Philosophy writing paper-02 Writing Assignment Help

Philosophy writing paper-02 Writing Assignment Help. Philosophy writing paper-02 Writing Assignment Help.

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Please make sure to read all instructions carefully before writing your paper. In response to the prompt below, you are to write a 750 to 1000-word paper (3-4 double-spaced pages). Your paper should be typed in 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1” margins. You are required to submit your paper under the appropriate assignment on Canvas (there is no need to turn in a hard copy).


  • Failure to properly cite the text will result in a lower grade.
  • You are not required to submit a bibliography page, but you must include in-text citations. Every time that you make a reference to the text (e.g., when you [a] cite a passage, [b] paraphrase an idea, or [c] attribute a view to an author) you must include parentheses at the end of the sentence enclosing the page number from which the passage, idea or view is taken.

For example:

According to James Rachels, “morality demands that we be unselfish. How unselfish is a hard question…we are expected to be attentive to other people’s needs at least to some degree” (64)

James Rachels thinks that one requirement of morality is that humans act unselfishly (64).

  • You are not allowed to “cite” the slides for this class. If you want to cite an idea from the slides but are having trouble finding it in the text, just let me know and I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.
  • You are not allowed to use secondary sources for this paper.

Writing expectations:

  • Your writing should be as clear and concise as possible, without sacrificing content.
  • You may quote passages from the text, but you should try to paraphrase when you can. I want to see that you can explain the material in your own words.
  • It is okay to use the first person, but remember you are not just “giving your opinion.” You should provide reasons for what you think.
  • You do not need to write a conclusion for this paper.
  • You should write a short introduction in which you state what you are going to argue in the paper. You should model your introduction on the one provided from the first assignment.

Your paper should incorporate the feedback that you received from the first paper. Make sure to review the comments and please come see me if you have any questions about them.

Please select ONE of the following options.

Option 1: Sandel versus Brennan and Jaworski

Part 1: explain in as much detail as possible Michael Sandel’s argument in favor of moral limits on markets (i.e., explain why he thinks some things should not be bought or sold). (1-1.5 pages double-spaced)

  • You should explain what he means by the argument from coercion and the argument from corruption and how these two arguments differ.
  • You should make use of at least one example to help illustrate Sandel’s position.

Part 2: explain in as much detail as possible Brennan and Jaworski’s argument against the idea that there should be inherent limits on markets. (1-1.5 pages double-spaced)

  • You should clarify what their main thesis is.
  • You should explain the different ways in which they think that markets could be limited (limits due to the principle of wrongful possession, incidental limits, and inherent limits).
  • You should make use of at least one example to help illustrate their position.

Part 3: state which of the two theories you take to be more convincing and provide an argument in support of this claim. (0.5-1 page double-spaced)

  • You should state clearly which of the two theories you take to be more convincing.
  • You should provide clear reasons in support of this claim.

Option 2: The Pros and Cons of Organ Sales

Part One: drawing from the course readings (Dworkin and Satz) provide the best possible argument that you can in support of organ markets. (1-1.5 pages double-spaced)

  • We have looked at several arguments in support of allowing for organ markets. While you need not address all of them, you should address the ones that you find to be most convincing.
  • Make sure to explain the arguments in detail. You may find it helpful to provide examples to illustrate what you mean.

Part Two: drawing from the course readings (Dworkin and Satz) provide the best possible argument that you can against organ markets. (1-1.5 pages double-spaced)

  • Again, you need not address all the arguments we have looked at, but you should consider the ones you take to be strongest.
  • Make sure to explain the arguments in detail. You may find it helpful to provide examples to illustrate what you mean.

Part 3: state which of the two positions (i.e., for or against organ markets) you take to be more convincing and provide an argument in support of this claim. (0.5-1 page double spaced)

  • You should state your position clearly.
  • You should provide clear reasons in support of this claim.




Needs improvement

Explanation of the first position.

15 points

Provides plenty of relevant detail. Key concepts are clearly explained in a way that shows strong command of material. No errors or mistakes.

Covers key aspects of the position but leaves out some relevant details. Key concepts are explained, but with some unclarity (e.g., over-reliance on quotes, or failure to explain connections between ideas). May include minor errors.

Covers some key aspects of the position but leaves out many significant details. Effort is made to explain key concepts, but with significant errors or unclarity. Suggests minimal familiarity with the text.

Does not cover key aspects of the position and leaves out many significant details. Little to no effort is made to engage with material, and/or includes major errors or unclarity.

Explanation of the second position

15 points

See above

See above

See above

See above

Argument in support of one of the two positions

10 points

Clearly states which of the two positions is stronger. Gives strong reasons (including textual support) for this claim. Demonstrates reflection.

States which of the two positions is stronger. May overlook minor details or include considerations that are not clearly relevant. The reasons offered are somewhat compelling.

Does not take a clear stance on which position is stronger, or does so in a way that is either unclear, or rests on a misunderstanding of the texts and/or is not clearly relevant. Offers weak reasons in support of the claim

Extremely limited or non-existent argument for one of the two positions. Does not demonstrate adequate engagement with the material.


10 points

Writing is clear, concise and well-organized. There are no significant grammatical errors.

Writing is mostly clear, and well-organized. There may be a few places where clarity could be improved, or slight organizational problems (e.g., repetition, wordiness, etc.).

Writing lacks clarity and concision. Grammatical or organizational errors occasionally prevent ideas from being articulated.

Significant issues in clarity. Grammatical or organizational errors often prevent ideas from being articulated.

Philosophy writing paper-02 Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Mobile Technologies Presentation Computer Science Assignment Help

Imagine that you are team leader of a security assessment team hired to conduct a risk assessment for a research and development company with several government contracts. The organization has numerous buildings located across the city. Your team has identified communication and collaboration problems among team members when conducting security assessments. Team members state that the paper-based inspection checklists are hard to keep organized in the field when conducting inspections, and they would like to use an electronic version of the checklists; however, they think laptops are too bulky for field use. They also state that team members are often located in different buildings and possibly different areas of a city when conducting assessments, and they would like to use a mobile technology that allows communication and collaboration with each other on security assessments. Your team would also like to have access to inspection reports located at the home office while conducting inspections in the field.

Develop a 2-Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in which that identifies one type of mobile technology that utilizes the Internet and the World Wide Web to improve the communication and collaboration efforts of the team (not including the title or reference slides). GOOGLE GLASS

Answer the following questions in your proposal:

  • How will your security team use your proposed mobile technology to communicate between teams, access inspection reports, and improve collaboration? (AMBER)


Strategy Decision Making Business Finance Assignment Help

Question- 1

Read The Cohesion Case (“The Hershey Company, 2015”) at the end of Chapter 1 and then do Exercise 1C “Update the Hershey Cohesion Case” Steps 1 thru 3 (Hershey Press Releases can be located in the “Events, Reports, and Releases” tab on the Hershey website).This is a one page, double-spaced assignment.

Then go to the end of Chapter 2 and do Exercise 2C “Write a Vision and Mission Statement for the Hershey Company” Steps 1 thru 3.This is a minimum of one-page, double-spaced assignment. Also, attempt to refine the vision and mission statements so that they are optimum suggestions for Hershey (300 words plus)


Go to the end of Chapter 3 and do Exercise 3F “Develop a Competitive Profile Matrix for Hershey” Steps 1 thru 3.Then go to the end of Chapter 4 and do Exercise 4C “Perform a Financial Ratio Analysis for Hershey Company” Step 1.After creating a CPM (one-page minimum assignment) and after completing the financial ratio analysis (one page minimum). After that, refine the CPM and the financial ratio analysis so that they are acceptable for Hershey giving your suggestions in 300 plus words.


Go to the end of Chapter 5 and do Exercise 5C “What Strategies Should Hershey Pursue in 2017 (2018)?” Steps 1 and 2 (minimum of one page assignment).(When accessing Hershey’s website, you’ll have to click on “News Center,” instead of Newsroom.)Then go to the end of Chapter 6 and do Exercise 6A “Perform a SWOT Analysis for Hershey Company” as an individual, one page assignment.Then, type your response of about 300 words or more attempting to refine your strategies and your SWOT.


Research Hershey’s organizational chart and organizational structure.Type a two page paper describing Hershey’s organizational structure and how it benefits, or detracts from, Hershey’s strategic plans.


Go to the end of Chapter 8 and do Exercise 8E “Determine the Cash Value of Hershey Company” Steps 1 thru 3.Submit your calculations for the Net Worth Method and the Net Income Method, along with your determination of Hershey’s cash value for the 2017 fiscal year. Then refine and come to an agreement about Hershey’s cash value in your own words in 300+ words.


Go to the end of Chapter 10 and do Exercise 10B “Does Hershey Company or Mars, Inc. Win on Sustainability?” Steps 1 thru 3 (one page minimum assignment).Then attempt to make a decision as to which company wins in your own words in more than 300 words.


Literary Analysis about a children’s book that has won an award Humanities Assignment Help

Literary AnalysisENC 1102

After reading Allyn & Bacon Chapter 11, you will perform a literary analysis of a children’s book, demonstrating your understanding of genre, audience, purpose, and literary analysis.

Book: Firebird by Misty Copeland

Task: Choose an award winning (Firebird by Misty Copeland) children’s book and do a podcast or video reading of it as you imagine the author might read it to the intended audience. Read the story expressively to help children engage in the story and think about it. (This is my part)

Then, using the strategies from chapter 11 to examine how the story achieves its effects, give a brief commentary (3 paragraphs) about several of its important features; you may discuss the artwork used as part of these features.

You must also submit a properly formatted MLA citation of your chosen book, either with the written commentary or as a separate page.

  • All readings must include:

    • A demonstration that you understand the concepts of genre, audience, purpose and literary analysis, as given in the chapter and on the rubric.
    • A polished, clear video or audio recording, with high sound quality.
    • An introduction of the book where you clearly state the title and author.

  • Any material written by you should be revised and edited for clarity, content, grammar, and mechanics.


​Journal Assignment Humanities Assignment Help

Journal Assignment Instructions:

  • Use a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) or re-format to a .pdf document (No Mac/No Google docs)
  • Format: 375 words, double-spaced, and written in 12-point Times New Roman font with a one (1) inch margin all around

I want you to reflect on the material you learned in chapter 20. Pick your favorite topic from chapter 20 and write from the American perspective (do not do a European history topic), hop into a time machine and travel back in time! You will write a journal entry in the first person / past tense that tells me who you are, where you are, the time-period, what you are experiencing and your hopes/fears for the future as if you were really there. Be specific about your moment, if you take on a broad time-period you will not be able to provide the necessary detail for this assignment. Your journal entry should include a minimum of five (5) historical facts, places, or people and will require the use of your textbook and additional research via the web or a library. Reflect on one day or one event and go into great detail to demonstrate your research. Do not write a summary. This is a mini-research paper!

Chapter 20 is attached!

Journal Rubric (attached)

Journal Sample (attached)

All the information you need is in the attached US chapter 20!



2 courses project Science Assignment Help

Hello I have attached 2 projects for different courses that I need , all the directions and specifications are in the papers that I attached ,Pollution Problems : Plastic oceans: that is my topic for Environmental Science

For Customer Service : For your Final Research Project, you will select an existing business on which to base your project. You will choose a business that does not have a program for managing customer relationships as part of its overall customer service efforts. Your job will be to incorporate customer relationship management in the business’s overall strategy and operations.

I am choosing for my project : WELLS FARGO BANK

Please read carefully through the requirements for both projects I have attached both

I also need powerpoint for both the requirements are listed for both in the attachments

Project’s are due to the Courses on April 24 2020



2 courses project Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Research paper on Corporate Tax Fraud and presentation PPT Business Finance Assignment Help

1.Clearly state the Corporate Tax Fraud. Then select a minimum of five resources related to your topic. Review and summarize them in a memorandum using the standard memorandum format. Your memo should clearly identify the topic, the challenge aced, the substance of the material reviewed, and any recommendations you would make to improve or solve the problem.

2.Give an example of Corporate Tax Fraud, and analyze the impact of this example on the Tax system.

3.At least two pages, single-spaces, normal margin, 12-point, Times New Roman font. All references should be properly cited, and include a bibliography at the end of your memo.

4.make a 3-minute presentation PPT of the topic


FI discussion Economics Assignment Help

1,How is the creation of financial assets (such as stock, bonds, derivatives) beneficial to both the investor and the firm’s seeking to acquire real assets? If these financial assets did not exist, what would be the negative consequences for investors, industry and the economy?(10 points)

2,Whether you subscribe to the notion that markets are perfectly efficient or not, there is a significant level efficiency in U.S. markets compared to other countries. How does this efficiency help issuers of financial assets. and investors in these assets? What is the downside of efficiency if you are trading to beat the market? (10 points)

3,You are a 28 year old mid level executive with your MBA and $75,000 per year salary. You are selecting a fund for your retirement contributions and have a choice between an equity fund, a fixed income fund, and a balanced (50/50) fund. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Which would be more appealing to you at this stage of life?(10 points)

4,Investors flocked to the market for Treasury securities after the financial crisis of 2008,even though the rate of return on these instruments approached zero. With the prospect of positive inflation in the future, what did this mean for investor’s real returns? Why would investors be willing to accept such returns and still continue to invest?(10 points)

5,She borrows $8,000 from her broker to help pay for the purchase. The interest rate on the loan is 6%. What is the margin she purchases the stock? If the price falls to $60 per share, what is the remaining Jane Doe opens a brokerage account to purchase 500 shares of Qualcomm at $80 per share. margin? If the maintenance margin is 30%, will she receive a margin call?(10 points)

6,The picture


Program Logic Model – Budget Health Medical Assignment Help

Program Budget. Present a revenue budget (sources of funds) and an expense budget (uses of funds). Describe the financial resources needed to accomplish the program’s mission and objectives over a set period of time (usually a year). These may be the cost(s) of resources, direct service costs (such as personnel and supplies), and overhead costs (such as travel, facilities, utilities, etc.). Revenues should identify the source(s) of money coming into the program and a reasonable estimate of how much will be required. See pages 62-66 in the text [Longest] for a better understanding of program budgeting.

Don’t forget to also include a Budget Narrative – a line-by-line explanation of your numbers, calculations and assumptions included in the budget spreadsheet.


A resolution of racemic mixture and ‘design your own’ synthesis Writing Assignment Help

Full lab procedure is attached! I need an organic chemistry expert please

You now have enantiomerically pure diacid that will serve as a starting material. Your task is to selectively convert only one of the carboxylic acid groups into an ester (We will refer to this product as a mono-ester).

It is not important which carboxylic acid group would be converted to an ester and what is the
alkyl group you choose for your esters. Your goal is to find a way to synthesize it selectively and
efficiently. Selectivity will be defined as the ratio between the two possible mono-esters.

example, the ratio between mono-ethyl esters 1 and 2. Efficiency will be defined as the overall
The following alcohols will be available in the lab: 1-propanol, isobutyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol 1-

Prelab assignment: You will need to submit a proposal during the first lab section that will be reviewed by your TAs.
Your proposal should be typed and chemical structures must be created with a ‘chemical
structure editor’ such as ChemDraw, ChemSketch, Chemdoodle, etc.

1. Design: Research the literature and come up with a synthetic plan to create a monoester of your choice with high efficiency and selectivity. This may require multiple steps.

2. Justification: Explain why do you believe your proposal will achieve high selectivity and
efficiency. Be aware that references will add credibility to your argument. Don’t add a reference
without summarizing the facts that you relay on.


Philosophy writing paper-02 Writing Assignment Help

Philosophy writing paper-02 Writing Assignment Help

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