Project: Design a microgrid for a smart city Engineering Assignment Help

Project: Design a microgrid for a smart city Engineering Assignment Help. Project: Design a microgrid for a smart city Engineering Assignment Help.

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please make sure That all of these are in the power point. If not, Please complete it, Also, If it is not correct please correct it 🙂

smart city is located at San Bernadine, CA

  1. location: idea the environment/weather==sources
  2. map of the city with all components-str, light, transportation , water supply, etc
  3. background: ;demand >production, pollution, cost ,existing solutions -gaps
  4. define problem: scope: sources: using solar/wind/thermal etc
  5. objectives: what you intend to do-generate excess energy from 2 sources to use and sell
  6. solution: figure: energy demand graphthe type of design: peak shaving or load levelingcomponents: school, hospitals, electric trains, ecarsmanagement: intelligence and power electricscalculations: daily energy usage=base load efficiency padding 20-30% why? Fluctuationsfigure: yellow microgrid
  7. implementation: percent source power outputs= load budget
  8. simulation: source to load
  9. size sources, inverters, battery /energy storage according simulation
  10. brand of equipment must declared

Project: Design a microgrid for a smart city Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

personal fitness and wellness Health Medical Assignment Help

Must have a minimum of 3 sources, and be in APA format with in text citations. Also, must have at least 1000 words . You may also need this link to help answer question #2

1. It is important to not only develop active lifestyles but also to minimize time spent being inactive (or sedentary). A specific Healthy People 2020 goal focuses on reducing the percentage of people who watch more than 2 hours of TV per day. What can you do to reduce the amount of time you spend being sedentary? Create your action plan.

2. Patterns of physical activity vary considerably by gender, age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, and other demographic variables. Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conduct regular surveillance of physical activity and other health behaviors to understand patterns and trends in the population. One of the more frequently cited survey instruments is the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS). Based on the data, approximately 50 percent of Americans report getting regular physical activity (defined in this survey as 301 minutes of moderate physical activity 5 or more days per week, or vigorous physical activity for 201 minutes 3 or more days per week). The website for the BRFSS ( allows users to examine patterns and trends in health behaviors by a variety of demographic variables and to see the activity levels within specific states.

How do patterns or trends look in your state?

3. The U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicate that adults should get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate activity each week (e.g., 30 minutes five days a week). However, performing 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week also meets the guidelines.

Do you think 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week is a realistic goal for most people?

4. Lab 6a – Self monitoring of moderate activity


Activity Diagram / Use Case Diagram Objective Business Finance Assignment Help

The purpose of the project is to create a use case diagram and activity diagram for A Video
Store (AVS) System.

Exercise Narrative

A Video Store (AVS) runs a series of fairly standard DVD video stores. Before a video can be put on the
shelf, it must be cataloged and entered into the video database. Every customer must have a valid AVS
customer card in order to rent a video. Customers rent videos for three days at a time. Every time a
customer rents a video, the system must ensure that they do not have any overdue videos. If so, the
overdue videos must be returned and an overdue fee paid before customer can rent more videos.
Likewise, if the customer has returned overdue videos, but has not paid the overdue fee, the fee must
be paid before new videos can be rented. Every morning, the store manager prints a report that lists
overdue videos. If a video is two or more days overdue, the manager calls the customer to remind
them to return the video. If a video is returned in damaged condition, the manager removes it from the
video database and may sometimes charge the customer. AVS offers different types of memberships
you can pay as you go $5 per DVD or subscribe to a monthly service for $50 that offers one daily DVD,
or subscribe monthly for $100 that offers unlimited DVD rentals. Types of payments accepted are
Cash, Check, Credit card.


Complete Use Case Diagram in ASTAH (make sure you use include / extends /
generalization types of associations when applicable)

Complete Activity Diagram in ASTAH


Research Paper Writing Assignment Help

(My textbook is : White, J.M., Martin, T.F., Bartolic, S. K. (2013). Families across the life course. Toronto: Pearson.)

Students will complete a research paper as the final assignment in the course. The paper or presentation will serve as a vehicle for a focussed analysis of an issue in family relations across the life course. Students will explore the issue in depth using scholarly research (journal articles) as the foundation for reflection and critique

This assignment has 2 parts to it. Part A, the Research Paper Plan is intended to support students in organizing and developing the research paper.

Students will share, or workshop, their formative research paper plan (Part A) within class, providing feedback to fellow students using the rubric developed to guide this assignment.

Part A will include:

(1) A description of the thesis—a centrally clear and concise topic, argument, or purpose of the paper;

(2) An annotated bibliography of 6-8 scholarly resources that will inform and support the paper’s thesis; and,

(3) An outline or overview of the paper’s anticipated content/layout.

Part A will consist of: a cover page with the student name, student number, course title, and suggested paper title; 3-4 pages of annotated bibliographical content; and a final page of the paper’s anticipated outline. This research plan will be in 12 point font; double-spaced; page-numbered; and with American Psychological Association (APA) style reference citations (6th edition).

(I need Part A first , before November 13th. When i received feedback of part A, i will send to you. Then you can begin the Part B)

Part B: Students will incorporate feedback received on Part A from their group members and from the professor in the development of the final Research Paper – Part B. Part B will include a cover page with the student name, student number, course title, and final paper title; 6-8 pages of essay content; and a reference list. This assignment will be in 12 point Arial font; double-spaced; page-numbered; and with American Psychological Association (APA) style reference citations (6th edition).


Computer Networking and Configurations Assignment Help

You are hired as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a startup company, which has two branches; one Los Angeles and one in San Francisco. The company hired employees to begin working on the design of the product. As CTO, you need to explain to the Board of Directors your idea in interconnecting the two offices to ensure consistency and collaboration. Employee’s computer systems need to be connected and permitted to connect remotely (from outside of the office).

The following needs to be included in your presentation:

  • A Network topology diagram.
  • Network protocols recommendation.
  • Cost of implementation of the overall solution
  • Cloud-based collaborative Productivity software to allow the two offices to share information and list its key features.

Choose a delivery method from the following to present your explanation to the Board of Directors:

  • Visual diagram with a brief explanation (PDF format)
    • Diagrams can be made using any Microsoft® Office® product or sites such as Lucidchart.
  • Matrix
  • 5- to 7-slide presentation with narration or detailed speaker notes
    • Instructions on how to add audio to Microsoft® PowerPoint®presentations can be found on the Microsoft® Office® Support site: Add audio to your presentation.



sterilize rooms using ultraviolet radiation Engineering Assignment Help

*provide a minimum of one and a half page -times new roman- 12 font size-1.15 line spacing

*in this paper we are discussing the UV radiation use in health care facilities in limiting the spread of germs

Determine a model for the power consumption of the UV sterilization light as a function of its
strength (that is, strength should be an adjustable parameter). You should also determine the heat
output of the sterilization tool and determine the effects of the heat output on the temperature of
the room in which the device is used.

UVGI generally refers to a UV wavelength of 253.7
nm (UV-C). Exposure to UV light at this wavelength is
a practical and cost-effective method of inactivating
airborne viruses, mycoplasma, bacteria, and fungi on
clean surfaces
. Check some UV lamps examples and apply the model on it.

Please explain well…

-Also discuss safety conditions associated with UV sterilization technique.…

please feel free to checkout other references the more the better.

sterilize rooms using ultraviolet radiation Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Comparing Reformation Theologians Writing Assignment Help

Comparing Reformation Theologians

Review the textbook readings, presentations, and lectures notes reflecting on the positions of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Richard Hooker. Construct your answer into the following 3 parts:

Part 1: In 1 paragraph of at least 100 words, explain why you believe 1 particular theologian best reflects biblical Christianity. The important point is not which individual you choose but how well you explain and defend your choice. Be specific.

Parts 2 and 3: In 2 paragraphs of at least 100 words each, explain why you did not choose the other 2 theologians. In each of these parts, explain why you did not believe the theologian was the most scriptural in his views. You may also reference points where you do agree with these theologians.


Group Case Study Project (GCSP) Group Case Presentation (GCP) Writing Assignment Help


The purpose of this assignment is:

 To develop, enhance and demonstrate analytical skills.

 To relate and apply course concepts and tools.

 To develop a report via following a case analysis process.

 To develop recommendations based on management analysis.

 To enhance communication skills.

 To apply secondary research skills.


Students will be assigned to groups of 3-4 members and will complete:

A) a Group Written Case Analysis

B) a Group Term Presentation

Team Member Expectations:

Each team member is expected to contribute to the aforementioned deliverables. Each group will elect a project manager and organize

themselves to achieve results. The project manager must ensure that all the individual group members contribute evenly to the project

work, and is responsible for reporting concerns about non-contributing members to the instructor. Non-contributing members will be

expelled from the group and will have to carry out the project on an individual basis. In such cases these individuals will lose 20% of their

project mark. However, individuals may not elect to voluntarily remove themselves from a group. At the end of the semester, participants

will voluntarily complete a group member evaluation to determine if the group mark will be the same for all the contributing members of

the project. Any evaluation claims that identify a low contribution member must be supported by DOCUMENTED PROOF that

expectations/rules were outlined, and that expectations/rules were enforced throughout the semester. Lastly, project managers must inform

low contribution members of the grade reduction submissions.

A) Group Case Study Project (GCSP) – Format & Evaluation – Due Date Per Course Syllabus

Groups will create a 15-25 page business report. Groups will analyze a case (separate handout), identify management problems, propose

management solutions, and devise an implementation and validation plan. Solutions will be validated via independent research. A quality

report will demonstrate extensive application of course theories and independent research. The report may (but is not limited to) cover

topics such as Organizational Structure, Personality Types, Leadership & Motivation, or Perception, etc.. Refer to the following grading

rubric for deliverables.WechatIMG3.jpeg

These two parts
BUSI1215 is the requirement of the entire article

Case is required to write through this article

Alternative is the Generating Alternative Solution section written by the panelists.


Writing a letter based off my lab results. Writing Assignment Help

  • Prepare and submit a letter to River to Bridges Partnership according to instructions in the workbook. Include a brief introduction and conclusion. Explain your model, choice of parameters, and model outcomes in detail. Your letter should be about 800 to 1000 words.
  • Add 3-5 references. Format according to APA.

Analyze your results. Share your findings with the Rivers to Ridges Partnership by writing a letter explaining what you think their top research priorities should be and why.Construct your letter however you think will best make your case.

Consider including the following:

  • A short explanation of how you used the butterfly simulation model to investigate the patch connection design challenge.
  • An outline of your methods, including which habitat configurations, fire regimes, parameter values, and measure(s) of persistence you examined.
  • Graphs of your data (such as those you made in Exercise 3: Sense and Sensitivity), where appropriate.
  • Which parameters or fire regimes affected the optimal patch connection design (that is, which model parameters you designate as critical).
  • A preliminary recommendation for optimal patch connection design, with justification, if one can be made. If you cannot recommend a specific design at this time, consider stating so and explaining why.
  • The top priority (or priorities) for field research to be conducted. That is, what should be studied in order to recommend a specific habitat restoration plan for Fender’s blue butterflies?


i need help with Autocade Engineering Assignment Help

Wall Sections Scale: TBD

Draw at one wall construction for concert sections to show your design intent. Show materials concert with recyle , structural components (roof, wall, floor framing systems), grade lines, roof lines etc. – if appropriate. Label and dimension all items as required to communicate your solution clearly. All elevation marks (grade, first floor, second floor, and roof) should be clearly labeled. Careful consideration should be given in deciding where to cut the section through your walls to show the most information.

Wall Section ¾ = 1’-0”

Construction google image for detailed wall construction


Project: Design a microgrid for a smart city Engineering Assignment Help

Project: Design a microgrid for a smart city Engineering Assignment Help

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