purpose of the standards movement and relevance to accountability Discussion, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

purpose of the standards movement and relevance to accountability Discussion, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help. purpose of the standards movement and relevance to accountability Discussion, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help.

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As a professional in education, you will likely be asked to explain, justify, and/or support the standards and assessments of your chosen field.  A well-rounded explanation will appeal to both the heads and hearts of your audience in a manner that provides insight into your professional philosophy and perceived accountability.  Discuss your perceived purpose of the standards movement and relevance to accountability and assessments as discussed in Chapter 11.  Your discussion should include a description of a minimum of one advantage and one disadvantage of the standards movement.  Please be sure to support your discussion with material in Chapter 11 and/or other scholarly resources.

Please make sure your post is at least 300 words and cite the attachments and use them in your response. This is the reference for the attachments:

Hall, G.E., Quinn, L.F., & Gollnick, D.M. (2014).  Introduction to teaching: Making a difference in student learning.  Los Angeles: Sage Publishing.

Also, my chose field is Child Development to become an elementary school teacher. 

purpose of the standards movement and relevance to accountability Discussion, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

, In-House Corporate Cops: The Rise of Ethics and Compliance Officers, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Week #5: Homework Assignment

READ: Chapter 13, 14

STUDY: Case Study 13.1, In-House Corporate Cops: The Rise of Ethics and Compliance Officers

WRITE: Based on the case study and considering topical knowledge derived from this week’s textbook and lecture material, write a two-page essay exploring diversity and ethics in business.  Ensure to address in your paper the following key areas 1. Briefly describe the legal environment of business. 2. Discuss an organization’s code of ethics. 3. Explain an ethical dilemma, provide an example.

SUBMITTED WORK: All Vista College student papers are consider academic documents and, then, are expected to adhere to professional writing standards (e.g., no misspellings, grammatically correct, well-organized) and APA formatting requirements (e.g., standard academic title page inclusive of all student, course, assignment, and professor identification information; section headings; page numbers; research sources cited in-text and end-of-document reference list; double spaced; 1 inch margins; 12 point font; prepared in and submitted as a MS Word document [.doc or .docx]). Your paper is expected to present a sound logic argument for your position, evidencing solid critical thinking.


Big Five Personality, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Complete the “What Is My Big Five Personality Profile?” self-assessment. 

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you address the following: 

  • Do you agree with the results of your assessment?
  • Based on the results of your assessment, what do you see as your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How might your personality type influence your job performance? 

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

My Results: I lead more toward of Extraversion trait

Extraversion Score

Score : 7 pts.

6 – 8 pts.

Feedback: Moderate level of personality factor.

Agreeableness Score

Score : 7 pts.

6 – 8 pts.

Feedback: Moderate level of personality factor.

Conscientiousness Score

Score : 6 pts.

6 – 8 pts.

Feedback: Moderate level of personality factor.

Emotional Stability Score

Score : 6 pts.

6 – 8 pts.

Feedback: Moderate level of personality factor.

Openness to Experience Score

Score : 7 pts.

6 – 8 pts.

Feedback: Moderate level of personality factor.

Source: L. R. Goldberg, J. A. Johnson, H. W. Eber, R. Hogan, M. C. Ashton, C. R. Cloninger, & H. C. Gough “The International Personality Item Pool and the Future of Public-Domain Personality Measures,” Journal of Research in Personality 40 (2006), pp. 84–96.


Rough Draft of Final Paper: Professional Philosophy of Education, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Before you read, keep in mind that my future career is an elementary (preferably 1st grade) teacher in a public school. I love children and I interact with kids well. Purpose of education: (see attachment).

The reference of the book you will be referring to (attachments) is: 
Hall, G.E., Quinn, L.F., & Gollnick, D.M. (2014).  Introduction to teaching: Making a difference in student learning.  Los Angeles: Sage Publishing

Rough Draft of Final Paper: Professional Philosophy of Education

You will submit your first draft of the final project and receive feedback from your instructor in the gradebook and also from your classmates in the Week Four discussion one forum.  Based on this feedback and your own further research, you will be able to make corrections and add that information to the Final Project in Week Five.  In this 3-page paper, be sure to address all three parts of the assignment in your rough draft to earn more points.

Part 1:  What is your future career? 

  • Identify what position in education you would like to have and at what type of organization you will work.  Is it private, public, proprietary, non-profit, online, children, adults, families, etc?  (Refer to the Week 1 journal).
  • After investigating this career, why do you feel this is a good fit for you?

Part 2:  Professional philosophy 

  • What is your theoretical perspective on teaching and learning?  Address the following items in this part of your paper.
  • What is the purpose of education?  (Refer to the Week 2 journal)
  • How do students learn and how will you assist in learning in your future career?
  • What professional development will you need – certificates, on-going continuing education credits, graduate degree(s), etc?

Part 3:  Investigate the standards in your chosen field 

  • Utilizing the first Discussion forum this week as a guide, discuss the standards in your chosen professional field.  This may depend on the type of school or professional organization to which you will belong.  Share/Discuss three to four standards that are expected of professionals in your field.  Why are these standards important to your professional philosophy of education?

This 3-page paper should address each part of this assignment.  Your reference page should consist of at least three outside scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook, all in APA formatting. To improve your APA skills in style, formatting, citing, and referencing please visit the APA Lecture in the Learning Resources tab in the left side of the course shell.  To check and improve your college level writing please use the Ashford Writing Center resources at: 

See the following list of professional organizations websites to assist your search.

Professional Association Websites


Keys to Success in Multinational Companies, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Please no plagiarism and follow the instructions directly

Assignment 3: Keys to Success in Multinational Companies
Due Week 9 and worth 220 points

It is widely known that Knowledge Management Systems are the key to success in multinational companies. Imagine that you are a Vice President of a company that is ramping up to go global.
Please choose one (1) of the following industries for the purposes of this assignment:

  • Jewelry
  • Fashion / Apparel
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer electronics, electronic components
  • Medical supplies or equipment
  • Bins, totes, crates, material handling
  • Food products
  • Drug products
  • Children’s products, clothing, toys, etc.

Note: You may create and / or assume all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.

You have been tasked with designing a comprehensive best practices policy list geared towards managing existing knowledge and any new knowledge as it becomes viable. The best practices policy should include a compiled task list that will help your company to handle not only the regular issues of conducting business within a foreign country, but also the unexpected events (e.g., earthquakes, demonstrations, bomb threats, etc.), no matter the country or countries into which you will be expanding. The policy list should also take any unique challenges that your company may face into consideration.

Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:

  1. Design a comprehensive best practices policy list that includes policies on the following:
    1. Sanitation (e.g., hand washing, toilet facilities, etc.)
    2. Eating and / or drinking (e.g., at desks, on the company grounds, inside in the manufacturing area at designated tables / areas, etc.)
    3. Conflict resolution (e.g., settling disputes, mediation and / or arbitration with designated mediator on staff, etc.)
    4. In-house teams (e.g., minimum meeting times, scribes, appointed leaders, etc.)
    5. Online team (e.g., 24-hour coverage on phone due to time differences, etc.)
    6. Security (e.g., leaving doors open, locks, key return policy for departing workers, etc.)
    7. Emergency evacuation procedures
  2. Determine the key benefits of creating such policies. Provide a rationale for your response.
  3. Speculate on the major ramifications if such policies are not created. Provide a rationale for your response.
  4. Predict the significant ways in which the best practices policy that you created will contribute towards the long-term sustainability of the company. Provide a rationale for your response.
  5. Determine whether or not your best practices policy would provide a competitive advantage over other international companies. Provide one (1) example of a company using a best practices policy to support your response.
  6. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other similar websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Evaluate strategic management and participation strategies in a global business.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in global management.
  • Write clearly and concisely about global management using proper writing mechanics.

Please no plagiarism and follow the instructions directly



Knight’s Tale, English assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Which passage shows the influence of the gods on the outcome of the duel between Arcite and Palamon?

a) The altar fires began to burn so bright / That Mars’s temple soon was all alight.The floor gave up an odor sweet and grand.

b) The statue’s hauberk then began to ring, / And with the sound was heard a murmuring: Though low and dim, and word was “Victory!”

c) A Fury sent from Pluto bounded right / Out of the ground (sent by request, of course, / Of Saturn), which so frightened Arcite’s horse / It turned and reared

d) “Mine’s the ruin of many high built halls, / The falling of the towers and the walls / On carpenter and miner.”

Which passage best illustrates the chivalrous behavior Arcite exhibits toward Palamon, just before his death?

a) But I bequeath the service of my spirit / To you above all creatures on the earth, / Since now my life must end, for what it’s worth. 

b) In all this world right now I know of none / So worthy to be loved as Palamon, / Who serves you and will do so all his life.

c) Alas, the woe, alas, the pain so strong / That for you I have suffered for so long!

d) Accept, I pray, my humble sacrifice.

Which passage explains why Arcite is upset when he is released from prison?

a) Fate’s passed to you the dice to seek the prize, / You have her sight, which I no more shall see.

b) Of sleep and meat and drink he had so little / That lean and dry he grew, shaftlike and brittle; / His eyes were hollow, ghastly to behold, / His sallow skin like ashes pale and cold…

c) Now when he had endured a year or so / This cruel torment, all this pain and woe…

d) So feeble were his spirits and so low / That, if he spoke, no man would ever know / Him by his speech or voice, he had so changed.

Which passage gives us information about Theseus’ economic or social status?

a) That land was won, the realm of Femeny  / By Theseus and by his chivalry…

b) This duke of whom I spoke, when he almost / Had reached the gates of town with all his host, / In such high spirits and so full of pride…

c) Of Athens he was lord and governor, / And in his time was such a conqueror

d) This worthy Theseus, when he had slain / Creon and captured Thebes, chose to remain / Upon the field that night to take his rest…

The idea of courtly love connects to the idea of “lovesickness”, the physical effects of unrequited love. Which passage best illustrates how this affects Arcite after his banishment?

a) “In earnest,” Arcite said, “is what I say! God help me, I’ve no mind for joking now.”

b) “Why did you cry? Has someone done you wrong? / For God’s love, it’s the patient gets along / In prison, that’s the way it has to be.” 

c) He picked up a large mirror then to see / The great change in his color, the degree / To which his face looked like another kind.

d) Though death be dreaded, I’ll be seeing there / My lady whom I love and serve, and I / Shall not, in her dear presence, fear to die.”

Knight’s Tale, English assignment help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

self direct learning plan, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

Goal: psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) and own a respite care for dementia patient drop off center



auditory listener

ensuring easy articulation with others

ethical decision-making


generation of nursing knowledge,


Writing skills

ensuring easy articulation with others

wearing heart on sleeve

time management

Self-Directed Learning Plan


It’s important to develop your professional goals and how you achieve them in this course and your chosen program. 


To prepare your SDLP for the review, complete the steps outlined below. 

After exploring the course description, course outcomes, and unit themes and outcomes, complete your SDLP for this course. Not all courses will directly impact your strengths or your areas of development.

What do you expect to learn in this course that will help you achieve your academic and professional goals? You are encouraged to reflect earnestly about how the course content and experience might serve your goals, as well as about what you might proactively do in the course to develop in your target areas.

If you have determined there are additional areas from which you would benefit, or areas you would like to replace, this is a good time to do so. Remember, this is your learning plan, so design it to help you achieve your unique goals.

This Assignment will be graded based on evidence of thoughtful development of your SDLP.

To view the Grading Rubric for this Assignment, please visit the Grading Rubrics section of the Course Home.

Assignment Requirements:

Before finalizing your work, you should:

  • be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above);
  • consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Home) to make sure you have included everything necessary; and
  • utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.

Your writing Assignment should:

  • follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);
  • be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful; and
  • display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics.


crime scene, law homework help Science Assignment Help

In this activity, you will imagine that a room in your house or an area of your yard or driveway is a crime scene.

In Part 1, you will stage your crime scene. You will imagine where evidence might be and place markers to represent the evidence. In Part 2, you will measure your crime scene and the location of your evidence. You should also make notes both on your notepad and later on the rough sketch if necessary. In Part 3, you will use the measurements to draw a rough sketch of your crime scene. Choose either an overhead view or a cross-projection for your rough sketch. You will then use your rough sketch to create a finished, scaled sketch in Part 4.

The rough sketch and finish sketch attached are just an example.

The 3 word docs that i attached are the instructions and the grid paper needed to do the assignment, please open all of them. 


Create one frequency table and three graphs, homework help Mathematics Assignment Help

Advertising Labor costs Shipping costs Production Sales
Minnesota 1028 8992 1285 2826 25690
California 2284 30448 3045 10657 76120
Florida 3282 24615 1094 6564 54700
Iowa 506 7592 675 2362 16870
Wisconsin 1103 12870 1471 5148 36770

Create at least four visuals using your data. 

  • Visuals must include a frequency table and a visual where central tendency and outliers can be seen (a histogram or a box and whisker plot). If you have outliers, make sure you create 1 visual with the outlier(s) and one without the outlier(s).
  • Two visuals must be pie charts: One pie chart for every independent and dependent variable combination, each including percentages and showing calculations (required).

Hints for Making an Effective Graph/Map:

  • Decide why you are making graph/map from this data.
  • Decide the type of graph/map you are making.
  • Decide on a title and consider the “W’s” (who, what, why, where and when).
  • Put in a legend (if applicable)
  • Put in a descriptive x-axis label (if applicable).
  • Put in a descriptive y-axis label (if applicable).
  • Put in scale (if applicable).

Cite the source of the data using APA format.

Submit your visuals in either an Excel® file or a Word document.


The Conflict Gets Personal, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

In this module you saw the impact and issues related to emotions, biases, and perceptions surrounding a negotiation. In your first course project assignment, you devised a plan for Michelle so that she could be prepared for her negotiation with her boss. Clearly, Michelle is upset over having to switch shifts and consequently locate new or additional daycare. At this point in the conflict, Nikki is aware of Michelle being displeased with the shift change and knows that she wants to meet, but is unaware of reasons behind it. Michelle devised the new schedule based solely on seniority and nothing else. She thought that this was the fairest way possible given that the policy change affected everyone’s schedule. She does not want the situation with Michelle to snowball into a bigger issue with overall dissatisfaction with the employees. Nikki feels that there is a section of employees who should not receive the preferential shifts because they are continuous problems in the workplace (this is a true and documented statement) regardless of the fact that they have worked at the call center longer.

For this section of the project, you will be identifying possible emotions, biases, and perceptions for this dilemma. In a 2-3 page paper, address the following:

  • Frame the issues from Michelle and Nikki’s perspectives (use an interest, rights, or power approach to framing the issues).
  • Biases hamper the negotiation process when parties come to the table with prejudgments about the other party. Put yourself into the shoes of both parties. Evaluate the biases that each party might have formed about the other party. Think about some of your workplace conflicts, what are some of the typical biases that arise when there is a dispute between a supervisor and a subordinate? Relate these biases to Michelle and Nikki’s situation.
  • Nikki knows that emotions are running high in the conflict with Michelle. From your readings this week and outside research, create a list of seven strategies that Nikki can use during her negotiation with Michelle for dealing with an opponent whose negative emotions are running high and explain how each tactic can be utilized in this situation. Ignoring the emotions is not an option.

In your paper, follow standard mechanics in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Provide proper APA cited research: in text and full citations.

use in-text citations and include a reference page.


purpose of the standards movement and relevance to accountability Discussion, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

purpose of the standards movement and relevance to accountability Discussion, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

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