Primary Task Response, Unit 4 DB / 455 Business Finance Assignment Help

Primary Task Response, Unit 4 DB / 455 Business Finance Assignment Help. Primary Task Response, Unit 4 DB / 455 Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Primary Task Response: The Discussion Board assignment for this week will be a review of the Key Assignment Outline from other students.

Note: The Key Assignment is listed in the Phase 5 Individual Project task description.

Your first task is to post your outline to the discussion area so that other students will be able to review your work. Attach your document to your main discussion post, and include any notes that you feel are appropriate in the post. The purpose of this assignment is to help improve the quality of your Key Assignment.

Primary Task Response, Unit 4 DB / 455 Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

An independent real estate firm that specializes in home sales, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Home Sales

Project Description:

An independent real estate firm that
specializes in home sales needs to create a database in which to store its
records. In the following project, you will open a database containing
information about the properties the real estate firm has listed. You create a
new table in which to store agent information, add records, and then sort the
table. You create a relationship between two tables and enforce referential
integrity. You also apply filters, sort a table, and save the results.


For the purpose of grading the project you are required
to perform the following tasks:



Points Possible


Start Access. Open the downloaded
Access file named exploring_a01_grader_h2.



Create a new table in Design view.
Add the field name AgentID. Change the Data Type for AgentID
to AutoNumber and set AgentID as the Primary key for the table.



Add the following field names to the
table: FirstName,
and Title
(in that order). Accept Short Text as the data type for all fields. Save the
table as Agents.



Switch to Datasheet view and add the
following records letting Access assign the AgentID number:  FirstName  LastName  Title 

Picard   Broker

Keith   Martin   Agent

Yang   Agent

Steven   Dougherty   Agent in Training

Rajesh   Khanna   Agent in Training

Juan   Rosario   President



Sort the Agents table by the
LastName field in ascending order.



Apply a selection filter so that
everyone with a title other than Agent
in Training
displays. Save the changes to the table design and close the
Agents table.



Open the Properties table in Design
View. Change the Data type for the following fields to the listed Data Type:

Field Name 
Data Type

DateListed   Date/Time

ListPrice  Currency

SqFeet   Number

Beds   Number

Baths   Number

AgentID  Number

Save the changes to the design of the table and then view the table in
Datasheet View.



Sort the records in the Properties
table by the ListPrice field from largest to smallest. Save and close the



Click Relationships in the
Relationships group on the DATABASE TOOLS tab and then add both tables to
the Relationships window. Close the Show Table dialog box.



Drag the AgentID field from the
Agents table and drop it onto the AgentID field in the Properties table.
(Hint: Resize the Properties table so that all fields display.) Enforce
Referential Integrity and create the relationship. Save changes to the
layout and close the relationships window.



Open the Properties table. Use
Filter by Form to create a filter that will identify all properties with a
list price less than $300,000 with two bedrooms. Apply the filter and
preview the filtered table. Close the table and save the changes.



Close all database objects. Close
the database and then exit Access. Submit the database as directed.


Total Points



Economic Choice and Economic Decision Making, Assignment Homework Help Economics Assignment Help

Consider your last vehicle purchase and the decision
making process you engaged in while deciding what vehicle to purchase
or if a new vehicle was the right decision. While analyzing your
decision, keep in mind that everything from the interest rates to the
price of gasoline is driven by the economy in one way or another.

Develop a 1,400-word analysis of your decision-making process in which you include the following:

  • Discuss the role of the interest rate and the cost of financing on
    your purchase decision. Interest rates are derived from the supply and
    demand for money and the actions of the Federal Reserve System. What was
    the rate of interest you paid on your vehicle loan? Were interest rates
    rising or falling at the time of your decision?
  • Examine the influence of gasoline prices on the choice of vehicle you selected.
    Gasoline prices rise and fall dramatically based on economic supply of
    and demand for crude oil. When gasoline prices are low, Americans buy
    larger, heavier autos, SUV’s and pick-up trucks. When gas prices are
    high, Americans purchase more compact and fuel efficient vehicles. When
    you purchased your last vehicle, were crude oil and gasoline prices
    rising or falling?
  • Discuss the following in regard to your household at the time of your purchase:
    • Were you employed?
    • Was the economy growing or contracting (recession)?
    • If you were employed, did you take into consideration the risk that
      you might lose your job if a recession occurred during the period of
      your loan pay-back?

A basic assumption of consumers making
purchases of large items requiring financing is that their household
cash flow will be adequate to cover the monthly loan payments. For most
Americans, this also means assuming continuation of their present wages.
But many jobs are sensitive to rises and falls in the business cycle,
as witnessed by the 10% unemployment rate of the past “Great Recession.”

Evaluate the financial
trade-offs made when making your purchase. This includes lower
maintenance costs for a newer vehicle versus a car payment and higher
insurance among other factors.

  • Discuss the influence of any of these Federal or state level
    programs on your decision to purchase a vehicle; or if these did not
    factor into your decision, explain why or why not:
    • Buying fuel efficient vehicles such as Flex fuel, hybrids and electrics
    • Converting existing vehicles to use alternative fuels (Flex fuel)
    • Removing old, fuel inefficient, and high polluting vehicles from the highways

  • Explain the influence of environmental factors such as emissions and health concerns on your decision.
  • Discuss the ways in which your purchase illustrates one piece of the
    circular flow model of economic activity.  What are the other parts?
  • Develop conclusions about the economy’s influence on personal and
    business decision making such as purchases, investments, and so forth.

Cite a minimum of three peer reviewed sources.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Analyze the interrelation of creativity, Psychology Assignment Homework Help Humanities Assignment Help

Creativity, intelligence, memory, and learning are interrelated. In this assignment, you will explore the interrelations of these ideas and predict how they can best be harnessed to enhance student outcomes.

1) Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:

  a) This assignment uses a grading rubric.

  b) Include two scholarly resources, other than those in the assigned readings, with appropriate references and in-text citations.

  c) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

2) Write a paper of 1,250-1,500 words in which you do the following:

  a) Analyze the interrelation of creativity, intelligence, memory, and learning.

  b) Describe how this interrelation can be exploited to enhance student learning outcomes.

No plagiarism


Supreme Court Cases, History Assignment Homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Supreme Court Cases

The Supreme Court is made up of nine justices who are responsible for deciding whether or not laws are in line with the U.S. Constitution. These individuals serve life-long appointments once they are nominated by the President and confirmed by the United States Senate. Below is a list of some of the most controversial decisions in the last few decades by the Supreme Court. These cases are often mentioned by politicians during campaigns because the issues are still debated, even after the Supreme Court’s ruling.

For this assignment, write a 500-750 page essay following the guidelines below:

  • First, list the current nine members of the United States Supreme Court.
  • Second, choose one of the five cases below:
  • Third, read about the case you have chosen and summarize it as if you were explaining the case to someone who is not familiar with it. Be sure to include each of the following case elements in your summary:
    • The key points in the case and the law being challenged
    • The part or amendment to the Constitution discussed in the case
    • The states or local governments, if any, that were mentioned in the case.
  • Lastly, explain the final ruling in the case by the Supreme Court, and, most importantly, how the ruling in the case impacts the lives of Americans. (You may need to look for additional sources if you are unsure).

If you use sources, be sure to identify any direct quotations you draw from a source by identifying the source and by placing those words in quotation marks (no more than 20% of your essay can be quotations). The source of any ideas or facts you include should also be identified whether you use the direct words or not. Additionally, you should include the links to any news articles or websites you visit by copying and pasting the link at the end of your assignment.

As with all weekly written assignments, submit your work as an attached file. Double-space your paper, and use 12 point Times New Roman as your font.



Organizational Skills Assessment, Communications Assignment Homework Help Business Finance Assignment Help

Organizational Skills Assessment

Think about the skills you have gained through coursework, personal experiences, and previous employment that will help you be effective in organizations. Provide a list of skills you possess in each of the following categories: (a) work-content skills, (b) personal attributes (such as communication and self-management), and (c) technology. Explain how each skill might help you in your current career or in the career you intend to pursue, and provide specific examples.

The paper must be two to four pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and must be formatted according to APA style.

Plagiarism or late work will not receive payment.

Organizational Skills Assessment, Communications Assignment Homework Help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

prevalent stereotypes, historical and modern interpretations, Sociology Assignment Homework Help Humanities Assignment Help

Submit the second milestone of your final project. This milestone will include two parts. First, you will submit your review of current and past research in the form of an annotated bibliography with at least five academic sources. Your annotated bibliography will include a short explanation (one paragraph) after each source that briefly states the source’s topic and relevance to your project. Your explanation should also indicate each source’s usefulness in terms of historical and social context. This usefulness can be demonstrated through identifying any relevant social institutions, social roles, and/or stereotypes present in the source and connected to your project. 

Second, you will also submit an outline (paper) or talking points (via a podcast or video) of prevalent stereotypes, historical and modern interpretations, and recent social change related to your chosen issue. Be sure to provide detailed examples. Your outline will be submitted in the medium you intend to use for your final project: paper, video, or podcast. 


Least Restrictive Environment, Psychology Assignment Homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Provide an example of a case
where the issue of the least restrictive environment is your main concern, where
use of either punishment or harmful reinforcers is of questionable ethical
practice, and
issue of discontinuation of a treatment plan is of primary concern? What do you think are
of the socio-cultural and legal issues that go along with each of these cases and h
ow might you
remedy the situation as per the BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct?

(Need a example for Least Restrictive Environment, example for punishment OR harmful reinforcers, example for discontinuation of treatment and then the question). These examples should be based on ASD (Autism spectrum disorder). 


Current Event locate an intercultural business situation, Communications Assignment Homework Help Business Finance Assignment Help



Using a contemporary or current event
(within the past five years), locate an intercultural business situation
context,post a link to the article, video clip, YouTube video, picture, or
news story for your peers. (If you choose a video, try to find one that
includes a transcript or correct captioning; if the video does not have a
transcript or is not captioned, notify your instructor.) In your post, identify
the five components of social episodes expressed in your selected current

In particular, discuss the relationship
of the event to the business context expressed. Why was this situation
interesting or noteworthy to you? How does it relate to or differ from any
business situation you have experienced? Compare or contrast the situation you
selected with another current event, either in the United States or


Part 2

After watching the Intercultural
Communications in Business
video from this unit’s Studies, respond to the
following: What does the video indicate about the formality or informality of
doing business from the U.S. (American) point of view? Are there general
global themes to doing business?


Both of the personal essays we have read this week, English Assignment Homework Help Humanities Assignment Help

Both of the personal essays we have read this week, “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words” and “Life Under the Chief Doublespeak Officer,” use narrative and/or descriptive elements (sections 6.3 and 6.4 in Essentials of College Writing, and each has a clear purpose.
Write about one of the essays assigned in this week’s readings. In 250 to 500 words
•State the purpose of the essay.
•Describe one descriptive writing pattern being used in the essay (refer to section 6.4 in Essentials of College Writing).
•Explain why you think that descriptive writing pattern is used well by the writer. Incorporate a paraphrase from the essay and properly cite the essay.
•Explain how you plan to use the same descriptive writing pattern in your personal essay.
As you are writing this journal entry, please pay attention to the areas that you struggled with in your “Grammar Assessment” quiz and “Practice Essay” assignment.


Primary Task Response, Unit 4 DB / 455 Business Finance Assignment Help

Primary Task Response, Unit 4 DB / 455 Business Finance Assignment Help

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