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position paper Writing Assignment Help. position paper Writing Assignment Help.

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Write postion paper 4 pages.

I explain the meaning of position paper here:

-a position paper presents one side of an arguable opinion about an issue. The goal of a position paper is to convince the audience that your opinion is valid and defensible. Ideas that you are considering need to be carefully examined in choosing a topic, developing your argument, and organizing your paper. It is very important to ensure that you are addressing all sides of the issue and presenting it in a manner that is easy for your audience to understand. Your job is to take one side of the argument and persuade your audience that you have well-founded knowledge of the topic being presented. It is important to support your argument with evidence to ensure the validity of your claims, as well as to refute the counterclaims to show that you are well informed about both sides.

– Hook, clear thesis statmant.

– use simple language because I am international student.

– I want 3 argument about the topic

the outline will be like that: ( I want the outline with deatails)


2- argument 1

3- evidence

4- argument 2

5- evidence

6- argument 3

7- evidence

8- conclution

Original Subject: Immigration

Focused Topic: Sharp increase in money migrants send home lifts millions out of poverty

source for the paper ( topic that we study) . don’t mention every single word because we already study that just the important things.

Beck: Immigration, World Poverty, and Gumballs

UN 2017: Sharp increase in money migrants send home lifts millions out of poverty

Legrain (2018) “How to convince skeptics of the value of immigration”

Camarota: The Case Against Immigration

Chang, Barton: The racist history of US immigration (video)

Undocumented Americans: Inside the Immigration Debate (TIME – Youtube)

Mark: The complicated green card process

Geraldino: What we are missing in the debate about immigration (Ted Talk)

Farmworkers caught in web of illegal immigration debate (CBS News Youtube)

Harrop – Can we have a sensible immigration policy?

position paper Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Public Company Project Business Finance Assignment Help

The Primary goal of the project is for students to gain comfort in using statistical software packages to conduct an empirical analysis of a particular firm. Specific goals are for students to (1) become familiar with sources of economic and financial information and in particular the Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) Database, (2) practice their writing skills, (3) develop hands on, statistical estimation and modeling skills using excel (e.g., data analysis, regression analysis). The project is an individual assignment and late submissions will not be accepted. Please provide explanations for answers to all questions.

Background material: Chapter 4, 5 in McGuigan, Moyer and Harris


1. Data collection from WRDS database

Using your web browser, please go to the WRDS URL (http://wrds.wharton.upenn.edu) and collect data on the variables for the risk free rate, small minus big, high minus low, and the excess market return for the firm your selected. When you collect the data, please select the monthly frequency and the range spanning from 1980 through 2017. Using your class notes and the descriptions provided by WRDS, please provide a brief description of each variable included in the study. Please save these variables in an excel spreadsheet. Please download and save stock prices for your firm spanning the same period and at the monthly frequency. Please compute stock price returns as the ratio of the change in the stock price for each period with respect to the previous period to the value in the previous period This will serve as the base case from which we will complete the rest of the project.

2. Regression Analysis

For this question, you will need the data analysis tool pack in excel, please download it to your version of excel for your operating system before answering the questions listed below.

  • Please, separately, determine the estimated regression line for a regression with the stock return as the dependent variable and the following list as independent variables:
    • Excess market return
    • Small minus big
    • High minus low
  • Please determine the estimated regression line with the stock return as the dependent variable and the risk free rate, excess market return, small minus big, and high minus low as the independent variables in one single regression model.
  • Which regression coefficients are statistically significant? Is the overall model significant?
  • What is the adjusted R-squared for the model? How does it compare to the adjusted R-squared for each model estimated in a? Is your answer to part b different from your answers to part a? Why or Why not?

3. Forecasting

  • Using only data covering the period 1980 through 2000, please determine the estimated regression line with the stock return as the dependent variable and the risk free rate, excess market return, small minus big, and high minus low as the independent variables in one single regression model.
  • Please use the model to predict stock price return from 2001 to 2017 and compute the root mean squared error using the deviation between the actual stock price return over this period and the model-predicted stock price return over the same period.

4. Discussion

Using your web browser and your own judgement and your class notes, please interpret and discuss the strength of the relationship between stock price returns for your firm and each of the three variables. In particular, please consider whether or not you think that the three variables do a good job in explaining and predicting stock returns for your firm. Please also explain why you think the model produced all results from questions 2 and 3 that it did.


  • The goal is to conduct an empirical analysis of a particular firm using statistical analysis and estimation.
  • Requisite background material to complete the term project obtains from topics covered during.


Explain the paradox of democratic divergence? Humanities Assignment Help

Use standard formatting with:

  • Double spacing,
  • 11 or 12 point font (Times, Helvetica, Calibri, etc.),
  • 1 inch margins,
  • No more than 1 inch of space dedicated to title and header,
  • No extraneous space between paragraphs or headers.
  • 7-9 pages

You must cite all work that is not your own. You must include a references section in your paper. The references do not count toward the page limit. While you may use outside sources, you don’t need to do so to get a top grade.

You only need to mainly write about the notes that I’m going to upload and try to compliment them with the book. you do need to cite the lectures the name of the lecture is the paradox of democratic divergence and the professors name is Magagna.


Intro and theme one Writing Assignment Help

Tasks of this assignment:

Imagine that the audience for this assignment is your immediate supervisor, who has assigned you the task of writing a literature review that will help your organization design a program or establish policies connected to your issue. At this point, your immediate supervisor knows a little about this topic, but she is unfamiliar with the key issues/thinkers/problems related to the research on your topic.

  1. Write a roughly 4 page paper that includes:
  • A brief introduction (about 1/2 page) that states your research question and has a thesis that identifies the two most significant themes shared by a majority (if not all) of your research studies. The thesis should also explain why readers should care about what you are writing.
  • An incomplete section (identified by a subhead) that explores how the findings in one of your themes converge and/or diverge. Use your chart to help you figure this out.
  • The subhead of this incomplete section should be called either Theme One: X (X being the theme you have identified)
  • This incomplete section should include at least 5 of the 10 research studies evaluated in your literature review.
  • This incomplete section should use APA in-text citations and avoid patchwriting and plagiarism.
  • NOTE: This incomplete section is being identified as incomplete because you will be writing it before you have read all of your research and because what you are turning in for this assignment will be much shorter than what you turn in for your final paper.
  • An APA style reference page that includes the sources discussed.
  • At the beginning of your paper, add a “Dear reader” letter that is about 1/2 to 1 page long. The “Dear Reader” letter will help me give you meaningful feedback. Please answer the following information in your letter:
    • What are the strengths of your rough draft? What are the problems of your draft?
    • What were the challenges you encountered writing your draft?
    • What is your thesis?
    • If you had 2 more days to write this draft, where would you focus your attention?
    • What questions are you asking about your draft that you want to make sure I answer?
  • Even though this goes at the front of your rough draft you should write this last.

You have to use this 5 articles together to write the paper and five of them about the same topic. School shooting


MKTG3596 Brand Analysis Consulting Report Business Finance Assignment Help

Writing as a marketing consultant for Fox Marketing Consulting, develop a no more than 4 page analysis (excluding references and appendices) of the current brand image of a product, service, or retailer.

As part of the research, “listen in” to what experts and consumers say about the brand in blogs, twitter, instagram and other review sites. Cite at least three sources of information (other than the company website and Wikipedia), and attach a list of references in APA format.

Use the information to develop at least two different brand perceptual maps, with a focus on comparing the intangible and brand personality aspects of the brand with (4 to 5) key competitors. Please note the dimensions chosen should be based on the characteristics CONSUMERS have chosen to focus upon; in other words, don’t use clearly measurable aspects (e.g.m price). Discuss the maps in the paper.

Conclude with broad implications and three clear recommendations for the brand. Recommendations are important and should be very carefully thought through. Recommendations could relate to how the brands are doing on social media and what are the things they could work on, how the brands are doing in the stores, the brand image of the brand etc.



Need help with discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Changes to minimum wage and whether it should be increased for certain workers, as well as payment of overtime, have been hot topics in the United States. Prior to beginning this discussion, review the Handy Reference Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act (Links to an external site.) and the 1.3 Million More Workers Eligible For Overtime Pay, But Some Say Rules Fall Short (Links to an external site.) article, as well as the additional required readings for this week.

For this discussion, you will evaluate the proposed revisions to the FLSA concerning minimum wage and overtime wages. Depending on the first letter of last name, you will evaluate the benefits and non-benefits of the employee and employer. If your last name begins with A-K, evaluate the benefits and non-benefits of the employee and if your last name begins with L-Z, evaluate the benefits and non-benefits of the employer.

In your initial post, evaluate the proposed new labor wage laws and explain specific ways that these laws will be beneficial and non-beneficial to your assigned position (employee or employer). Support your evaluations with at least two scholarly journal articles about the proposed amendments.

Prior to beginning this discussion, review The Most Desirable Employee Benefits (Links to an external site.) article, as well as the additional required readings this week. An employer may provide discretionary benefits to the employee, which is not mandated by law. These benefits are considered to be additional “perks” of the position. Examples could include pay for time not worked, health and medical insurance, and retirement plans. However, while the benefits may not be required by law, there may be laws regarding the administration and design of said discretionary benefits. For your initial post, answer the following questions and provide support for your arguments:

  • What role(s) can discretionary benefits play in an organization’s HR function and why?
  • What should an employer take into account when designing a discretionary benefits program and why?

Need help with discussion Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

economic growth paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Once you have viewed the four videos provided posted for this week, please answer the questions below in a Microsoft Word document.

  • What is economic growth and how do we use GDP to measure an economy?
  • What cause or contribute to the growth of an economy?
  • What is the rule of 70?
  • What is a catch up effect and convergence hypothesis?
  • Why some countries are growing faster than the others? Why some countries are poor and others are rich?

In answering the above questions, use the experience of economic growth of the Unites States, China, Brazil, and Africa.

Write in complete sentences using proper grammar. An expected report length is 1-2 pages. Please be sure to cite this source and any additional resources using APA format.

Submit your assignment in the drop box.

The Grading Criteria for your APA paper is as follows:

  • 20% – Foundation of Knowledge – analysis of details, facts, and concepts in a logical sequence
  • 30% – Application of Knowledge – Well-supported ideas and Intellectual development of ideas throughout assignment
  • 20% – Organization of Ideas/Format – Explanation of all major points and original, unique, and/or imaginative approach to overall ideas
  • 20% – Writing Skill – Command of grammar, clear and concise writing style, proper word usage, error free
  • 10% – APA Format – Proper use of In-text citations and properly formatted References Page


journal assignment Humanities Assignment Help

Journal Assignment Instructions:

  • Use a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) or re-format to a .pdf document (No Mac/No Google docs)
  • Format: 375 words, double-spaced, and written in 12-point Times New Roman font with a one (1) inch margin all around

I want you to reflect on the material you learned in chapter 22. Pick your favorite topic from chapter 22 and write from the American perspective (do not do a European history topic), hop into a time machine and travel back in time! You will write a journal entry in the first person / past tense that tells me who you are, where you are, the time-period, what you are experiencing and your hopes/fears for the future as if you were really there. Be specific about your moment, if you take on a broad time-period you will not be able to provide the necessary detail for this assignment. Your journal entry should include a minimum of five (5) historical facts, places, or people and will require the use of your textbook and additional research via the web or a library. Reflect on one day or one event and go into great detail to demonstrate your research. Do not write a summary. This is a mini-research paper!

Chapter 22 is attached!

Journal Rubric (attached)

Journal Sample (attached)

All the information you need is in the attached US chapter 20!


Literature Review & Survey on Phishing Detection Computer Science Assignment Help

This is to work on a research project that’s divided into phases as shown below and in the attached requirements file and a shared survey to guide on the topic. The project timing will be extended upon delivering each phase (further requirements and explanation will be provided later on each phase)

– Phases 1+2+3 (Needed to be delivered by maximum 2 days from now)

– Phase 4 (Needed to be delivered by maximum of 3 days after delivering phases 1+2+3)

– Phase 5 (Needed to be delivered by maximum of 4 days after delivering phase 4)

– Phase 6 (Needed to be delivered by maximum of 4 days after delivering phases 5)


Specifications on Phase 1: full requirements can be found on the attached file. The topic needs to be “Phishing Detection”.

  • A paragraph describing the topic and its significance and application.
  • A paragraph indicating the motivation for selecting the topic. (reasons)


Specifications on Phase 2:

-choose initial 45-50 references (such as academic journals & books & etc) for the research (preferred to be published on 2017 and later, and preferred to be cited on ISI “Web of Science” (I can help you in downloading references that are not available for free in the internet)). I’ve already dowloanded 35+ articles and cited them and I’ll be sharing them with you, however, you are not required to use them

-create a folder and upload all the references

-create an excel sheet and cite all the chosen references, and next to each cited reference create a link to the reference in the same folder “SM”


Specifications on Phase 3: this phase is conduct an evaluation on the chosen initial references list 45-50, and to choose 27-30 from that list based on the conducted evaluation (full requirements and guidance can be found on the attached file)

-in the same created excel sheet, you’ll need to create a new tab to conduct the evaluation for the initial chosen list. In this tab you’ll list all references names in the rows, and columns for the evaluation criteria and score. For scoring, use a scale 0 or 1 or 2 to make the evaluation easier where 0 is too bad & 2 very good and meet the requirements.

-now after conducting the evaluation, you’ll choose 27-30 from the list based on the conducted evaluation and score. This can be done by calculating the final evaluation score for each reference and accept only references that score 80% or more (for example if you use the scale 0-2 and you have 5 criteria to evaluate from, then if the reference get a score of 8 out of 10 will be accepted)

-After choosing the accepted and rejected references, you’ll go back to the first tab in the excel sheet (where you have all references and links to sources) and add links to the evaluation tab and the status of the reference weather accepted or rejected.

Please keep in mind that the research will be base on 4-5 categories and as much as possible subcategories (sub-subcategories are not acceptable)

For example if you choose the topic “phishing detection”, the categories will be URL-based, visual-similarity based, etc, (up to 5) similar to the sent survey.

This note important to be taking in consideration during the initial references search.

Specifications on Phase 4: is to write annotated bibliography for all of the accepted articles (27-30) by writing 3 short paragraphs for each article similar to the attached picture and by following the below specifications and the sent requirements earlier. Please note that each item of the below specifications should be very brief 1-2 sentences. Also, below the article name and above the paragraphs, you should add 2 links (1 for accessing the article in the folder, and 1 for accessing the conducted evaluation in the Excel sheet)

– Paragraph 1:

1) Describe the Focus of the article (length is 1-2 sentences/1-2 lines maximum, always found on the abstract of the article)

2) Describe the usefulness of the article (length is 1-2 sentences/1-2 lines maximum, always found on either the abstract or conclusion or both in the article)

3) Briefly describe the limitation

– Paragraph 2: (how reliable is the article)

1) Briefly describe what audience the article is intended for

2) Briefly evaluate reliability of the article (from the evaluation you’ve conducted)

3) Briefly describe the author of the article

– Paragraph 3:

1) Briefly describe the methods of research used in the article (1-2 sentences)

2) Briefly discuss any conclusions the author(s) may have made in the article (in your own words)

3) Briefly describe your reaction to the article (what do you think of the paper)

4) describe the relationships to other used references


Discussion Board Business Finance Assignment Help

Answer the following discussion board questions in DEPTH and DETAILS and use reliable updated resources and references:

“Review Ennis’s EMP model. How would you improve it? Is there any crossover with other hospital department responsibilities?

Provide a table of contents for your hypothetical emergency management plan.”


Ennis, S.(2001). Model Emergency Management Program Hospitals and Community Emergency Response -What You Need to Know Emergency Response Safety Series, U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA 3152 (1997)

Reilly, M., &Markenson, D. S. (2010). Health Care Emergency Management: Principles and Practice

  • Chapter 5: Developing the Hospital Emergency Management Plan (Attached)


***APA sitation style

***Use only updated resources

***Use Additional Resources and Implement your critical thinking into the discussion


position paper Writing Assignment Help

position paper Writing Assignment Help

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