Public safety capstone Business Finance Assignment Help

Public safety capstone Business Finance Assignment Help. Public safety capstone Business Finance Assignment Help.

The topic title is criminal justice specifically law enforcement

The course book is Kouzes, J. M., & Posner, B. Z. (2012). The leadership challenge: How to make extraordinary things happen in organization (5th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Project Requirements To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements. •Formats and content details: ◾Topic is Criminal Justice specifically law enforcement with 10 Annotated Bibliography Structure as described in a White Paper Structure. Your ideas are to be conveyed through a white paper. In the white paper you will identify and define a problem you feel needs to be addressed within your discipline criminal justice, describe the significance of the problem or need, and design an appropriate solution

Criminal Justice specially Law enforcement topic for your white paper from an area that pertains to your specialization. You can choose any issue pertaining to your specialization with the exception of communication problems between agencies. The areas suggested below are only provided to help you narrow the scope of your considerations.

For example, if you are a criminal justice major, select Option 1 – Criminal Justice. Then select a current critical issue of criminal justice. You may select an issue from one of the areas suggested for that option—in this example, law enforcement, courts, or corrections—or from another area related to your specialization.

The issue you choose must:
•Be of current import to public safety.
•Not focus on communication problems between agencies.
•Offer sufficient breadth and depth to support development of a 14–18 page white paper.
•Allow you to demonstrate the competencies included in the criteria by which the project will be scored.
•Have a body of research available to support your conclusions and recommendations.

•Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
•APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th Edition) style and formatting.
•Resources: ◾Topic Proposal and Annotated Bibliography: Minimum of eight annotated references from peer-reviewed sources.
◾Complete Draft, Final White Paper: Minimum of eight peer-revised sources.

•Length: ◾Topic Proposal and Annotated Bibliography at least 10 annotated bibliography: Three to four double-spaced pages.
◾Partial Draft: Four to seven double-spaced pages, not including the title page and references page.
◾White Paper Presentation: 10 to 15 PowerPoint slides.
◾Complete Draft, Final White Paper: 13 to 21 double-spaced pages, not including the title page, addendum, and any appendices.

•Font and font size: Arial or Times New Roman, 12 point.

The last two units of the course provide you with the opportunity to make any final revisions to your White Paper project, based on the results of the peer review and on your instructor’s comments and suggestions about the draft you submitted in Unit 8. Once you have completed and polished the final project, you will submit it as the final course project assignment in Unit 10.

Refer to the White Paper Structure for a detailed description of what to include in each section of your white paper.
Project Objectives To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to: 1.Manage causes and threats to public safety.
2.Respond ethically and professionally to a variety of incidents that threaten public safety.
3.Think critically about public safety issues.
4.Evaluate the impact of multiculturalism and diversity on the public safety discipline.
5.Communicate effectively.
6.Lead and manage public safety organizations.

Also Prepare a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation that educates your audience on key elements of the topic of Criminal Justice specifically Law enforcement for your white paper, focusing particularly on associated issues of multiculturalism and diversity.

Summarize the key points of your white paper (5–10 slides):

  • Introduce the topic to be covered.
  • Define why the issue is a problem or need related to public safety.
  • Describe how you would address the problem; what is your solution?
  • Including personnel, define the resources that will be needed to implement your solution.
  • Explain how your proposed solution would benefit public safety.
  • Describe how your solution will be evaluated.

Demonstrate how you have integrated considerations associated with multiculturalism and diversity into your white paper (5 slides):

  • Evaluate the impact of multiculturalism and diversity on the public safety discipline in general, and on your need or issue in particular.
  • Describe how you integrated considerations of multiculturalism and diversity into your proposed solution. Be sure to consider issues of public communication in this section.

You will submit this presentation to your instructor for grading and comment, and present it to your fellow learners for peer review during Unit 6. You will then revise the presentation based on your instructor’s and peers’ comments, and include the revised presentation as an addendum to the white paper in later units.

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15 Papers and PowerPoint for David Ricardo Economics Assignment Help

 I need some Graph and Examples withe it .

make sure that there is no Plagiarism

These are some subjects 

Distribution of Income







Margin Rent

Margin Rent

Rate of Profit


Issue in Economics

of Value

Theory of Value

Law of Comparative Advantage


Finance: Ricardian

Government Spending




News Article Analysis Each Business Finance Assignment Help

News Article Analysis

Each student
will be required to find a current news article about a business situation, and
analyze it from a human resource management perspective. Students will be
required to create an oral presentation and submit a written executive summary.

Pertinent questions that should be
answered in your analysis include but are not limited to:

Are there any laws that apply to the situation
described in the article? What are they, and how do they relate to the situation

How does/might this situation affect the
practice of HR?

What are the HR implications to the employer? To
the employees?

Are there any HR related concepts that should be
considered when evaluating the situation described?

focus on the key points that pertain to your article. Your job is not to teach
HR material, but to relate the material to your selected article. Do not merely
summarize the article.


You must use  subtitles and headings  to show that you address all required  points. 

References  APA style . At least 3 additional references on top of the article you are using to support your arguments and analysis.  

Executive Summary:

addition to the oral presentation, each student will submit a one page typed summary of their
analysis. The page may be single spaced, and references may be on an additional

summary should be a written version of the material presented orally, answer the
same questions detailed above and be written in proper English.

A copy of
the article being analyzed must accompany the written summary.


GPS Interaction and Cognitive Process Computer Science Assignment Help

GPS Interaction and Cognitive Process” Please respond to the following:

  • Imagine that you have been asked to design a GPS product that will have voice recognition and Bluetooth capability. Discuss and conceptualize a user interaction model. Predict two (2) problems that may arise in GPS products with voice recognition and Bluetooth capability. Recommend solutions for each of these issues.
  • Attention is one of the six cognition processes. When attention is applied to a design, the goal is to make it easier for the end user to quickly locate where he / she should type information on the computer or mobile device screen. Compare and contrast how the Google search engine and theMicrosoft Bing search engine employ the attention cognition process. Provide your opinion as to which search engine better employs the attention cognition process and explain why.


evaluation essay Humanities Assignment Help


Being a nurse requires you to
make decisions and choices all the time. To make a smart decision, you must
evaluate the circumstances from all sides. Sharpen those skills as you complete
the Evaluation Essay.

Select one of these topics for
your Evaluation Essay.

  1. Evaluate a medical-related
    product or device that is new on the market. Consider what this new product
    would replace. Is it really a better product, or just a different way to do
    things? How would this new device change the way nurses operate? Include any
    criteria that would help your reader decide if this new product or device is
    worth a try.
  2. Evaluate a film or book.
    (Please do not choose a television series, as this would be too much information
    to cover in this essay.) Consider elements such as character development,
    setting, dialogue, narrative arc, quality of writing, and anything else that you
    think is important in helping your reader decide to see this movie or read this

Prepare yourself for this
assignment by reading reviews online and in published materials such as the
newspaper to see how the professionals put together a meaningful and informative

Whichever topic you choose,
your essay must include the following:

  • At least one direct quotation
    from a reputable outside source
  • At least one paraphrase from a
    reputable outside source
  • A clear thesis statement in
    the introductory paragraph
  • Excellent organization of your
  • A references page with the
    full reference details
  • A word count of 1000 words, at

Prewriting and Planning

Prewriting and planning are essential to
writing an effective essay, so for this week’s
assignment, you will complete the prewriting and planning steps of the process
for developing the Evaluation Essay. To complete the prewriting
assignment, you will submit one document (or perhaps multiple documents) that
include ALL of the following:

  1. A prewriting/”discovering” exercise to
    generate lots of ideas, like freewriting, brainstorming, or concept mapping. (6
  2. A working thesis statement (directly addresses
    the prompt; most effective as the last sentence of the introduction. (4 points)
  3. An outline of your essay. (6
  4. An APA Style reference (as it would appear on
    the references page, with all of the relevant publication information). (4

Note: if you create a concept map in
an image editing program, you may submit this portion of the assignment
separately from the rest of the assignment in a common image format, like .jpg
or .pdf. Genius Scan is a great, free app that allows you to take, upload, and
send images in.jpg or .pdf right from your smartphone.

You may also copy and paste the concept map
into a Word document with the rest of your assignment. Alternately, you could
also scan your concept map and submit it as an image or PDF file. If you choose
to complete a concept map and submit it separately from the rest of your
assignment, make sure to submit the rest of your work in a Word document (use
the file format .doc, .docx, or .rtf)



develop an international marketing strategy Business Finance Assignment Help

The project is based on defining and
developing an international marketing strategy for Coca Cola. 

Pick a country of your choice, and a launch a
local beverage or snack product that Coke can distribute and market. 

You can build a product from scratch or
acquire a local company with a unique snack or beverage that Coke can exploit
with their global expertise.  

The project will involve various types of secondary
research, proposed market testing and execution of strategy elements in line
with the overall international marketing objectives of the Coca Cola

develop an international marketing strategy Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

0% plagiarism Due Monday @12pm Est. Business Finance Assignment Help

Healthcare Finance course

Using the example of “From the Front Lines” in Chapter 6 of your text, calculate the break even for the number of procedures.  Use an electronic spreadsheet to show how you computed the break even and embed the spreadsheet in your paper.  Discuss the impact of the various reimbursements (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, private, or self-pay).  Think about your upcoming capital proposal and how you might use the break-even analysis in your Capital Investment Plan Proposal.  Your paper should be one to two double-spaced pages in length.

From the Front Lines

Our robotic equipment and its maintenance represent a fixed cost of $23,320 per month. Thecost-effectiveness of robotic-assisted surgery isrelated to patient volume: With only 10 cases, the fixed cost per case is $2,332, and with 40 cases,the fixed cost per case is $583.

Source: Alemozaffar, Chang, Kacker, Sun, DeWolf, & Wagner(2013).

From the Front Lines

We recently purchased an endoscopic ultrasound(EUS), which allows doctors to examine thelinings of the esophagus and stomach, as well asthe walls of the gastrointestinal tract. It is anecessary, but expensive, piece of equipment,which cost us $20,000 ($11,000 to purchase, plus$9,000 for renovations). Our fixed costs are fourfull-time equivalent employees at $336,000.Medicare payments are $885 per procedure, andeach procedure requires $175 in average variablecosts. It has been estimated that we will complete500 procedures in the first year and 850procedures in years 2 to 5.

Source: Hospital director of outpatient services.


Memo – uber Business Finance Assignment Help

My Memo about Uber – lyft regulations and problems

Your assignment is to write a one-page (double space, using a font size 12) memo in which you describe andjustify your selection of a policy issue or policy decision upon which you will construct your term paper for thisclass (due on April 21, 2016). The memo should describe:1. The policy issue or policy decision that you will focus on2. The reasons the policy issue/decision relates to a public problem (what particular community is

involved?)3. Why this issue deserves consideration (i.e., what is its importance?) and your plan to investigate it
4. Provide evidence of the policy problem selected by citing three to five works that address the problem-

issue at hand

General Guidelines for Writing a Memo A memo is a simple, but important, form of communication that administrators and other employees inbureaucracies need to be able to write effectively. Because it is designed for internal communication, the formatis less formal than a letter. Still, one should not treat the memo as if it were the equivalent of a conversation. Thefact that it is a written document means that its impact will be different from that of a conversational exchange.In a conversation, the words used and the tone taken are something that can be supplemented with bodylanguage, gestures, smiles and other forms of visual and audio communication. In a memo all the reader has isthe words.  Moreover, because anything written in a public organization may become public information, itscontent and tone are very important.Memos are brief communications intended to quickly present information, arguments, or opinions.Generally, a memo should be limited to one purpose on one subject. That subject should be effectively andbriefly indicated in the subject line of the opening format. Whatever the purpose of the memo, its tone should bedirect, sincere, and respectful (both of the addressee and of anyone mentioned in the memo). You will use theMemo as the basis for further investigating the policy issue and writing your policy paper.The four elements that must be in opening format of a memo are:TO:(name of person addressed)FROM:(the writer of the memo; full name in print; signature or initials added)DATE:  (date the memo was written)SUBJECT:(brief description of the memo’s subject)


Write an acrostic poem, short and simple! Humanities Assignment Help

Ok I have this question asked me a bunch of times and trust me this is very simple poem and you can be creative about it.

Please give me a good example of an acrostic poem of the Words “THE LAW OF CONVERSION OF ENERGY “

This is needed for a student by  one hour. 

So here the template you do vertically or horizontally and use the textbook images i made as a guide for your Acrostic Words.

Feel like you are up to the task then show me what you can do!

Use this template to start typing your answer. and please have fun with this!







Interview Paper on Diversity Humanities Assignment Help

  Locate someone to
interview who is part of a minority group who is over 65 and who may have experienced
the effects of racism. The person can be a family member, a neighbor, someone
you met at the Senior Center. Do not use a client if you are working in the

****When Doing this assignment please make this believable. This
is suppose to be an interview  with a 68
year old African American Woman please see below and Please answer the
questions accordingly as if you were really interviewing that person.***** This paper should be 4 pages long

  Review and modify
the interview protocol posted below. Select the protocol that is most relevant
to the person who you will be interviewing.


The main
focus of your paper should be on how the person you interviewed experienced the
impact of the macro system on their life.

specific examples (or stories) that the person shared with you.

  What were
the examples that they shared that demonstrated for them what it was like to be
poor or female or black or gay.

  Which period
of life did the person find most difficult, in terms of negotiating their
well-being as a person of a minority group? And which period of life was the
least conflictual?

  Did the
person bring in other macro systems that negatively or positively affected
them? For example if the topic was racism – did they also talk about gender or
poverty? Give examples, or stories, that they recounted.

You might
also want to also include (where appropriate)

adaptations did the person reveal that they have used over their life time to
adapt to or confront the feelings of being marginalized or discriminated

  Was the
person able to report positive experiences of being part of their
ethnic/racial/gendered group? What were they?

  How has
their life changed as they aged?

  As the
person spoke about their current life, what if anything did they report they
have learned as life lessons about oppression and strategies of survival and/or
of opposition?

  In your
conclusion, include what was most surprising to you in doing this interview.

******The person I chose to
interview is an African American 68 year old female who grew up down South,
specifically Orangeburg South Carolina. Her name is Lucy Fils-Aime, and she
experienced segregation and racism while she was growing up. Lucy talked about
her experience feeling isolated as she took the segregated city buses. *********

[supanova_question] employ the attention cognition process. Provide your opinion as to which search engine better employs the attention cognition process and explain why.