Psychiatric Mental Health Care Management course, answer questions listed in the “Instruction” section using the prompt. Please use at least 2 scholarly articles and one of the following textbooks: Sadock, B., Sadock, V. and Ruiz, P. (2015) Kaplan and Sadock’s Synopsis of Psychiatry: Behavioral Sciences/Clinical Psychiatry. Eleventh Edition. OR Consoli, Beutler, Bongar (2017). Comprehensive textbook of Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice (2nd edition). Please cite in APA format.

CASE STUDY DETAILS Phil is a 67-year-old male who reports that his biggest problem is worrying. He worries all of the time about “everything under the sun.” For example, he reports equal worry about his wife who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and whether he returned his book to the library. He recognizes that his wife is more important than a book and is bothered that both cause him similar levels of worry. Phil is unable to control his worrying. Accompanying this excessive and uncontrollable worry are difficulty falling asleep, impatience with others, difficulty focusing at work, and significant back and muscle tension. Phil has had a lifelong problem with worry, recalling that his mother called him a “worry wart.” His worrying does wax and wane and worsened when his wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. SYMPTOMS: Anxiety, Concentration Difficulties, Irritability, Sleep Difficulties, and Worry/Fear of places. Based on the prompt, answer the following questions. 1. Please provide the appropriate diagnosis and possible differential diagnoses. 2. Please provide the type of pharmacological management and rationale for the decision 3. Please provide the type of psychotherapy that would be appropriate, and rational for the decision 4. Please provide any additional treatment modalities i.e., homeopathic

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