PHIL 202 UIU Representation of Organized Detailed and Well Presented Work Responses Humanities Assignment Help

PHIL 202 UIU Representation of Organized Detailed and Well Presented Work Responses Humanities Assignment Help. PHIL 202 UIU Representation of Organized Detailed and Well Presented Work Responses Humanities Assignment Help.


Why should a person be moral?

The question of morality is one the greatest questions that many people asks today. Some feel that it is good to be moral, whereas others feels that they should not be just.According to Plato’s story of the ring of Gyges, justice is always self-centered (Dorbolo, 2002).The story states that people engage in moral actions because they want to gain a goodreputation. Justice is, therefore, practiced involuntary by individuals because they have no power to be unjust. This review, therefore, talks about why a person should be moral, and where it is always in a person’s best interest to behave morally.

A person should be moral because being just earns him/her some good reputation. When an individual act morally, he/she is liked by other people, and perceived as a good person, in contrary to being immoral. From the Plato’s story of the ring of Gyges, laws of mutual covenant to being either moral or immoral arise from the outcomes of the two events. In our case, Gyges gets influenced by the desire to have power and rule (Dorbolo, 2002). With the help of the ring and the queen, he overthrows the king. Gyges acts immoral, though the outcomes favor him. By acting immoral, heruins his reputation. Rather than doing this act, he could have used ethical ways to gain power. People should, therefore, be moral to gain a good reputation.

It is always in a person’s best interest to behave morally. People act morally because of their own personal interest; i.e., not running their reputation, or because they want to seem good. In the tale, Gyges has the choice to behave morally by not overthrowing the king. However, he acts with the mentality that he cansafely take what he wants with the ring(Dorbolo, 2002). He believes that being unjust would guarantee him what he wants, in this case, power. His will to use the gold ring is voluntary, he, therefore, make a choice of being immoral rather than being moral.

In conclusion, people should be moral because being immoral ruins their reputation. When a person acts good, he/she is perceived as a nice person and other people in society lives with him/her in a good way and vice versa. In other words, people should understand that behaving morally is at a person best interest, hence the need to always being just, and avoid injustices.


Dorbolo, Jon. “Great Philosophers: Plato – Ethics – The Ring of Gyges”. Oregonstate.Edu, 2002,


I think that in today’s world it is harder to find people with high morals, however I believe having moral traits is important. It is also important to be moral from a social standpoint. If a person resembles moral traits then their peers are much more likely to want to have social interactions with that person and be friends. If a person is unmoral it is less likely for people to want to surround themselves with that person. Also like Plato states in Ring of Gyges, anonymity plays a big role in how someone acts. Like it says many of use are just and act morally because it is necessary. However, if we are able to do something in a way of no one knowing its you then the way we act many times changes. So, it is important to behave morally because in today’s world it is necessary.


I do believe people should be moral but I also believe everyone should be there own guide to what morals fit them best. Not everyone is the same and each person holds things morally different than one another we are all free thinkers and shouldn’t all be thinking the same morals. But in contrast to my argument, you can say since everyone are free thinkers, they don’t necessarily need morals. I do believe though, that everyone should have morals because the make you a better person. In regards to the story of the ring of Gyges, which grants you invisibility and and no one knows you have it. It also gives you a free pass to act upon what ever you want without any consequences because no one knows you have it. I would not use it. I could do whatever I want and no one would know but I would know. And if I was to do bad things with the ring, I would have the guilt overcome me at some point because I am not acting morally.


I believe a person should be moral because it builds respect for your character. When talking about the importance of being moral we need to understand that not everyone’s morals are the same so its important to understand when to agree to disagree. A good set of morals are important and in a persons best interest if they want their childen to succeed and be successful in our large society. Morals are not something we are born with so we need to teach them to our young.

There are situations where it may not be in a persons best interest to behave morally and those are typically the kill or be killed instances that arrise but it often depends on if you were attacked randomly or if its a plot for the advancement of power, one is acceptable because it’s defending from a random act of violence and the other is not morally acceptable nor is it justifiable. In Plato’s story, the ring offers power that clouds judgment and changes the moral thought process. Gyges is an immoral and unjust character because he lets the power of the ring and of the king title guide him into making very unjust decisions for personal gains. Power is a very dangerous drug because when you drink that Koolaid, people often lose their respect for you, and when that happens morality goes down and so gained from stabbing every back on the way up the ladder. It is important to keep the moral high ground and work smarter as a team, as a boss, I find it important to prove there is nothing I will ask and employee to do that I am not willing to do myself and sometimes that means getting in the trench to help the greater good. When your morals are sound and you treat people with respect I find they are more willing to do work for you because they want to help rather than feeling like they are slave labor to an ungrateful person and produce less than desirable results.


In terms of ethical relativists, you can see their argument. What exactly is deemed “moral?” In their eyes, only those in society and their judgement make the case for how someone feels about a situation, this a matter of emotion and opinion. For this, I am in agreement. Emotions play a heavy part in determining what should be deemed as just and legal which can feed into an opinion. If you watch a video of a man yelling at a small girl, then your emotions can send you into a tizzy and think that man is cruel without knowing the whole story. They make you have an opinion on someone you don’t know and about a story you do not have all the facts to.


I would agree with this. This is the reason why there’re laws. For example lets look at the Wolf on Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, who rob people of millions of dollars with no real morale consequences. If it wasn’t for the law, Jordan still might be scamming people to this day. Another example would be drug dealers, and I’m not talking about marijuana, I’m talking about heroin, meth, crack, and cocaine dealers. The substances they sell are ruining peoples lives but those the drug dealer care? My guess would be no since there still selling drugs. A hot topic today is slavery; in the 1800s slavery was morally excepted in parts of the US and around the world. The slave trade still exists in countries like Libya. I’m almost 100% positive this wouldn’t be so widely accepted in the modern US. However with recent events it seems kids are being exploited and trafficked for the pedophiles.


As it pertains to morals and simple right and wrong, I do not agree with the ethical relativist theory. The reason why I do not agree with this theory is that I believe that they are situations that right and wrong do apply. In some cases, emotions can affect people’s decision making when that person is about to make a right or wrong decision. For example, 1+1=2 this addition problem is as simple as it can get. The answer can only be one thing (2) and nothing else. The majority of the time when a person is argumentive about simple questions like so, it sometimes deprives of an emotional place.


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NUR 445 Denver School of Nursing Week 9 Change Project Proposal Health Medical Assignment Help

Week 9: Part 7: Finalized Copy of the Change Project Proposal

This assignment is due Sunday night of Week 9 at 11:59pm Mountain Time.

Before starting this assignment, you may want to watch the following PowerPoint presentation Click for more options

again to gain a better understanding of how to complete this assignment.

Step 1 Prepare a finalized copy of your change project proposal. This finalized copy should include the following:

Background (summary of interview with nurse administrator/leader)

Research question

Literature review (summary of the four approved research articles)

Stages of project implementation based on the selected change theory

Include any suggested revisions, edits, or constructive critiques that your instructor, preceptor, and/or interviewee has provided.

Step 2 Save and submit your assignment.

When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor.

Cite all sources in APA format.

For grading details, see the rubric Click for more options


DeVry University International Classification of Diseases Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

Here’s the link to the video.…

These are the directions:

The discussion board is based solely upon the weekly lecture video posted at the beginning of the week on Sunday. Students are required to listen to the lecture content designed to provide you with key concepts and real-world information to relate to the course objective for the week.

In the discussion board area students are to write a five (5) paragraph summary of the lecture. Each paragraph must contain at least five (5) sentences utilizing proper grammar and sentence structure. This summary will describe the information learned from the lecture.

It is considered plagiarism to cut and paste guideline information from the text book or websites into the summary. 0 points will be earned for plagiarized information from google searches, Cengage reading material, or copied from the video transcript. 0 points will also be earned for place holders (such as periods or blank spaces in the threads) to gain access to other discussion threads. 0 points will be earned for copying information from other student’s posts. Plagiarism of any form will be referred to academic integrity.


BUSI 561 Liberty University Business Ethics Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Before you answer the questions below, review the Discussion Board Forum – Thread Grading Rubric, Discussion Board Forum – Replies Grading Rubric, and the specific requirements of Discussion Board posts, including length, at least 3 scholarly sources (other than the textbook and course materials), current APA citations, and Biblical worldview integration.

Thread Prompt:

Rarely does one individual’s decision or action create an ethical crisis entirely by itself. More often, someone’s unethical or illegal idea is adopted by other members of the company, and the problem grows within the organization until it erupts in headlines, bad publicity, and sometimes criminal penalties. After the fact, the questions always arise: How did that happen? Did not anyone know it was going on? Why did not someone stop it?

Volkswagen found itself in just such a position when it was discovered that the software in the company’s diesel vehicles had been programmed to provide false data to regulators regarding the level of emissions produced by the cars. While the scandal was discovered in 2015, the company and the industry are still dealing with the repercussions (Boston, 2019).

In his article “Volkswagen: Where Were the Lawyers?” Lippe (2015) questions the role that several groups within the company played in the scandal, most notable, the company’s lawyers and engineers.

Review this situation from legal, ethical, and Biblical perspectives. Fully explain the following:

As an employee or a manager in either the legal office or the engineering department, how would you have prevented this incident?

As the CEO of the diesel division of Volkswagen, how would you have responded when the situation became public? How would this response prevent future incidents?

Boston, W. (2019, September 25). Volkswagen CEO faces charges from scandal. Wall Street Journal, A.1.

Lippe, P. (2015, October 13). Volkswagen: Where were the lawyers? ABA Journal. Retrieved from

Your thread must also be at least 1,000 words and follow the guidelines outlined in the Student Expectations.


University of Nairobi Mr Samuels Foot Pain Medical Diagnosis Case Questions Health Medical Assignment Help

Mr. Samuels, a 74-year-old man, comes to the ED with severe pain of his left great toe. The toe and surrounding area is red, hot and tender to touch, and edematous. Mr. Samuels is unable to wear a shoe or sock; he states “It hurts too much to put something on my foot!” He rates his pain as an 8 on a scale of 0 to 10, and states that he is unable to perform his daily routine because of the pain.

1. What laboratory value results should the nurse expect for Mr. Samuels?

2. Mr. Samuels’ lab results have returned with slight elevations in the ESR and uric acid levels. The provider wants to be sure of the diagnosis before prescribing treatment.

What procedure may the patient require to confirm a diagnosis of gout?

3. Mr. Samuels asks the nurse, “My doctor said I have gout and it is something I need to control with diet or my kidneys could go bad. What do I need to know about my diet?”

How should the nurse respond to Mr. Samuels’ question?



Mercer University Stand up Comedian as Anthropologist Intentional Culture Critic Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

  • 1) This week, we read Stephanie Koziski’s article, “Standup Comedian as Anthropologist: Intentional Culture Critic.” We have also talked at length about the academic “conversation.” For your initial post, consider the ways all of the articles we have read are part of a longer, larger conversation that Koziski began nearly 40 years ago.

Knowing that Koziski started a conversation about standup comedy and its role in shaping culture and citizenship, consider for a moment that Mintz, Krefting, and Harris all wrote essays and books that continued this “conversation” on through the next 4 decades. With this in mind, isolate one topic or concept that Koziski and another author both address. Write a 250-word analysis of what the arguments are, where the two thinkers would agree, and where the author following Koziski revised, updated, or adjusted a point she made in her article. Use one sentence from each author to ground your claims. Then, add your perspective to the conversation.

  • 2) Koziski describes “The comedic response as a vehicle for making visible to an audience tacit areas of unacknowledged human attitudes and behaviors, residing in private, unofficial realms” (59). What does Koziski mean by this? Explain this claim as if I have not read the material before and you are tasked with helping me understand her argument.
  • 3) Koziski describes the standup comedian as an anthropologist, while Mintz labels them “comic shamans.” How do these two concepts differ? As you answer:
  • Be specific;
  • Use one quote from each author to ground your claims; and
  • Offer a 150-200 word explanation of your answer.

4) As authors make arguments about material, they often begin with an overarching thesis and then consider the layers or complications to that argument as their essay progresses. Koziski makes the overarching claim that we can understand standup comedians to serve a role as cultural anthropologists and “intentional culture critics.” Knowing this is the thesis, what are two complicating arguments Koziski makes and how do you see them adding depth to her larger argument? Offer 150-200 words to explain your answer.

Mercer University Stand up Comedian as Anthropologist Intentional Culture Critic Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Galen College of Nursing WK9 Cardiac Conduction Graphic Organizers Worksheet Health Medical Assignment Help

Follow the Graphic Organizer Instructions to complete the assignment. There are three parts to this assignment: the graphic organizers, a picture of your annotated textbook, and the reflection in the instructions. All three components should be in the provided word document. Please be sure to refer to previous video on How to Create a Graphic Organizer.

Be sure to submit a PDF or Word document for all Dropbox Assignments. No icloud links will be acceptable.


Graphic Organizers Assignment

Graphic Organizers Assignment

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReflective statement

20.0 pts

Reflection statement is relevant to the assignment, and is written in a professional manner with appropriate grammar and sentence structure.

12.0 pts

Reflection statement contains some irrelevant material to the assignment content, and/or is written in a non-professional manner with some minor grammar and sentence structure mistakes.

7.0 pts

Reflection statement contains mostly irrelevant content to the assignment, and/or is written in a non-professional manner with major grammar and sentence structure mistakes.

0.0 pts

Reflection statement is missing or contains mostly irrelevant content to the assignment, and/or is written in a non-professional manner with major grammar and sentence structure mistakes.

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOverall Presentation

10.0 pts

Overall presentation is 100% complete, orderly, and demonstrates scholarly achievement and utilizes appropriate grammar and sentence structure.

7.0 pts

Overall presentation is 50% complete and demonstrates scholarly achievement and utilizes appropriate grammar and sentence structure.

4.0 pts

Overall presentation is les than 25% complete or does not demonstrates scholarly achievement or does not utilize appropriate grammar and sentence structure.

0.0 pts

Overall presentation is less than 25% complete AND does not demonstrates scholarly achievement or does not utilize appropriate grammar and sentence structure.

10.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGraphic Organizersthreshold: 40.0 pts

40.0 ptsTwo graphic organizers are presented, with substantial development and usefulness is evident

20.0 ptsTwo graphic organizers are presented, but with substantial problems in the area of development; usefulness is not evident.

10.0 ptsOne graphic organizer is presented, with substantial development and usefulness is evident.

0.0 ptsNo graphic organizers are present.

40.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeInteraction with study materialsthreshold: 20.0 pts

20.0 ptsEvidence of interaction with the material is noted in ALL materials. Evidence is indicated by highlighting, circling and underlining key points, connections drawn to other topics, and questions arising from the assignment are included

12.0 ptsEvidence of interaction with the material is noted in at least half of material. Evidence is indicated by highlighting, circling and underlining key points, connections drawn to other topics, and questions arising from the assignment are included.

7.0 ptsEvidence of interaction with the material is NOT noted less than half of the materials. Evidence is indicated by highlighting, circling and underlining key points, connections drawn to other topics, and questions arising from the assignment are included.

0.0 ptsNo evidence of interaction with study material

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTimely Submission

10.0 pts

Assignment is submitted on time

0.0 pts

Assignment is not submitted on time.

10.0 pts

Total Points: 100.0


JUS 445 GCU Big Brother Big Sister of America Program Criminal Behavior Essay Writing Assignment Help

Operating for over a century, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) has proven–through decades of evaluation research—that mentorship programs for at-risk youth reduce criminal behavior and support positive outcomes for kids who participate. Given today’s epidemic levels of fatherlessness, it is more critical than ever to create effective programs such as BBBSA that combat the social harm that results.

Read the research articles on the BBBSA program and identify the types of evaluation research and study designs that were used. In a 750-1,000-word essay, address the following:

  • Identify and explain the findings that concluded the program was effective in meeting its intended goals.
  • Identify any negative or unintended program outcomes.
  • In creating future crime reduction programs, what can be learned and put into practice from the success of BBBSA?

Be sure to cite three to five relevant scholarly sources in support of your content. Use only sources found at the GCU Library, government websites or those provided in Topic Materials.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guid


CPP Last Call for Billy Bob & Byron Uniform Company Cases Analysis Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Case 1

Last Call for Billy Bob

Dan was smiling to himself and feeling rather smug as he approached his next customer.After slaving away in a mediocre territory, he had been rewarded with a promotion to a more lucrative area.Today Dan was meeting with Billy Bob, the purchasing agent for a large company in his new territory.Billy Bob had always been loyal customer and although this was their first meeting, Dan fully expected a large order would result from the sales call today.

Smiling, Dan entered and offered Billy Bob his hand, and said “Hello, I’m Dan from Manfred Enterprises.How are you…”

Before Dan could even get the words out of his mouth, Billy Bob broke in.

“Who the hell are you?Where’s my buddy Irvin?You know we’ve been doing business together for almost 12 years now.I just don’t deal with anybody else, much less a greenhorn.Where the hell is Irvin?We spent a lot of time together—hell, we darn near shut down Sam’s Saloon one night.I’ll just have to call Irvin at home and see what the hell is going on.”

Dan recalled Irvin bragging about the order he received that night at Sam’s Saloon.Dan also knew that Irvin had been fired for drinking on the job.

Dan was struck with a sense of panic.How could he respond to Billy Bob’s comments without risking the account?

Specifically, what should he say to the customer?

What are the potential consequences?

Case 2

Byron Bay Uniform

Byron Bay Uniform specializes in providing uniforms to hotels and restaurants. They are a new company from Australia trying to rea into the U.S. Market. They have faced difficulty in getting into large accounts (Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton) because as a new company, they don’t have the name recognition in the United States.

As the account executive in your area, you have been working on a new Hilton hotel with over 5,000 rooms and 500 employees. Recently, you submitted a proposal and the buyer, Phil Buc, has toldyou he is leaning your way with the order. He also told you that this order must come off without a hitch as his hide is on the line if things go wrong. This order will ensure that you significantly exceed your quota, and would probably result in you winningslot for President’s Club, which result in n all expense a trip to Rome for you and a guest.

You know there could be a problem down the road as one of your unions has been negotiating a contract that is about to expire. The last time this contract came up, there was a strike and the orders were backlogged for weeks. Still, you have been told by other employees that a strike does not always occur. The hotel has many customized uniforms and has to have these for their grand opening in three months.

Having this information, what is your obligation to the hotel?

Specifically, what do you do or say, if anything?

Create a single word document and answer the questions at the end of Case 1 and Case 2.

Case 1

Last Call for Billy Bob

  • Considering the consequences, what should the salesperson say to the customer?
  • What are some possible consequences?

Case 2

Byron Uniform Company (page 47 in textbook)

  • What is the salesperson’s obligation to the hotel, given his/her information?
  • Specifically, what should the salesperson do or say?


Albany Medical College Product Selection Paper Engineering Assignment Help

Submit a product selection document (.docx files only). The product selection document needs to have three sections; each section will refer to a product category (Consumer, Passive, and Infrastructural). Include the product name, brief description of how it works, and a photograph of each product.

For the consumer product, you should seek your GSAs approval first! Include pictures of the product if you already own it. If you are planning on purchasing it, paste the image of the exact model that you plan to purchase with the URL of the website.


PHIL 202 UIU Representation of Organized Detailed and Well Presented Work Responses Humanities Assignment Help

PHIL 202 UIU Representation of Organized Detailed and Well Presented Work Responses Humanities Assignment Help