Please follow all the requirements carefully and upload on time Business Finance Assignment Help

Please follow all the requirements carefully and upload on time Business Finance Assignment Help. Please follow all the requirements carefully and upload on time Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Unit 2: Owning and Operating a Business – Thematic Project

Complete all assigned reading before attempting the assignment. Your answers must be based on the reading. Include both the questions and answers, type all answers in complete sentences, and number your work. Submit in the text box below or submit as a word or PDF document.

Entrepreneurship in a Global World

Globalization and technology are creating a worldwide marketplace. Smart entrepreneurs recognize the opportunities in a worldwide marketplace and adjust to doing business at a global level.

Thematic Project Assignment

In this project you will conduct an interview and create a presentation about entrepreneurship in a global world. Your interview may be in person, on the phone, or through e-mail.

Step 1: Brainstorm Skills You Need to Complete this Activity

Your success in interviewing an entrepreneur will depend on your skills. Preview the activity. Then brainstorm a list of the skills you will need to use to complete the activity and describe how you will use them. Skills you might use include:

  • Academic Skills reading, writing, math, and science skills
  • Basic Skills speaking, listening, thinking, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills
  • Technology Skills word processing, keyboarding, database, spreadsheet

Skills Preview: Click here to view a graphic organizer you can use to brainstorm the skills you will use to complete the project.

Step 2: Choose a Business and a Career That Interest You

Think of an entrepreneurial business that you fi nd interesting. Then think of a career in this entrepreneurial business that interests you. As you investigate how entrepreneurs work in the global marketplace, you will research the effects of globalization and technology on the business and career of your choice.

Step 3: Build Background Knowledge

Preview entrepreneurship in a global economy.

Steps 4 to 6

Step 4: Connect with Your Community

Interview two adults in your community about inconveniences they experience during the course of a day. Then think about what goods or services an entrepreneur could create or import to lessen or eliminate these inconveniences. Could these goods or services be exported to other countries?

Step 5: Research Business Trends

Interview a local entrepreneur to find out about entrepreneurship in a global economy. Then prepare your presentation. Use the project research checklist as a guide to help you develop your interview questions and prepare your presentation.

Step 6: Develop a Report

Use presentation software to develop a 5-minute presentation that includes all of the information described in the checklist.

Entrepreneurship in a Global Economy

✔ Create a chart that illustrates the countries in which the entrepreneur you interviewed conducts business. Use the chart in your presentation.
✔ Explain how technology helped this company become global.
✔ Explain how the economy in the United States and in other countries helps or hinders the company’s success.
✔ Explain the rewards and risks this company has experienced in the global marketplace.
✔ Give examples of how this company is socially responsible

Self Connections

✔ Describe the results of your research with a family member or other adult.
✔ Describe how the entrepreneur you interviewed infl uenced the business and career in which you are interested.
✔ Explain what the investigation and its results mean to you

Please follow all the requirements carefully and upload on time Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Week 8 need done in 3 hrs only Humanities Assignment Help

In this discussion board, you will apply what you learned about Section 8 to an empirical journal article of your choice from your area of specialization. First, choose a research article that reports the results of an original research study. Choose an article published within the last five years. Then, apply the standards of Section 8 to the research article. Provide an analysis of this in your main post.

In your main post, be sure to address the following:

  • What did the research study entail? Provide a brief summary of the purpose of the research, methodology, and results.
  • How do the ethical standards of Section 8 of the Ethics Code apply to the research you reviewed? Use the following questions as a starting point. Then, examine further the degree to which the researchers addressed these and other aspects of the research in accordance with the ethical standards.
    • Were humans or animals involved in the study?
    • What did the informed consent process entail?
    • Were the participants recorded in any way?
    • How was the anonymity of participants maintained?
    • Did the researchers use deception?
    • Was the study reviewed through an IRB process?
    • Were participants harmed in any way?
  • Overall, how ethical would you rate the study?
  • What recommendations would you provide to the researchers for improving the ethical nature of the study if it were replicated in the future?


You are a consultant who is brought in and given these numbers and asked to generate a report to management. What would your recommendation be? Mathematics Assignment Help

You are a consultant who is brought in and given these numbers and asked to generate a report to management. What would your recommendation be? These two parts are your chance to show your understanding of the material.Interpret the measures of central tendency within the context of this problem. Should the company producing the coffee be concerned about the central tendency?

Interpret the measures of variation within the context of this problems. Should the company producing the coffee be concerned about variation?

Please refer to the attachment below for instructions. Thank you.


Complete Brochure and Complete Outline and References Health Medical Assignment Help

Essay 1: Learning Aid about Recruitment and Selection ( this assignment is due by tonight)!

For this assignment, assume that you are the new Director of Human Resources for a mid-size healthcare organization. Due to potential business growth and expansion, your organization is planning to hire a significant number of new employees. In anticipation of this major hiring drive, you want to create information resources that will help managers understand the importance of recruitment and selection processes.


  1. Create a brochure that will serve as a learning aid to help managers. Incorporate both text and images. While you may create your brochure in word processing software (as a Word document, for example), you must designate headings and subtitles, using the Ten Basic Tips for Tri-Fold Brochure Design for Desktop Publishers (Links to an external site.).
  2. Include the following in the learning aid:

    • Explain why recruitment and selection processes are vital in healthcare workforce planning.
    • Explain the importance of measuring key competencies and skills.
    • Describe an effective recruitment and selection process.

  3. Include a minimum of five references; three of these must be peer-reviewed sources. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these.
  4. Format your brochure according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.).
  5. Your brochure must be 6-8 pages long. Designate section headings (effective brochures divide information into easily readable sections).
  6. Be sure to discuss and reference concepts taken from the assigned textbook reading and relevant research. Review the grading rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment.

**Required Textbook (tutor must possess these books in order to complete the assignment, I will not provide the textbooks therefore the tutor needs to incorporate the textbook information into the brochure)

Borkowski, N. (2016). Organizational behavior in health care (3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN 13: 9781284051049.

Fried, B., & Fottler, M. (2015). Human resources in health care: Managing for success (4th ed.). Chicago: Health Administration Press. ISBN 13: 978156793708-4.

** Below I attached the Brochure, I had a previous tutor complete the brochure but there was a lot of grammer and spelling errors, therefore the tutor needs to fix the brochure that is attached below, the tutor will need to make changes to the brochure and please erase some of the content and images that don’t make sense, the tutor will also have to incorporate more information in order to make the brochure detailed**!!

Portfolio Options 1 : Outline and References ( you will only create the outline and references today!, below I attached the final assignment listed as memorials healthcare system that Will go along with this assignment, you do not have to complete the final assignment since I will be doing this, but the tutor needs to complete the outline and reference page to go along with the assignment ) This is due by tonight

This week you will submit a rough outline of your final Portfolio Project as well as a list of references that you intend to use. Your outline should include the sections listed in the Portfolio Project description (review on the Week 8 Assignments page) and 20 references. Each section should list concepts to be covered under their respective headings. The Purdue’s OWL: Why and How to Create a Useful Outline (Links to an external site.) has a handout.

Submit the Portfolio Milestone as an assignment. Your well-written outline should be 2-3 pages in length and formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to


Discussion Board questions – HVA / THIRA Business Finance Assignment Help

Read the following assignment CAREFULLY to avoid revisions or refunds. Find the attachments as well.

” Read the article on the Haddon matrix application (Haddon Matrix Article.pdf ) to public health emergencies in emergency management. The Haddon matrix was designed in the 1960s as a model to understand injury prevention and control. It examines agent, host and environment in three phases, pre-event, event and post-event.

Choose any disaster incident type listed in the Comprehensive Planning Guide (CPG-201 v 2) or the THIRA document and use your skills with data management software programs (Microsoft Excel) to create a matrix that examines the interaction of influencing factors and phase. Don’t forget to include factors that would ‘protect’ or ‘strengthen’ the host to resist damage/injury. This activity is consistent with the first step of the THIRA process!

You may not use any of the examples given in the assigned article. Pay specific attention to attributes of the host found in the assigned reading in Perry and Lindell which may contribute to why emergency planning is difficult or made more difficult. You may choose to write about disaster incidents in other countries but make sure to provide detail about what particular characteristics or societal values are different or unique based on your choice. If you choose to use such an incident, be certain to cite, using APA format, the reports you used to understand that event.

And again, while it is very valuable to look at published matrices, you must create one of your own for the event you select. See the exemplar in the Reading Assignment section for a very well done matrix.

I do expect you to provide the depth and breadth of answer found on page 563 (public health Haddon matrix)



01.14 Beginning Your Narrative Forces of Nature Writing Assignment Help

Pre-writing Graphic Organizer

Choose the topic from the list below that most inspires your imagination and plan your story.

Reminder of Narrative Topics—Choose One

  • Banquo has been murdered; discussions and suspicions regarding his death can be heard throughout
    the castle. Write a narrative that tells a story about what you think transpires between Macbeth
    and Lady Macbeth as they prepare to attend Banquo’s funeral.
  • During a visit to Macbeth’s castle, Macduff discovers that King Duncan has been murdered. What
    if the weird sisters had appeared and spoken with Macduff at this moment? Write a narrative that
    tells a story about what might have transpired between Macduff and the weird sisters.
  • You are a guest at Macbeth’s coronation; during dinner, Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost. Using first
    person point of view, write a narrative that tells a story about the events at the coronation.


Generating Ideas



List and describe the characters involved in the narrative you are creating. Make sure to use
complete sentences and include multiple facets of detail. Consider height, weight, physical
characteristics, clothing, etc. The more detailed this is the better your final product will

Character Name:

How would you describe this character? Why?

Physical Appearance



Character Name:

How would you describe this character? Why?

Physical Appearance



Character Name:

How would you describe this character? Why?

Physical Appearance





What problems are characters having with other characters, themselves, society, or nature?

Characters Conflict Experienced How do they respond?



Write some words or phrases that will help you describe the setting of your story.
Where do the events take place? What does it look like there? What does it feel like there? Make
sure you focus on the actual physical space where the scene will occur. If it’s a room, describe the
dimensions, furnishings, colors etc. Remember that this occurs in 1100s Scotland.




Plan the course of events in your narrative.

Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution



Think of the overall effect you would like your narrative to have on the reader. How will

you create that effect? Brainstorm ways to establish voice.

Point of View:

Tone—What is the attitude of your story? Pace—How fast is your story going to move?

Words to describe the tone:

How will you communicate that tone?

How do you want readers to feel after they read your story?

What pace fits your narrative:


How will you create that pace?

01.14 Beginning Your Narrative Forces of Nature Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

add appendices, outline key problems decisions and issues and add two sections to rough draft business case anaylsis Business Finance Assignment Help

The rough draft is already complete. I just need the four attached appendices filled out and added underneath the appendix already in the draft, outline the key problems, decisions and issues and add the RVP and Options sections. I do not need anything else edited within the paper, just these three things added. Thank you ?

I will also attach the final appendix as well once this is assigned.

Original Assignment Overall Requirements

Each student will submit one individually prepared case write-up for the case: What business is Zara in (Revised)? Please do not discuss your individual case write-up with other students. This assignment is to be an individual effort. Please write the case from the perspective of the decision maker. The case is a maximum of five pages, single-spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font, with 1 inch margins.

Appendices need to be original, that is please do not copy & paste information from the case. Rather, create your own original tables/figures using data from the case. You may decide to include the analysis worksheets as original appendices (e.g., Appendix 1 – Five Forces Figure, Appendix 2 – VRIO Table). Appendices are not included in the word count. Please cite each appendix in the body of the paper (e.g., As outlined in Appendix 1, the industry’s Five Forces are weak).


business Humanities Assignment Help

a) Consider presenting the information from this first section in a table. Out of the general category of choosing a business entity (sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies): (200 words)

Describe the basic features of sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and LLCs.

Explain what you think is the most important feature of each business entity.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of business entity.

b) Starting a new business involves many considerations and decisions. Please answer the following questions in a paragraph for each: (150 words)

What are the potential risks or starting a new business? State 3-5 risks.

What questions should you ask to determine how the business should be formed?

How do the number of owners influence how the business should be formed? Please explain.

How do financial considerations influence the decision for how the business should be formed? Please explain

c) What is the sixth wave of extinction; is it ethical for humans to bring species back from extinction and reintroduce them to the wild?; are there any reservations you have about this? (350 words)


Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Make sure to support assertions with evidence and a direct link from your research to the sources. The minimum word count is 350 words per question in this section.

  1. Describe genetic engineering on a cellular level. In other words, what exactly takes place during genetic engineering that inserts a trait into an organism that did not have that trait before? Give an example.
  2. According to the provided source materials, what made someone or a group of people considered to be “unfit” members of society? Based on your research, are there any categories or types of people we systematically marginalized today?
  3. What is Eugenics and what were the goals and policies of the American Eugenics movement?
  4. Which cells do the authors identify as the ones most likely to hold the key to increased human longevity and vitality and how might this work? Describe one alternative to cloning that the authors mention.
  5. What are some arguments against extending human life in the way the authors describe? Please describe at least one objection mentioned in the reading and one objection from your research and experience.


design and manufacturing using catiav6 Engineering Assignment Help

Wing assembly (6/8 Marks): Generate the new wing structure assembly based on the assembly drawing attached (i.e.: WSA-A001_Wing_Structure_Assembly).

  • – Students must generate full wing assembly using the combination of the parts they created and the parts provided with this assignment (i.e. Rear Wing Channel, MiddleRib 1 and Rear Rib)
  • – All components must be fully constrained (i.e. Block 6 DOF).
  • – Save the assembly file as WSA-YourStudentID.3dxml.

Complete assembly (2/8 Marks): Create the new full assembly of the T240 based on theassembly drawing attached (i.e.: CA-A001_Complete_T240_Assembly

  • – The wing structure must be added as a sub-assembly.
  • – The left wing must be created using assembly features tools in assembly designworkbench.
  • – The provided CAD components (i.e.; fuselage, stabilizer, etc.) must be re-dimensioned to your scale factor prior to the assembly.
  • – All components must be fully constrained (i.e. Block 6 DOF).
  • – Save the assembly file as CA-YourStudentID.3dxml.3. Free Design (2 Marks)

Free Design: Modify the T-240 aircraft structure to demonstrate how you would perceive the new metal wing to be attached. Schematically describe the assembly/disassembly steps for the components added to this stage. Save the file as FD- YourStudentID.pdf.

Note: A tension strut brace must be included.

I will upload the rest of the attachments.


Please follow all the requirements carefully and upload on time Business Finance Assignment Help

Please follow all the requirements carefully and upload on time Business Finance Assignment Help

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