Political Science – Journal Article Analysis Writing Assignment Help

Political Science – Journal Article Analysis Writing Assignment Help. Political Science – Journal Article Analysis Writing Assignment Help.

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Identify the 12 parts of the article, as described in the PDF. Highlight them in the article and annotate what they are.

Article: https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/EB81DBF0D2C155A74CBA2BA19973EC2D/S1755773920000090a.pdf/failed_and_successful_attempts_at_institutional_change_the_battle_for_marriage_equality_in_the_united_states.pdf


Demonstrate identification of parts

  • Paper: hand write on the margins or the back of the page
  • Electronic: electronically highlight the text and/or comment in margins of the page

Write Out the Research Design

  • Of the 12 parts, only one of them needs to be written out: Research Design. The Research Design is how the author compares the effect of the explanatory variable (X) on the outcome variable (O) in a group (G) or set of groups.
  • If needed, return to the Details of Analyzing Journal Articles page and the Walkthrough Presentation for clarification on the concept.

Political Science – Journal Article Analysis Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Vamsi HW – I need a case study on the below topic Writing Assignment Help

Chapter 1 – Review the Key Lessons from Chapter 1 – Explain the five key lessons and note the importance of each key lesson from chapter 1. Also, note why is it important to understand these basic concepts.

Chapter 2 – Note why the IT organizational structure is an important concept to understand. Also, note the role of IT in the overall business strategy.

(Information Technology and Organizational Learning Textbook)

The above submission should be two pages in length and adhere to APA formatting standards.

**Remember the APA cover page and the references (if required) do not count towards the page length**

Book link: https://opentextbook.site/informationsystems2019/front-matter/title-page-information-systems-introduction/

In the website, click on the left hand side content. you can access chapter 1 and 2

3 pages min, APA format and references if applicable.


How obesity contributes to heart related diseases in United States of America Writing Assignment Help

The Final Project Proposal is a written submission in which students identify and discuss the issue(s) surrounding their chosen themes/topics and propose a program, initiative, or activity that will address those issues. For example, a student from a previous semester chose the theme of Climate Change and Natural Disasters for his project package. For the Final Project Product Proposal, he discussed how climate change affects agriculture in South and Central America. Within the proposal, he identified the issue and causes, prior attempts and deficiencies in addressing the issue, and proposed the solution of enhancing global awareness through art (making information pertaining to climate change more appealing and interesting for a targeted audience).

Am attaching project template and the sample final project proposal


Health and prevention Writing Assignment Help

  • Posts: Create a thread and answer one of the following questions in your post. Copy the short title phrase you are answering (e.g. Comparing Adults’ Development) and paste it at the top of your post in bold (use the formatting options at the top of your composition box). Your own post should be at least 250 words. Integrate your views with those of the textbook and the optional articles; use APA style citations.
  • Replies: Seek to extend the Discussion by asking good questions or sharing an illustration that furthers (or contradicts) another student’s point. Two replies are required, you may reply to anyone’s post.
  • Chapter 5 | Health and Prevention in Adulthood

    Christine and Paul [Video file]. (2006). Filmakers Library. Retrieved January 1, 2015, from Filmakers Library

    Chapter 6 | Basic Cognitive Functions in Adulthood

    Neuroscience and the Brain: Implications for Counseling and Therapy [Video file]. (2008). Microtraining Associates. Retrieved January 1, 2015, from Counseling and Therapy in Video: Volume I. Chapter 6—Stress and Memory; Chapter 7—Memory, Language, Emotion and the Social Brain. Chpater 8: Memeory, Wellness, and Positive Psychology.

    Chapter 7 | Higher-Order Cognitive Functions in Adulthood

    Davidson, J. (Director), & Davidson, F. (Producer). (2010). The Emotional Brain: An Introduction to Affective Neuroscience[Video file]. Davidson Films, Inc. Retrieved January 1, 2015, from Counseling and Therapy in Video: Volume II.


R-studio programing – data science Mathematics Assignment Help

1. Use relative paths to load these data frames into R.

“`{r, eval=TRUE}


2. These data are messy. The observational units in `fert`, `life`, and `pop` are locations in space-time (e.g. Aruba in 2017). Recall that tidy data should have one observational unit per row.

– Make these data tidy now.

– Make sure the new year variable is a numeric.

“`{r, eval = TRUE}


3. Combine these data frames so the fertility rate, population, life expectancy, and the region for each country in each year are in a single data frame.

“`{r, eval = TRUE}


4. Make a scatterplot of fertility rate vs life expectancy, color-coding by region and annotating size by the population.

+ Include only the years 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010. Facet by these years.

+ Interpret the plot in one sentence.

+ Your final plot should look like this:

“`{r, eval=TRUE}


5. Calculate the total population for each region for each year. Exclude 2018.

+ Make a line plot of year versus log of total population, color-coding by region.

+ Interpret the plot in one sentence.

+ Your final plot should look like this:

“`{r, eval = TRUE}


6. Make a bar plot of population vs region for the year 2017.

+ Order the bars on the $y$-axis in **decreasing** order of population.

+ Your final plot should look like this:

“`{r, eval = TRUE}




Replies to posts – 100 words each – 5 posts Business Finance Assignment Help

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Please write replies to the posts. Label each reply with the date and time that accompanies each post. Your reply should
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Each reply should not exceed 100 words

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Replies to posts – 100 words each – 5 posts Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Business Discussion 1 Business Finance Assignment Help

Each module’s Discussion Forum in this class has two topics – one for the first week and another for the second.

In the Module 1 Discussion Forum be sure to post your responses using the background material, including the reading and video on the Job Characteristics Model. Here is a shorter synopsis of that material:

Louis, D. J. (2016) Notes on the Job Characteristics Model.

In Week 1, consider a job you have held that you did NOT find motivating. What job characteristics were missing? Look at another student’s post and suggest some ways that a manager could redesign that job to enhance one or more job characteristics and increase the motivating properties of that job. When someone has posted to your original job characteristics, go back and comment on whether or not the suggested changes would have made you feel more motivated. Why or why not?

(Besides the source listed above, introduce and cite at least one other source of information for your initial post.)

Remember, after you submit your answer to the Discussion this week, you also need to respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

(In total for this module’s two-part Discussion you should have contributed to at least two Discussion Question posts and four response posts to your classmates.)

You MUST participate in BOTH Week 1 and Week 2 Discussions to get credit for this module’s Discussion.

Posting early each week will allow for more opportunities for leading the discussions, making substantial contributions, and engaging in meaningful and mutual discussions with others.


Research paper with analyze data via Python & Spss. Health Medical Assignment Help

IV. Methodology

Explain specifically what you intend to do for the research in this study. (You will not actually be doing the study but proposing what should be done).
3 page maximum.
The methodology should include a step-by-step approach that includes at least the following:
What type of study design will you conduct and why?

a. Descriptive Study Design: Survey Research, Correlational Research, Observational Research
b. Analytic Study Designs: Prospective, Case-Control, Experimental (RCT), Quasi-Experimental, Evaluation Methods, Systematic Review and Meta Analysis.

c. Describe the methods in logical order, and in relation to:
Time—when the study will be conducted and for how long
Place—facilities involved.
Persons—the population under study
The data collection process also is included in this section. It describes:
How the data will be collected (questionnaire, interview, abstracting)
What data will be collected and why
How the data will be categorized and why
Who will collect the data
Training techniques
Where the data will be stored
How patient identifiers will be handled
How the data will be accessed
How confidentiality of the data will be protected
Institutional Review Board Approval or Submission for Approval
V. Budget

The budget normally includes salary and fringe benefits for personnel, equipment, supplies, travel, patient care costs, contractual costs, consulting costs, telephone calls, paper, computer usage, and equipment maintenance. (1 page)
The budget must be realistic in relation to the research plan.
Over- or underestimating the budget may alert the proposal reviewers that the investigator does not truly understand the research project.
Justification for each budget line item is essential.
Such items include the specific functions of the personnel, consultants, statisticians, and collaborators.
Grants that cover multiple years should contain budgets that reflect each year and include changes in costs (such as salaries and fringe benefits) over time.

VI. Literature Cited
Reference all literature cited at the end of the proposal

VII. Appendix
Submit your Appendix and may include the following:
a. Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
b. Samples of Data Collection Forms
c. Samples of surveys or questionnaires
d. Samples of maps describing a certain area that you will study, etc.

Notice I need to analyze data and add on the papers

I need to change Hypothesis and Specific Aims to more easier one,

I need to change Hypothesis and Specific Aims to more easier one, can you do that ?


ENG 1102 ​Short Story Essay Writing Assignment Help

Objective: To construct an essay based on the student’s interpretation and understanding of stoary with the use of textual citations from the information while using MLA format.


  • Compare and contrast two women from the short stories we have read.
  • Compare depression and their significances to the characters in three of the stories we have read.
  • Prove how the “Wallpaper” made the Lady go insane or set her free.
  • Prove how the men (in at least two stories) made a major impact on the end results of the story.
  • Compare and contrast the plot developments in at least two of the stories to prove how the reader should have foretold the endings.
  • Compare at least two authors AND their backgrounds to prove how their lives impacted the works they created. You must ALSO cite the works and use information from the works that the authors wrote as well as the autobiographical information about the authors.

Essay Requirement:

Construct a well-written five paragraph essay, 500 words minimum. The essay should include the specifics from one of the topics above, have MLA formatting, have a correct works cited page, include all sentence patterns that were discussed in class notes, and have a sound thesis which was proven with the three points presented in the essay. Each body paragraph should have at least two citations from the works suggested in the essay. The introduction must have the authors and the works listed. The thesis should be a concise statement and should not list the specifics to be stated in the paper, and the thesis should be the last sentence of the introduction.

  • This is the link for the article to read.



Need 1, 2 and 3 in different docs with 3-4 references each in APA citation format – No Plagiarism please Engineering Assignment Help

Question 1:

In a corporate, networked setting, should end users be allowed to install applications on their company workstations, whether the applications are on a DVD or downloaded from the Internet? Be sure to weigh security against usability.

(400-450 words in word document with references 6 years or less old)(Please follow APA format) Please 3 references from journals or books will be appreciated.

Question 2:

For this assignment, you are asked to locate any company privacy policy. Some of the more popular ones might include GOOGLE, APPLE, or MICROSOFT, but you may elect to review another agency. In 3- 4 paragraphs, explain what you find to be the most interesting information contained in that privacy policy. At the end of your report, please include a LINK to the policy you have reviewed.

(900-1000 words in word document with references 6 years or less old)(Please follow APA format) Please 3 references from journals or books will be appreciated.

Please also include abstract and conclusion for question 2

Question 3:

You have learned about budgeting strategies and how to effectively put a budget in place. You also have looked at how to create various budgets. For your discussion board post in week five please read case 9-46 on the bottom of page 423 in your textbook. Then in your post answer the two questions posed regarding this case. Describe several operational and behavioral benefits that are generally attributed to a participative budgetary process. Identify at least four deficiencies in Patricia Eklund’s participative policy for planning and performance evaluation purposes. For each deficiency identified, recommend how it can be corrected.

(400-450 words in word document with references 6 years or less old)(Please follow APA format) Please 3 references from journals or books will be appreciated.

case 9-46 is attached below


Political Science – Journal Article Analysis Writing Assignment Help

Political Science – Journal Article Analysis Writing Assignment Help

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