Please help me to complete a two page response and evaluation paper? Writing Assignment Help

Please help me to complete a two page response and evaluation paper? Writing Assignment Help. Please help me to complete a two page response and evaluation paper? Writing Assignment Help.

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The assignment is going to be based off of the article I have attached. It is pretty simple it just has to be formatted in the same way as a response and evaluation paper. Please be sure to provide a portion of evaluation when reviewing the Bound Feet article. Make sure that your paper has:

• A clear, concise, and defined thesis statement that occurs in the first portion of the essay.
• Clear and logical transitions between the introduction, body, and conclusion.
• Body paragraphs that include evidential support.
• Evidential support (whether factual, logical, statistical, or anecdotal).

• A conclusion that does not simply restate the thesis, but readdresses it in light of the evidence provided.

These are questions to consider:

1. Make sure to cover in your paper the process of binding feet.
2. Do you think that Chang’s article supports or opposes the practice of binding feet?
3. Why did Chinese mothers bind their children’s feet?

Please help me to complete a two page response and evaluation paper? Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Sales Management assig 5 Business Finance Assignment Help

You are asked to interview a sales manager and summarize what you learned in a paper of at least three pages. Follow the steps below to complete your assignment.

Create four to six questions for your interview. When creating your questions, make sure that you include questions that will cover the following issues: the difference between management and leadership of a salesforce, how situational factors affect sales leadership, and best practices that sales managers can follow to create an effective salesforce.

Find a sales manager to interview. You may be able to find one where you work or through your work colleagues, family, or friends ( e.g., auto dealers, radio and television stations, and newspapers have sales managers). A business you deal with may have a sales manager. Keep in mind that the sales manager you interview does not necessarily have to be local because you can conduct your interview in person, on the phone, or using the Internet (e.g., via e-mail, Skype, FaceTime).

When you conduct your interview, remember to take notes. Be sure to record the name and title of the sales manager and where he or she works. Start your paper by identifying the person you interviewed.

Report on your interview in a paper of at least two pages in length. As you prepare your report, list each question and then the sales manager’s response to the question.

APA formatting is not required for this assignment.


A Philosophical Response to Fiction Writing Assignment Help

A Philosophical Response to Fiction

For the purposes of our class the response paper is 5 pages.

What you need to do in order to fulfill this assignment is:

Create a summary sheet on the fictive piece that includes: characters, plot, themes, and

evaluation (for an example see:, blog, book reviews)—

note this is for

preparation purposes only and is not to be turned in as part of your 5 pages.

Isolate a single passage in the book that you feel is pivotal to the theme of the book (this

passage can be consecutive, for example pages 10-22, or it can be constructed on a

common theme, for example pages 135-137 & 192-195 & 238-240.

Briefly go through the scene highlighting character, plot, and tropes (metaphors, motifs,

description, etc.)

Try to discern a particular point of view within the passage that mirrors the book in a

controversial fashion (the anomaly)

Decide whether you agree or disagree with this point of view (your judgment of the


Set out the relevant practical and theoretical philosophical principles at stake and apply

them to the problem.

Use 3 philosophical principles to help you create a positive or negative reaction to the

author’s theme (in the small and the large realm). If it is positive, think of bringing up

objectors and refute them. If it is negative, engage in a dialog with the author—ending

up by rejecting position. The theme should be readily understandable from the scene you

have chosen.

Reflect on the significance of your position. What abstract general points about the

world have now been elucidated? What concrete cases occurring in the world today

might be different if your judgment were to be adopted? * most important point. At least

a page.

Rubric. If you represent all eight points sequentially in your paper you will earn some kind of

“B” grade (so long as you are also close to 5 pages, i.e., within a half-page under or a full page

over). To get a high “B” or an “A-“ or “A” grade you will have to do well on the reflection


I choose to talk starting from the second part of page 187 when mary said “How can a women get in this men dominated world” I found it interesting to write about so please read it and fulfill the 8 points.

the prof said I should bring three philosophical principles and talk about also he told me to give a real world example on how USA need to work more to give women their rights to be equal as men He asked me to give an area or area in the US government that still has not give women the right to work


Please create a PowerPoint about a cyber security attack. Computer Science Assignment Help

pelase create a power point presentation about the asus maleware

Asus Live Update Pushed Malware “ShadowHamme”

pleas include the following questions and provide site notation, please add images.

What the malware does??

why they created the malware?

When did it happen?

Who discovered the malware?

Who are responsible for the attack?

How many people were affected?

why certain people were impacted ?

Who created the malware and why?

What systems were impacted.

Who did not get impacted?

What people or companies were impacted?

What the Authorities did?

what Asus is doing to resolve remove the malware from the impacted computers?


Anthropology Homework Science Assignment Help

Homework 1:

Chapter 5: Please answer the following exercises in your textbook, don’t use online sources, no PLAGIARISM. Show full calculations. (Pages 6-7)

Exercise 1 a-d (Page 6)

Exercise 2 a-d (Page 7)

In your own words, summarize the main points of the Forces of Evolution on page 11-13 of the attached textbook chapters (2 paragraphs)

Homework 2:

Chapter 6 Post Lab Questions

Please answer the following exercises in your textbook. (NO PLAGIARISM OR ONLINE SOURCES IN YOUR OWN WORDS)

Post Lab Questions only for this chapter (Pages 38 – 42 in the attached Textbook) Numbers:

1-2, 4-7, and 9

Answer the questions in your own words.



Research paper on current issue the world faces Writing Assignment Help

I have to write a 6 page research paper on an issue that the world currently faces. The paper will include a full description of the issue that places it within a brief historical context (less than a half page), a well-developed thesis that takes a position, at least one opposing perspective, and a bibliography of at least six sources. Topics for the paper include the following:

  • Political and Economic Refugees in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. (all or any nation)
  • Globalization: Who Benefits? Who Pays?
  • Lifeboat Earth: Resources, Pollution, and Scarcity (conservation, extinction)
  • Global Conflicts and their Resolutions: Africa, Asia, or Europe (all or any nation)
  • In Our Backyard: U.S. Relations with Mexico or Latin America (all or any nation)
  • The U.S. in the World Community: Unilateral or Allied Involvement?
  • Health and Hunger on a Global Scale
  • Collision Course: Religious Fundamentalism (all or any religion)

Research paper on current issue the world faces Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

help two with 2 criminal justice questions Writing Assignment Help

Question 1

Read the excerpts from Chapter 3 of Lessig’s text “Code 2.0” (I have attached chp 3 here) concerning how Harvard University and the University of Chicago adopted internet capabilities on their campus.

Are both approaches acceptable?

Justify and explain your answer in no more than 750 words. Be specific. Think through these approaches as different philosophical outlooks and how they impact the operations and missions of the entities employing them. Alos, recall tha this book was published in 2006 and technologies have changed dramatically- as you are seeing in this class. Does that impact your view? Explain.

Question 2

Lessig describes 4 “puzzles” of cyberspace in the assigned reading from Week 1 (chp 2). He uses those puzzles, or “stories” as also calls them, to illustrate various themes which he identifies at the end of chapter 2. His point is that each of the puzzles incorporates different aspects of the identified themes.

For this assignment you are to imagine that you are the chief executive of a major corporation or government entity. And, if it is not obvious, it should be a real corporation or government entity- not one you make-up… and address the following:

  • Choose one any ONE of the four themes from the end of the chapter and identify which, you can argue, presents the greatest risk or challenge for your entity.
    • In the case of the corporate entity it should be in the context to both individual corporation and the industry.
    • For the government agency it should be for their operations and mission. –
  • You will also choose any ONE of the four themes and identify which creates creates the greatest opportunity for your entity
    • NOTE: For both, risk and opportunity, the theme you use can be the same but, either way, you need to identify and argue persuasively in no more than 900 words.

Properly justify, support with evidence, and explain your answer in no more than 900 words.

NOTE: For both questions the word count identified refers to the ‘body’ of your paper and not any footnotes or bibliography.


Writing essay 01 Writing Assignment Help


This (minimum) 1,200 word* draft will be a full-fledged essay that makes and defends a claim that responds to a Question at Issue of your own design and choosing. The Q@I must be related to and contextualized within the conversations we’ve had this term about genetic engineering and food justice—including food security, food sovereignty, and farm labor rights. You are encouraged to also draw from the conversations on the weekly discussion boards as well.

Contextualizing Your Argument

Your essay should engage with at least two of the assigned sources, which include:

  • Dan Koeppel, “Can This Fruit Be Saved?”
  • Pamela Ronald, “The Case for Engineering Our Food”
  • Elizabeth Henderson, “Food Justice: What It Means and Why We Need It”
  • Vandana Shiva, Stolen Harvest
  • Winona LaDuke, “Ricekeepers”
  • The Food Chains documentary

*The final version of this essay will be, at minimum, 1,500 words in length.

Task, or Assignment Instructions

Introduce your essay with a paragraph that hooks your reader, establishes the context for your argument, and states your Enthymeme (Claim because Reason).

Develop and organize your argument through the Reason of your Enthymeme.

This line of reasoning will include

  1. an inquiry into the Reason informed by specific evidence (five or more paragraphs),
  2. a major Counter Argument (one or two paragraphs) followed by a Rebuttal, and
  3. an Earned Conclusion (at least one paragraph).

Credit the ideas of others by including parenthetical citations, a Works Cited page that lists the sources you cite in your essay, and, if needed, a Works Consulted page that lists any other sources you consulted. Adhere to the conventions of MLA documentation.

Polish your writing. Aim to write formal academic prose while remaining hospitable to your readers. Adhere to the grammatical requirements of Standard Edited American English, MLA documentation style, and formatting guidelines stated in the syllabus.

Essay 1.1 Minimum Requirements Checklists

This draft must meet the minimum requirements of the assignment, including page length and formatting requirements.

Logical Development Requirements

In order to earn an “On Time” grade for this assignment, the essay must:

  • Respond to a significant question at issue of your choosing that is related to and/or contextualized within the conversations we’ve had thus far this term
    • Effectively incorporate at least two (2) of the assigned readings into the “conversation” through the use of direct quotes, paraphrase, and summary
  • Make an original argument about some problem, disagreement, or gap in knowledge that’s based in the conversations we’ve developed on the weekly discussion boards
    • To clarify: When I say I want you to write an original argument, I mean that I want you to focus on developing your ideas and your own line of reasoning instead of simply summarizing one of the source’s arguments back at me.
    • Additionally, you and your peers may use similar questions at issue or make similar claims, but the way you argue the point will be different from theirs. In other words, it is just fine to use the same Q@I as your peers and to make a similar argument. The originality will come through in the way you write the argument.
  • Include a properly-formatted enthymeme (includes a claim, a reason, and a shared term) that identifies the argument you’re developing
  • Develop the line of reasoning clearly and logically by providing evidence, analysis, and explanation to support the reason and, if need be, the warrant of your essay.
    • For our purposes, evidence includes:
      • Quotes or paraphrases from the assigned readings
      • Personal anecdotes or observations
      • Logical reasoning
      • Analysis of evidence and explanation of your reasoning
    • The use of outside sources for this essay is prohibited unless you make a compelling argument to me for the necessity of including an outside source
  • Earn the claim/conclusion of the argument by clearly explaining and supporting the logic of your premises (the reason and the warrant) and their connection to the claim

*Note: A counterargument is not required for the rough draft, though you may include one if you wish. We will discuss and workshop counterarguments in Week 9 instead, and the final version of this essay (the Essay 2.2) will require a strong counterargument and rebuttal.

Mechanical, Formatting, and Submission Requirements

  • Meets the 1,200 word minimum (excluding the Works Cited page)
  • Uses formal academic prose
  • Adheres to the requirements of Standard Edited American English, MLA documentation style, and formatting guidelines stated in the syllabus
  • Includes parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page that lists the texts you cite in your essay
  • Arrives on time as a digital copy on Canvas

Source Use

You must contextualize both versions of this essay in at least two of the course readings for this unit. You may also use the Oxford English Dictionary. If you consult but do not cite or otherwise use information from other materials, you must include a Works Consulted page.**

**A Works Consulted page is basically a Works Cited page for sources that you do not cite in your essay but which you consulted to develop your argument.**


Technology Law Discussion 5 Other Assignment Help

Study the software products available for accounting in the text. Use supplemental resources from the companies, lecture notes, announcements, and from the online library or other sources. Which is best? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your favorite program? What are your arguments against and for the programs recommended by your classmates?

Here are possible criteria, but you may add your own.

  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • Reports it generates
  • Suitability for a small law firm
  • Suitability for a large law firm
  • Integration with other software products
  • Compatibility with Windows or with Apple software
  • It does everything, simplifying things.
  • It does only a couple of things, so if it fails or becomes outdated, it is easier to replace.


Write a legal brief Business Finance Assignment Help

Pick a recent case that has verdict already and write a brief use google scholar to find the case be sure to cite the case that you used. A case on anything (domestic violence, assault, theft, etc.)

Your brief should look like the below:

Issue: Whether (state the law that is up for debate) when (explain what happened)

Rule: (Insert the actual law here)

Argument: In this case, (state what happened). State which piece of the law from the rule stated above to related to what you stated happened in the sentence before this one. Use the facts to prove or disprove .

Conclusion: Therefore, (answer the issue directly-the court was correct or not correct)


Please help me to complete a two page response and evaluation paper? Writing Assignment Help

Please help me to complete a two page response and evaluation paper? Writing Assignment Help

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