Project management: stakeholder management (500 words) Business Finance Assignment Help

Project management: stakeholder management (500 words) Business Finance Assignment Help. Project management: stakeholder management (500 words) Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Please answer the following questions related to stakeholder management:

  1. Who would you define as a project stakeholder? Possibly list some categories of stakeholders
  2. List 3 to 5 reasons why stakeholder management is important to project success
  3. What are some possible consequences of stakeholder mismanagement
  4. Provide at least one professional example of a situation where effective stakeholder management either significantly benefited a project or where ineffective stakeholder management harmed a project. If you do not have a personal example from a professional setting, research a project online and provide the information requested.
  5. How can these insights be integrated into your capstone Stakeholder Register?
  6. Do not need APA format

Project management: stakeholder management (500 words) Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Respond to collegues discussion post using two professional referenses in APA format. colleagues discusion is displayed below Health Medical Assignment Help

Respond by critiquing at least two of your colleagues’ postings on two different days using elements of the communication process and recommend additional strategies to overcome the barriers. If you think other factors may have contributed to the situation, provide an analysis with the support of literature.

Organizational communication is more complex than other forms of communication. It involves more communication channels, more people to communicate with, and more information to transmit with. (Marquis & Huston, 2017) Conflicts in communication are essentially related to differences in peer’s views on what constitutes ‘good care’ based on different care approaches. (Van Keer, Deschepper, Francke, Huyghens, & Bilsen, 2015) One common problem I see in my unit is Doctor’s not listening to our nurses.

Recently, we had a patient who was in for a med-surg bed. Throughout the shit, he started to get sleepier and paler. The nurse went to the doctor and voiced her concerns that this patient should stay in the ICU and we should run more tests to see what was wrong. The doctor said he was fine and that the patient’s labs were fine. The nurse said please come lay eyes on him, he is not well. The doctor still blew the nurse off, and the next day the patient cardiac arrested and died. The doctor refusing to listen to the nurse was a critical error made that day in patient care. “Communication failure is a common root cause of the medical error (Marquis & Huston, 2017).

Listening is a communication skill, all healthcare professionals need to work on. Communicative leaders act in an invitational manner by promoting discussions and creating safe spaces for all employees to express themselves and be listened to (Johansson, Miller, & Hamrin, 2014). To improve listening skills, a leader should give time, and attention to the sender. The communication process uses the sender, the message and receiver to make a circle of communication. By listening thoroughly, the message can be received before forming a response to the message is complete. (Marquis & Huston, 2017)


Supply Contracts at SkiRetail (Case) Other Assignment Help

1. Waht is my estimate of the quantity of ski jackets that SkiRetail should place an order for?

2. What is the global optimum profit level in this case? In case of a buy-back contract, since we will buy up the unsold inventory form SkiRetail, there would be no additional revenue form third-party discount retailers. However, in the case of the revenue-sharing model, additional revenue sould flow into the supply chain from third-party discount retialers. In that case, will the global optimum profit levels remain the same? How should I account for the difference?

3. In the case of a buy-back contract, what is the optimal buy-back price Skiekz should propose?

4. In the case of a revenue-sharing contract, what is the optimal sales price Skiekz should propose, given that SkiRetail is willing to share 15% of its revenues from regular sales?

5. Should I recommend a buy-back contract or a revenue-sharing contract? Why? What are the potential benefits and risks associated with each?


Discussion questions on Wellness and the Topic Obesity Writing Assignment Help

1. Discuss the relationship between economics, business concepts (such as targeted marketing), social status, and wellness.

2. Share a link and/or summarize your topic so that we all have enough information to understand your discussion even if we are unfamiliar with the business or economic principle being analyzed.

3. Discuss how the relationship you describe relates to the concept of wellness as defined in this course and how it relates to specific challenges or supports wellness,

4. Also, explain why you chose the topic and how you think it contributes to understanding or conceptualizing wellness. (THE TOPIC I CHOSE IS OBESITY)


I need a paper written on women in leadership Business Finance Assignment Help

Milestone 3:

In Milestone 3 include the details (three pages) of how your current organization would be impacted if the proposed design was implemented there. You will incorporate information from the weekly journal reflection and analysis into this section.

Please use the last milestone paper #2 and the notes to answer the following details for milestone 3. Also, I needed the last milestone 2 paper to show a few more details on the proposed design you created and how it works out in structure.

I needed the last milestone 2 paper to show a few more details on the proposed design you created and how it works out in structure. My professor said I needed a bit more details. So you can include that answer in this paper as well for milestone 3.



Short Answer on Social Science. Writing Assignment Help

Short Answer on these three questions. Please also review question 3 for additional explanation.

  1. How does social science inquiry advance and evolve over time?
  2. Why is it important that our understanding of social science concepts continue to develop and expand?
  3. Then, consider the question you posed in the observation journal, which you submitted in Theme 2. How could others build upon this question through additional research or follow-up questions?
    1. I have attached an observational journal that was part of this assignment so you can use as reference. The question I asked was How do ads sexualize women?

Short Answer on Social Science. Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Technical Writing in the Workplace Writing Assignment Help

One page paragraph

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice in writing instructions, which is one type of technical writing you will do often in the workplace. Whether you work with managers, executives, or office staff, you will be asked to write instructions occasionally.

An important aspect of writing instructions is the use of graphics. Good instructions contain graphics and are designed to be easy to read and understand. Another important aspect of writing instructions is cautioning your reader about any danger while performing the task.

Write a set of instructions for a simple, easily conducted task. You can choose any common task such as tying your shoes, planting a garden, or changing the oil in your car. You can also choose a work-related task such as changing the toner in a printer, emptying the paper shredder, or making the morning coffee. You may look at existing instructions online, but in the end, you should write your own instructions. You should “user test” your instruction before submitting them. In other words, if someone who had no idea how to perform the task you are describing, could they perform the task correctly using your instructions?

A complete set of instructions, which should include:


Safety notice (if necessary)

Step-by-step instructions

Graphics/photos. Graphics for this assignment should not come from outside sources. Graphics for this assignment much be designed, drawn, or photographed by you.


A one-page reflective memo with the following elements:

Summarize your expected audience and the purpose of your instructions (one paragraph).

Describe your process of testing the usability of your instructions (one paragraph).


I am on the test right now Business Finance Assignment Help

question 5/ What does the AIDA principle stand for in regard to promotions?


Which of the following is a job function typically not performed by sport public relations specialists?

crisis management

generating and managing story ideas

fostering relationships with media and stakeholders

facility management


What type of document used in public relations practice helps subjects speaking to the press stay on the desired message?

press release

talking points

fact sheet

news advisory


Which of the following is not a role of the public relations department?

planning campaigns

facilitating interviews

disseminating press releases

managing crises

selling season tickets


For any public relations professional, what is the key first step in effectively managing a crisis?

have a plan

call a press conference

write a press release

be careful not to offer any public opinion on the crisis


When a public relations professional develops an internal newsletter, which public relations function is being achieved?

shaping and enhancing public image

promoting employee relations

gaining political or popular support

coping with crisis


David Bowie Is. Review (3 pages) Writing Assignment Help

In your review, please address at least one of these themes: the politics of popular culture, authenticity, stardom, fandom, image making, pop criticism. Choose one aspect from the exhibition David Bowie Is that is on view at the Brooklyn museum (a costume, for example, there are a lot of pictures from the exhibition).
I will attach a few, you you can choose one of them and connect it to two-three of the themes above. I also attached a few articles that will be useful for the review.

Course: Pop! Fashion, music and cultural studies. Chicago Style

Let’s put a few quotations also, just like in the short essay for the same course.


Fundamental Quantitative Concepts Exercises Mathematics Assignment Help



The purpose of this assignment is for students to learn how to use Microsoft Excel® for solving formulas. Managers and staff need to work with percentages daily in professional settings. Skills such as finding the percentage increase/decrease and using Excel® to convert from decimals to percentages and vice versa have become necessary. This assignment provides students with the practice of such fundamental quantitative concepts.


Project management: stakeholder management (500 words) Business Finance Assignment Help

Project management: stakeholder management (500 words) Business Finance Assignment Help