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Physics Question Science Assignment Help. Physics Question Science Assignment Help.

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 i am write master thesis, and i need help in chapter of experiment 

i need someone who already was work with this experiment and used this materiel diphenylalanine peptide nanotube with (TMPYP
and Rodamine B) OR same materiel, i need a help with that , so someone has excellent a knowledge, it is about energy transfer using betide nano structure . using optical microscopy and fluorescent microscopy and uv-vis microscopy, i collect all the data from my work in this experiment, measurements, imaging, paragraphs,  just i need help to analyse all that data.



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English Question Humanities Assignment Help

Which excerpt from the story best identifies King Arthur as a legendary fighter?

1) “Now give me my spear,” said King Arthur to Sir Lucan, “for yonder I have spied the traitor who hath wrought all this woe.”

2) … at once the king called upon his knights, squires, and yeomen and charged them quickly to fetch his noble lords and wise bishops unto him.

3) Then King Arthur smote Sir Mordred under the shield with a thrust of his spear on through the body more than a fathom.

4) Then King Arthur was madly wroth out of measure, when he saw that so many of his people were slain.


English Question Humanities Assignment Help

Loyalty is an ideal that is discussed in Le Morte d’Arthur. Which excerpt from the story indicates King Arthur’s displeasure with a lack of loyalty displayed by Sir Bedivere?

Who would have thought that thou who hast been to me so lief and dear and thou who art called a noble knight would betray me for the richness of this sword?

“Jesus, mercy!” said the king. “Where are all my noble knights?”

“Comfort thyself,” said the king, “and do as well as thou may, for in me is no more trust to trust in.”

“Alas! This unhappy day!”


Health & Medical Question Health Medical Assignment Help

Elder Abuse

Audrey’s mom (Kathy) is now in her early 70s with Stage 5 Alzheimer’s. Audrey discovered that her mother was being abused (by neglect) in the residential care center where she has lived for almost two years. Kathy is losing weight unexpectedly, and Audrey is very concerned. Also, Audrey noticed bedsores when she was helping her mom get ready for bed tonight. Kathy lives in Colorado and Audrey lives in Ohio, so she is not around enough to monitor her mother’s care. What are some risk factors that might have been involved in Kathy’s circumstances and why do you think this went unreported and undetected by others in the care center for so long? What could be done by families and facilities to improve the conditions of the elderly in residential care?


Mathematics Question Mathematics Assignment Help

1.2–17 Your cousin is 8 years older than your brother. Three years ago, your cousin was twice as old as your
brother. How old is your cousin now? How old is your brother now? 



English Question Humanities Assignment Help

Legendary figures are often ascribed certain qualities that suggest immortality. Which excerpt connects King Arthur to the idea of immortality?

1-   There they entreated Sir Mordred a long time , and at last it was agreed for Sir Mordred to have Cornwall and Kent during King Arthur’s days and all of England after the king’s days.

2-   “Thus God hath given me leave to warn you away from your death: for if ye fight tomorn with Sir Mordred…”

3-   “Leave this mourning and weeping,” said the king, “for this will not avail me.”

4-   And men say that he shall come again and shall win the Holy Cross.

English Question Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

English Question Humanities Assignment Help

Please be sure of your answer, thank you !
Which passage best positions Sir Gawain as an archetype of a brave and noble knight, even when facing injury or death?

A- “Strike but one stroke and I shall stand still, and offer you no hindrance; you may act freely, I swear.”

B- “Before all, King, confide this fight to me. May it be mine.”

C- “Now I feel in my five wits, it is the Fiend himself that has tricked me into this tryst, to destroy me here.”

D- “Sir Gawain bent to greet the knight, not bowing low.”


Chemistry Question Science Assignment Help

Concentrations of substances dissolved in solution are often expressed as mass per unit volume. For example, normal human blood has a cholesterol concentration of about 200 mg/100 mL. Express this concentration in the following units:

(a) mg/L

(b) μg/mL


Chemistry Question Science Assignment Help

  1. A
    chemist notices that when given enough energy, a certain white
    powder changes into two different substances: tin and oxygen. A
    chemist watches 151 g of powder undergo this change. The chemist
    easily collects the tin that was formed and measures its mass to be
    119 g. Unfortunately, the chemist could not collect the oxygen that
    was formed and therefore could not determine its mass. Which law
    could the chemist use to determine how much oxygen was made? State
    the law. Using this law, determine how many grams of oxygen were


Accounting Question Business Finance Assignment Help

Electrical costs at one of Kantola Corporation’s factories are listed below:

Machine-Hours Electrical Cost

February 3,570 $36,405

March 3,580 $36,493

April 3,553 $36,302

May 3,627 $36,833

June 3,625 $36,800

July 3,565 $36,366

August 3,548 $36,237

September 3,542 $36,213

October 3,593 $36,577

Management believes that electrical cost is a mixed cost that depends on machine-hours. Use the high-low

method to estimate the variable and fixed components of this cost. Compute the variable component first,

rounding off to the nearest whole cent. Then compute the fixed component, rounding off to the nearest

whole dollar. What would these estimates be closest to?

A. $10.19 per machine-hour; $36,470 per month

B. $7.29 per machine-hour; $10,392 per month

C. $7.48 per machine-hour; $9,708 per month

D. $0.14 per machine-hour; $36,336 per month


Physics Question Science Assignment Help

Physics Question Science Assignment Help

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