presentation, read these Case Study Case Study Options pertaining various societal influences. Consider ways that an organization (public, nonprofit, business, educational, etc.) have influenced and could further influence these circumstances. (5 – 6 minute presentation) file:///C:/Users/jasmi/AppData/Local/Temp/Case Study Options-1.Assign3.pdf

Choose one of the case studies (either Malala Yousafzai or Tyler Clementi). Then, prepare a presentation that persuades that audience that an organizational influence would help the situation or circumstance. Be specific. Ask yourself: what organization could help? how could they help? what are their responsibilities to our society? For example, my persuasive claim may be: Social media companies have a responsibility to monitor and remove users that create a hostile environment. Once you have your claim, do research on the situation. Then, compose a formal outline. (You will need resources – stats, quotes, etc. – to prove your claim). Plan out what you want your video to look like. Will you open with an image? Will you use the slides/ images as transitions between main points? Pick/ create 3 – 4 images or slides to use in your presentation. You will integrate these slides into your video. Record your video (you may want to do this in segments or leave 4 – 5 seconds of silence where you want to insert your slides/ images).!AsjK8ZZeKKabgUXd-7cXCi0OJoiF?e=dgXAhR

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