorecard to one of the IT frameworks below (COBIT, ITIL, TOGAF, CMMI-Dev). Describe the context in which the Balanced Scorecard and the IT framework would be used. The paper should 4-6 pages in APA format, not counting the title and reference pages. 3 peer-reviewed references needed.

*Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion, and subheadings are mandatory

*No Plagiarism


Assignment Resources:

The following are examples of frameworks related to IT governance.

  • COBIT 5 Framework – This PDF describes the COBIT 5 (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) framework for management of enterprise IT.
  • ITIL V3 – This PDF describes version 3 of the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework for IT service management.
  • TOGAF 9.1 – This PDF introduces The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAP) for systems architecture.
  • CMMI-Dev v1.3 – This PDF describes the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) for systems development.


technology in online learning Writing Assignment Help

Technology in Online Learning

In this wiki assignment, you will create an informational website discussing the different technologies used in online learning environments.

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Add to the Wiki you started in EDU 600.
Remember the Wiki you created in EDU 600 Introduction to Online Learning? This week you will add to it.

Note: If you have NOT taken EDU600 please complete the following steps to set up your wiki:

Locate a free wiki site
Perform an Internet search to locate a website that will allow you to create a free wiki. Listed here are some sites that you may want to consider:

It would also be a beneficial to do a quick internet search to get an idea of how to format your wiki. Search for good/poor examples of wikis to assist you in the design of yours. You could also search for examples of good/poor layout and/or visual design.

Examine the site features
Look over the features offered by the wiki site. Each site’s instructions and tools will vary, but most will have tutorials or step-by-step instructions for creating your wiki. If the site you are considering does not offer assistance, select another site.

Create an account
Most of the wiki sites will require you to create an account on the site. Make sure to hang onto your account information, as you will add to it throughout the specialization.

Step 2: Prepare the wiki site.
Access your Wiki from EDU600 and create a page. Label it “Online Technology.” Next find at least 10 different tools and technologies that support work in an online course. Group them into Functional Categories such as group work and collaboration, communication tools, presentation tools, task management tools, etc.).

Build your wiki page. The content of the wiki page should include the following:

  • Develop your Functional Category titles and add the relevant technologies under each.
  • For each technology, include URLs and describe each tool briefly including how it works, how it is typically used and by whom. Is it freely available or is there a charge?
  • Include examples, suggestions or scenarios for use of the tools within each of the functional categories you have identified to increase the quality of teaching and support of student success.
  • Include information regarding at least one emerging technology you feel will be useful in online courses in the near future either for instructional use or for students to use to support learning and assignment completion.
  • Use a minimum of 3 scholarly sources, one of which may be your textbook to support your recommendations. Be sure to cite sources using proper APA formatting.

Step 3: Submit your assignment summary.
When you have completed the wiki assignment, prepare a summary of the process used to create the wiki. This summary should include the following:

  • The wiki’s web address so the instructor can view it.
  • A brief summary of the experience of creating this wiki.
  • Your opinion on the usefulness of Wikis for teaching and learning and why.
  • A link to your Wiki (please make sure that the settings on your Wiki are set to “public”).
  • Save a copy of the summary in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to the instructor and submit via Waypoint.



management information system ERD and Transform your ERD to schema diagram, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Saudi Banks Network has many banks registered in its database. Each bank should have its code (which is unique per bank), bank name and head office address of the bank (city, street). However each bank might have number of branches. Each branch should have a number, yet no bank is only known by its branch number, it is also known by its bank code. It is also necessary to record the branch manager, phone numbers (each branch has at least 5 lines). A customer has to be register in one branch however he/she can deal with all branches. SSN, name, Address and phones of the customer are some data should be stored. A customer might have maximum 3 loans and 10 accounts. It is possible for any number of customers to participate in an account or in a loan. A loan should have loan number, amount, loan type, interest (5% from the original amount). An account should have account number, balance and type of that account. Date of opening an account for a customer is needed to be stored. A branch has employees work in this branch, employee no, name, address, identification card number, salary are some characteristics should be in your database. Each employee has a supervisor; only one, however a supervisor may supervise any number of employees. A branch should have at least 25 employees and employee may work in many branches at the same time, date of joining a branch should be registered.

1.You are required to design an ERD for this application, stating any assumptions you make. (10 marks)

2.Transform your ERD to schema diagram (relational model) (6 marks)

management information system ERD and Transform your ERD to schema diagram, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Anyone available to help write a paper on African Americans or create a PowerPoint Slide? Writing Assignment Help

Must be 4-5 pages in length and double-spaced for a paper or 12-15 slides for a power point presentation.

Must be in APA Format.

All references must be cited.

Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.

Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.

Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.

Must use at least four scholarly resources other than the textbook, including a minimum of two primary sources.

Select four specific events or developments that span the years covered by this course, based on their impact on the topic. Two of the events must be from 1877 to 1945 and two events must be from after 1945. You must assess how the events in relationship to the topic changed over time and explain how the changes occurred.

Write an introduction with a thesis. Your thesis should summarize the main conclusions that you discovered while researching your topic and that you will support with a logical argument based on evidence (sources).

Connect each of the events or developments you have chosen back to your main thesis. The information presented must be organized and in chronological order.

You must use at least four sources in your paper with at least two primary sources and at least two secondary sources.

If you choose to create a PowerPoint presentation: You should use visual elements to contribute to your explanation of the topic. PowerPoint presentations should avoid plagiarism and have proper APA citations for all source material either in the note section at the bottom of each slide, or on the last slide of the show indicating sources for each slide. The final slide must be a correctly formatted reference list containing all of your sources. You may use non-scholarly sources for your images, but not for the text of the presentation. Make sure to pay attention to color and style. You will need to save your PowerPoint presentation as a PDF.


Male Veterans, assignment help Health Medical Assignment Help

Assignment Instructions


The Research Paper Directions are attached below. See details.

  1. Submit your Research paper here.
  2. Please note the Turnitin score. Your score should be not more than 20% of the paper. Make sure if you use material from articles, that you paraphrase, i.e., put in your own words. Use quotes sparingly. Too many quotes drive up the Turnitin score and show that the material has not being integrated into your thinking, and therefore, is not your work. Sometimes the writer needs to use quotes, due to type of material needing to be referenced, and that’s fine!
  3. APA format required
  4. Use headings in your paper.
  5. Be sure to have in-text citation(s), for every reference, and have all reference listed on the reference sheet.
  6. Make sure you include a reference for every source that you use in your paper. Also, for every reference, there needs to be in-text citations.

Paper Directions

Select and
research a veteran population. Examples:

  • Women

Include the

  • Detailed
    information about the population

    • Military
    • Demographics

  • Healthcare
    needs in your population
  • Policies
    impacting your population
  • Analysis
    of the effect of policies on your population
  • Resources
    available to this population
  • Barriers
    to resource utilization
  • How the
    nursing profession can promote change to improve healthcare outcomes
    of this veteran population
  • The role
    of Interprofessional collaboration to meet healthcare needs of


  • APA format
  • 8-9 pages
    in length, not including the title page or reference page
  • Five or
    more peer-reviewed articles
  • Two
    professional web-based resources

  • Section headings

  • Turnitin
    score of 20% or less


research and analysis on competing companies (Coca Cola and Pepsico), economics homework help Economics Assignment Help

The activity requires students to perform research and analysis on competing companies (Coca Cola and Pepsico) and the potential implications of international standards. This real-world analysis is key to understanding how a company’s profitability, liquidity, and solvency can be useful for all users. Students also learn to analyze financial statements and use managerial tools to make decisions from an investor’s and creditor’s standpoint.

Assignment Steps

Resources: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), websites such as Yahooo Finance, Annual Reports ( and Morningstar.

Tutorial help on Excel® and Word functions can be found on the Microsoft® Office website. There are also additional tutorials via the web offering support for Office products.

Research Coca Cola and Pepsico (recommended using Yahoo Finance following steps provided for Week 1 Financial Statements Assignment) on the Internet and download the Income Statement, Statement of Shareholders’ Equity, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows.

Develop a minimum 525-word examination of the financial statements and include the following:

  • Make a 5-year trend analysis for each company, using 2012 as the base year, of:
    • Net sales.
    • Net income. Discuss the significance of the trend results.
  • Compute for 2016 and 2015 the:
    • Debt to assets ratio.
    • Times interest earned. How would you evaluate each company’s solvency?
  • Compute for 2016 and 2015 the:
    • Profit margin.
    • Return on assets.
    • Return on common stockholders’ equity. How would you evaluate each company’s profitability?
  • Evaluate the financial opportunity presented by the companies. If you were a creditor, which company would you be more likely to lend money to? Defend your decision.
  • Which company would you recommend as an investment? Discuss the items that were considered in your decision.
  • Research global implications for the international company selected. How might changing environmental factors affect organizational choices?
  • Consider the ethical climate (internal or external) of your chosen companies. Describe the ethical issues and impact on the stakeholders. What has been/is being done to resolve these issues? Do you agree with these methods for resolution? If not, what might you do differently?

Show your work in Microsoft® Word or Excel®.

Complete calculations/computations using Microsoft® Word or Excel®.

Include the four financial statements along with your assignment.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines


Alternative Funding Sources Economics Assignment Help

For this part of your Scholar-Practitioner Project you will evaluate funding sources for the public health initiative you selected in Week 2 (These documents will be attached for referenced). Then, you will submit a mock grant proposal for an appropriate grant to supplement or allow expansion of your selected public health initiative.

The proposal should include:

  • The public health initiative’s purpose, background, goals, and objectives

( Remember this section will talk about the public health issues too…that is part of the purpose of the initiative)

  • A description of the funding sources you selected and explanation of why you selected it over others
  • Eligibility and selection criteria for the funding source

Assignment length: 5 pages, APA format, 5-7 References

Section headings

  • Turnitin
    score of 20% or less