Pretend You Are the Instructor Writing Assignment Help

Pretend You Are the Instructor Writing Assignment Help. Pretend You Are the Instructor Writing Assignment Help.

Two of the competencies you must develop in order to become an independent scholar include writing in a scholarly voice and tone and following an appropriate academic style. In your quest to become a scholarly writer, you must follow the rules meticulously detailed in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). Initially, recalling each rule will be difficult, but over time it will become second nature. Knowing where to look to determine if the manuscript you are reading or writing is in accordance with APA standards is critically important. Following a standard writing format increases the probability of others being able to easily comprehend your manuscript.

As you develop your scholarly writing prose in this program and beyond, there are two things to keep in mind: Adhering to APA writing format is required for your Discussions and Assignments, and others will read your manuscripts for comprehension. Occasionally, new writers forget they have a scholarly audience who will read their papers. It is important that the writer understand the significance of placing him or herself in the position of the reader. To that end, you will assume the role of an Instructor and will review an anonymous college paper to provide APA feedback to a student writer. During this exercise, you will practice recognizing APA errors and locating within the APA textbook the appropriate APA rules and formatting solutions.

To prepare for this Discussion, do the following:

  • Read and view the materials in your Learning Resources, including the Walden University academic guide pages on common reference list examples and using the Microsoft Word track changes feature. Review your APA manual for use in your assessment of the sample paper. Note: To assist you in your assessment, you may use any supplemental scholarly APA resources of your choosing.
  • Assess Michael’s Writing Style Prose Paper to identify any APA writing errors, and use the track changes comment feature to propose corrections. As you make suggestions or corrections, be sure to include the source name and page number(s) so the author can locate the correction rule. For example, if you find text that reads, “This study will provide…” your comment may contain the following comment: “This is anthropomorphism. To correct it, please refer to the APA manual, 6th edition, pp. 68–69 for details.” Do this throughout the entire sample college paper.

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Position Paper Writing Assignment Help

After the Civil War, the United States had to recover from war, handle western expansion, and grapple with very new economic forms. However, its greatest issues would revolve around the legacies of slavery and increasing diversity in the decades after the Civil War. Reconstruction was partly a period of military occupation of the south by the northern victors. Former slaves now had freedom and new opportunities but faced old prejudices and rapidly forming new barriers. Immigrants from Europe and Asia came in large numbers but then faced political and social restrictions. Women continued to seek rights. Yet, on the whole, America became increasingly diverse by the 1920s. Consider developments, policies, and laws in that period from 1865 to the 1920s. Take one of the positions as suggested below, draw from the sources listed, and present a paper with specific examples and arguments to demonstrate the validity of your position.

  1. Possible position—in each case you can take the pro or con position:
    1. The Lost Cause narrative of the South effectively sabotaged and influenced racial policy in the US for most of the post-Civil War period. (or you can take the position that it did not)
    2. Political policies in the decades after the Civil War generally promoted diversity and “the melting pot” despite the strong prejudices of a few. (or you can take the position that political policies did not)
    3. Reform movements between 1865 and 1930, like the Progressives and the agrarian populists, generally led the way to increased democracy. (or you can take the position that these movements did not)

    After giving general consideration to your readings so far and any general research, select one of the positions above as your position—your thesis. (Sometimes after doing more thorough research, you might choose the reverse position. This happens with critical thinking and inquiry. Your final paper might end up taking a different position than you originally envisioned.). Organize your paper as follows, handling these issues:

    • The position you choose (from the list above)—or something close to it—will be the thesis statement in your opening paragraph.
    • To support your position, use three specific examples from different decades between 1865 and 1930. You may narrowly focus on race or gender or immigrant status, or you may use examples relevant to all categories.
    • Explain why the opposing view is weak in comparison to yours.
    • Consider your life today: In what way does the history you have shown shape or impact issues in your workplace or desired profession?

    The paper should be 500-to-750 words in length. This normally means 3-to-4 pages for the body of the paper. (The title page and References page do not count in these calculations.) Double-space between lines. Format instructions are below.Top

    Research and References:
    You must use a MINIMUM of three sources; the Schultz textbook must be one of them. Your other two sources should be drawn from the list provided below. This is guided research, not open-ended Googling. You will have an alphabetized list of Reference entries at the end, using APA format. You will have short, APA-style in-text citations appropriately placed in the body of the paper; these in-text citations will match the References listed at the end. Except as your instructor might direct, don’t use other sources for your paper than those listed here. (Of course, for “starter research” you can read many sources.)Top

    Source List for Assignment 1:
    Be sure to use the Schultz text as a source. Use at least two of the other sources listed here. Some sources are “primary” sources from the time period being studied. Some sources below can be accessed via direct link or through the primary sources link on Blackboard. Each week has a different list of primary sources. For others, they are accessible through the Library tab to the left of the screen in Blackboard—once in there, you may do a “keyword” search of the article title.
    APA Reference for the textbook – Schultz, Kevin M. (2018). HIST5: Volume 2: U.S. History Since 1865 (Student edition). Boston: Cengage.
    Choose sources relevant to the topic and position you are taking:

    Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

    • Be typed, double spaced between lines, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
    • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

    A template for this paper is here Click for more options. This is optional.
    The paper must be submitted (uploaded and attached) in the course shell provided online.The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

    • Identify and discuss the different ways that the heritage of slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and segregation have shaped America’s history.
    • Specify ways that women and minorities have responded to challenges and made contributions to American culture.
    • Summarize and discuss the ways that formal policies of government have influenced the direction of historical and social development in the United States.
    • Recognize the major turning points in American history since the Civil War.
    • Use technology and information resources to research issues in contemporary U.S. history.
    • Write clearly and concisely about contemporary U.S. history using proper writing mechanics.


English Exemplification essay Humanities Assignment Help

Exemplification Essay Requirements & Guidelines

Exemplification Essay Requirements

Whether you use Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or some other word processing software to create your essays, save them in one of the following formats: .docx, .doc, or .rtf (rich text format). Doing so ensures I will be able to open and read them.

Exemplification Essay

  • Write a 500-750 word essay using exemplification as a method of development.
  • Before you begin writing, please review the Papers/Projects link in the menu to the left.
  • Do not forget to turn in an outline in the SAME document as your essay (having it at the end of the your essay is just fine).

Writing Approach

Determine exactly what point you are going to make and write it down in precise terms. Think about why you want to make this point. Develop a thesis statement (pages 47-49 in The St. Martin’s Handbook). Then choose examples and details that count for something, those that move the reader toward some goal.

Choose the best examples that honestly reflect the group or class they represent. Do not pick examples that do not support your thesis. Also, make sure that your examples display all the chief features of whatever you are illustrating.

Do not give your examples and their details in a haphazard manner; give some real thought to arranging them in the best possible order. You may use order of familiarity, climax, importance, or some other order.

If an essay develops a single example, try to have at least three important things to say about it–three areas of discussion.

For additional resources, review the following links: “Writing to Illustrate (The Exemplification Essay) Workshop“.

Writing Assignment

Purpose: to inform

Method of Development: exemplification

For topics, see the list at the end of “Chapter 5: Exemplification” in The Longman Reader.


  • Brainstorm for topics.
  • Organize your ideas.
  • Check the Syllabus for due dates.


Net work Fire Wall Stuff Researh Computer Science Assignment Help

Unit VI Assignment

This assignment asks you to participate in three projects and then to write about each project in one paper. Begin by following the instructions for each project provided within the textbook.

1. Case Project 6-4: Network Firewall Comparison on page 247 within the textbook 2. Case Project 7-2: Comparing Cloud Computing Features on page 288 within the textbook 3. Project 1-3: Use an Eula Analyzer on pages 34-35 within the textbook

Note: For Project 1-3, the first hyperlink is broken (, so use the following hyperlink in its place:…

Write a two-page paper following the directions within the textbook on Case Project 6-4, Case Project 7-2, and Project 1-3. Include a title page and separate reference page. Follow CSU APA Guidelines, including in-text citations, referencing, and formatting of the paper.

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.


War Research WMD’s Science Assignment Help

Unit VII Research Paper
The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained toward mitigating the probability of a terrorist attack based on the information provided in the scenario list provided in Unit II. You will assume the position that you are an officer in charge of providing security in the scenario you have chosen. You will analyze the physical location of the scenario, mitigate probable areas of concern, and identify probable targets that may require special attention. It is up to you and your personnel to ensure that terrorists will have no opportunity to disrupt the event or unleash any form of attack. The lives of the participants in the event depend on your ability to predict every given situation and provide security to prevent such attacks. Please identify all weak areas, and provide your analysis of how to protect property and personnel during the event as well as before and after the event. The paper must address the following areas of concern: How does the terroristic act in your paper impact future prospects of terrorism whether by genetic engineering, cyberterrorism, biological warfare, or any other weapons of mass destruction (WMD)? Evaluate the moral and ethical implications of the use of this type of WMD destruction. Assess the capabilities of the WMD portrayed in your scenario, and mitigate counteraction strategies. Please use the scenario you chose in the Unit II assignment that was approved by the instructor. Complete a research paper that must be a minimum of five pages in length, not including the title page and the reference page. The research paper must follow APA guidelines and contain the following components: Title page: The title page must be in APA format, which includes the APA running head and the page number in the header. Abstract: Provide a brief explanation of the purpose of your paper. This must be a minimum of 150 words. This should be similar to the topic description you submitted in the Unit II assignment. HLS 3301, Weapons of Mass Destruction 4
Introduction: Provide a brief review of the scenario you have chosen that was submitted and approved by the instructor in Unit II. Intermediate headings: Intermediate headings help the reader transition from one subject to the next. This is the focus of your research and analysis on the scenario you have chosen, where you identify the risks and mitigate solutions that will provide the appropriate protection as well as provide reactive measures in case terrorists manage to complete an attack regardless of your preventive measures. The content must center on the three areas of concern identified above. Conclusion: Provide a summary of your findings and solutions based on best practices. Reference page: You must include the heading (References) centered above the reference list on a separate last page. You must include the three references selected in the Unit II assignment. All references must be in APA format, and each reference must relate to at least one in-text citation. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.



Music Paper. Compare and Contrast Writing Assignment Help

Essays should be written as follows:

-1 page per composer (min) 200 words in 12 or 13 pt font, include information about the life and music of each composer.

-1 page that combines the compare and contrast application (compare and contrast the lives and music of these composers.)

-The body of the paper will then be a total of three (3) complete pages.

-Attach a title page that states the composers names, name of course, (Ex: MUS 110/Semester that you are in i.e. Summer, Fall, etc), Date and Student name

-Include a works cited page for your sources and use MLA documentation!

Please NO Plagiarism

Music Paper. Compare and Contrast Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Final Project 10 pages excluding title and References pages, Must have at least 5 scholarly references Computer Science Assignment Help

XYZ Corporation is a small organization of roughly 20 to 30 employees working in a simple office space using basic peer-to-peer type networking in which all employees keep their data on their own PCs and each has his or her own devices (i.e., printers, scanners, and other peripherals).

In the last few months, XYZ developed a revolutionary widget that will change technology as we know it. The company received a substantial investment and will quickly ramp up to 100 employees. They moved into a new building that was wired and set up for a local area network (LAN). They have implemented a client server-based network in which all printers, folders, and other resources are shared but everyone has access to everything and there is no security outside of the defaults in place when the system was set up.

You have been hired to secure XYZ Inc’s network and ensure that the company has the highest levels of security to prevent internal or external attacks. In an 8-10 page proposal, address the following items to provide a comprehensive secure environment:

  1. A plan to provide secure Access Control Methods for all user access
  2. A viable Password policy, which includes complexity, duration, and history requirements
  3. A cryptography method to ensure vital data is encrypted
  4. A remote access plan to ensure that users that access the network remotely do so in a secure and efficient manner
  5. A thorough plan to protect the network from Malware and other Malicious attacks

Your proposal should address all of the elements noted above with support, detail, and elaboration for each section explicitly grounded in knowledge from the assigned readings and media, along with any outside sources you may choose to bring into your writing. Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length and include 3-5 scholarly references in addition to the course textbook to support your views. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references.


Management in Information Systems Business Finance Assignment Help


This deliverable will assess your ability to examine the role of information systems within organizations, management, and network infrastructure.


To complete this deliverable, fulfill the following instructions for each part (Be sure to see Rubric attached):

Part 1 – Information Systems Diagram

  1. Download and read the Nozama Information Sheet (also attached)
  2. Create a diagram that shows the various roles of Information Systems in organizations, such as Nozama

    1. State the roles within the system
    2. Place each system in the correct position in the diagram

  3. Present the diagram in way that is appropriate to the workplace

Part 2 – Rationale of Information Systems

  1. Write a 1-2 page documents that explains the ways in which an Information System can support Nozama’s business functions

    1. Identify the business purpose and function of the Information System in the organization

  2. Present the document in a way that is appropriate to the workplace
  3. Sources, if used, are cited appropriately in APA format


please do a movie reflection and response paper in 8 pages Humanities Assignment Help


I attached you the syllabus and the reading that the professor atattched in canvas

so what you need to do is to watch the 4 movies and write reflection and response paper and I attached you also the questions that you will answer for each movie here they are (you will find the in red paper into the document)

  • Movie Response Paper

    Instructions – see syllabus for more details

    For each movie that you watch, you will need to
    type up a two-page (no shorter) paper that covers the sections below in

    papers are not summaries of the movie
    , but they are designed to provide
    evidence that you really watched them and
    about what you were watching.

    In your reflection you should show your critical
    thinking, as well as research and writing skills (go beyond what the professor
    provides/assigns). These are not book reports, they should be college level
    Page 1

    A) What I “learned” from the movie
    (reflection, not a summary):

    was surprised to see this…

    never knew…

    was interesting to see this dynamic…

    B) Questions I had while watching the film:

    These can
    be in bullet points – just try to explain what happened in the movie to make
    you have this question (this character did this/said this, etc…)

    Does this
    really work this way in real life?

    C) Here is what I read to try and answer
    the questions above (follow-up reading):

    These can be links, citations of books and
    articles, other movies/videos, etc..

    This is
    what I learned from reading these…

    Page 2

    Answers to Question Posed by Professor:

    From what I watched
    and read, I would say that…

    Should include some of the readings posted by the professor
    for the movie

    Make connections between movie and real life, readings, etc…

    Put it all together!

    Primary Colors

    What does a
    presidential candidate need to do to successfully win his/her party’s


    War Room

    What factors
    determine whether an incumbent president wins reelection?


    Charlie Wilson’s War

    How do elections
    affect the behavior of members of Congress in office?


    American President

    How can and does the president influence the content of
    legislation in America’s political system (which separates executive and
    legislative power)?


after you did the 4 movies the teacher gave us discussion board about the movies that you watche so you should answer this question in one long paragraph and here is the instructors from the teacher:

  • Discussion boards

Each unit will have a discussion board about the movies being watched in that unit. Students will be expected to contribute their thoughts and reflections with the professor and their classmates. The professor will offer questions on the discussion boards, but they will mostly be student driven about the topics being watched and written about that week. Students will be graded for the following:

  • Provide at least two (2) original posts or beginning of a thread
  • Respond at least twice (2) to a classmates post or thread
  • The quality of the post will be graded. It should not just say, I agree or disagree or something simple like that.
  • The civility of the posts – make sure to be polite and courteous to your classmates and their thoughts and opinions

here is the question:

you just need to answer this question for now:

QUESTION #1 (if you watched any of the movies on presidential primaries Primary Colors or the War Room)

What do you think of the US presidential election process? Do you think it is fair or democratic? You can use the 2016 election as an example. What changes would you make to the primary or general election process? (no right or wrong answers here and you don’t have to have watched those movies to contribute to this thread).

The 2018 midterms are quickly approaching. Feel free to comment on that process as well. California has a very different selection process…do some research and reading!



Unit 1 Case Study( MLE) Health Medical Assignment Help

Unit I Case Study

Providers, patients, and caregivers are often faced with very difficult healthcare decisions. For the Unit VI Case Study, you will review and respond to the below case.

You can access the case by visiting the following website:

The Center for Practical Bioethics. (n.d.). Case studies. Retrieved from…

From this page, please locate and read the below case study:

 Walking The Tightrope

Read the case study. Using the questions at the end of the case study as guide, describe the ethical dilemma faced by the participants. As you explain the ethical issues, provide possible resolutions and your opinion on the scenario. Make sure you apply one of the ethical decision-making models discussed in this unit.

You are not to just answer the questions presented, but use those questions to walk through the ethical dilemma and present your analysis and conclusion.

Your response should be at least one page in length. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.


Pretend You Are the Instructor Writing Assignment Help

Pretend You Are the Instructor Writing Assignment Help