POLI 136 research paper

POLI 136 research paper. POLI 136 research paper.

I’m working on a Political Science exercise and need support.

Choose ONE question and answer in 7-9 pages:

  1. Explain the logic of Islamic law (sources: lectures, Esposito)
  2. Explain the.impact of faith on economic behavior (sources: lectures, any book assigned for course)
  3. Explain the subordination model (sources: lectures, Oxtoby et al.)

The main sources you should use for this essay are indicated in parenthesis in each question above. You must cite all work that is not your own, including lectures. You must include a references section in your paper. The references do not count toward the page limit. While you may use outside sources, you don’t need to do so to get a top grade.


• Putnam, R. D. and D. E. Campbell (2012). American grace: How religion divides and unites us. Simon and Schuster

• Esposito, J. L. (2010). The future of Islam. Oxford University Press

• Segal, A. F. and W. G. Oxtoby (2007). A concise introduction to world religions. Oxford University Press

POLI 136 research paper

POLI 136 research paper

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