please give a little desccription of each refernce Writing Assignment Help

please give a little desccription of each refernce Writing Assignment Help. please give a little desccription of each refernce Writing Assignment Help.

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Moussa, M., McMurray, A., & Muenjohn, N. (2018). A conceptual framework of the factors influencing innovation in public sector organizations. The Journal of Developing Areas, 52(3), 231-240.

Ramus, C. A. (2018). Employee environmental innovation in firms: Organizational and managerial factors. Routledge.

Bornay-Barrachina, M., López-Cabrales, A., & Valle-Cabrera, R. (2017). How do employment relationships enhance firm innovation? The role of human and social capital. The International Journal of human resource management, 28(9), 1363-1391.

ABC Nightline – IDEO Shopping Cart [Video file]. (2009, December 2). Retrieved from

Leeds innovation. (2018, June 17). factors that encourage and enhance innovation in an organization.…

please give a little desccription of each refernce Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

write me paper Humanities Assignment Help

So, after reading all the assigned readings for this week, please read the Introduction to First Major Project (Click Here to Download) very well and submit your 300-word proposal . To get a better sense of how to write an academic proposal, please read Purdue OWL’s guide on “Writing Academic Proposals” (Click Here).

2. Please make sure to read First Major Project Description (Click Here)

before writing and submitting the final draft. If you need someone to read your paper and leave comments, you can always refer to Writing Studio and they are so helpful in their jobs. We will have peer-reviewing process after you submitted this draft.

✓ An introduction that provides context for your subject and an arguable, focused, and
revelatory thesis statement that will guide your paper
✓ An in-depth analysis of the topic you’ve chosen, as well as the larger implications of it
✓ Solid claims that are backed up with key details and effective incorporation of source
✓ Logical organization that provides a clear argument and includes transitions that tie the material together
✓ A conclusion that brings the ideas together
✓ Sound sentence structure and grammar

Plagiarism is the use—whether aware or unaware—of someone else’s work without citation or attribution, in an attempt to pass it off as your own. Plagiarism of any sort will not be tolerated and could result in an automatic ‘F’ grade in the course.


Peer reviews will be . Please consider the following questions while writing your reviews:

  1. What is the paper’s target community? How big or small the community is? Did the author manage to analyze the community well?
  2. Is there a thesis statement?
  3. What is the focal argument of this paper?
  4. How are the evidences/supports of the main thesis?
  5. How effective are the researcher’s plan and strategies?
  6. What interesting facts/new ideas did you find in the paper?
  7. What suggestions for improvement do you have for the writer?

2. Project Presentation

After reading Weekly Prompt 5 and the excerpt from the Pocket Guide to Public Speaking (Click Here to Download), please submit your presentation link on this assignment. Presentations should be based on the very papers (First Major Project) you submitted last week. Each of you made a research, did some interviews and recorded some data to document and analyze your communities. This week, we are going to use this data and your findings to prepare a 12-15-minute lecture.

You will record your presentations on Panopto and present the information on a PowerPoint with at least 5 slides of your choice. This is a pretty simple process because you already have all the information you are going to present. We just want to practice presenting our data and structuring best presentations. Make sure to use the data you gathered, the pictures you took from the community you worked on, quotations from the people you interviewed, photos of the community on their websites, charts or any graphic material which can help you better inform and entertain your audience. You will submit the links to your Panopto presentations on an assignment link that will follow this prompt.

If you have question how to use Panopto or record videos, please refer to the following links: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


Please note at the following points at your presentations:

  • Please talk with a loud voice while you are giving your lecture (headsets are preferred).
  • Record yourself in a room where there is no distracting noise with enough light.
  • You are required to use PowerPoint or other presentation aids to make the lecture much more entertaining for all.
  • Plan ahead, test-run, repeat, and send the refined version to me prior to deadline.
  • Speeches should not exceed 15 minutes and should not be less than 12 minutes.
  • If you have any problems, please contact me prior to the deadline and leave some time for yourself to solve technical problems.

Good Luck and let me know if you have any concerns.


1102 Two Poems Humanities Assignment Help

Both A Doll’s House and Othello focus on characters who use questionable judgment. Nora abandons her family for what some readers would call selfish motivations, and Othello commits murder after becoming jealous of Desdemona. However, based on the way the two plays were written, readers are meant to sympathize with both Nora and Othello, at least on some level. Write an essay in which you either defend or condemn the actions of these two characters. Have the authors made these characters likable enough to excuse their actions?

1500 words in MLA format.



1. Othello: Entire Play


3. Misunderstanding in Othello

4. A Doll’s House, by Henrik Ibsen


Roman Architecture and Imperial propaganda Humanities Assignment Help

Please help by answering the following 2 questions.

1. What is the significance of art and architecture in the Roman empire? (it was made to be seen, to convey messages to the public, to portray power, to influence … ect)

2. What are the connections between the Ara Pacis, The Colosseum, Prima Porta and Arch of Constantine?

Show insight and include their functions (political and practical), their use as imperial propaganda, the ideologies they conveyed – in relation to the empire and the greater cultural context of Art and Architecture, their significance during their time of use and their significance in the modern day.

Discuss these ideas in whatever form suits (e.g bullet points / short sentences / paragraphs).


Wk 3 Team Assignment: Apply: Training Evaluation Business Finance Assignment Help


Training Evaluation Grading Guide

Training evaluations are important to determine if the selected training solution was effective and provided the appropriate return on investment.

Discuss as a team the last training program you attended (at work, school, other).

Select one of your team members’ experiences and design a training evaluation form.

Write a 525- to 700-word description of the training program.

Provide an explanation of how you would evaluate the training program.

Include what you are specifically measuring, the timeframe, a description of the evaluation form, and how it will appropriately measure the training solution.

Include at least one weakness and one threat with a substantive explanation of the risks.

Create a one-page training evaluation form.

Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

This assignment is a very easy and quick assignment. We only need 525-700 words. This can be zipped up pretty easy.

This is the training escenario ..

I have chosen to go with my training, I feel it was really structured and the “lesson plan” that was put into place was very on point. Getting over 2,000 employees in the US, Canada and the UK, it was a very smooth transition. Again this is what I posted earlier on how my training went down. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m off all day and will work to get as much added to our Team paper as I can.

I work for a Global Communication company out of Toronto, Canada (We work with the US, and the UK)

They just transitioned us into a new phone system and client database. This was an 8 week training that took place, and how they put it into place was each week we did a two hour self training by watching videos, doing examples on a test website and then at the end of the week we would have a live, via zoom instructor lead two hour training on what we learned on our own. This was split up over the 8 weeks of training and we just went live on July 1, 2020.
my part it’s Include what you are specifically measuring, the timeframe, a description of the evaluation form, and how it will appropriately measure the training solution.
Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines.



Any art work: 2 or 3D, Architecture, Theatre, Cinema, Dance that portrays you. (female) Business Finance Assignment Help

Each student will create a 5-10 minute presentation that conveys the essence of their “self” through art. At least 5 works should be chosen. You will need to

  • present the art (via narrated PowerPoint, narrated Prezi, or video), MAKE SURE IT IS FULLY NARRATED AND ON AUTO PLAY so the viewer doesn’t have to click on every slide. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create your PowerPoint with the embedded narration and all transitions and then export it as a video.
  • tell us about the art (artist, when it was created, define the type of art, gives us some context about how it was created)
  • explain how/why it represents you
  • identify a social angle for each work AND do a thorough contextual analysis
    • race and ethnicity
    • gender and sexuality
    • class and highbrow/lowbrow
    • colonialism, postcolonialism, place and regionalism
    • nature (environment, ecology) and culture
    • memory, history, generational identity
    • food culture
    • body and mind

You can use ANY type of art covered in our class, including the performing arts (play, dance, music) that are in Module 3. The WHY it represents you is the most important part of the project.

Any art work: 2 or 3D, Architecture, Theatre, Cinema, Dance that portrays you. (female) Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

case study Science Assignment Help

I need you to watch this video first

And answer the case study below.

Samantha is a 40-year-old Amazon warehouse worker. Over the last ten months, she experienced diplopia and eyestrain when she read for longer than 15 minutes. She became tired after chewing her food, brushing her teeth, or drying her hair. She also became extremely fatigued at work. Despite her strong work ethic, Samantha had to excuse herself from work activities because she simply could not carry the heavy equipment.

Samantha has myasthenia gravis.

1.Why does myasthenia gravis cause muscle fatigue? What are the types of muscle fibers and which fatigue the fastest?

2.Which receptors are involved in initiation and propagation of the muscle action potential? How do ions (like sodium and potassium) move across (inside/outside the cell) the sarcolemma during an action potential?

3.Explain why the following drugs may not be appropriate for treating myasthenia gravis.

a.Botulinum toxin




Classic. Five-page paper (minimum length), applying modern theoretical approaches to movie with mythological themes. (I have specific requirements attached) Humanities Assignment Help

This rubric is designed to spell out my expectations for your papers. The goal of this assignment is that you show connections between the mythological themes and theories gone over in class and a movie of your choosing. The paper should be 5 pages minimum in length (not including long quotations) and written in Times New Roman, 12 point font with one-inch margins. You should cite your movie examples with a timestamp (e.g. 1:45.37 or something similar) and your primary text using name of source and line numbers (e.g. Ovid, Callisto 246 or Odyssey, Book 11.564). I am asking that you analyze 3-4 scenes/parts of your movie with one of the modern theoretical frameworks discussed during this class with references from primary materials you’ve had to read. You may choose any of the paradigms talked about by Professor Erickson. I do not want a cursory comparison; dig deep and provide analysis of both text and film.


Anything with overt mythical subject matter

Anything Disney (Pixar, Animation, Live-Action, Ghibli, Marvel, Star Wars)

Dreamworks Animation (especially Shrek)

The Spongebob Movie

Superhero films (yes, all of them)

Avatar (both Airbender and the one with aliens)

Hunger Games

Chronicles of Narnia



draft your annotated bibliography Writing Assignment Help

for this assignment you will draft your annotated bibliography with 4 sources ,and include the “Topic 1 Research Introduction” . Please follow the format/description/instruction provided . Also, review the samples provided.


1. Write Annotated Bibliography with 4 sources related to Cerebral Palsy, and include the Topic 1 Research Introduction.Please include the “Topic 1 Research Introduction” into the annotated bibliography follow the format provided for the Topic 1 Research Introduction and Annotated bibliography should be apa style.

Topic 1: Research Introduction

The research topic is about families with cerebral palsy children. The reason for choosing this topic is that Cerebral palsy is one of the issues affecting families. Children with this condition need care from the entire family, thereby making it an integral topic for research. Cerebral Palsy impairs coordination, thus leading to problems in muscle development, hearing, speaking, swallowing, and sensation, among others. The condition is noticeable in children below the age of eight years. The topic is worth researching because it strains the family financially. Also, these families commonly suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. Critical strains in family relationships occur, and sometimes the families get separated because of the resulting difficulties (Kyschenko & Lazareva, 2018). These children below the age of 8 need family support, and this increases the chances of fatigue in the family.

This topic is relevant to children birth through age eight because children are more commonly diagnosed with ADD/ADHD than adults are. When the children receive a diagnosis for cerebral palsy, the first eight years become the toughest for the parents. The case becomes more integral for children with severe cases of palsy. When the children fail to attain the milestones between the ages of 0 – 8, the excitement in the parents’ disappears. They forego the joy of anticipating the first steps of their child. They also forego the milestone of hearing the first words of their children (Ergün & Ertem, 2012). The specific research question is, “Does this topic need through research to establish remedies for parents ?Indeed, this topic needs thorough research to establish remedies for parents. Better ways of helping the parents adopt a positive outlook for the future of their children’s needs becomes necessary. Further, the other siblings learn to cope with the differences in the family. These differences include increased therapy lessons and hospital visitations (Berns, 2016). Grandparents also feel the impact of the cerebral palsy condition. Their anticipation of babysitting becomes ruined and sometimes replaced with external care. Therefore, so the goal of this research project was to figure out which method is best n this field serves to benefit the entire family.


Berns, R. M. (2016). Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization, and Support. United States: Thomson/Wadsworth publishing.

Ergün, S., & Ertem, G. (2012). Difficulties of mothers living with mentally disabled children. Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association, 62(8), 776–.

Kyschenko, О., & Lazareva, О. (2018). Dynamics Of Life Quality Of Children With Cerebral Palcy By Influence Of Occupational Therapy And Physical Therapy.

Annotated Bibliography Assignment please include the following :

Helpful Information: Research and look for four reputable sources about Cerebral Palsy, such as books, newspaper articles, magazines, professional journals, etc.but make sure that the articles or information you found is reputable… not just someone’s opinion. Remember, your sources must be reputable and you are required to include two professional journals or also known as a scholarly journal.

After you have collected and found a minimum of four sources/references, read through each article or book or journal then, you will write or put into an annotated bibliography.

– You will be using mostly Descriptive Annotations and some Evaluative descriptive APA format

– When writing your descriptive annotations describe the content of a source: in detail, in a complete sentence, without evaluating it.

– Consider and include the following for each source/reference when writing your annotated bibliography. Please follow this:

  • What is it? Book, chapter, scholarly article, web page
  • Who is/are the author(s)? Journalists, researchers
  • Who is the intended audience? Scholars, the general public
  • What is the source about? Topics covered
  • What is the purpose? Introduction, commentary, research report
  • What are the effects? How are this effect and impact the child, the family, and Community positively and negatively?
  • What is the interrelationship between child, family, and community?

See examples of how to:

Example of Annotated Bibliography (I also included the introduction):

The research topic is ADD/ADHD. The reason for choosing this topic is that many people, both children, and adults, are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and it is important to know how to treat it. This topic is relevant to children birth through age eight because children are more commonly diagnosed with ADD/ADHD than adults are. The specific research question is, “What is the best treatment for ADD/ADHD?” There are two main categories of treatment: natural/nutritional methods or medicinal methods. Some people/doctors promote one method over the other, so the goal of this research project was to figure out which method is best.

Reading, R. (2013). Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation for the treatment of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptomatology: systematic review and meta-analysis. Child: Care, Health & Development, 39(1), 150-151. doi:10.1111/cch.12022_2

This is a peer-reviewed article written by Richard Reading. The audience includes parents with children who have ADHD and pediatricians who treat such children. Reading talks about how omega-3 fatty acids affect the body and the specific, positive effect that omega-3 fatty acids have on children with ADHD. Reading also states that omega-3 fatty acids have benign side effects, in comparison to the many negative side effects that other medications can have. The purpose of this article is to encourage the use of omega-3 acids as a supplement to other medications used to treat ADHD. The information in this article could positively affect the child and family by helping parents to become more knowledgeable about how to safely and naturally treat their child’s ADHD. The positive effect for the child would be fewer visible symptoms of ADHD and, therefore, increased focus. The community could be positively influenced by this article because omega-3 fatty acids have health benefits for people without ADHD as well.

Sample Annotated Bibliography

What needs to be included in your paper or the format for your 4 complete annotated Bibliography:… Please follow this format

Name: XXXXX (your name)
Professor Marlin -Jones
CHDV 106

Title of the Topic


Source/Reference 1 (pay attention to the indentation… cite according to APA format. Include all the necessary components required for each source)

Source/Reference 2

Source/Reference 3

Source/Reference 4

Please review the guidelines and examples.


You have been asked by management (manufacturing, healthcare, retail, financial, and etc. ) to create a demo using a data analytic or BI tool. It is your responsibility to download and produce outputs using one of the tools. You will need to focus your re Computer Science Assignment Help

You have been asked by management (manufacturing, healthcare, retail, financial, and etc.) to create a demo using a data analytic or BI tool. It is your responsibility to download and produce outputs using one of the tools. You will need to focus your results on the data set you select.

Ensure to address at least one topic covered in Chapters 1-5 with the outputs. The paper should include the following as Header sections.

History of Tool [Discuss the benefits and limitations]
Review of the Data [What are you reviewing?]
Exploring the Data with the tool
Classifications Basic Concepts and Decision Trees
Classifications Alternative Techniques
Summary of Results

Ensure to use the Author, YYYY APA citations with any outside content.

Types of Data Analytic Tools
Excel with Solver, but has limitations
R Studio
Tableau Public has a free trial
Microsoft Power BI
Search for others with trial options

Examples of Dataset

Write a 4-5 page paper in APA format not including front page and references, Microsoft Power BI is a free tool and easy to use but if you are familiar with any other tool in the list feel free to use it. The easy places to find data sets are in the below url. Please include the results in the paper, may be screen shot from the analysis. Use a minimum of 4 references from scholarly articles or google scholar – Search for a keyword on a particular topic to get datasets on that category, by default it will show COVID 19 data sets which you can use. Click on the topic and at the bottom of the screen data sets are available.

Or – Search for a keyword on a particular topic to get datasets on that category like schools, age, population, housing, real estate etc. Use data from multiple years for analysis, with in the same page in the top right is the available option to switch years

or – Choose a topic and data is available in the topics, use data from multiple years for analysis

If you find good data sets in any other links from the below link, feel free to use it

Paper should be free of Plagiarism.


Paper should be free of Plagiarism.


Paper should be free of Plagiarism.


Paper should be free of Plagiarism.


please give a little desccription of each refernce Writing Assignment Help

please give a little desccription of each refernce Writing Assignment Help

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