presentation on ethics, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

presentation on ethics, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help. presentation on ethics, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Create a 13- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you address the following:

  • What role does ethics play in creating and guiding policy in the criminal justice system?
  • What role does ethics play in the enforcement of laws?
  • How does ethical enforcement relate to the role of investigating and combating terrorism?
  • Is torture ethical in terrorism investigations? What if it saves hundreds of lives?
  • How will ethics play into the future of law enforcement and related decision making?
  • Should there be mandatory ethics courses? Why or why not? If so, how often should they be attended?
  • Are there any police departments currently requiring mandatory ethics training on an annual basis? If so, what departments?

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines

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Research the Internet for Marketing Consultants, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Write a one page memorandum based on the following:

Research the Internet for Marketing Consultants. Choose one that you feel would be best to assist you in the marketing of the new product line from the case study.

Provide the reasons for your choice.


You are the CEO of SH Confectioners and have requested your marketing department to devise a marketing plan for your new line of Grand Marnier filled (a potent orange flavored liquor), chocolates.

The chocolate line is touted to be high-end, high-quality, gourmet confectioners chocolate with imported and premium ingredients.

You are located in San Francisco, California and intend on marketing to the western market (Nevada, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho and Utah); to begin by Valentines Day.

What should your strategic goals be?

What will you require of the marketing department’s plan to market your new product?

Will you have any regional concerns with your product?

Should you make a substitute available to the liquor component of the filled candies? Explain your decision.

Need 2 different copies of assignment for the same question. Documents need to be in APA format. Include atleast 3 references and in-text citations.


Essay #5: Annotated Bibliography Writing Assignment Help


  1. Due DateMonday, November 28, 201611:59 PMPoints Possible100
  2. Writing to Inform: Annotated Bibliography Assignment

    To prepare you for the next assignment you’ll need to do some research. One of the more useful tools in conducting research is the annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography combines the citations found in the References list at the end of documents in APA format with annotations about each of the sources. For this assignment, you will construct an annotated bibliography based upon the community issue or problem that you have selected to focus on for the semester.Purpose: An annotated bibliography is an organizing tool that is helpful when working on a research project. An effective annotated bibliography is used to compile research sources in one location and provide the researcher with quick access to the information contained in each source. Audience: This assignment should be directed at your scholarly peers, and you may assume that they have only a casual familiarity with your topic or issue.Content/Subject: Your annotated bibliography will consist of the sources that you have deemed relevant to your topic and/or question(s) of inquiry. While you may encounter sources that are not relevant or do not fit the scope of your project while researching, for the purposes of this assignment, you will only include the ones that you find useful and relevant.

    1. Cite the source in proper MLA format. The citations should be organized in alphabetical order by author.
    1. Follow with a brief annotation that summarizes the source (approx. 3-4 sentences). You may quote from the source, but do not copy and paste the abstract. All of the annotations should be in your own words.
    1. In 1 or 2 sentences, explain the source’s relevance and importance to your issue.

    Constraints: The annotated bibliography is a fairly rigid genre. Your citations must adhere to MLA format. This will be one of the central components of the grade for this assignment. Failure to follow MLA format exactly will harm your grade.The annotations for each source should follow an academic style. This means that you must construct, with elevated and sophisticated language, correct grammatical sentences that effectively summarize what each source has to say. Additionally, you should explain how each source is relevant to the issue that you have selected and what it adds to your knowledge about your issue.Specific guidelines to follow when completing this assignment are:

    • 5 sources of various types (book, article, website, etc.).
    • Sources focused around a narrowed issue or question of inquiry.
    • Adherence to MLA format for all citations.
    • Sources in alphabetical order according to author.
    • Thoughtful and complete annotations.
    • Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


Discounted Cash Flow, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

wondering if you have time to complete a project for me for Sunday.

See details below: The company is AAPL or Apple

1. Using the facilities of ValuePro ( for the company that you have selected to study conduct a discounted cash flow valuation.

2. The analysis should explain each variable used in the analysis, why you accepted the given input, or how and why you changed a variable.

3. The analysis should also examine the relevant cash flows, compare the final valuation to the stock’s current price and explain any differences.(Note: Remember to adjust the equity risk premium to between 5% and 6%; also, adjust the growth rate to an appropriate long-term growth rate.)

Table 1

Assumptions for Valuation

Company Name – Apple (AAPL)


Your Assumptions

Explain the Reasoning for Your Assumptions

Excess Return Period (Years) (10 years is appropriate)


Revenues ($ mil) (From Income Statement)


Growth Rate (%) (Estimated Annual Growth Rate in Earnings in Future)


Net Operating Profit Margin (%) (EBIT from Income Statement)


Tax Rate (%) (From Income Statement: Taxes / Earnings Before Taxes)


Stock Price ($) (Current Price per Share)


Shares of Stock Outstanding (mil.) (Be careful with decimal)


10 Yr. Treasury Bond Yield (%)


Bond Spread to Treasury (%) (1.5 is appropriate)


Preferred Stock Yield (%)


Depreciation Rate (%) (Percentage of Revenue; Calculate)


Investment Rate (%) (Percentage of Revenue for Capital Expenditures – Calculate)


Working Capital (%) (Percentage of Revenue – WC is Current Assets; Calculate)


Short Term Assets ($ mil.) (Current Assets from Balance Sheet)


Short-Term Liabilities ($ mil.) (Current Liabilities from Balance Sheet)


Equity Risk Premium % (Should be between 5% and 6%)


Company Beta for Stock (Number) (Look up Beta)


Value (Book) of Debt Outstanding ($ mil.) (L-T + S-T Debt from Balance Sheet)


Value Preferred Stock Outstanding ($ mil)


Company WACC (%) (Look up or Calculate)



Database Management systems, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

A Stored Procedure to List Full Details of all Hotels in London in the Hotel Database

The following tables form part of a database held in a relational DBMS:-

Hotel (hotelNo, hotelName, city)

Room (roomNo, hotelNo, type, price)

Booking (hotelNo, guestNo, dateFrom, dateTo, roomNo)

Guest (guestNo, guestName, guestAddress)


Hotel contains hotel details and hotelNo is the primary key;

Room contains room details for each hotel and (roomNo, hotelNo) forms the primary key;

Booking contains details of the bookings and (hotelNo, guestNo, dateFrom) forms the primary key;


Guest contains guest details and guestNo is the primary key.

Create a stored procedure to list full details of all hotels in London.


Your answers should be 2-3 pages in length, follow the APA format, and free of grammatical and spelling errors.



Marketing Plan, Part 2, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Part 2: Required information from the Marketing Plan 2 located below (Number of minimum slides 10).

Student Instructions: Complete the following information about the organization and products and/or services you will focus on as this will provide the content for your MARKETING PLAN PART 1 (POWER POINT) presentation along with a complete marketing plan throughout the course. You may need to do research to get answers to the questions below. The subject for this assignment should be the organization and products and/or services you identified for the Marketing Plan, Part 1 Assignment.

Marketing Information and Research

Research Question

Describe an important question you need to answer or a problem you are trying to solve in order to help the organization meet its goals and objectives.

Information Needed

Describe the information your organization needs to make effective decisions about how to answer this question or solve this problem.

Research Recommendations

What research do you recommend in order to provide the information you need? What research method(s) would you use to get the information you need? Will it involve secondary data and research? Primary research such as interviews, focus groups and surveys? Why do you recommend this research approach?
Customer Decision-Making Profile

Identifying the Customer and Problem

Describe a primary decision maker in your target segment: who they are, what they like, how they make buying decisions. Describe the primary problem(s) your organization, product or service will help them solve.

Factors Influencing Customer Decisions

Provide a brief profile of your target segment using at least three of the following categories:

  • Geographic characteristics: e.g., location, region, population size or climate.
  • Personal and demographic characteristics: e.g., age, gender, family size, family life stage, income, personality.
  • Social and Psychological characteristics: e.g., culture, social class, lifestyle, motivation, attitudes, reference groups, beliefs.
  • Situational characteristics: e.g., buying situation, level of involvement, market offerings, frequency of use, brand loyalty.
  • B2B/organizational buying considerations: e.g., individual factors, organizational factors, business environment factors, types of complexity

Reaching the Customer

Based on this profile, identify 2-3 marketing strategies or tactics you believe would be effective at reaching this target segment, and briefly explain why they are a good fit.
Positioning and Differentiation

Positioning and differentiation explain what you want to be known for in the market, and how you are different from competitors. Respond to the following questions.

Competitive Advantages

List the competitive advantages of the product, service or organization you’re focusing on: the things that make it different from competitors in positive ways.

Market Niche and Positioning Strategy

Describe the market niche you want to fill, along with the positioning strategy you recommend using. Why do you think this is the right approach?

Positioning Statement

Develop a positioning statement using this formula: “To [target audience], [product/service/organization name] is the only [category or frame of reference] that [points of differentiation/benefits delivered] because [reasons to believe].

Repositioning Considerations

Do you recommend a repositioning that improves on what the organization has been using up to this point? Why or why not?


Brand Description

What is the “brand” you are trying to build? What do people think about this brand today, and how do they experience it?

Brand Promise

What is the brand promise for this brand? If one hasn’t been defined yet, create one. If you believe the brand promise needs improvement, please suggest how you would refine it. Why is your recommended brand promise a good fit?

Brand Voice and Personality

Describe your brand voice and personality using the is/is never template:

  • [Brand] is:
  • [Brand] is never:

Brand Positioning and Strategy

Make a recommendation about brand positioning and/or branding strategy to help build the brand and contribute to align it with what your target segment wants. How will this contribute to the success of your product, service or organization?

Marketing Plan, Part 2, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Five Questions, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

I have provided the chapters. The are five questions all answers must come from the text and use in-text citation please put page number all in APA style. Check grammar. You must use the text. Please have access to the chapters I have provided. Each question should be three to four sentences long with in-text citation and page number. Please place the answers under the questions.

How does federalism affect policy development?

How then does policy development affect the rights of the individual? What is the overall effect?

Why should we be concerned? Provide at least two examples to support your argument.

Discuss the impact of political processes on policy content in context of the preceding statements.


Dye, T.R. (2010). Understanding public policy (13th ed.). Longman: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN: 9780205757428. Custom ISBN: 9781256054160


transferred to and from an Internet-enable device to other network, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Students will explain, in detail, how data is transferred to and from an Internet-enable device at their home to
The project requires each student to detail protocols, media,
optimization schemes, software, and hardware on both the home device and that produce a smooth exchange of information.

Consider the following graphic from Module 2 – Protocols.pptx (slide 30) TCP IP Example with a Router.png

For your project, you should create the graphic (TCP IP Example)
using the OSI Reference Model. The diagram should identify the protocol
used at each layer of the OSI model on both the transmitting (you) and
receiving end ( Instead of Network 1 and Network 2, you should create a separate diagram to illustrate each “node” (appliance/router/satelite/microwave/switch)
during the request. This second diagram should illustrate what
physical items (nodes) were instrumental in assisting your request.
Please use the results of tracert/traceroute to
support the nodes in your diagram. You will most likely need to assume
and make educated guesses to determine what nodes were utilized.

For this project, you must consider all of the following.

  • A diagram of the OSI model and the utilized protocols to handle the request from your internet-enabled device to (4 pts)
    • Include all of the communications protocols used in the process
  • A diagram of the nodes used to coordinating your request to the destination ( (3 pts)
    • Explain the various communications signals (digital/analog) and media (guided/unguided) used in the process in your writeup
  • List the multiplexing and modulation techniques (2 pts)
    • Realize that natively, some media/signals utilize multiplexing/modulation
    • This should be included in your write-up – Example: Ethernet and WiFi perform….????… type of multiplexing/modulation
  • List all of the hardware/software used to perform the task (2 pts) which should support your node diagram
    • The following commands may be helpful: ping, nslookup, whois, tracecrt/traceroute
    • Use tracert or traceroute to determine the most likely path to
    • If using the iPhone consider the Ping – Manage Engine []
  • Identify two nodes in the explained process for your
    scenario, outline an improvement implemented in each and the impact to
    the communication. (5 pts)
  • The submission must be at least 6 pages double-space, at
    least 3000 words, and include all of the above information and the
    • Network Diagram using Visio (FREE under Dreamspark – or GNS 3 (FREE –
    • OSI model applied to the protocols used in the processing of information transmission
    • Every page under 6 will be a 10 point deduction up to 15 points – Max 2.5 pages of visuals
  • There is a 3000 word minimum so explain all diagrams,
    lists, and nodes thoroughly- (2500 – 2999 words [-5], 2000-2499 words
    [-10], <2000 words [-15]


Development of a Flash movie, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

please follow the instruction


Your final project in this class is required to be more
extensive than the weekly lab projects. Your project should demonstrate a
significant application of technical elements and also demonstrate originality
and creativity. No minimum length is required, but your project will be judged
based on the instructor’s assessment of the amount of creative energy required
in its production. A famous quote is that: creativity is 1/3 inspiration and
2/3 perspiration
. Students may work individually or in partners on this
project. Choices for projects are:

Development of a Flash movie.

The project should deliver a coherent message or story.
The best projects tend to result from a choice that relates to interests of the
students working on the project.

Flash Project

Seasons or changing of seasons ,Anything that moves, e.g. car chases, air plane ,Information pages about your major , or Natures scenes, e.g. a day at the beach.

flash Movies: your movie will need
to be longer, fancier, glitzier, with more scenes (4 scenes minimum) and
more animation and sounds than a routine weekly lab. Pay attention to the
overall content, flow, look and feel and aesthetics of the scenes; and make
good use of graphics, sounds, and fonts as needed and as appropriate.


Managed Care Plan on HIV, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

Managed Care Plan (350 points)

Here is a complete list of the deliverables due throughout the course

Week 07 – Rough Draft of Project Prospectus (this is attached below and already completed by me)!!! you will need to incorporate more information to make it into a final project!

Please make corrections and changes based on instructor comments. At the end of Week 8, you will need to turn in the following:

  • Your completed 6-10 page novel care plan prospectus, including: a review of the disease with a robust bibliography; the current standard of care; a cost-benefit analysis of various care options; and a novel care plan that implements modern prevention, treatment, medication, and/or technology. (add more details into rough draft)!!
  • A 1-2 page informational brochure for healthcare employees that reviews the disease and your novel care plan including a checklist for that plan. The design and format of the brochure is up to you, but you must be able to append your completed brochure to your prospectus for uploading. (create an informational brochure)!!

Please submit all required items within a single document to be uploaded on the Week 8 Assignment page. It may be best to convert your completed file to PDF!!! before turning it in, as this will make sure that any formatting or images are maintained.

** below I attached my rough draft, I will you need you to fill in any information that is needed, make sure to create an informational brochure also, and convert the file into PDF format thank you!** Please follow all directions and include more images if needed.


presentation on ethics, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

presentation on ethics, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

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