Please respond to the following scenario Business Finance Assignment Help

Please respond to the following scenario Business Finance Assignment Help. Please respond to the following scenario Business Finance Assignment Help.

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You lead a multi-national team. How would you lead your team given their cultural backgrounds, your cultural background, and the country culture in which the team is based?

Choose a position to base your response:

  • Team is based in Saudi Arabia and includes Saudis, Americans (U.S.), and Pakistanis.
  • Team is based in the United States and includes Saudis, Americans (U.S.), and Pakistanis.
  • Team is based in Pakistan and includes Saudis, Americans (U.S.), and Pakistanis.

Embed material concepts, principles, and theories (all of which require supporting citations), along with at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article.
Academic writing APA style – 1 page only

must be plagiarism free

Please respond to the following scenario Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Case Study – Starting a new firm Business Finance Assignment Help

Questions to answer are attached.

You will assume the role of an entrepreneur starting a small company. Your company will produce and sell gourmet cupcakes through a storefront in a location of your choice. Your business is scheduled to launch on January 1, 2018.

Cost information:

  • Cost of goods sold:
    • Ingredients are .30 per cupcake
    • Boxes and Cupcake Cups are .05 per cupcake
  • Equipment that will be required to be acquired at the start of business includes ovens, racks, display case, counter, cash register, and other baking equipment and will cost $140,000.The equipment is expected to last 10 years without salvage value.Straight-line method of depreciation should be used.
  • On average one person can make, bake, and decorate 24 cupcakes per hour. Bakers are paid $15.00 per hour.
  • Sales personnel are required for 56 hours per week and are paid $10.00 per hour.
  • Monthly rent, which includes utilities, is $1,500.
  • Business insurance is purchased at a cost of $1,000 per year.
  • Advertising costs are expected to be $6,000 per year.


Literature research paper- Lord of the flies Writing Assignment Help


Write at least a 6 page research paper on (Lord of the Flies).

Format: The paper should be typed and double spaced, with a works cited page. It should follow MLA format and use at least four secondary sources, in addition to the primary source (in-text citations) about which you are writing. You should be relying on academic journals or scholarly articles. You are not allowed to cite encyclopedias, Wikipedia, blogs, or mainstream blog venues the likes of The Daily Beast or Huffington Post, or Salon. You need credible sources, and you can only find them in our databases like : Literature: JSTOR, Gale; Social Science and Psychology: Journal of Black Psychology, Proquest Sociology, etc.

Purpose: practice in exploring an idea about a work of literature in depth, to learn to synthesize your own ideas about a work of literature with those of other writers, to learn more about a particular work of literature and its cultural and historical context.


Project (information system management) Assignment Help

Project Overview

The project should include the following elements:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • General description of the system
  • Description of the current and potential information system problems, and
  • Description of the purpose and scope of the study

Next, your project should document the information system requirements using text, models of the future system. The models should follow the Structural or UML object-oriented method.

Project Description

  • The project should address a real life situation and be implemental.

The B-C e-commerce topic for the project is HOTEL BOOKING SYSTEM, for this project use the Hilton in Hawaii hotel. More information can be found on

Phase 1:Interact with the website to understand the functionality provided by the site. Identify any problems you encounter in using the site. Note down any improvements that can be made. The problems and improvements should relate to the functionality provided by the system.

Your documentation must include:

  • Source documents, including screen dumps, from the website.
  • A brief description of functionality provided by the system.
  • A problem statement (Systems Proposal) (Include only the problems or limitations you encountered; there is a need for objectives and scope)

Phase 2:Identify new processes, data, and data flows for the new system. Your new model should be able to eliminate (at least partially) the problems that you had identified in the current system. Prepare the new logical model that includes

If you use a structural method prepare the following for the proposed Web-site:

1. Data Flow Diagrams the Web site.

2. Data dictionary

3. Process description

If you use object-oriented analysis method prepare the following for the proposed Web-site:

  • Process Model: Use-Case Diagrams for critical business processes
  • Data Model: A class diagram
  • Object Behavior Model: A Sequence Diagram for the major Use Case.
  • state transition diagrams
  • activity diagrams
  • Documentation of all data used in the above models

Phase 3:Transform the logical model into a detailed design. The design should include:

  • Database Design
  • Interface & Screens Design
  • Input, Output & report Design.
  • Control Design.
  • create an initial ERD
  • assign all data elements to entities
  • create 3NF designs for all tables, taking care to identify all primary, secondary, and foreign keys
  • generate the final ERD that will include new entities identified during normalization

(Note: There is no need to implement the database.)

  • Interface & Screens Design
  • Input, Output & report Design.
  • Control Design.


Applied Research in Psychology Paper Preparation Humanities Assignment Help

Sources of information are to be professional (such as your textbook) or scholarly (original research studies, preferably within the past five years, and no more than 10 years old). If you use popular media sources to provide practical application examples in your final paper, these are supplemental to your three professional and scholarly sources, and should not be summarized here for your Unit 8 work.

Using the template, complete the following:

  • Identify a clear topic and thesis for applied research in psychology. Your thesis statement should give your audience a clear one- or two-sentence “bottom line” understanding of what you want to say about your topic.
  • Summarize three sources of information for an applied research in psychology topic. In two or more paragraphs, describe what you are learning from your source about the topic. The paragraphs should be in your own words and not direct quotes from your source. You may use your own paraphrasing and summarizing in your final paper and must include in-text citations for your sources.




Summary of first source:

APA reference for first source:

Summary of second source:

APA reference for second source:

Summary of third source:

APA reference for third source



Directions Writing Assignment Help

Directions: Watch a disability movie or school movie you have not seen before. Obviously, I do not know your past movie history – so this is an “on your honor” movie choice. However, I do expect your choice to be professional. In other words, please do not watch a movie such as Frankenstein and consider that appropriate. Also, this activity may be done in groups no larger than 2 and each individual must submit their own paper.

Here is a link that may help you – however it is very easy to google “disability movies” and find additional lists. I do not have a good list for school movies.

What you will turn in: No more than 2 pages (double spaced). The following three items must be addressed: (1) Short synopsis of the movie, (2) Short synopsis of the individual with the disability (or target student), and (3) develop a behavior plan for the student. The behavior plan must consist of (1) behavioral objective; (2) hypothesis for behavior, (3) data collection system and rationale (see chapter 3), (4) articulated consequence/reinforcement schedule and rationale

This is intended to be a fun activity; however I do expect some critical thinking in your behavior plan.

Directions Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Presentation for portfolio analysis for stocks market Business Finance Assignment Help

want portfolio for stocks market attached in the Execl sheets for the period from 1/1/15 to 30/10/ 17

For Saudi Stock market (Tadawul) with portfolio

the link of Saudi Market:…


portfolio Comparison and analysis between all the 3 stocks

1- Tihama Advertising and Public Relations Co.

2- Saudi Electricity Co.

3- National Agricultural Marketing Co.

Then portfolio Comparison and analysis between two of the three stocks and one out

1- Tihama Advertising and Public Relations Co.

2- Saudi Electricity Co.

Then portfolio Comparison and analysis between two of the three stocks and one out

2- Saudi Electricity Co.

3- National Agricultural Marketing Co.

Documents required:

Ppt with full presentation includes:

To write a brief about Tadawul ( Sadui Market) and how many indexes company in the market and to write a brief about every company we are making the portfolio about it, the steps and results (analysis which firm is better and why) from the portfolio with graphs and conclusion.


Writing Assignemnt 3-4 pages to decide what type of budget to implement for a start-up company Writing Assignment Help

Assignment must be completed by Monday by 7a.m. on 11/27/17. I have included all documentation for this accounting writing assignment.

Start with a fictious company that manufactures a product you are interested in and this can be any product for example, motorcycles. Answer all of the questions related to your chosen company such as the type of budget you would use and how your value chain would appear. A great way to set up the paper is to begin with a short introduction introducing your product and then have a heading with discussion below for all of the required questions. End with a short summary of your paper and your answers to the questions. Do not plagiarize any ideas.


Applying Experiential, Empirical, and Theoretical Knowledge Writing Assignment Help

Statement of Philosophy for Working with Families and Communities:

Students will use their experiences with the children and families in their setting, any community connections they have made, as well as course content including readings and discussion to create a 1-2-page (single-spaced) statement of their philosophy for working with families and communities. This will include not only why they believe it is important to engage with families and communities as a teacher/ practitioner but also the ways they believe are most effective for doing this. They will include academic, both research and theory-based, literature as well as concrete examples from the readings. It is expected that experiential, empirical, and theoretical (research- and theory-based from course readings) knowledge will be used in this paper. All course readings should be cited appropriately in a reference section that follows the Statement of Philosophy.


you can use this information in my paper with edit from you.

one of my experience was in my life that my uncle has a Mental retardation:

when I was a little I was scared from my uncle I thought he was a crazy I don’t know the label of his disability and all the people around me call my uncle craze so I was call him like them. when I was in the high school I was sembathatic with him and he is my reasons to enter the college and study special education because I want to know more about him and do treat him and be like the other.

after that when I studied specail education I was awareness my family and my friends and the people around me about the people with special needs


Project Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help

develop an independent research idea and experimental design. The research idea should relate to issues in the developing world and involve assessing the impact of some development program intended to improve the wellbeing of low income or otherwise disadvantaged individuals/households/groups. (15 pages max per proposal).

The detailed requirements are attached, please read it very carefully.

I want professional and plagiarism free work.

First, Answer each of the following parts briefly (explain in few words) in 2 days ( after getting approval for the experiment you start write the paper)

  • 1.Introduction
    1. Introduce the topic of the research
    2. What research has come before it? What do we already know?
    3. What do we not know? What is the unanswered question? What is your unique research question?
    4. Why does the reader care about your research question? Why might it be important?
    5. This section should cite existing literature (academic.)
  • 2.Experimental Design
    1. How would you design an experiment to address your research question?
    2. What is the treatment group or groups?
    3. How do your treatments help you understand the impact of an intervention?
    4. How do your treatments help you understand the reason behind the impact?
    5. Are you using an RCT, a lab-in-the-field experiment, or both? Why?
    6. How is the integral approach considered in the design?
    7. Reflect upon the relationship between the intervention will interact with intrinsic motivations. Will this crowd-in or crowd-out desirable behavior? Also, discuss how the implementation of the study will take into account the intrinsic motivations of the participants.
    8. Sometimes figures, graphics, or tables are helpful for this section to make the organization of treatment clear.
  • 3.Econometric Model
    1. What is your outcome variable?
    2. What are your explanatory variables?
    3. Will you look for any heterogeneous treatment effects, i.e. conduct any subgroup analysis?
    4. What econometric model are you using?
    5. What are potential sources of bias?
    6. How are you controlling for these biases?
    7. This should include an equation or equations to specify the econometric model.
    8. Be sure to satisfy the Pre-Analysis Checklist
  • 4.Data Source
    1. Where do you intend to gather data? Why?
    2. What kind of data will you gather? What are the variables that you will collect?
    3. How will you collect the data? Particularly, how will you measure the key variables in your model such as the outcome variable(s), treatment variable(s), and key covariates?
  • 5.Anticipated findings
    1. What do you expect to find?
  • 6.Conclusion
    1. Briefly reiterate the motivation for the research.
    2. Discuss why it is important and what the implications would be if you find what you expect to find (and the implications of not finding what you expect to find).
    3. Discuss external validity concerns.


Please respond to the following scenario Business Finance Assignment Help

Please respond to the following scenario Business Finance Assignment Help

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