Progress Check 9 and 10 Mathematics Assignment Help

Progress Check 9 and 10 Mathematics Assignment Help. Progress Check 9 and 10 Mathematics Assignment Help.

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Progress Check 9. Download the “RejectStatsA Ready” data and perform an Excel PivotTable by state, including the number of rejected applications for the state of California.

Progress Check 10. Using the “RejectStatsA Ready” data, perform an Excel PivotTable, showing the risk (or credit) score bucket classification and DTI bucket to determine the number of rejected loans requested by those rated as having an excellent credit score.

Your submission should include the following:

  • First tab of the workbook: Progress Check 9
    • Data preparation: A PivotTable showing the count of rejected applications for the state of California.
    • Verbal Analysis: A text box where you verbally compare the percentage of rejected loans that come from California and the percentage of the U.S. population that resides in California. Summarize any assumptions made and inputs used in your calculations sufficiently so that the reader could reperform them.
  • Second tab of the workbook: Progress Check 10
    • Data preparation: A PivotTable showing rejected loans classified first by risk score bucket, then by DTI bucket.
    • Verbal Analysis: A text box where you verbally describe the percentage of loans rejected that were classified in the “Excellent” risk score bucket.

Progress Check 9 and 10 Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

PSYC120– Abnormal Psychology Humanities Assignment Help


Deliverable items for the Portfolio Project will be required at different points during the course. Details for each submission are included below in the Deliverable Descriptions.


You have been hired to put together some educational research on psychological disorders. The company you work for asked you to construct a chart that can be used as a quick reference on three disorders of your choice. The chart must include:

  • Symptoms of the disorder
  • The population affected (including age and gender)
  • Possible co-occuring disorders
  • Cultural importance
  • Influence of heredity/biology

The company has specifically asked that you also write a narrative that explains how each selected disorder might affect a person’s ability to be employed.The company plans to share this information with employers in hopes of increasing education and reducing stigma surrounding psychological disorders.


Choose three of the psychological disorders listed below. Then using the template provided, fill out each column with the information needed. Use the example given in the template (Dissociative Identity Disorder) as a guide for the three disorders you choose.After completing the table and receiving feedback, you will write your narrative.


Research proposal – Please select a topic and write the topic proposal for department approval – 100 – 150 words . Please let me know the topic before you start writing the article. Computer Science Assignment Help

Please select Dissertation Topic for approval with Academic Department and write a dissertation proposal.

Please use the below links for topic selection, how to write a dissertation and use grammarly to avoid the mistakes for reference and frame accordingly

The topic proposal is a general sketch of the dissertation – the topic, general reasoning behind the topic, as well as a potential thesis and thesis map for your Literature Review. The topic proposal must clearly link to theory, identify what problem or gap in literature your proposed topic will address, and show a connection to program goals and core courses.


Homework Scientific Method Science Assignment Help

1. 1.) In your own word, define the following terms as they are used in biology (1 points each)

* a. Hypothesis
* b. Experiment
* c. Control Group
d. Experimental Group
* e. Experimental variable.
* 2.) Read the following possible hypothesis statements and determine if the statement is a good hypothesis statement. If you feel the statement is a good hypothesis statement, then explain why it is a good statement. If the hypothesis statement is not a good hypothesis statement, then change the statement to make it a good statement. (2.5 points)
Dogs make better pets than cats.

* 3.) Write a good hypothesis statement about some aspect of biology that you would like to test. (2.5 points)



Marketing Management – Week 4 Business Finance Assignment Help

Question 1: Reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Identify what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding.

Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:

  1. This question gives you more market sizing practice (it’s a skill you’ll need). Using the logic from the chapter, try to estimate the possible market for the number of pairs of football pants a manufacturer could sell in your city. Hints:
    1. Go online and find the number of high schools in your city’s school districts. If you live in a large city, focus on only the largest school district.
    2. Assume that 90% of those high schools have both a varsity football team (with 40 players) and a junior varsity team (35).
    3. Assume also that each player gets 2 pairs of game pants (one in the dark school colors, and one in the light), and on average, 1.5 pairs of white pants for practice

Question 2: Choose a product that you would like to introduce in the market. Create a profile of your target market and to discuss the reasons for choosing this market.

Question 1 should be 2 page paper and question 2 should be 1 page paper. Your paper should be in APA format (including Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced).APA formatting and citation should be used.



reflecting on Teaching Multiplication: An Analysis of Elementary School Mathematics Teachers’ Manuals from Japan and the US.pdf by Tad Watanbe. Mathematics Assignment Help

As you write your reflection, be sure to address the following questions. Remember to follow the format guidelines outlined on the Readings and Reflections Format page.

  1. What were the main points of the article? What is the purpose of the article?
  2. What are the common multiplicative contexts found in school mathematics?
  3. In what ways is multiplication approached and taught differently in Japan compared to the United States?
  4. How are the multiplicand (or unit) and multiplier distinguished differently in the United States and Japan? What are some benefits of defining these components as they are defined in Japanese textbooks?
  5. How will the ideas in this article impact your future teaching of mathematics?

reflecting on Teaching Multiplication: An Analysis of Elementary School Mathematics Teachers’ Manuals from Japan and the US.pdf by Tad Watanbe. Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Please see below question Writing Assignment Help

You have recently been hired as a Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) at a large company (You may choose your industry).This is a newly created position and department within the organization that was founded on the need to coordinate all areas of the business and to provide governance of the information.You will need to hire for all positions within your new department.

The company has been in business for more than 50 years and in this time has collected vast amounts of data.Much of this data has been stored in hard copy format in filing cabinets at an offsite location but in recent times, collected business data is in electronic format stored in file shares.Customer data is being stored in a relational database, but the lack of administration has caused data integrity issues such as duplication.There are currently no policies in place to address the handling of data, business or customer. The company also desires to leverage the marketing power of social media, but has no knowledge of the types of policies or legal issues they would need to consider. You will also need to propose relevant metrics that should be collected to ensure that the information governance program is effective.

The CEO and Board of Directors have tasked you to develop a proposal (paper) that will give them the knowledge needed to make informed decisions on an enterprise-wide Information Governance program, addressing (at a minimum) all of these issues, for the company.

Please find attachment for requirements


Risk sharing ,The Discrete-state Model Business Finance Assignment Help

Consider a market with three states of nature and three assets. The assets have
the following state contingent vectors of payoffs:

asset A: (2, 5, 7),

asset B: (2, 4, 4),

asset C: (1, 0, 2).

Assume that all assets may be sold short.

a. Show how to synthetically construct the Arrow–Debreu securities, as well as the risk-free
asset using assets A, B and C.

b. A call option with exercise price X on an asset pays max(as − X, 0) in state s, where as is
the asset payoff in state s. Suppose that only asset A exists in this market (not B or C),
but that call options on asset A may also be bought or sold with any desired nonnegative
exercise price X. Show how to synthetically construct the Arrow–Debreu securities, as
well as the risk-free asset.

c. Show how your answer in part (b) fails to hold if we replace asset A with either asset B or
with asset C. Explain why this cannot be done.

d. A put option with exercise price X on an asset pays max(X − as , 0) in state s, where as is
the asset payoff in state s. Show how asset C together with the purchase or sale of put
options can be used to synthetically construct the Arrow–Debreu securities. Explain why
the same cannot be done if we replace asset C with asset B.


CB assignments Writing Assignment Help

Part 1

  • What do you feel you need to be successful in terms of your career in the Early Childhood field? (Address what you need from Post University, your instructor, and yourself)
  • What do you hope to achieve in this course? What were your expectations prior to starting and how has it evolved or changed?
  • How are you feeling about your first week at Post University? How do you feel about the journey ahead?

Part 2

  • Rate your overall time management skills. How effective are you in managing time?
  • What changes have you made or plan to make in order to add this course in to your daily schedule?
  • What is one area related to time management that you think might need some improving?

Part 3

After completing the Conley Readiness Index activity (located above), please make a post in your journal to discuss your results and action plan with your instructor.

  • Include a short summary of your most significant takeaway from the assessment, including identifying the recommended actions.
  • Name two (2) of your skills that you think will be most useful to you in achieving your future goals. How will these skills benefit you?

Congratulations on completing the Conley Readiness Index (CRI)! This diagnostic instrument measured your behaviors, skills, and attitudes, as well as your knowledge in specific areas. All of these are key to college and career success.

Your CRI Report shows what you indicated as your strengths and weaknesses and helps you identify areas where you will want to continue building your strengths as well as those areas where you may want to improve on any weaknesses. Remember, the information in this report is based on the answers you provided and is only as accurate as you were when responding to the questions.

Your institution may have resources available to help you continue developing your college and career readiness behaviors, skills, and attitudes. Speak with your instructor, advisor, or other college staff to get more information on the resources available to you.


Annotating and Note-Taking Assignment. Humanities Assignment Help

For this assignment, you need to select pages from a textbook, read and annotate the pages, and then create a set of notes based on the material you read and annotated.

Step 1: Review the marking (annotating) strategies from Chapter 6 (pp. 134-136).

Step 2: Select at least four consecutive pages from one of your college textbooks. You may select the textbook for this course (except pp. 129-133) or another textbook; however, no math textbooks are allowed for this assignment.

Step 3: Read and mark your annotations directly on the selected textbook pages. Your annotations may be handwritten (see example (Links to an external site.)) or electronically produced (see directions below). Your annotations should demonstrate your active involvement with the reading.

Annotations should be varied and should appear throughout your selected pages. Use each of the following annotation types at least once or more:

  • summarizing or paraphrasing in the margins
  • identifying key terms
  • defining unknown terms
  • jotting down questions that occur to you as you read
  • jotting down your reactions to the material
  • adding explanations or elaboration
  • providing additional examples
  • underlining and highlighting (no more than 10-15% of your pages)
  • color coding portions

*Add your name, the semester and year in which you are enrolled, and the professor’s name at the top of the first page of annotated text.

Step 4: Next, create a separate, detailed set of notes over the same material you read and annotated. The set of notes should be thorough, covering all major information in the selected pages. Your notes may be handwritten or typed. Use one of the following note-taking methods (read Chapter 5):

  • Cornell Format
  • Outline Format
  • List Format

*Add your name, the semester and year in which you are enrolled, and the professor’s name at the top of the first page of your set of notes.

Step 5: Submit BOTH your annotated textbook pages and your set of notes in the assignment link. If you are taking this course online, you may need to scan or take a photo of any handwritten annotations or notes before uploading. If you are taking this course in a face-to-face setting, your professor may require you to submit your work in class.

How to Annotate the eBook Electronically in Word

  • Click any LaunchPad links in Eagle Online Canvas.
  • After being directed to LaunchPad, click the “Home” button at the top left-hand corner.
  • Click the “eBook” button under the menu column to the left.
  • Select at least 4 consecutive pages from the eBook (that cover important information / major concepts). Then, copy and paste the content of those pages to a Word document.
  • Place your cursor at the location where you want to place the comment.
  • Click the “Review” tab in the Ribbon and then click the “New Comment” button to type in your annotations (See Step 3 above).
  • You can also highlight, underline, and color code in Word. Plus, you can use “Insert” to add arrows or other marks to emphasize terms or concepts. Using a variety of features in Word will help ensure your electronic annotations are varied (See Step 3 above).

View to the Student Example (click here)



Progress Check 9 and 10 Mathematics Assignment Help

Progress Check 9 and 10 Mathematics Assignment Help

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