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psy3300 pj5 Writing Assignment Help. psy3300 pj5 Writing Assignment Help.

Term Paper

For this assignment, you will refer to Week 3 Project, where you developed an Annotated Bibliography of research on two personality perspectives.

Step 1: Write a 12- to 14-page double-spaced term paper (not including the title and reference pages). You will pick one of the two personality perspectives for which you developed an Annotated Bibliography in Week 3 Project and write your paper on that perspective.

Click here to download the Week 5 Project Term Paper Template.

Step 2: You will also need to find 3 additional scholarly articles on your chosen personality perspective.

Please refer back to the assignment instructions for Week 3 Project for details on the type of articles to select.

Step 3: When developing your paper use the following competencies as a guide:

  • Identify, understand, and discuss the major theories of personality.
  • Compare and contrast the major theories of personality.
  • Discuss the major principles associated with personality theory.
  • Understand the historical context of personality theory development.
  • Discuss personality theory with regard to current trends.
  • Discuss the connection between historical and current trends in personality theory.
  • Evaluate the development of personality across the lifespan.
  • Analyze personality theory in the context of gender and environmental influences.

Step 4: Organize your paper to include these main sections:

  • Title page
  • Abstract (not more than 250 words)
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Conclusion
  • Reference page(s)

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Project Phase 5: Instructional Activities In Phase 4 you described your assessment plan. Now is the time to provide specific test items, rubrics, checklists. Etc. It is time to associate instructional activities to your objectives. It is important that Humanities Assignment Help

Project Phase 5: Instructional Activities

In Phase 4 you described your assessment plan. Now is the time to provide specific test items, rubrics, checklists. Etc.

It is time to associate instructional activities to your objectives. It is important that you align your objectives, assessments, and activities.

For each activity (i.e. lecture, discussion, role play, project, etc) you should include detail on: 1) What you (or the instructor) will be doing – a script or guide 2) What your students will be doing – student materials, notes, etc. 3) Why that activity was chosen 4) What instructional design theory do you have that supports that activity 5)How much time is dedicated to that activity.

It is important to be very detailed here. Design your materials so that someone else, with no knowledge or experience, can pick up your activity descriptions and implement your instruction.

Look at the attached for more details


Summary of participants Business Finance Assignment Help



Type of service:

Research Paper


Double spacing

Paper format:


Number of pages:

1 page

Number of sources:

2 sources

Paper detalis:

This role is
only part of assessment 4 out of a total of 5 assessments that I have
been working with throughout the semester for my Marketing Research
class. I will be sending attached all 3 previous assessments for a
better understanding of the work and a Guide sent by the course
instructor on all 5 works. I am also sending all the results of the
questionnaire survey. Below is the specific information for that part of
the assessment 4 that I am requesting to be done.

Summary of participants: Include a brief summary of the sample,
including the percentage of their demographic data. Do not include the
results of other questions (they are for your next assignment). Use
simple counts (frequencies) and averages (means) to describe them, and
put them in an appendix. Do not post a list of participants without
summarizing it. The style of summary of participants in quantitative
research (such as a survey) is different than qualitative research (such
as focus group). This summary demonstrates that you reached an
adequate number of participants and that they were part of your target
population. You must collect at least thirty (30) questionnaires (per
group member) with qualified individuals in order to have sufficient
data for the next assignment.

Please! If you have any doubt or question about this paper, do not hesitate to contact me.


read the book and follow the instructions bellow Writing Assignment Help

What to include in a book review:

  • Introduction
    • What is your book about? When does it take place?
    • Brief overview of the theme, purpose, and your evaluation
  • Summary of the Content
    • Brief summary of the key points presented
    • Paraphrase information; use a short quotation if appropriate
  • Evaluation/Critique (Spend the bulk of your paper here)
    • Give your opinion. Is the book interesting? Was it an easy read or too difficult to get through? Does the author support their arguments well? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Would you recommend the book? What would you change or suggest for the author?
  • Conclusion
    • Wrap up all your points, don’t use abruptly end the paper with the evaluation/critique

    link to the book:

  • let me know if the link isn’t working


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Research Paper

For Week 3 you conducted an annotated bibliography on a set of topics.

  1. The major developmental theories for children and adolescents.
  2. Impact of current trends on developing children and adolescents.
  3. Impact of geography in the sequence of development.
  4. Physical development from childhood through adolescence.
  5. Cognitive development from childhood through adolescence.
  6. Social and personality development from childhood through adolescence.
  7. Emotion and language in varied contexts (e.g., home, school, peers).
  8. Age-appropriate milestones and anomalies.

For this assignment you will utilize that information and what you learned from this course on a research paper regarding the topics chosen.
For this week you will write your paper. The paper should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The length of the paper should be 12–14 double-spaced pages (not including the title and reference pages).
  • For the main sections it should have a:
    • Title page
    • Introduction
    • Literature review
    • Conclusion
    • Reference page(s)
  • The paper must use proper APA style for citing sources and references.
  • Introduction: This should be 1–2 pages in length. The introduction provides a brief overview of what will be covered and the purpose of the research paper.
  • Literature review: The literature review is taken in part from what you had written in Week 3.
  • Discussion and conclusions: The difference between a great research paper and a marginal one is the depth and originality of the discussion and conclusion section. This is where you bring together what you learned from the literature review (as well as through the course) in your concluding remarks regarding your topic. The discussion and conclusion section should be 1–2 pages in length.



FIN203 – Essentials of Financial Management TMA Business Finance Assignment Help

Hi there, this assignment is worth 18% of my grades.

The requirements for this assignment:

1. It is to be submitted before the due date which is on the 27th March 2020, Friday, Singapore Time Zone.
Due to the many experience with other tutors who do not meet this requirement I had to put this clause in.

2. It is required that the assignment has a lot of research to be done.

3. Citation are APA Style.

4. The English language is British English.

5. Please use the course material provided as much as possible. (Study Guide)

6. Quick response from the tutor is much needed.

7. To follow the instructions in the assignment too.

Please bid this assignment if you are up to the task of Singapore Standard, as I have a few disappointed experience of only getting 60 marks. I am looking for a 75-80 marks tutor’s work.

The datelines are to be met and if failure to do so, will be requested to cancel. Datelines are in Singapore Time Zone.

Thank you for your kind understanding. I hope to work well with you.

FIN203 – Essentials of Financial Management TMA Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

help with question Business Finance Assignment Help


Knowledge sharing is a key condition that supports high performance, and functioning as a learning organization contributes toward this end. What can managers do to encourage learning behaviors and the exchange of ideas? The enclosed talk covers one of the most relevant concepts for team and organizational learning–psychological safety.

    Brand alignment refers to HR policies, practices, and programs that support or are congruent with the organization’s overall culture or brand. Achieving a high level of brand alignment requires that multiple parties, such as HR, communications, and marketing to name a few, collaborate to create and communicate the value of the brand. In the attached video, you will hear how this process worked inside a well-know organization- The Walt Disney Company.


for the reading part i have attached summary for the chapter that will save your time .( see attachment )

Your response to the discussion questions must address both parts and must be at least 150 words.

Part I: Based on the assigned reading and videos, identify and explain something that you found interesting or were able to connect to your own work experiences. Why did this particular concept stand out among others?

Part II: Robert Soolah is director of HR for a fictional company that creates information technology products and solutions. Recently, the company acquired a mid-sized software manufacturer. After the acquisition, Robert realized that the culture within his organization was changing due to the competition among the “old” and “new” employees. Robert decided to implement a series of HR initiatives aimed at increasing the collaboration among all employees and creating a culture of team-building and respect. He designed an interpersonal skills training course that focused on positive communication and collaboration. He created an internal website where employees could voice their concerns about the acquisition and ask questions about future roles and the direction of the organization. He produced a 360-degree performance feedback system that gave both old and new employees an opportunity to evaluate their colleagues. Finally, he added a team-based incentive to the compensation program to reward employees based on meeting group goals. Six months after initiating these practices, he wants to evaluate and report on their effectiveness.

What advice and recommendations would you give Robert regarding his desire to evaluate these practices? (Note: try to integrate specific concepts from the reading in your response).


ENG1102Essay #1: Literacy Narrative Writing Assignment Help

Essay #1: Literacy Narrative

Write a short literacy narrative about yourself. Literacy narratives can often have slightly different focuses, so you have a small amount of room for creativity, but they primarily deal with detailing a person’s path to reading and writing (education and experiences as a reader) and/or the impact that reading and writing has on their lives. Keep in mind that the focus here is on “literacy” (the act of reading and/or writing) and not as much on “literature” (which we’ll be talking about in class). Your literacy narrative can involve your experiences with various “great” books, but it will more likely encompass your experiences with a variety of texts, from internet reading, to newspapers, to comic books, to whatever you tend to read or even write in your spare time.

The organization of your paper will depend on the focus you want the essay to take. If you are writing about your experience becoming literate (learning to read and write), you will probably take a narrative approach, detailing your first experiences in school or your first memories of books or the first time reading or writing seemed to make a big impact on your life. In writing from this perspective, you will want a clear introduction that establishes the story you plan on telling, strong transitions and paragraphs (probably chronologically organized) that put that overall story together, and a conclusion that goes beyond simple summary to address the large context of what you’ve just written about. What ultimate impact did those early experiences have on the reader/writer you are today?

If you focus more on particular texts or experiences of reading and writing and how they have impacted your life, you would structure your essay in a more subject-by-subject fashion. Your introduction would establish that you are writing about significant moments where literacy or particular texts impacted your life and give a sense of why those moments or texts are important. Your body paragraphs would be organized around each of those texts or moments, explaining what they were and narrating why they mattered. In this structure, your conclusion would again go beyond simple summary to put the discussion in a larger context. Have those particular moments or texts changed the way you read or address writing now? How might those experiences be similar to or different from those of other individuals?

Regardless of how you organize the paper, the final draft of your paper needs to be typed, double spaced, and in 12 point font with one inch margins. Your name, the instructor’s name, the course number, and date need to be in the upper left hand corner of the first page (only). Your last name and the page number should appear in the upper right hand corner of each page–or simply the page number–either will work, in other words the full MLA format. You will submit this as a word doc, PDF, or Richtext file only. If I can not open what you send, I will let you know and give you plenty of time to resubmit.


Database Searching. Health Medical Assignment Help

Discussion – Week 4


Searching Databases

When you decide to purchase a new car, you first decide what is important to you. If mileage and dependability are the important factors, you will search for data focused more on these factors and less on color options and sound systems.

The same holds true when searching for research evidence to guide your clinical inquiry and professional decisions. Developing a formula for an answerable, researchable question that addresses your need will make the search process much more effective. One such formula is the PICO(T) format.

In this Discussion, you will transform a clinical inquiry into a searchable question in PICO(T) format, so you can search the electronic databases more effectively and efficiently. You will share this PICO(T) question and examine strategies you might use to increase the rigor and effectiveness of a database search on your PICO(T) question.

To Prepare:

  • Review the materials offering guidance on using databases, performing keyword searches, and developing PICO(T) questions provided in the Resources.
  • Review the Resources for guidance and develop a PICO(T) question of interest to you for further study.

By Day 3 of Week 4

Post your PICO(T) question, the search terms used, and the names of at least two databases used for your PICO(T) question. Then, describe your search results in terms of the number of articles returned on original research and how this changed as you added search terms using your Boolean operators. Finally, explain strategies you might make to increase the rigor and effectiveness of a database search on your PICO(T) question. Be specific and provide examples.


4 page response Writing Assignment Help

There is only one question on this final exercise. It has 2 parts, 1a & 1b. You are expected to work independently on this exercise. Your work on this exercise should be the result of your own individual reflection, engagement, and writing.

1. Explore three of the major themes in part 1a in brief and choose one of them to write about more fully according to the instructions in part 1b:

a. For three of the keywords below, list three sources each that would allow you to explore the way the idea appears in course materials. (Minimum of 9 sources. If you use a source more than once, try to add additional sources. Otherwise, you may add up to one more keyword for four keywords.) Make some notes of up to one paragraph about what you observe or might argue about those materials to illuminate each term. (Fragments and sentences are ok.) Can you explain in one sentence at least one way in which performance or transnationalism as we have discussed them in this course might be relevant to each theme and the materials you identify? Your paragraph should be a rough outline or plan in addition to your list for each term.

i. “Folk”

ii. “Embodiment”

iii. “Power”

iv. “Belonging”

v. “Gender”

vi. “Sex and Sexuality”

vii. “Africa”

viii. “transnationalism”

ix. “the city”

b. Use only ONE keyword to structure a short essay that explains how the keyword operates in the examples of Black cultural production you chose and a few others. Use quotations from essays, plays, scholarship, poems, or visual examples and scenarios to make your observations (or argument clear). You must include the following: -at least one example from Nella Larsen’s Quicksand –

at least one example from Claude McKay’s Banjo

-at least one example from materials read prior to the midterm

-an example, scenarios, character, visual sequence, etc. from one film

-a fifth example from any other course resource

Is there a way modernism is relevant to the keyword you chose? How? What else might you say about your keyword and the materials you have chosen to explore it. Be sure to identify your authors, films, and quotations. If your theme stretches to encompass other key ideas and terms, explain the relationship. Especially if your collection of examples seems episodic or fairly unrelated, please explain what else about the Harlem Renaissance gives them context?


psy3300 pj5 Writing Assignment Help

psy3300 pj5 Writing Assignment Help