psychology paper essay 3-5page psychology sports Humanities Assignment Help

psychology paper essay 3-5page psychology sports Humanities Assignment Help. psychology paper essay 3-5page psychology sports Humanities Assignment Help.

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Written Assignment:

Submit a 3-5 page essay of your coaching/teaching/other
philosophy. Your writing should address self-awareness and your
objectives. The essay should demonstrate concise, complete, and logical

You will be evaluated on your ability to clearly communicate
your values and objectives. Please consider the following questions:


  • Who am I?
  • What is important to me?
  • What do I value?
  • What in my life has influenced what I value?
  • What are my life goals?
  • Where will I be in 10 – 15 years?
  • What do I believe in? Why?
  • What do I need?
  • Why do I coach?
  • Am I an effective coach/teacher?
  • Am I unhappy? Am I happy? Why?
  • How do you feel about self-disclosure?

Coaching Objectives:

  • What type of situations are the most difficult for you to remain true to your coaching objectives? Why?
  • Am I coaching for the right reasons?
  • Do I believe in fun or work at practices?
  • Do I believe in structured or unstructured practices?
  • Do I have tolerance for non-conforming athletes?
  • Do I have tolerance for “goof offs”?
  • Who votes for captains?
  • What do I think about everyone playing versus whoever works hard plays?
  • Am I win-centered or athlete-centered?
  • How do you prioritize athletics and academics?
  • How do you communicate with officials?
  • How do you establish team rules?
  • What type of communication do you have with your players, your assistant coaches, parents, and administrators?

psychology paper essay 3-5page psychology sports Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Experimental investigation on the bubble formation from needles with and without liquid co-flow. Engineering Assignment Help

Bubble columns and dispersed flows (gas-liquid) are widely used in the chemical, biochemical and oil and gas industry. Often, vessels are aerated to provide reactants (oxygen) or to extract products (CO2). The performance of this equipment is dependent on the hydrodynamics, which are complex by nature and not fully understood. A 400 mm x 200 mm x 2600 mm (W x D x H) rectangular bubble column was made to study the hydrodynamics of

bubbly flows. The dispersed phase is introduced by means of a needle sparger, containing 392 needles in total, and gas fractions up to 35% could be achieved. Your task will be to analyse the performance of the sparger by means of high speed imaging. Images were acquired by a high speed camera at a rate of 500-5000 Hz and the bubble sizes needs to be determined by analysing the images using MATLAB. The outcome of the project should include a report where the bubble sizes and bubble size distributions are given for a set of experiments.

The structure of a research report is usually as following:
1. Introduction (DONE I need to check)
explain the topic, why the research, propose research question
2. Theory / Literature review (DONE I need to check)
Brief overview of the theory important for this topic (and what will be used later on in the report).
3. Experimental methods (DONE I need to check)

description of experimental facility and measurement methods
4. Results and discussion ( 4 to 6 pages )
Describe (and plot) the results of the experiments. The dependent variable (outcome) as function of independent variables (settings). Discuss the results and the trends and compare with literature. (( the result is in MATLAB code & Excel ))

5. Conclusion &Recommendations ( 1 page )
> Conclude the results and highlight main findings. Recommend steps and experiments for following research.


Omni retailing strategy to better serve the millennial consumer of the future Business Finance Assignment Help

Must be creative- Great visuals

no plagiarism please

please read the rubric

“Omni retailing strategy to better serve the millennial consumer of the future”


1. Utilize critical thinking skills to research, analyze and develop an improved strategy of ecommerce (including mcommerce and other devices) digital marketing and social media for a specific retailer that can be implemented to maximize growth and profit.

2. Demonstrate the ability to synthesize the knowledge gained from the course with research findings into a well thought out strategy for the retailer.

3. Look beyond present customer experiences and utilize your imagination (supported by research) to create an effective strategy that will serve the millennial customer of the future. (Think 5 years out).

The Procedure:

I strongly recommend visiting the eCommerce and social media sites of your chosen retailer and their competitors daily to properly asses your retailer strengths and weaknesses.

Bloomingdale’s- Contemporary departments ONLY.

Anyone who chose Bloomingdale’s – Please use only the Contemporary departments when you do the project. Meaning,look at the brands the retailer carries and make sure you are looking at the contemporary area of the store when you determine what solutions they have now for he customer and what they are lacking and need to incorporate in the future in regards to omni retailing. Do not use the entire store mix — only the contemporary department.

2. I value critical thinking so make sure you properly analyze and identify your target customer and state who she is and how old she is now and will be in 5 years. Millenials are now 22 – 38. So choose the customer at the lower or middle end and focus on her /him in 5 years from now.

3. Remember to address all aspects of omni retailing as stated in the assignment. Remember we are dealing with omni retailing – not merchandising. Merchandising strategies is what you do in FM 422. So, please do not suggest to me that the retailer incorporate more plus sizes, or change the price of their merchandise or the retail mix. If you are in any doubt about this go back to the syllabus and look at the Course Objectives — there are 7 of them. That is what this course deals with.

Please be sure to submit as a PDF with one with one page to a slide. I had some difficulty opening some of the video links in your work last time. Submitting as a PDF should help.

The report will include the critique of current practices and the development of multiple new omni channel strategies in the categories of:

The Deliverable:

Each student will prepare a Power Point presentation with visuals to convey this information.

The Power Point should be divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction in which you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current retailer and illustrate this in relation to a competitor in their business segment or best practices in the industry. Think carefully about who your competitors are and use international competitors as well.
  • Ecommerce – current and future strategy (concentrate on future strategy)
  • Mobile commerce
  • Marketing ( the use of analytics should be incorporated in this section)
  • Social Media
  • Brick and Mortar should be discussed briefly with findings incorporated from Assignment 1.
  • Conclusion
  • The Power Point presentation is limited to 15 slides. There should be a separate Works Cited page in a Word Document that is properly documented according to APA format with live hyper-links.

Text and visuals should be incorporated to properly explain the student’s strategy. Short statements of text supported with research should be combined with appropriate visuals to explain the strategy chosen for improvement. The written word must be presented in a grammatically correct manner. The professionalism of the report will be considered.

See the Grading Rubric included in Assessment in Couse Information to understand how you will be evaluated. Please read the grading rubric before beginning the project.

Please submit the Power Point as a PDF. It will make it easier for me to download and view. Only one slide to a page in the PDF.


Time Tactics of Successful People – Griessman, Eugene, McGraw Hill, 2004.Book Review Writing Assignment Help

You are to write a four-page paper on the book Time Tactics of Successful People by Eugene Griessman, citing and summarizing “key take-aways” and how you can apply at least five principles to your own career/life. Type the report using 1.5 line spacing and either Calibri or Times Roman Font.

Writing criteria:
Well written and thorough – 5 principles x 10 points each (Ask yourself: Did I use concrete and specific examples when discussing the principles covered throughout the book?)

Application was evident – 5 application examples at 30 points each (Make sure to give in-depth examples of how principles can be applied to your career/life)

This Book Review shouldn’t be a summary of the book, It is more so centralized about what the reader can take from it and apply to his/her daily life. Please be sure to use specific examples from the book, and please do not just summarize the book as a whole.


Watchmen Annotated Bibliography Assignment Humanities Assignment Help

You have to look to the source in Grossmont College Library and find the source.

You should use
the rubric to help guide you while you are working on the project.
Please refer to the Glossery for the definition/explanation of terms.
The assessment categories for this project will be:




For this project, you will do some scholarly research on Watchmen.
The finished project will be an annotated bibliography with 4 sources.
One of these sources is the article I provided to you, “The Human
Stain,” to get you started.


  • Find appropriate


  • Use MLA citation
  • Distinguish between types of sources
  • Summarize sources
  • Evaluate sources
  • Apply research to course text

The first step is finding 3 sources that would be helpful in preparing your Watchmen
final presentation, so be sure to review the possible topics. This
should help you focus on what types of articles that will be most
useful. You should not simply use the first sources you find.

(For help, read the Research Overview section of Purdue’s OWL site ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.).

Keep in mind that these academic sources don’t necessarily need to be directly about the particular work you are researching. You may use history, psychology,
sociology, economics, or any approach that you can clearly apply to
your chosen work. After deciding upon 3 sources, you will create an
annotated bibliography.

The Assignment: For each article, you will turn in a 1­page, single­spaced response that includes the following. Label each section.

Citation (Use MLA format. For help go to OWL( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Summary (Be sure to present the main points, and demonstrate by using examples and quotations)

Evaluation (Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the content, type, and author of your source)

Synthesis (Briefly explain how you would use the source in a research paper about the literary work)

Assessment and Grading:

You should use
the rubric to help guide you while you are working on the project.
Please refer to the Glossery for the definition/explanation of terms.
The assessment categories for this project will be:




I will be giving you your grade for the
assignment. Though the grade will largely be based on how you do in
these three categories, there is not a grand equation that connects
grading to the rubric. You will also need to get the citations correct. I
will count off for mistakes there.



Entrepreneurship – Business Plan Submissions PPTs Business Finance Assignment Help

Based on the business and information attached in the PPT files, “submissions 1, 2 and 3”, Complete submissions 4, 5A, 5B, 5C, 6, and 7. Please do each submission in a separate PPT file.

Submission 4:





Submission 5A:


Submission 5B:


Submission 5C:


Submission 6:





Submission 7:

Please post:

1. Wild Card Item that is unique to your business and explain why it makes your chosen business unique

2. Reference slide(s) – Use APA style

3. Appendix – Any items that you want to include that don’t fit elsewhere in the slide show


Entrepreneurship – Business Plan Submissions PPTs Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Advances in Treatment Computer Science Assignment Help

Treatment options for acute and chronic diseases continue to advance in efforts to cure diseases or manage symptoms and improve quality of life. While you are working in healthcare, it is important to be able to research treatment options to understand the different treatments or questions patients may need to consider.

Select 1 disease directly related to one of the body systems reviewed in this module. Research and select a peer reviewed article written within the past 5 years discussing treatment options for the selected disease and write a 1-page (minimum) Annotated Bibliography. For annotated bibliographies, use standard APA format for the citations, then add a brief entry, including:

  • 2 to 4 sentences to summarize the main idea(s) of the source including a brief summary of the disease and treatment option(s).
  • 1 or 2 sentences to assess and evaluate the source including if this information is reliable and discuss if the source is objective or biased.
  • 1 or 2 sentences to reflect on the source including how this information can benefit a patient and your understanding of the selected disease.

Use APA formatting for your citations and references.


The Break Up Interpersonal Film Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Communication and Relationships in Film

In this paper, you will examine several central theories of interpersonal communication and apply them to the film of your choice. The focus will be on how communication is used to initiate, maintain, and terminate relationships, and will cover several theories of each stage. The film will serve as a vehicle for learning about interpersonal communication and relationships. You will analyze what the film has shown about the ways people relate to one another.

You are expected to write a short, three to four page analysis of the film. DO NOT go under two and a half or over four and a half pages. Your analysis should include 3 different sections:

  1. Theories of Relationship Development
    Choose two of the theories of relationship development discussed in your book (pages 190-195) and discuss your film illustrates these theories. Give several examples that illustrate each, and be sure to explain why you think these theories are particularly relevant to the film you have chosen.
  2. Models of Relationship Development
    Choose one of the models of relationship development discussed in your book (pages 196-198) and explain how it is illustrated in one of the relationships found in your film. For each stage in the model, you should define it and give an example from the film.
  3. Maintenance/ Ending a Relationship
    Discuss either how one of the relationships in your film is maintained by the characters (pages 202-212) or discuss reasons that the relationship in your film will end (or likely end.) Be sure to discuss aversive communication behaviors that the characters display (if relevant) and provide specific examples.

You will need an introduction and a conclusion in this paper and include examples that you found to be the most enlightening, controversial, or even possibly incorrect. You will be expected to discuss what individuals did, what happened, and why. Relevant communication theory and text material should be introduced for each example. You should write this paper as if you were going to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge to an individual that has little or no knowledge of communication theory. That “pretend reader” should learn a lot from reading your paper.

This is not a review of the film you have chosen, and should not include several paragraphs/pages of dialogue from the movie. After reading your paper, I should be able to understand your analysis from an interpersonal communication theory perspective—not someone who just watched the film and wrote about it. Your goal should be to demonstrate that you understand the theories discussed in your book.

The paper should be 3-4 pages (typed), 1 in margins, double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, with no cover pg required. You must cite the course textbook using MLA formatting. When saving your document, include your last name and the assignment, and save as either a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) or a Rich Text File (.rtf).

You are free to choose any film that you like, but choose a film that gives you something to work with. For example, if you choose an action film with little dialogue, you will be limiting yourself to nonverbal communication, which will make it more difficult for you to write about. I have many suggestions for films, if you are having trouble thinking of one that you’d like to write about, and below are a few good examples:


Stress and Coping Theory Writing Assignment Help

Please read the article based on theory no exceptions only two pages!!!!!

I have attached two articles please read both one explains the theory and the other is an article with an example of the theory…..

Please answer the following questions about the assigned journal article : ( these questions make up how to write the paper)



1. Describe the purpose of the study, the health problem involved, and why it is important.

2. Describe the target population under study, and study hypotheses, if any.

3. What theoretical constructs were studied and how were they operationalized?

4. What were the independent (presumed causes) and dependent (outcome) variables?

5. How was the study conducted? What did the researchers do?

6. What were the results (in general) and conclusions? (Do not report statistics)

7. What were the strengths and limitations of the study?

8. How did you feel about the study? What did you like and dislike?

9. What would you have done differently?

10. How might the study be applied in the local population?



Develop a Fictitious Qualitative Data Analysis and Interpretation Humanities Assignment Help


Since there has been no Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for your proposed fictitious data collection, you must refrain from collecting any real data. Do not use Institutional Review Board (IRB) To collect fictitious qualitative data without IRB approval for this assignment,

Please follow theses instructions: Attached is my week 6 assignment ,and a transcript on an Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis ,and Designing research proposal

You need to use a role-playing technique. Locate five people who are familiar with your target population for a qualitative study . For example, if you are planning to interview middle school teachers regarding student motivation to perform well academically, find five people who could reasonably play the role of these respondents. The Commons cannot be used to recruit participants for any course assignments or for any research activities.Do not use Commons

Then, complete the following assignment requirements:

  • Conduct five individual interviews using the questions you developed in Week 6. The Commons cannot be used to recruit participants for any course assignments or for any research activities.
  • Conduct an analysis of your open-ended interview results using techniques outlined from your assigned readings (be sure to provide reference citations).
  • Submit your coded data by homogeneous categories as well as a description of the emergent themes.
  • Address your statement of the problem and research question(s) from Week 6 using your data analysis.
  • Provide applicable conclusions and implications as applied to the purpose of your research and for further research.

Support your assignment with at least seven scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 15 pages, not including title and reference pages

Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

Week 6 Assignment is attached for the questions :

Supporting Students through Mindful Mentoring

Mindfulness implies paying attention, in the present moment and nonjudgmentally. Evidently, mindful mentoring is not only a popular topic for academics, but also it is becoming the mainstream phenomenon. Mindful mentoring ensures the purposeful inclusion of mindfulness as well as mindful meditation principles and theories into the school curriculum. Mindful mentoring is crucial in enhancing empathy, self-awareness, communication and focus (Hargreaves & Fullan, 2018). Therefore, mindful mentoring is a principal way to help students learn new skills essential in managing the rising mental and disengagement issues that are affecting students today. Furthermore, mindful mentoring strengthens brain areas related to attention. The final effect is an improved emotional regulation, cognition and mental health. Research evidence indicates that students who participate in mindful mentoring programs show an improved academic performance (Foukal, Lawrence & Jennings, 2016). Based on this evidence thus, it is crucial for students to be introduced to mindful mentoring as early in their school years as possible.

Statement of the Problem

The problem is that the modern world is becoming more distracted and stressful making students susceptible to these influences, therefore, it is growing more evident that there is the need for students to be equipped with new skills as well as awareness through mindful mentoring.

Purpose of the Study Statement

The purpose of this qualitative case study is to evaluate and report on the importance of supporting students through mindful mentoring.

Research questions

  • How does mindful mentoring help in enhancing academic achievement?
  • How can teachers/mentors ensure students gain optimum benefits from mindful mentoring?
  • How can a school ensure a properly designed mindful mentoring program?

Week 6 Assignment Below:

Qualitative Case Study

Overview of the Methodology

Qualitative case study is a crucial methodology for researchers in studying phenomena within their contexts. The proper application of the study design helps in the development of theories, evaluation of program and the development of interventions in the real world. In addition, qualitative case study has the potential to inform professional practice as well as evidence-informed decision making. It can be utilized as a teaching strategy to comprehend exemplary cases in a holistic money.

Therefore, using the qualitative case study as a methodology for this research, it will be key in exploring the phenomenon of mindful mentoring. The researcher will be in a position to explore students in the context of mindful mentoring so as to support both the deconstruction and the reconstruction of different phenomena.

Furthermore, qualitative case study is an approach to research that helps in the facilitation of the exploration of a situation using different data sources. The advantage of this is that researchers not only explore an issue through one lens, but also through different lenses so as to allow for various circumstances to be comprehended and revealed. Researchers are normally interested in the comprehension of the complexity of a case in the most complete way possible. Due to this, it is crucial for researchers to utilize different sources of data for the purpose of attaining the richest possible comprehension of a case. Case study research, through an intensive analysis of an organization or an individual unit, researchers get an opportunity to gain a holistic view of the research issues. Through this, the methodology facilitates the description, understanding and the explanation of a research situation (Houghton, Casey, Shaw & Murphy, 2013).

A researcher may use participant observation, interviewing and the collection of texts. Participant observation involves an extensive work. A researcher has to immerse themselves in the daily lives of the participants. The researcher gets insights on the behavioral patterns of the particular case. On the other hand, interviewing involves learning about people who are a part of the case through asking them questions. Collection of artefacts entails gathering information from educational handouts, written protocols and flowsheets so as to study the particular case.

Case Study Process

The case study process involves planning, designing, collecting, analyzing and sharing information.

During planning, the researcher’s main focus is the identification of research questions and the rationale for conducting the case study. A clear definition of the research problem is a critical step in the entire project. There is the need for a careful consideration of the research questions along with the objectives of the study. It is during the planning stage where the researcher makes sure that there is no mismatch between the research questions and the method of case study.

Secondly, the designing stage defines the analysis method. The researcher develops theories and propositions and identifies issues that underlie the expected study. Procedures must be adhered to so as to ensure high quality case study. It is notable that a research design links the procedure undertaken during the process of data collection and data analysis to research conclusions through data analysis.

The case study thus will focus on addressing the researching questions, the relevant hypothesis, and the logical linking of information to theory. A criteria for interpreting the findings of the case study is also crucial. The researcher need to allocate time to the careful attention to theories and propositions. Since case studies answer the how and why questions, it is in this stage that the researcher identifies the specific questions through a close examination of previous studies and identify any suggestions for future researcher. A point to note is the design process is that it is important to be specific with questions and hypothesis. This is because the how and why questions are usually broad, and lack of careful consideration may mean that it may not be clear on the type of data to be collected (Hyett, Kenny & Dickson-Swift, 2014).

Even though it may sound obvious, it is important to identify a proper analysis unit with careful thought and consideration since any confusion may invalidate the whole study. Besides, the logical linking of data to the theories should ensure that the correct amount of reliable and relevant information is collected for the purpose of summative findings.

The quality of the case study will be dependent on the construct, internal and external validity and reliability. Construct validity deal with concept operationalization. The researcher must define a concept through the setting of variables to ensure that it is measurable through participant and empirical observations. Internal validity ensures that there is the justification of causal relationships while external validity deals with the identification of whether there is generalization of the study to other cases.Finally, reliability of the case study demonstrates that same results can be obtained through repetition of the data collection procedure.

In addition, preparation as a part of the case study process focuses on the development of the skills as a researcher and train for the specific case study. The researcher must identify relevant issues in the case study and address any issues before the stage of collecting information. Familiarization with the study domain is crucial to the complete comprehension of the principal concepts and theoretical issues which are related to the study.

Collecting data involves ascertaining different sources of evidence and create and maintain a chain of evidence. A researcher need to compile several evidence sources so as to offer an explanation of the conclusions to be made (Baxter & Jack, 2008).

The analysis stage depends on the data collected and the theoretical proposition. Analytic techniques are employed to explore rival explanations and display facts apart from interpretations. Through analytical generalization, the researcher utilizes previously developed theory and compares it with the empirical case study results.

The final stage is sharing information. The researcher defines the audience and composes both textual and visual evidence to reach to the conclusions made. The presentation of actual cases is critical in the persuasion of the potential readers by the provision of an assurance of authenticity.

Open-Ended Questions

  • How would you like teachers ensure optimal mindful mentoring?
  • What do you think are the benefits of mindful mentoring?
  • What are your suggestions on ensuring there is consistency and minimization of confusion during mentoring?
  • Does the location of the mentorship program matter and how?
  • How can teachers ensure that the mindful mentoring program is effective as a while school approach.
  • How can teachers ensure that the approached is staged and supported such that students do not feel coerced to participate?
  • How do you think mindful mentoring is connected to improved emotional regulation?
  • Why do you think that mindful mentoring is the best means for the achievement of professional ethic conduct in the current world?
  • How does mindful mentoring expose a person to the application of professionalism to relevant situations?
  • Can you tell me more about what you think are the advantages of mindful mentoring?

Interview Process

The purpose of the interview for the qualitative case study is to produce highly structured data on the opinion of the participants on the matter of supporting mindful mentoring. Interviews help in the facilitation of a more evocative communication of the emotions, understandings, experiences, current knowledge and identities of participants. In addition, interviews achieve a high response rate since the respondents are face on face with the interviewer.

College students will be interviewed to give their opinion and experiences on the subject matter. The college students will be given space to expand their answers on the issue of study. The interviews will be in exploratory manner so as to ensure that there is the investigation of the interpretations of the participants on the issue of study.Notably, in qualitative interviewing, the experience of the respondents is normally diverse, therefore, the researcher can explore the meanings of the experiences and derive useful and valuable data (Seidman, 2013).

Using semi-structured interviews, a researcher must ensure that there is an interactional exchange of dialogue. This means that one person should not dominate the dialogue. The researcher must also ensure that the interview is topic-centered and thus themes and issues to be covered need to be explored. Therefore, a researcher must bring up the relevant contexts to ensure that situated knowledge can be produced in the context of study.

Assuming that the case study will involve 20 college students, each of them will be assigned 10 minutes interview session. The results of the interview will be recorded in an audio. As opposed to a video file, the researcher can ensure confidentiality when using both audio and written notes.

Thus, my role in conducting the interview will be to gain insightful information on my topic of interest which is supporting students through mindful mentoring. As a researcher, I have to prepare the questions early and analyze them. I will focus on guiding the questions and the case study. Practice and reflection are also key to ensure maximum learning as the respondents describe their experiences.


Baxter, P., & Jack, S. (2008). Qualitative case study methodology: Study design and implementation for novice researchers. The qualitative report, 13(4), 544-559.

Foukal, M. D., Lawrence, E. C., & Jennings, P. A. (2016). Mindfulness and Mentoring Satisfaction of College Women Mentoring Youth: Implications for Training. Mindfulness, 7(6), 1327-1338.

Hargreaves, A., & Fullan, M. (2018). Mentoring in the new millennium. Theory into practice, 39(1), 50-56.

Houghton, C., Casey, D., Shaw, D., & Murphy, K. (2013). Rigour in qualitative case-study research. Nurse researcher, 20(4).

Hyett, N., Kenny, A., & Dickson-Swift, V. (2014). Methodology or method? A critical review of qualitative case study reports. International journal of qualitative studies on health and well-being, 9(1), 23606.

Seidman, I. (2013). Interviewing as qualitative research: A guide for researchers in education and the social sciences. Teachers college press.


psychology paper essay 3-5page psychology sports Humanities Assignment Help

psychology paper essay 3-5page psychology sports Humanities Assignment Help

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