please write on alcoholism and the emotional ism using the references

Choose an “ism” and reflect on their engagement in the existing systems. This “ism” will pertain to a disenfranchised or oppressed group they have (potentially) negative feelings towards, lack of understanding of, or strong assumptions about. Reflection papers will require students to discuss their chosen “ism” in the context of personal experiences and perspectives. If readings or lectures are addressed, they must be cited appropriately. It must be written in APA format. The reflection should be no more than 2 pages and is due week 3.

I will use a grading rubric to evaluate your assignments. You can find this week’s grading rubric attached below. It’s wise for you to use the grading rubric as a list of requirements for your assignment. Review the rubric before starting your writing. Review the rubric again before submitting your assignment to ensure you’ve included all the requirements. Please make sure to proofread your work. Reading the text out loud will help you find errors.

Submissions Requirements
Please use APA formatting and Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font. (When we write academic essays, we never use the second person. This mean means we never use you, your, yours.) Please note that all essay assignments need to be submitted as a link to a shared Google Doc that you have shared with the instructor. )

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