POS2041 writting assignment

POS2041 writting assignment. POS2041 writting assignment.

I don’t know how to handle this Political Science question and need guidance.

Please choose 4 issues and typed-double spaced, 3 pages per topic write your thoughts, analysis, pros, cons, research, examples, thinking about conclusions on each one of the topics.

1.Devise a system to elect the President of the U.S. by replacing the current Electoral College System

2. Does the Media have a Liberal bias ?

3. May the President wiretap without a warrant to protect national security ?

4. Is America becoming more unequal?

5. Do religious groups have a right to use public school facilities after hours?

6. Should there be limits on the amounts of funds for campaigns ?

7. Is the use of torture against terrorist suspects ever justified ?

8. Should the economic embargo of Cuba be lifted ?

9. Drug Use Testing of Students Who Participate in Extracurricular Activities Permitted Under the Fourth Amendment ?

10. Does the sharing of music files through the internet violate copyright laws ?

POS2041 writting assignment

POS2041 writting assignment

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