Political science essay

Political science essay. Political science essay.

Help me study for my Political Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

News Journal Written Assignment:

News Journals require you to relate current events to the topics covered within POS 2041, American National Government. For this Journal you will select your own article. The article you select will determine your success on this Journal. The article must be about Political Behavior (Elections, Political Parties, Public Opinion, Media, Interest Groups), and illustrate a concept discussed in your textbook. The news article you select must itself be at least 4 paragraphs in length and come from a major, national news source.

For a list of sources and search possibilities please go to the Media tab, on the POS 2041 Lib page. Please format your News Journal in the following manner:

  1. Summary – Summarize in paragraph form the facts and issues presented in the article. Please document the source of your information with a parenthetical reference.
  2. Application – Apply one or more concepts from your textbook to the information in the news article. Specifically explain how the material in your textbook is illustrated in the article you are examining. This can be accomplished by using examples from the article and terms or concepts found in the textbook.
  3. Analysis – Provide an analysis that identifies the perspective presented in the article and compare it to your understanding of the effect of political behavior on American Government today.

Please specifically identify each section by number and title.

Your essay should be between 300 and 500 words, double-spaced and in APA format, with parenthetical citations and a Reference List. A cover page is not necessary.

View the Written Assignment Rubric to understand how you will will be evaluated.

All essays will be submitted in the assigned drop box, which will include a Turnitin originality report.

Political science essay

Political science essay

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Political Science Essay

Political Science Essay. Political Science Essay.

Critique does not simply mean your opinion; it must be well-reasoned and backed up by reconstructing the arguments and ideas from the readings.  You may be surprised by the readings, think they are interesting, or incredibly boring.  …  In these shorter essays, you are expected to make a strong argument about a specific week’s readings, and to support this argument with theoretical and empirical evidence.  External sources are not required for the short papers.  Your sources for these papers are class readings.Paper Questions: Pick one, DON’T respond to all three1.    Who best understands ‘knowledge’ – poststructuralist or postcolonial theory?  Illustrate with an  example that you think is appropriate to the study of International Relations.2.    “Anarchy is what states make of it,” say Wendt.  What does this mean?  Do you agree with this take on this concept?3.    Identify what you think is the most valuable contribution that feminism makes to IR theory.  Discuss this with respect to some IR concept, and/or phenomenon.[supanova_question]

Data Science & Big Data Analy

Data Science & Big Data Analy.

I’m studying for my Article Writing class and need an explanation.

Perform some research of your own. Discuss how you see the future of data analytics.

· What opportunities could come out of data analytics in the future?

· Which industry or field will most benefit from data science?

· Which industry or field will find it the most challenging to gain benefits from data science?

· Will data analytics project management be different in the future? Why/why not?

Discussion Length (word count): At least 250 words with no Plagiarism.