Porter’s Diamond Business Finance Assignment Help

Porter’s Diamond Business Finance Assignment Help. Porter’s Diamond Business Finance Assignment Help.

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ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Comment on the response of 1 of your
peers. The response should consist of no less than 150 words and should
incorporate at least one outside, i.e., from a library database search,
APA formatted reference at the end of the post.Your responses must ask a
pertinent question, contribute significantly to your classmate’s
posting and foster further discussion in order to receive the full
points per response. To make a knowledgeable posting, it would be a good
idea to review the supplemental material before writing your response
QUESTION: After reading the article by Michael Porter on his Diamond of National Advantage (in addition to the Dyer et al text, p. 181, apply Porter’s Diamond to an organization and an international market where the organization currently does business. Apply and summarize all four factors of the diamond to the organization and market. You may need to do research on the company and its operations in the international market as well as background on Porter’s Diamond.

ANNA’S RESPONSE: Porter’s Diamond is an economic model established by Michael Porter in his book The Competitive Advantage of Nations. The model usually helps in analyzing the external competitive environment to assist organizations in determining the relative strength and explain why companies possess regional advantage or are competitive. Porter explained that enterprises gain an advantage against the International’s best competitors due to challenge and pressure (Porter, 2012). An example of an organization where Porter’s Diamond can be used to explain a regional advantage is in the Audi manufacturing industry in Germany. Audi is a brand for an automobile manufacturer that engineers, produces, designs, market, and distributes luxury cars (Grünig & Morschett, 2017). The vehicle manufacturing industry has a regional advantage since it fulfills the four key factors in Porter’s Diamond.

The four factors of Porter’s diamond to the organization and market include. Firstly, the firm strategy and rivalry which involve competition in the home market that drives quality and innovation. Notably, the factor is observed among a lot of cars manufacturers where they compete extremely and keep on developing more quality and innovative products and services. Secondly, the factor condition which involves polished home buyers within the Germany who are aware and demand for quality, innovative, and advanced products and services creating global competition (Rugman & Verbeke, 2014). For instance, some part of the country has no speed limits, and customers demand conditions which involve more powerful cars. The vehicle manufacturing Company has in particular aimed at developing innovative engines to meet the customers’ demand.

Thirdly, the related and supporting factor involves inputs for a nation that drives success. Industries such as steel and iron industry that provide materials to the car manufacturing industry play a fundamental role in ensuring that the company maintains a competitive advantage (Dyer, Godfrey, Jensen, & Bryce, 2015). Also, the banks for capital, component suppliers, and workforce are crucial for the industry. Finally, factor conditions that include skilled engineers from renowned universities in Germany and the government help by pushing the sector through scientific research.

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the Business Roundtable Business Finance Assignment Help

1st Discussion

According to the Business Roundtable, “Effective corporate governance requires a clear understanding of the respective roles of the board and senior management and their relationships with others in the corporate structure. The relationships of the board and management with stockholders should be characterized with candor; their relationships with employees should be characterized by fairness; their relationships with communities in which they operate should be characterized by good citizenship; and their relationships with government should be characterized by a commitment to compliance.” Discuss what is meant by each element of the statement with respect to creating an ethical organizational environment.

2nd Discussion

It is a distinguishing mark of actions labeled “whistleblowing” that the agent intends to force attention to a serious moral problem. How does this statement relate to whistle-blowers who come forward under provisions of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act? Respond to the question by considering the motivations to blow the whistle as discussed in this chapter. Do you believe that the Dodd-Frank whistle-blower program that incentivizes reporting fraud and other wrongdoings in return for a monetary reward is ethical? Use the ethical reasoning methods to answer the question.

Please cite all borrowed information and provide at lease one reference.


Criminal Justice program and acquired your dream career working with the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Business Finance Assignment Help

You have just graduated from the Criminal Justice program and acquired your dream career working with the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS). You love to write articles of criminal justice interest, and because the NCJRS provides links to millions and millions of criminal justice references, you find yourself in awe of your career. For your first assignment, you have been asked present a report at an upcoming criminal justice conference. This report will help your colleagues better understand how databases, technology, polices, and so forth affect the administration of justice and the outcome of court cases in particular. Your training coordinator expects you to highlight several examples of how criminal justice databases, computer technology, and policies have changed the way crimes are investigated and how criminals are brought to justice. Address how 2 of the following databases, technology tools, and policies have changed the legal landscape in the United States in your paper of 3–4 pages. On the two topics selected, you should address the history, administration, purpose, and so forth:

  • Fingerprint analysis
  • DNA databases
  • Ballistics testing
  • Tire tread analysis
  • Tracking of illegal pornographic images
  • Modus operandi databases
  • Three strikes laws
  • Gun control laws
  • Megan’s law
  • Domestic violence laws
  • The exclusionary rule
  • Lie detectors
  • Inmate classification systems
  • Truth in sentencing laws


Assignment: Individual Reflection: Handling Difficult Conversations Business Finance Assignment Help


Assignment: Individual Reflection: Handling Difficult Conversations

What is the cost of avoiding a difficult or stressful conversation? At the workplace, avoiding such conversations can lead to absenteeism, low morale, and—in some circumstances—costly litigation. Avoiding difficult conversations can also indulge the worst behaviors in uncooperative colleagues, partners, and employees: gossip, infighting, and retaliation that distract the organization from its purpose and goals. Such avoidance of conflict can sap motivation and push talented employees out the door. Managers need to be familiar with processes for approaching difficult conversations, and how to learn from previous experiences to improve this important skill.

As your Learning Resources have reflected (Edmondson & Smith, 2006; Weeks, 2001), engaging in difficult conversations can be one of the more difficult responsibilities of a manager. Difficult conversations involving money, performance, and expectations are inevitable in the workplace, so managers need to know how to approach them effectively whether they are delivering negative feedback and bad news, de-escalating unhealthy conflict between colleagues, or working through an organizational crisis.

To prepare for this Individual Reflection, recall a difficult face to face conversation that you have had in a professional setting where you had to give or receive critical feedback. Reflect on whether you were prepared for the conversation, the positive and negative elements of the conversation, and how it ended. Also, reflect on the steps you initiated after the conversation occurred.

By Day 7

Submit a 2- to 3-page account of a difficult conversation you had in a professional context. Make sure you include the following:

  • First, briefly describe the circumstances of a difficult face-to-face conversation you have had in a professional setting. Then recount the specific actions you took to try to resolve the situation, and explain whether or not those actions were effective and why.
  • Applying the learning resources from the week, analyze the difficult conversation and explain what it taught you about your own approach to communication, and the strategies that would help you improve your communication skills. Be sure to provide a rationale as to why you think these strategies would be effective for you and lead to better results in these types of circumstances.
  • Finally, if you were to face a similar difficult conversation today, explain how you would prepare for it. Use the weekly Learning Resources and, where appropriate, your personal and professional experiences to support conclusions.

Edmondson, A., & Smith, D. (2006). Too hot to handle? How to manage relationship conflict. California Management Review, 49(1), 6–31.


passing of the USA Freedom Act Computer Science Assignment Help

The passing of the USA Freedom Act does not guarantee that the average citizen will enjoy any more free than they have in the past. Sure the NSA and other organization may rely on other means to access the data that is being collected. However, it would be naive to believe that the government would give up a collection method without having another in there wheelhouse. We store tons of data online it would be easier to rely on tools that gather information from the internet than obtain it through the court systems.

Poor knowledge of civil liberties has not been a factor in the infringement of American’s civil liberties. It is the complacency with the policies that has contributed to the infringement of civil liberties. We as the people believe that these policies do not affect us, to the extent that they do. However, the amount of data we are freely willing to give is astounding. On social media alone we tag ourselves in pictures that hold GPS data of locations and times. We give away our birthdays on social media. We have come to terms with the fact that we are being tracked and assuming I’m not doing anything wrong why should I care.

Now comes the fun part should the NSA continue its monitoring program? After all this is an ethics class. Is it ethically right to monitor the data of all citizens? I would venture to say without a reason to suspect that someone is going to commit an act of terrorism then no. Also if we where to look at the travel patterns of terrorist organizations, terrorists are usually trained in foreign countries usually in the middle east. If certain criteria are met then I believe that monitoring should continue. If we are so willing to give out our information online that we should we care that it is gathered at all. If we didn’t want it out there maybe we should put it out there.



Question and Problem Sets Business Finance Assignment Help

Complete the Questions and Problems in the Questions and Problems Excel Spreadsheet. I have prepared this spreadsheet as trial for week one. I have put of the problems in the file and created tabs for each problems. Please note question #1, #2 and #8 have templates to help you solve the problem. What you need to do is the following:

  1. Complete problems 1-8 on the tab labled for that problem, then put the answer for each problem on Tab 1 This allows me to ensure I am seeing your correct final answer making accurate grading. Please make sure on the tab for the problem you show all work.

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Help with Research Paper Writing Assignment Help

Complete a draft of the prospectus by entering information from your 10 Key Strategic Points document into the prospectus template according to the helps and criteria presented in each section of the template. Be sure to synthesize into the prospectus draft all feedback given by prior instructors on your 10 Key Strategic Points document.

See attachment for Prospectus template and 10 Strategic Points. Use the highlighted information for the 10 Strategic points on the reflection form docx.

Include your 10 Key Strategic Points document as Appendix A in this submission. create this page I will cut and copy the form on it.


Discussion share you reasons for seeking to expand your knowledge as a Health Informatics & Information Management Professional Health Medical Assignment Help

Use APA for all references, and include a minimum of 2 references each for each question.

  • In a minimum of 500 words,share you reasons for seeking to expand your knowledge as a Health Informatics & Information Management Professional or explain your reasons why you have decided to change careers and enroll in the Master of Science in Health Informatics Administration program. Discuss your future career goals and aspirations in the profession.
  • In a minimum of 500 words discusss Confidentiality, integrity, and availability or the CIA triad of security is introduced in this session. These three dimensions of security may often conflict. Confidentiality and integrity often limit availability. So, a system should provide only what is truly needed. This means that a security expert has to carefully analyze what is more important among these three dimensions of security in a system or application.
  • In a minimum of 500, discuss the importance of joining professional associations and the opportunities that presents itself as a member. Are you a member of AHIMA? If not, are you planning to join AHIMA? Please provide an example (and justification) where the confidentiality of a system is more important than the integrity or availability of that system. Then provide an example where the integrity of a system is more important than the confidentiality or availability of that system. Finally, provide an example of a system where the availability of a system is more important than the confidentiality or integrity of that system. For example, you might say availability is more important than integrity and confidentiality in a cell telephone system since one must be able to reach their loved ones in an emergency. Someone else might argue confidentiality/privacy is more important in such a system.


Design a simulation to help Jane determine how many order pickers she should hire so that demand Business Finance Assignment Help

Part I (15 points):

A warehouse manager, Jane, needs to determine how many order pickers she should staff. The daily demand is normally distributed with a mean of 58,855 orders and a standard deviation of 4876 orders. The number of orders that order pickers pick daily is normally distributed with a mean of 6012 orders and a standard deviation of 163 orders.

Design a simulation to help Jane determine how many order pickers she should hire so that demand is satisfied at least 97.5% of the time.

Part II (10 points):

Jane has instructed her QA Department to inspect the picked orders for order accuracy because sales has been reporting that many customers have complaints about inaccurate orders. QA reports that the yield is normally distributed with a mean of 98.8% and a standard deviation of 0.43% which Jane finds unsatisfactory. She has mandated a minimum yield of 99%! The QA Department and Operations have started to design a Six Sigma improvement project to increase the yield to at least 99% but this will take months to complete.

In the meantime, Jane has ordered QA to hire scanners who will inspect the orders and repair the inaccurate orders. QA reports that this has been done in the past and the scanners achieve a 100% yield on the scanned orders. Their output is normally distributed with a mean of 2133 orders and a standard deviation of 97 orders.

Design a simulation to help Jane determine how many order scanners she should hire to achieve the 99% minimum yield.

Note 1: Yields cannot exceed 100%

Note 2: The final yield is calculated as:

[((Original demand – Orders scanned) * Yield) + Orders Scanned]/Original demand


Literature Humanities Assignment Help

In Week Five of this course, you will submit a four- to five-page Literary Analysis in response to one of the topics from the approved List of Writing Prompts. This week, you will choose the topic you would like to explore, offer some information on what interests you about this topic, and supply a working thesis and key ideas you would like to develop. Though it might seem early to choose your topic, with only five weeks in the course, it is important to start early to best set yourself up for success.

After reviewing the list of prompts, choose one that you would like to explore. In addition, you should choose a literary work to discuss that relates to your topic of choice. The suggested literary works for each topic are listed beneath each prompt. Please review the Week 5 model example to understand what you are working toward on this assignment and future assignments.

Once you have decided on a prompt and text, respond to the directives below using the Proposal for Final Paper WorksheetView in a new window. Please make sure your document is double spaced. See the Sample Proposal for guidance.


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Porter’s Diamond Business Finance Assignment Help

Porter’s Diamond Business Finance Assignment Help

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