Portfolio Project Writing Assignment Help

Portfolio Project Writing Assignment Help. Portfolio Project Writing Assignment Help.

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Becoming a college student means that you have a responsibility to apply knowledge to advance your field and to make the world a better place. Through practicing critical thinking skills, we learn not only to avoid being manipulated in our thinking, but to fully support and provide evidence for our ideas. Your Critical Thinking Journal, if you kept one, will help inform your final project.

Option #1: Write an 8 to 10 page essay (not counting required title or reference page).


Begin the process of constructing your project by choosing a particular issue or problem. It could be related to your personal life or career path. The goal is then to align this problem or issue with a specific logic model from the text and/or other critical thinking tools you have been learning throughout the course. As you construct your essay, utilize critical thinking tools to evaluate your data and your credible research, interpret this data, and understand your specific problem or issue from a broader, deeper and more focused perspective. Accessing and implementing credible research is vitally important in the process of constructing your final essay as it will also be important in all your future coursework.

In constructing your essay, utilize and integrate the Elements of Thought.

Your paper must:

  • Cite at least 6 scholarly peer-reviewed sources that are not required or recommended readings for this course. You may include a credible website.
  • Incorporate terms and concepts from the class readings and lecture pages.
  • Be formatted according to the APA requirements.

Keep in mind the following preliminary deliverables throughout the course that will go toward completing your project:

  • Week 4: Submit Portfolio Topic (worth 20 points toward final portfolio score)
  • Week 6: Submit Portfolio Outline (worth 20 points toward final portfolio score)

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Decision Making Workshop Business Finance Assignment Help

Decision Making Workshop

Submit the workshop resources you designed and created for your Workshop, including PowerPoints, handouts, worksheets, and the participant evaluation form. In an EXCEL spreadsheet, list all of the questions/ statements on your participant evaluation form and add the scores given by participants for each question / statement. Run averages for each question / statement and save. Submit the EXCEL spreadsheet organizing the responses of your participants.

(Workshop Planning)

(DM Workshop Handout)

Don’t know if the last DM Handout is going to help because I turned the last one in and the teacher said “Your table should look more like the table on page 122 with the “Is” and “Not” categories and then “Key Passage” for each of the actions. The a,b, and c in the prompt was meant to give you direction as to each of the actions and not as categories”  about it so I did the 2 above it after.

(Workshop Plan)

(DM Strategy Presentation)

I will also need you to devise a way for a manageable Q&A, or possibly a FAQ. And have 7-10 people fill them out because you will need that information to go with all of this.


I need an essay on social science with these instructions Writing Assignment Help

There will be 3 essays based on the book Evicted this is the first one. Attached is the ruberic, instructions and book summary. I hope you can gain access to the full book. First Essay due tomorrow. the next essays will be due Tuesday then wednesday. So I will need a well constructed essay that will connect with the other 2 essays that we will also write.

Here are the Questions to be asked:

In each essay (3-4 pages, double-spaced), briefly describe the author’s main point(s) or argument(s) and your response. Please submit to Canvas by 11:59 on day due. (See course outline) This is not a summary; you should critically and thoughtfully answer the following questions:

  1. What is/are the main point(s)/argument(s) in the particular section of the book?
  2. What sort of evidence does the author use to make his/her/their point(s)?
  3. How does the evidence support/not support the main point(s)/argument(s)?
  4. Application of other course readings to this section of Evicted. Do you see evidence of or lack thereof of the other concepts, theories, approach to housing stability?

from Author’s website http://www.evictedbook.com (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/inside-the-new-york-times-book-review-a-mothers-reckoning/id120315179?i=1000374813542&mt=2 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/inside-the-new-york-times-book-review-a-mothers-reckoning/id120315179?i=1000374813542&mt=2

During Week 3, you will engage in field work to deepen your understanding of poverty and homelessness. Learning activities will include: reading Evicted: Poverty & Profit in the American City; designing a self-sufficiency budget & simulated grocery shopping on SNAP; and collaborative researching through field-work, social service agencies’ current responses to homelessness and sustainable housing. It is my expectation that site visits are conducted as a group during the time our class would normally meet so as to accommodate and respect your personal schedules.


Who Do You Owe? Business Finance Assignment Help


In this unit, the focus shifts to “why do people act in ethical or unethical ways?” Philosophers, religious scholars, biologists, psychologists, sociologists, and criminologists have all tried to explain why people do bad things. Biology, learning theory, and Kohlberg’s moral stages are used to explain why people behave the way they do. The focus then turns to issues concerning ethics teaching and training. It seems clear that training alone is not sufficient and must be combined with ethical leadership, which in turn, is essential for the ethical organization. The greatest protection against corruption of power is a belief in a commitment to the democratic process and all it entails.


After reviewing the media Ethical Decisions – Who Do You Owe?, place yourself in the role of the FBI special agent who is faced with dilemma portrayed in the media. What should you do? Would you report this trainee to a supervisor? Would you talk to his father about it and hope he would handle it? What if this trainee becomes an agent and continues to engage in future misconduct?

In your paper:

  • Identify the variables that you would consider in determining your approach to the situation.
  • Determine whether you would report an FBI trainee for cheating on a written examination.
  • Predict the possible implications of not reporting the misconduct.


Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Written communication: Must be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • References: Support your ideas and opinions with appropriate resources.
  • APA formatting: Format resources and citations as per current APA style and formatting guidelines.
  • Length of paper: Three pages, not including the title page and the references page.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.


Assignment 1.1: Industrialization After the Civil War Thesis and Outline Humanities Assignment Help

Assignment 1.1: Industrialization After the Civil War Thesis and Outline

Due Week 3 and worth 70 points

After the Civil War, the United States became a much more industrialized society. Between 1865 and 1920, industrialization improved American life in many ways. However, industrialization also created problems for American society. Consider events that took place after the Civil War and discuss ways that industrialization affected the U.S. between 1865 and 1920.

Part 1:

  1. Write a thesis statement that is one to two (1-2) sentences long in which you:
    1. State your thesis on how industrialization after the Civil War influenced U.S. society, economy, and politics. Justify your response.

For the first part of this assignment you will create a thesis statement. A thesis statement is usually a single sentence somewhere in your first paragraph that presents your main idea to the reader. The body of the essay organizes the material you gather and present in support of your main idea. Keep in mind that a thesis is an interpretation of a question or subject, not the subject itself. (Note: Please consult the Purdue OWL Website with tips on how to construct a proper thesis; the website can be found at: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/545/01…

Part 2:

For the next part of this assignment you will create an outline of the main points you want to address in this paper. This outline will serve as the basis for your Assignment 1.2 Final Draft. (Note: Please use the Purdue Owl Website to assist you with this assignment; this website can be accessed at: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/engagement/2/2/55/

  1. Write a one to two (1-2) page outline in which you:
    1. List three (3) major aspects of industrialization between 1865 and 1920. In your response, consider society, the economy, and politics.
    2. List five (5) specific groups that were affected by industrialization. Provide two (2) examples for each group describing how the group was affected. (Consider issues such as race, ethnicity, gender, child labor, etc.)
    3. List five (5) ways that industrialization affected the life of the average working American during this period.
    4. Use at least three (3) academic references besides or in addition to the textbook. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Identify and discuss the different ways that the Civil War, Reconstruction, and Industrialization after the Civil War have shaped America’s history.
  • Summarize and discuss the ways that formal policies of government have influenced the direction of historical and social development in the United States.
  • Recognize the major turning points in American history since the Civil War.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in contemporary U.S. history.
  • Write clearly and concisely about contemporary U.S. history using proper writing mechanics.

Click here to view the grading rubric.



history, multiculturalism Humanities Assignment Help

HN502-4: Evaluate the role of diversity awareness and multiculturalism in meeting human needs.

PC-6.3: Integrate standards of the field and ethical principles into the problem solving process.

Jeff is a Human Services Professional who has recently moved to a new city. He was hired at a community mental agency. He speaks Spanish fluently and has worked with culturally diverse groups. The agency often receives Latino/a clients who are court ordered to receive mental health services. At the agency there is one Latina therapist and the rest of the staff is White. He often hears negative comments made by some of the therapists about Latino/a clients. He overheard one therapist saying that she diagnoses most of her Hispanic clients with personality disorders using MMPI-2 (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) and none of them are getting better nor do they actively participate in therapy. Jeff is concerned that the agency is bias in their service delivery to Latino/a clients.

Please answer the following:

  1. Describe some possible common bias during service delivery process at Jeff’s agency. This should include a discussion of bias in diagnosing, assessing, and perceptions of Latino/a clients.
  2. The bias of service delivery at Jeff’s agency could be intentional or unintentional such as racial microggressions. Discuss the three forms of racial microaggressions, how these contribute to bias in service delivery, and suggestions to help overcome them at Jeff’s agency.
  3. Acculturative stress can occur in Latino/a clients as they adjust to living in America. What impact might acculturative stress have on the Latino/a clients seen at Jeff’s agency?
  4. Provide some suggestions on service delivery methods that can help meet the needs of the Latino/a clients at Jeff’s agency.

Provide appropriate citations and references in APA Style formatting to reference the text or any other outside source in your answers. Your assignment should be 3-5 pages long. Be sure to look at the grading rubric in the Syllabus to ensure that you have covered all of the expectations for the Assignment! Your writing should be in Standard American English and be clear and specific with few errors.

history, multiculturalism Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Guttation Report Science Assignment Help

Guttation – Even Plants Sweat

Guttation is a result of root pressure (by osmosis) that expresses itself in times of warm temperatures and very high humidity (close to 100% RH). Transpiration is the process where water is moved through the plant and out the stomata as water vapor. Among other things, it cools the plant similarly as perspiring does in humans. It only is apparent when transpiration is greatly reduced by the high humidity and appears as large drops of water at regular intervals along the margins of leaves through special openings called hydathodes. (especially in monocots, like grasses).

Place a bag over a monocot house plant (Purple hearts and Spider plants are good) or place a large, clear plastic or glass jar (1- 2 gallons) on a section of your lawn (seasonal) and weight it down with a stone or brick. As the humidity increases, you may see small droplets of water along the leaf edges (margins) begin to grow. This is guttation.

Fig. “Bagged” plant to induce guttation. (left) Covered plants (sedges – monocots) to induce guttation. (right)

Fig. Purple Heart (Tradescantia pallida), showing guttation.

Fig. Purple Heart (Tradescantia pallida), showing guttation.

Assessment: Attach as a Word document to the assignment.

Write a brief summary (with accompanying photos) of your above exercise in guttation. One page will do.

Define the following terms. You may use any source that you want (Botany texts, internet, etc.)

1. Transpiration

2. Stomata

3.Guard cells



Additional Assessment:

1.Compare and contrast transpiration and guttation.

2.Is guttation the same as dew?

3.If not, how is it different?

4.Is there water that has condensed inside of the bag or jar? Explain.

5.Compare and contrast stomata and hydathodes.


The Great Gatsby Essay Writing Assignment Help

In this essay, you should choose two main themes or ideas of the book and describe how they interact– if one supports the other, if they contrast with each other to make them both stand out more, if one idea makes the other idea more complicated than it seemed at first, etc. Be sure to support your claim with evidence from the text, paying attention to both the language and the narrative structure.

Your essay should be at least 1000 words, and should follow all conventions of formal English writing. All quotations must cite a page number in a parenthetical citation. You should not need to consult any outside sources for this essay, but if you do, be sure to cite those sources and include them in a “Works Cited” section as well.


What are the major issues that the U.S. government is facing in protecting its borders from illegal immigration and its citizens from domestic and foreign terrorist attacks, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Each question requires a full two page, response. You can double space. Be sure to cite sources where appropriate. APA format 6th edition.


1. What are the major issues that the U.S. government is facing in protecting its borders from illegal immigration and its citizens from domestic and foreign terrorist attacks? How have those issues been addressed?

2. Throughout the history of emergency management in the United States, priorities set for government emergency management agencies have been driven by the most widely perceived threat or hazard. In your opinion, is DHS’s current focus on terrorism the right area to be focused on, or should more attention be paid to natural disaster management?


Music in Humanities, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Please read the instruction carefully before sending it.

choose one of these two questions , also provide two posts to respond to students. (300 words).

Select ONE of the following questions and write a personalized response to the question selected, using appropriate musical terminology from the readings associated with Module 5: The Romantic Period. Your reflection should have a minimum of 300 words and should be your original work, not the work or analysis published in another source. Then read and reply to two (2) of your classmates’ posts, offering your insight into the works discussed. (You may choose to respond to a question other than the one you chose for your initial post.)

Question 1:
Can you think of any music performers from today, or from recent times, whose performance technique — virtuosic (showy) like Paganini’s and Liszt’s -– includes or included magnificent showmanship? (Check the textbook and Wikipedia for information about Paganini and Liszt.) Identify and describe that performer’s style of showmanship. Compare it to the style of showmanship that was associated with Paganini or Liszt.

Question 2:
The Romantic era was a time of dramatic change in the world. What key “revolutionary” influences do you think are most important in the art, literature, and music of the 19th century? What characteristics of the musical developments of the Romantic era can you hear in contemporary popular music that you generally listen to?

Remember: You only receive full points when you complete the forum by responding to two other classmates’ postings.


Portfolio Project Writing Assignment Help

Portfolio Project Writing Assignment Help

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