PROBLEM 4-32 Coronado Wings, Inc. Business Finance Assignment Help

PROBLEM 4-32 Coronado Wings, Inc. Business Finance Assignment Help. PROBLEM 4-32 Coronado Wings, Inc. Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Coronado Wings, Inc. manufactures airplanes for use in stunt shows. Coronado’s factory is highly automated, using the latest in robotic technology. To keep costs low, the company employs as few factory workers as possible. Since each plane has different features (such as its shape, weight, and color), Coronado uses a job order costing system to accumulate product costs.

At the end of 2016, Coronado’s accountants developed the following expectations for 2017 based on the marketing department’s sales forecast:

Budgeted overhead cost $1,101,000
Estimated machine hours 53,000
Estimated direct labor hours 9,000
Estimated direct materials cost $1,500,000

Coronado’s inventory count, completed on December 31, 2016, revealed the following ending inventory balances:

Raw Materials Inventory $249,000
Work in Process Inventory $625,000
Finished Goods Inventory $1,470,000

The company’s 2017 payroll data revealed the following actual payroll costs for the year:

Job Title Number
Wage Rate
per Hour
Salary per
Total Hours
Worked per
President and CEO 1 $228,000
Vice president and CFO 1 $178,000
Factory manager 1 $41,000
Assistant factory manager 1 $31,300
Machine operator 5 $14.5 2,250
Security guard, factory 2 $20,500
Forklift operator 2 $7.5 2,000
Corporate secretary 1 $36,200
Janitor, factory 2 $6 2,150

The following information was taken from Coronado’s Schedule of Plant Assets. All assets are depreciated using the straight-line method.

Plant Asset Purchase Price Salvage Value Useful Life
Factory building $4,000,000 $150,000 20 Years
Administrative office $650,000 $125,000 30 Years
Factory equipment $2,000,000 $20,000 12 Years

Other miscellaneous costs for 2017 all paid in cash included:

Cost Amount
Factory insurance (fully expired) $14,000
Administrative office utilities $5,700
Factory utilities $32,000
Office supplies (fully consumed) $5,200

Additional information about Coronado’s operations in 2017 includes the following:

Raw materials purchases for the year amounted to $1,945,000. All materials were purchased on account.
The company used $1,860,000 in raw materials during the year. Of that amount, 85% was direct materials and 15% was indirect materials.
Coronado applied overhead to Work in Process Inventory based on direct materials cost.
Airplanes costing $3,450,000 to manufacture were completed and transferred out of Work in Process Inventory.
Coronado uses a markup of 80% to price its airplanes. Sales for the year were $6,570,000. All sales are made on account.
(Note: This transaction requires two journal entries.)

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Incorrect answer. Your answer is incorrect. Try again.

What was Coronado’s predetermined overhead rate in 2017? (Round answer to 2 decimal places, e.g. 52.75%.)

Predetermined overhead rate Entry field with incorrect answer% of direct materials cost
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Prepare the journal entries to record Coronado’s costs for 2017. (Use Salaries Payable and Wages Payable accounts for payroll costs.) (Credit account titles are automatically indented when the amount is entered. Do not indent manually. Post entries in order presented in the problem. Round answers to 0 decimal places, e.g. 5,275.)


Account Titles and Explanation




(To record salaries for president, vice president, and corpoarte secretary)


(To record salaried factory worker costs)


(To record hourly factory worker costs)


(To record depreciation on administrative office equipment)


(To record depreciation on factory building and equipment)


(To record administrative office utilities and office supplies expense)


(To record factory insurance and factory utilities)


(To record raw materials purchases)


(To record direct materials and indirect materials used in production)


(To apply overhead to work in process)


(To record transfer of completed airplanes)


(To record sale of airplanes to customers)


(To record cost of airplanes sold)

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PROBLEM 4-32 Coronado Wings, Inc. Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Write an assembly language program to calculate the following. Computer Science Assignment Help

Using visual studio windows32 farmwork to write the question. I upload a picture about the coding style. The question should be like that.

(((((2^0 + 2^1) x 2^2) + 2^3)x 2^4)+2^5……) + 2^n

Hint: Note that when n is even, carrying result is multiplied by 2^n. When n is odd, carrying result is added to 2^n (above formula shows the case where n is odd).

As an example, when n = 5, it should print 352.

You need to have a dialog box to read the value of n.

You need to check for n < 0 and display an appropriate error message.

As n increases, at one point, you will not be able to hold the result in a 32- bit register. You should check for it (probably using jo instruction), display an appropriate error message.

Valid result should be displayed using a message box.


Java and Git Computer Science Assignment Help

Open the Calculator application code that you imported into Eclipse. This Java code is required to complete the following tutorial exercises:

There 3 pdf tutorial

These tutorials will have you practice the Git operations in Eclipse using Java code while working within your local repository.

Capture the changes you made in the tutorials by taking screenshots (at least one per tutorial) and then adding to your changelog document. Download the Changelog Template document and customize the changelog with your information for the author, date, and the changes that you made.


5 Problems regarding to the principle of ECON Economics Assignment Help

Problem 1 [Consumption, Savings, APC, APS, MPC, MPS, ATR, MTR ]The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has provided you with the following data regarding the United States households:

[all amounts are in billions of dollars, rounded]



Personal income [including taxes]



Personal saving



Personal consumption expenditure on durable goods



Personal consumption expenditure on nondurable goods



Personal consumption expenditure on services



  • Based on the data above, how much was total consumption (C) for 1999 and 2000?
  • Based on the data above, how much were total taxes for 1999 and 2000?
  • Based on the above, how much was the average tax rate (ATR) for 1999 and 2000?
  • Based on the above, how much was the marginal tax rate (MTR) for 2000?
  • Based on the above, how much was the average propensity to consume (APC) for 1999?
  • Based on the above, how much was the marginal propensity to consume (MPC) for 2000?
  • Based on the above, how much was the average propensity to save (APS) for 2000?
  • Based on the data above and your general knowledge of economic, estimate the GDP for the year 2000.


Problem 2 [Investments, EPR ]

Your firm is presented with the following data:

You can borrow $100,000 at 10% for 1 year to purchase inventory. The inventory is virtually certain to be sold for $140,000

Total selling costs (advertising, salaries etc) will be $25,000

Interest costs on the funds borrowed would also have to be a factor when computing profit.

  • How much is the expected profit from the above transaction?
  • What is the expected profit rate (EPR)?
  • Would you recommend that this investment be undertaken? Why or why not?
  • Would your recommendation change if you did not have to borrow the money? Why or why not?


Problem 3 [Calculating Total Investments ]

You are presented with the following data for an economy for 2002:

Inventory levels:

Jan 1 . . . . . $60 billion

July 1. . . . . 55 billion

Dec 31 . . . . 70 billion

Expenditures on new plant & equipment during 2002 . . . . . . . $120 billion

Expenditures on new residential housing during 2002. . . . . . . $ 90 billion

Depreciation on plant & equipment and residential housing . . . $30 billion

  • Based on the data above, calculate gross investment (G).
  • Based on the above, calculate net investment (NI).


Problem 4 [Using Formulas to calculate consumption ]

Total consumption (C) is represented by the following formula: a + MPC (Yd), where ‘a’ represents autonomous consumption, MPC represents the marginal propensity to consume, and Yd represents disposable income. The following information is provided regarding the Island of Kamara and the Island of Molina

Island of Kamara; autonomous consumption = $400; MPS = 0.40 and Yd = $6,000. Island of Molina: autonomous consumption = $400; MPS = 0.20 and Yd = $6,000.

  • What is total consumption (C) for the Island of Kamara?
  • What is total consumption (C) for the Island of Molina?
  • Based on the data above, along with your calculation, what conclusions, if any, can you make about the impact of MPC on consumption?


Problem 5 [Economic Principles ]

Students at The University obtained students loans totaling $3,000,000. The students used $2,900,000 of that money to pay for tuition. The remaining $100,000 was used to purchase textbooks. The University used $1,000,000 from the money received from students to purchase new computers for the University’s computer labs and new furniture for the Student Lounge.

  • Identify the 3 major markets, if any, from the Circular Flow Model, involved in the transactions above.
  • Clearly identify the transaction [s] and amount [s] involved in each market.
  • Indicate the dollar amount of the impact, if any, on Consumption [C] and Investments [I].


Religion and violence Humanities Assignment Help

In Letter to a Christian Nation, Sam Harris presents
religion (not only American Christianity) as irrational, obsolete, and
guilty of great harm in the world. Harris questions not only the
failings of contemporary religious believers and institutions, but the
very beliefs that inspire religious life.

Drawing from the essays in “Subverting Hatred,” show how one specific
religious teaching or practice (perhaps purged of the flaws Harris
targets) might contribute to the easing of tension or the reduction of violence in the world today. Be specific and give examples. Show how this teaching or practice might be made acceptable to persons of any background.



Discussion Questions for Psychology and Accounting Humanities Assignment Help




1. Empty self

What does the term empty self mean to you? Explain how this concept relates to wellbeing

2. Increase in affluence and depression

Research indicates that rates of depression have increased dramatically over the past 50 years, while there has been a substantial increase in affluence (Baumgardner & Crothers, 2009). Discuss the theories that account for the relationship between these two variables.

3. Who is happier

Who is happier man or women? What does the book say and how does that reflect your personal experience? Who is happier persons in relationships or persons who are single? Based on the readings this week what did you learn about happiness in relation to self and being with others?

4. Winning the lottery

Why do we play the lottery? Does winning the lottery equal being happy and not having to worry about the future. Let’s say that a person wins $27 million how could this affect them?

5. Work and Unemployment : Reading this text it is being implicated that being employed makes people happier than when people have job loss.

6. Benefits of Marriage

7. When winning the lottery.. What about taxes? People often see the initial amount and forget about the federal and state taxes. These taxes can be substantial and occur yearly.



1. Three Types of IRS Audit (Examination)

2. Statute of limitations

3. Taxpayer filing requirements/due dates

4. Tax avoidance VS. Tax evasion

5. Types of Taxes

6. Different Tax Rates

7. Income Shifting

8. Ethics

Agnes Meher is the owner of LuPat, a profitable construction company that she operates as a sole proprietorship. As a sole proprietor, Agnes reports the business income from LuPat on her individual tax return. Agnes expects the business to generate $400,000 of taxable income this year, which in combination with her other income, will put her in the top tax bracket (39.6%). Agnes has two children named Ellie Mae and Spencer, ages 9 and 11 respectively, who do not currently have any taxable income. Agnes would like to shift some of her income from LuPat to Ellie Mae and Spencer to reduce the overall tax burden from the business income. To shift the income, Agnes hired Ellie Mae and Spencer to perform some janitorial and clerical services for LuPat, paying each child $20,000. What do you think of Agnes’s strategy?

Discussion Questions for Psychology and Accounting Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Can Electrical Engineering courses and software job be related ? Computer Science Assignment Help


I have done my Masters and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and looking to write and relate the subjects to my present occupation of software developer/DevOps Engineer. (Sorry I am not that smart to write myself, that’s the reason I am looking for someone’s help)

Masters Courses – Northwestern Polytechnic University, California, USA

1. CS470(G) – Network Engineering and Management

2- EE488(G) – Computer Architecture

3. CS565 – Advanced Network Management

4. EE450(G) – Systems Analysis and Simulations

Bachelors Courses – Jawarharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad, India

1. 51006 – Computer Programming and Data Structures

2. 51604 – Computer Programming lab

3. 54062 – Network Theory

4. 56011 – Computer Methods in Power systems

5. 51607 – IT Workshop & Engineering Workshop



I want you to write for me what all can be learnt from the above courses and how is it helping/relating me in my present job. Anyway linking Degrees in Electrical Engineering to Software Job will be the most I am looking for.

Attached is the template, need you to fill the content opposite to the courses. I am expecting at-least one page for one subject.The flow can be like first should explain what all I have l;e

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks and Appreciated,



Management, see descriprion Business Finance Assignment Help


chemical dependency as either a primary or secondary concern for
disaster management. List three potential concerns and identify a
possible solution for each. Choose and defend which one is the primary

no more than 400 words

subject two

Research Presentation

    1. Students
      will complete a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation specific to special
      needs populations based in their research paper. The PowerPoint is due
      to instructor by week of November 26. Presentation topic will be chosen
      by faculty. Grade will reflect individual effort in the final product.
      The Power Point should include:
      1. Topic under discussion
      2. Overview of the problem
      3. Literature Review
      4. Findings
      5. Areas for action
      6. Summary
      7. Reference

      it should be refrenced with APA style


case study analyze Writing Assignment Help

Use the case you develop to answer the 3 essential questions we have covered thus far in the course.

We are not concerned about getting it right first time. We will give feedback after. Don’t’ worry about what it is just be creative and go for it. This is for you to apply what you have been learning.

The case study should be descriptive enough to provide context, less than 1 page, but more than ½ a page of description and background. The entire assignment should be no less than two pages and a maximum of 4 pages.

how would you answer the Essential Questions for Units 1-4 involving jake, his family and his school scenario?

Jake is a 10-year-old boy from a single-parent family. He has spent close to half of his entire life at his maternal grandmother’s and the rest with his mother after she found a job and relocated to a different city. To date, Jake has never met his dad whom his mother describes as having been abusive in the relationship. He has no siblings. In the recent past, Jake’s mother has been receiving notes from the school about her son’s behavior. He has been causing distraction and disturbance to his peers at a time when they are supposed to be studying. He also does not pay attention to his teacher and has on an occasional basis blurted out answers without raising his hand. The teacher feels that Jake has the potential to perform well as his grades are still high in relation to his peers despite his unbecoming behavior. In the recent past, his behavior has been worrying as he has already been involved in a fight with his peers on three occasions. Upon a follow-up, the teacher identified that Jake was the one who picked up the fights. The teacher is beginning to develop concerns that Jake’s lifestyle could be impacting his behavior and that this could in future affect the performance and the well-being of his peers and his lead to a decline in his class performance as well if left unaddressed.

How can the role of the school counselor promote well-being through resilience and create trauma-informed schools?

How can the role of the school counselor enhance well-being through college readiness?

How can the role of the school counselor enhance well being through career readiness?


Out-of-Class Activity 3: Women’s Tax Humanities Assignment Help

This activity will have you examine products (particularly hygiene products) you use on a regular basis. You will find the prices of your products and then compare them to the prices of the “opposite genders’” products.

You must upload your assignment to Canvas on the day that it is due.

If you would like feedback on your assignment, in addition to uploading your assignment on Canvas, you must submit a hard copy of it at the beginning of class on the day that it is due. (Inversely, if you do not wish to receive feedback, and you only want to receive your grade, you should only upload your assignment to Canvas.)

Instructions for Completing this Activity:

*Under Files, Assignments, Out-of-Class Activities, OCA 3 you will find a written example of how to complete the first part of this assignment if you find these instructions confusing at all. Please read these instructions in full, then read the example. If you have any questions after reading both, please email me.*

  1. Find ten products you use on a regular basis.
    1. Examples: Shampoo, conditioner, body wash/soap, face wash, razor, shaving cream, lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, perfume/cologne, hair product, etc.
  2. Go to where you normally buy your products (website, actual store).
    1. Note: Even if you buy your products from Amazon or similar sites, don’t use these types of websites for this assignment – unless it’s the only place you can find the product. I say this because, as you probably know, “common market value” isn’t always represented on these websites.
      1. Example: I can buy my hair cream product on Amazon, but since it’s made by Redken, I’d go to their website for pricing, or find the pricing of it at a salon.The Redken website does not sell their products so I found the pricing of the product at my salon.
        1. It is not uncommon, apparently, that some manufactures’ websites do not sell their products – they only suggest, or send you to, a retailer. Use your best judgment.
      2. Case in Point: My product costs $18.00 dollars at my salon and anywhere from $18.95 to $22.98 on Amazon.
      3. You might be thinking – “’non-online’ stores can vary in pricing too, though…” – and you’re right. But, while some stores can vary in their pricing, most large “chain” type retail stores (where we often buy products we use on a regularly basis) are really similar in their product pricing (to stay competitive, as you know).
    2. Find your products and record the price of each.
    3. Then find the “opposite gender’s” product (the same product or as close to the same idea of the product as you can find) of the same brand/manufacturer you use.
    4. Record the price of that product.
    5. Compare and contrast the prices of your ten products and the “opposite gender’s” products. Record your findings (this means that you should provide me evidence, in some fashion, of your findings – e.g. a chart, a table, a short list, etc.).
    6. Write a 500-word response paper:
      1. What did you think about this activity?
      2. Were you surprised by what you found? If so, why? If you were not surprised, why?
      3. What do your findings reveal about the material consequences of gender?
      4. What does this reveal about our cultural understandings of gender? Of beauty standards?
      5. Comment briefly on the presentation/packaging of a couple of your products and how they differ for “each gender” in what they say, how they say it, etc.
        1. How does this “marketing of the product” contribute to our understandings of gender and the body/biology?
      6. Feel free to watch the Buzzfeed video that prompted the idea for this activity (and where many activities like this were derived) once you have completed your activity:
      7. (Links to an external site.)





PROBLEM 4-32 Coronado Wings, Inc. Business Finance Assignment Help

PROBLEM 4-32 Coronado Wings, Inc. Business Finance Assignment Help

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