PowerPoint about Plastic Recycling

PowerPoint about Plastic Recycling. PowerPoint about Plastic Recycling.

Hello Everyone,
I need help doing research about the Plastic Recycling program then summarizing the research into a PowerPoint file so I can use it to present it. It should be easy tho.
Here is the pdf that has everything you need and what kind of plastic the research should be on (Number 7). Also what you need to include in the PowerPoint file:-
Thank you!

Organizational Behavior

case study first Q (Min words 150-200)second q Min words 150-200
3rd Q: (Min words 200) .. 4th Q (Min words 200-300)

Important Note: – Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.

please use your own word
add references , don’t plagiarism ,follow the details on the file of the assignment


Human Resource Management Case Study

PowerPoint about Plastic Recycling Management Assignment Help An individual case study of human resource management

Al-Itqan Foodstuff Company
This company was established in the early nineties of the last century with a capital of five million riyals. the purpose . The company deals in different areas of the local market and almost covers most areas of the country, and in light of the continuous expansion of its business, an urgent need has arisen to select and appoint new salesmen. By conducting preliminary interviews with the applicants, and in light of specific indicators, the rest of the appointment procedures will be completed, and the most important of these indicators are the following:
1. Age: The applicant is not accepted for a job if he is over 35 years old.
2. Place of residence: The company requires that the place of residence for the applicant should be the work area.
3. Nationality: to be a citizen of the country (the country itself).
4. Experience: The applicant must have at least two years of experience.
After the preliminary interview procedures, the initial filtration takes place, intelligence tests and personal interviews are held, and in light of this, a preliminary decision is issued for appointment, as it is necessary to ascertain the health status of the person by conducting a comprehensive medical examination for him before completing the final appointment process. In the event of refusal of any person, the reasons for his refusal shall be explained to him. However, the company does not have a clear plan on the basis of which the selection and appointment procedures are determined for him.
Ahmed occupies the position of director of human resources in the company, and believes that the selection and appointment policy in it needs to be redesigned in the department with the foundations and procedures for selection. Required:
1. Do you think that the current selection and appointment bases are appropriate? What, in your opinion, are the foundations that suit this company?
2. In your opinion, what are the most important tests that you consider appropriate to measure the ability of salesmen?
3. Would you advise this company to continue with the policy of informing the applicant of the reasons why he was not appointed when he was rejected, and why?

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MGT322 – Logistics Management

The Answer must follow the outline points below:
Each answer should be 400 to 500 range of word counts.
Lean Thinking Concept
Their Main functions
Reasons with suitable Examples
Note: You can Support your answer by reading chapter 7 of your book.
You can use secondary source available on internet.

PowerPoint about Plastic Recycling
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