Price Discrimination, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Price Discrimination, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help. Price Discrimination, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help.

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*Instructions: Provide analysis on the statement below. Word
count minimum is 300. Use APA format
to include in-text citation and a reference. Use the course material for a reference (this is a must) and outside scholarly
as well. You don’t need to include the cover/title page; it is not
required. Here is the reference: Sexton,
R. L. (2011). Exploring economics (6th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western,Cengage
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Provide analysis for price discrimination on pharmaceutical
industry on prescription drug prices and how insurance, cash payments, etc.
affect customers in terms of price discrimination.

Price Discrimination, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Overview: Is the creation of an external capital funding proposal in INDIA, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Company is NORDSTORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Overview: Is the creation of an external capital funding proposal in INDIA!!!

C. Financial impact. This section should discuss the project’s most likely financial implications and the consolidated financial projection with and with out the project. Be sure to: 

1. Project the incrementalannual, and cumulative cash benefits and outflows associated with the proposed expansion for the next seven to 10 years, using a spreadsheet or other relevant presentation vehicle to support your narrative.  Be sure to justify your assumptions and methodology based on sound microeconomic and financial principles. For example, what assumptions have you made about demand, price,volume, capital purchase costs, incremental hiring, and so on?

2. Develop a consolidated financial projection of revenue, pretax income, and cash flow for the overall business, over that same number of years, both with and without the proposed investment.  Use a spreadsheet or other relevant presentation vehicle to support your narrative, being sure to describe any relevant assumptions. 

IV. Financing:  In this section, compare the proposed loan to alternative financing methods. Specifically:

A. Weigh the pros and cons of raising money using internal financing mechanisms versus seeking funding through global capital markets via loans,commercial paper, bonds, or equity financing. Which might be viable alternatives should the loan not be approved? Support your answer with appropriate research and evidence.

B. Assess the viability of a business combination as a mechanism for expanding into the new market. Is this a reasonable option Nordstorm? Why or why not? Support your answer with appropriate research and evidence. 

Track Record: Use this section to persuade the lender that you are credit-worthy. You must:

A. Convincingly argue that your organization is on solid financial footing, and thus at a low risk for default, supporting your argument with appropriate financial statements, ratios, and other indicators of financial performance and health.

B. Convincingly argue for your organization’s trustworthiness, providing credible evidence of legal and ethical financial behavior. For example, this might include recent audit results; credit history; absence of significant lawsuits, recalls, or regulatory judgments; or other evidence 


Numbering Systems, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

complete all steps with exception of those to download bitstreams into the board and verify functionality, as we do not have hardware in our lab.

Take numerous screen shots 

– Include screen shots of your successful design for Lab 1!

Group discussion and include in your lab report: 
(1) List and discuss (1 – 2 sentences each) 10 unique uses of the varied Numbering Systems implemented in this lab on devices or applications.
(2) We implemented simple means of addition. Discuss in about 2 paragraphs (and an annotated bibliography) one way to improve either time or space efficiency.


poetry and literature, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

The failure of
leadership in one Shakespearean play

Length: Your
research paper should be 4-5 pages (6 pages maximum). This does NOT include
the APA formatted title page and the APA reference page. Your paper will be in
this order: 

remember to include an APA formatted title page as the first page of your paper
and an APA reference page as the last part of your paper. The body of
your paper will be a minimum of 4 full pages and a maximum of 6 pages! DO NOT

Research Sources: Your research paper should discuss and cite a minimum of 5
but not more than 8 credible, scholarly sources (literary criticism) obtained
through academic databases of the university. I suggest that you start with
ESBSCO and ProQuest. 

Manuscript format and length: Your paper will need to follow APA format
guidelines. You will need a title page and a reference page (no abstract is
). Be sure to follow APA manuscript guidelines regarding font style
and size, spacing, margins, etc. 

Documentation and avoiding plagiarism: Your paper should follow APA
documentation guidelines in order to avoid unintentional plagiarism. Remember
that whenever you use a scholar’s words or ideas, they must be documented in
your paper; otherwise, you are plagiarizing. Please document references to the
play(s)/textbook as well as all information from each of your research

This is how it will be graded.

Complete I: FINAL

/5 -­ The essay includes a strong
thesis that states the writer’s position on the topic and

gives the reader an idea of what the
paper will explore

/20 -­ The essay analyzes the
instructor-­approved topic in a thoughtful, well-­supported and

detailed manner

/10 -­ The essay includes a
combination of direct and indirect quotes from the plays (with

proper in-­text citations) to support
the writer’s points/main ideas and thesis

/10 -­ The essay includes a
combination of direct and indirect quotes from the EACH of the

scholarly sources (with proper
in-­text citations) to support the writer’s points/main ideas

and thesis

/10 -­ Paper is structured such that
each paragraph develops a single point in a unified,

coherent manner;; the essay makes use
of proper transitions and topic sentences in each


/5 -­ The essay has been edited for
grammatical, spelling, and proper mechanics and no

such errors appear

/5 -­ The essay formatted correctly,
i.e., double-­spaced, 12-­point font and includes a

properly formatted APA Title Page

/10 -­ The essay includes a properly
formatted APA Works Cited page that includes all

referenced texts and sources


aviation management,management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Fuel per hour:                  $30

Oil per hour:                   $2

Maintenance :  Annual inspection            $1,200

      100 hours of operation periodic inspections:      $800

Tie-down spot:                 $150 per month

Aircraft monthly purchase payments:            $700/mo.

Reserve fund for new engine:              $10/hour

Telephone scheduling & billing services:          $150/mo.

Hull and Liability insurance:              $350/mo.

Miscellaneous:                 $100/mo.

Fixed Costs (FC) were a total of $18,600 for the year (or $1,550 per month).  Variable Costs (VC) were $50 per hour flown 

  Add these to your computations

1.   You will charge dues of $10/month per club member.

2.   Your goal is to add 5 new members per month, but your starting out with no members.

3.   Your instructors will charge $35/hour, of which you will retain $10/hour as the owner.

4.   50% of all of the flight hours on the plane will be with flight instructors on board giving instruction.

5.   Non-members are charged $110/hour for the airplane, members are charged $100/hour.

6.   You conclude that in the first year, 50% of all of the flight hours will be flown by non-members.  50% of those hours will be with an Instructor.

QUESTIONS: (a)     At what point in time during the year will you Break-Even ?

                      (b)   How many  Flight Hours will it take to do so, and 

      (c)    How long will that take if your aircraft flies the following # hours per month. (see below)

      (d)    Prepare a new computer generated color B-E graph for this last problem (c).

  This a team/group assignment.  Turn in only one paper per group to be submitted by your designated team representative.


January   10 

Feb      30   

March    40   

April      60   

May      80   

June      100 

July      120 

August    110 

Sept        90   

October    80   

Nov        60   

Dec      40     


Year      820

Each group member had $1,500 to buy the plane. Together that added up to $13,500.

Our plane cost $27,900.

$27,900-$13,500= $14,400

We pull a loa out for $14,400 for a bank with a 12% interest, to be payed in 3 years

Overall we will owe $14,400×1.12=$16,128 over the next 3 year.

$16,128 over the next 3 years will be $5,376 per year.

$5,376 per year / 12 months = $448 per month.

This will make our VC (448+1,550)=$1998 per month.



Tableau form, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

please solve the following in Tableau form and also in Excel:

Problem 1-  Z= x1+x2+2×3            S.T

x1+x2+x3 <=12



Problem 2-           x1=denim   x2= pound     Z=2.25×1 +3.1 x2      S.T

3.2×2 +3×1 <=3000

7.5 x2 +5×1<= 6500



problem 3:      x1= blocks  x2= radio x3= toster  Z=8×1+10×2+7×3    S.T



problem 4:    a=lamp  b=sport  c= linen

MAX Z=130×1 a +150×1 b+90×1 c +275×2 a+300×2 b+ 100×2 b+ 180 x3 a+ 225×3 b+140×3 c+ 200 x4 a+ 120x4b+160×4 c            S.T

x1a +x1 b+ x1c=1

x2a + x2b+x2c=1









Tableau form, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Union Military Strategy in 1864 , history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

In 4 – 5 sentences, respond to the following:

The most difficult thing for any of the Union generals was to do was to follow this order “Follow Lee and take him down” the war after the turning point of Gettysburg became a race for which general could carry this out best.  Lets talk about the short comings why don’t we, the list of them are longer compared to the successes.  With Grant now in overall command and things seeming to have worked out in the right generals being in command for the Union this was proven wrong quickly, General Meade was equipped with almost double the amount of men of Lee and like many of times before Lee had regained his mind control over the generals of the North.  Somehow it appears that after a big victory Meade became timid, kind of like McClellan.

  Texas was a state that President Lincoln wanted under control and “bad” “the president desired a Union military presence in Texas as  a warning to France, which was in the process of setting up a puppet government in Mexico” (McPherson & Hogue, 2010).  Banks played a small part in the war in my opinion but he could have made a significant stance just like Meade did who ended up becoming a war favorite but he missed his opportunity by a poor performance and never made it out of LA.  Now that the war was looking like a 70/30 split the Union needed to get the foreign influence out to show its dominance.  This was supposed to be an in and out mission but it apparently never even began.

  Lets move over to VA, there were two generals in the backyard of Lee and here are some other things that could have ended the war early “he could have cut the railroads linking Richmond to the South, occupied Petersburg, or even smashed his way into the capital itself against the scratch force of 5,000 troops and an equal number of government clerks serving as emergency militia” (McPherson & Hogue, 2010).  If you ask me this war should have been over in this moment with the presence of the Union in VA.  Changing topography as we talked about before leaned in favor of the south most times, they were immune to the outdoors they had a better sense of navigation and even things like trenches led to lack of success such as in the wilderness which led Grant to say “I am heartily tired of hearing about what Lee is going to do.  Some of you always seem to think he is suddenly going to turn a double somersault, and land on our rear and on both flanks at the same time” (McPherson & Hogue, 2010).  I think after the heavy losses and failures of it led to what I call a success but then led to a failure due to lack of planning. 

  The battle of the crater is a epic moment in history it changed the way of fighting if you asked me, soldiers were unable to trenches so they came up with a plan to plant a bomb underneath and they did and blew a “crater in the earth” I googled the picture and it is quite remarkable.  Here is the downfall, lol the Union soldiers ran into the hole they created and well the Confederates broke them down like a shot gun.  This was also another beginning of a favorite part in history for me, Sherman was the man if you ask me he was about as memorable as John Brown from Atlanta to the sea he was the human plow that he eventually lead to Grant being president because of great success.  Sherman used the swing method to fight the war and it worked, it took time but it worked he was able to defeat great numbers with little loss.

  One of the coolest experiences I was able to experience in the Navy was to sail into Mobile Bay, my ship played over the loud system the famous words of Admiral Farragut “Damn the torpedoes!  Full speed ahead!” (McPherson & Hogue, 2010).  For those of you who have only read this part of history the channel up Mobile Bay is not that wide, acquiring this was huge for the plans to cut off supplies to the Confederacy which honestly is what Grant wanted all along but many failed to do so.  Once again in the war the Navy had come through for the land fighters.  I added a little youtube video that I found funny and probably how the actual show down at Mobile Bay went down. 


Union Military Strategy in 1864 , history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

In 4 – 5 sentences, respond to the following:

1864 marked a change in the Union’s tactics for fighting against the Confederates.  Prior to 1864, many of the battles the Union fought were using a head on approach.  After the relief of General McClellan, General Grant began attempting to unify the Union’s attacks against the Rebels.  He devised many operations that included different units taking different paths in order to face the Rebels from all angles (McPherson & Hogue, 2010).  For the first time since the war began the Unionists began attempting to use flanking tactics to gain the upper hand. 

However, these tactics didn’t always prove to be successful.  In the east, General Lee continuously anticipated the movements of the Union and usually was able to fend off the attacks.  Also, for many different reasons, many of General Grant’s approaches didn’t come to fruition.  Once his subordinate leaders set out to reach their objectives, many usually encountered obstacles that slowed their movements down or even made it impossible to reach their goal.  Additionally, in 1864 the Union faced many catastrophic losses during the battles in 1864.  “His 1864 campaign against Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, however, produced an appalling 55,000 Union casualties…” (Pearlman, 2016).

  One benefit to the Union’s tactics, was that General Grant easily and quickly adjusted as the situations dictated.  As General Lee was continuously anticipating each movement the Union was attempting to make against the Rebels, General Grant continued to be successful at finding the areas where he would adjust his mission. 

  Furthermore, the Union proved success on the western front when they overtook Mobile Bay, finally sealing the blockade.  As a result of this the South no longer had any use for territories west of Mobile, because they were now unable to get any supplies there (McPherson & Hogue, 2010).  Interestingly, once the North sealed off the bay, they were no longer concerned with the South continuing to control Mobile.  Simply because Mobile was no threat to the North at that point.  In addition to cutting Mobile Bay off, the Union also had plans to gain control of Atlanta and crush the spirit of the Rebels (A House Divided: Northern Plans to End the War, 2016).  General Sherman successfully accomplished this mission, which in turn caused the North to have their spirits uplifted once again.


Reelecting Lincoln , history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

In 4-5 sentences, respond to the following:

The main political issues facing the candidates in 1864 was the end of the war, how would it end and what would be done. Would the Union be put back together or would the South remain an independent nation, would slavery be banished for good or would slaver continue on? Lincoln was falling far behind in the race for his second term in the white house, the war was long and hard and at this point it was becoming drawn out and no longer in public favor (Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union, 2008) meaning Lincoln was looking bad in the eyes of his public. However, with the victory at Atlanta patriotism grew and the North was back in favor of winning the war making Lincoln back in the public favor for president of his second term (Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union, 2008). I truly do believe that Lincoln’s re-election was in question. This civil war had taken this country through hell, though it was not Lincoln’s fault the war was being fought in the eyes of the nation it was because he was their commander in Chief. By 1864 every person in the United States had felt the wrath of war and in the eye of the people that is Lincoln’s fault. Had it not been for a victory of a southern strong hold at that very time, and a promising end to the war, I don’t believe Lincoln would have received enough support to win his second term. Once a president is in charge through a time of war people want change they want better and I think the same thing would have happened here had it not been for a huge victory and an end come into sight.


full adder circuit, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Q3. (a) The following truth table represents the functionality of a full adder circuit. Design the full adder
circuit using 2-input Ex-OR, OR and AND gates. To minimize the design cost, your design should use
some part of the Sum circuit as a component in the Cout circuit.

(is in the file)

Q3. (b) The Full-Adder designed in part (a) can be used to design a binary adder circuit that can be used
to perform addition of two unsigned binary numbers. Using the Full-Adder of part (a), implement an 8-
bit binary adder circuit that would add two 8-bit unsigned binary numbers. To simplify the diagram, use
the Full-Adder as a block component (as shown in the above figure) in your design.

Q3. (c) Modify the design in part (b) such a way that the same circuit can be used to perform addition
and subtraction of two 8-bit signed binary numbers (note that in signed number representation, the
most significant bit is used as the sign bit). The circuit can be designed using either 2’s complement or
1’s complement technique of performing subtraction. I would like you to design the circuit using both
approaches. Draw and explain the operation of both of your circuits. Please note that your design should
include a control signal that would decide whether the circuit would perform addition or subtraction
with the given inputs in the system. Your circuit should also include an overflow output signal (v) to
indicate if there is any overflow in the addition/subtraction process.

Q3. (d) The major drawback of the circuit discussed in part (b) is that it requires a long propagation
delay before it produces the correct results. Since the Sum output (S) of each stage is dependent on the
Carry_in of all the previous stages, it behaves as a ripple/sequential adder circuit. One way to reduce the
propagation delay is to design a parallel adder circuit using the carry-lookahead technique (in which the
carry_in of each stage is made independent of the carry_out of the previous stage and dependent only
on the initial carry_in (i.e. the carry_in of the first stage), as discussed in pages 112-114 of your text
book). Using the carry-lookahead technique design an 8-bit unsigned binary adder circuit to perform the
addition of two unsigned 8-bit binary numbers. Note that you are allowed to use gates with maximum
input capacity of five inputs (i.e. the fan-in capacity is limited to 5-input). Clearly explain your design. 


Price Discrimination, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Price Discrimination, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

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