PYSC 101 Westchester Community College Sensation and Perception Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

PYSC 101 Westchester Community College Sensation and Perception Discussion Humanities Assignment Help. PYSC 101 Westchester Community College Sensation and Perception Discussion Humanities Assignment Help.

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Intro. to Psych. Outline 04

Sensation and Perception

I. Sensation – define/explain what it is.

A. Principles of Sensation

1. Transduction or translation – creating a neural code

Sensory receptors

2. Thresholds

Absolute threshold

Difference threshold

3. Sensory Adaptation

B. Illustration of Sensation: The Process of Vision

*Using the schematic just below, describe each stage of the process of vision, starting with a visual stimulus that is captured by receptor cells in the retina – the rods and cones – to its destination in the brain. Explain what the receptor cells do, what the optic nerve does, and what happens in the primary area of the occipital cortex

Stimulus à Receptors à Sensory neurons à Brain

Rods & ConesOptic nerve Primary occipital area:

Feature detectors

2. *Next, describe what happens in the association pathways shown below, wherein sensation becomes perception:

“WHAT” pathway: occipital à temporal

“WHERE” pathway: occipital à parietal

II. Perception define/ explain what it is.

A. Perceptual Organization (P.O.) Define/ explain what it is

1. Form perception: The Gestalt Laws of P.O

Explain each of the following Gestalt Laws/ Principle of PO:






2. Depth perceptiondefine/ explain what it is.

Binocular cueswhat are they?

Explain binocular disparity

Monocular cues – what are they?

Explain motion parallax

3. Perceptual constancy – define/ explain what it is, e.g., constancy of an object’s size and shape.

B. Perceptual Interpretation (P.I.): define/ explain what it is.

1. Gibson’s theory of “direct perception” – define/ explain it.

– Explain the “visual cliff” phenomenon

2. Psychological influences on P.I.

a. Context – explain how it influences perception

b. Expectations or schemas – explain what they are. Describe an

example of how they are involved in perception.

b. Motivations – given an example of how our motivations can

influence P.I.

The food deprivation experiment. Describe what happened in

this classic experiment in terms of:

what was manipulated (independent variables),

what was measured (dependent variable)

what the results were

what the results showed or illustrated

C. “Bottom-up” vs. “Top-down” Perceptual Processing

1. Bottom-up processing – define/ explain what it is.

2. Top-down processing – define/ explain what it is.

You can use this example:


3. In perception, bottom-up and top-down processing are believed to occursimultaneously. Explain what that means.

D. Cultural/Environmental Influences on Perception

The Muller-Lyer Illusion – explain how it demonstrates the influence of culture on perception based on how people of different cultures either experience or don’t experience this illusion.

PYSC 101 Westchester Community College Sensation and Perception Discussion Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Texas Southern University Common Behavioral Excesses and Deficits Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Common Behavioral Excesses and Deficits

Address the ways that these excesses and deficits may also serve as strengths in clients’ lives.

  1. Children and adolescents
  1. Excesses—throwing tantrums, whining, watching television, dawdling, procrastinating, fighting, yelling, teasing, stealing, lying, nail biting, pulling hair, destroying property, being truant, aggressing, arguing, disrupting, eating excessively, using drugs
  1. Deficits—in complying with instructions, playing cooperatively, attending, studying, sharing, making friends, being assertive, speaking, reading, arising, grooming, controlling anger, socializing, going to bed, doing homework, eating properly
  2. Adults
  3. Deficits—in socializing, expressing tenderness, solving problems, managing money, controlling anger, listening without interrupting, seeking employment, planning nutritious meals, maintaining cleanliness and adequate hygiene, sending clear messages, recognizing and responding to needs of others, complying with laws, grooming, sexual functioning, parenting, fulfilling assignments, assertiveness
  4. Excesses—in nagging, criticizing, eating, drinking, smoking, behaving violently, engaging in unacceptable sexual behavior, fantasizing, cleaning obsessively, arguing, using drugs, engaging in ingratiating behavior, dominating or intimidating others, breaking laws, lying, deceiving, indulging impulses and desires


ITN 101 MCCEMCC Computer Networking Web Browsers & Server Problems Research Paper Writing Assignment Help

Write a research paper (750-1250 words in the body, plus a cover sheet, citations, and appendicies) describing how data gets from web browser to webserver and back, what can go wrong, and how to troubleshoot it.

Be sure to incorporate information from assignments and discussions from both Topics 3 and 4. Charts and diagrams are highly encouraged, but must be in the appendix area. Include client/server, routing, and other appropriate information.

Cite your research, as well as the tools you used to perform actions related to the research. The tools need only be listed by name, the manufacturer and website where they were obtained

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. Note: This paper will require a cover page, no extract, body, citations and appendicies.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


CTU Statistical Analysis Forecasting and Quality Improvement Discussion Mathematics Assignment Help

Individual Project

Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, and Quality Improvement




Points Earnednot available

3-4 pages

View objectives for this assignment

Go To:

My Work:

Online Deliverables:

Looking for tutoring? Go to Smarthinking

Assignment Details

Assignment Description

In preparation for a meeting with upper-level management, you decide to conduct research on the role of statistical forecasting in decision analysis.

Write a paper of 3-4 pages discussing the importance of accreditation and credentialing, strategies for quality improvement, and the role of statistics and statistical forecasting in the process. Your paper should address the following:

  • What are the steps involved in the statistical forecasting process?
  • Provide at least 3 examples of statistical analysis tools used for forecasting.
  • What role does statistical forecasting play in the quantitative health care decision analysis process?
  • How can forecasting used to determine the needs within an organization for purposes of quality improvement?
  • Your discussion should include how you can use statistical forecasting related to patient treatment, readmissions, emergency room (ER) wait times, and so forth as a means of determining what areas to focus on for the quality initiative.


NCCU Transgender Pre Policy Gender Identities & LGBTQ Community People Case Study Writing Assignment Help

Student is required to scrutinize a problematic issue related to the field of justice studies. Students should analyze all relevant aspects of the issue, including its causes, scope and consequences. The major focus of the paper will be on weighing the most appropriate policy options. Thus, this document must be 15-20 pages, double spaced. The manuscript must follow APA format.

I have already started the paper. I will need you to add on to the paper and find policies that affect transgender people and LGBTQ people.

Please add 5 more cites and sources in APA format.

PLEASE USE LGBTQ friendly language.



Northeastern University Wayfair Investment in Information Systems Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

English must be first language

Must be completed by Friday October 23 at 11 am EST.

Must use some framework (included in slide decks) to scaffold thoughts (People, processes, technologies/Integrative learning Framework/Value Disciplines/Levels of Decison Making – just one of the frameworks)

Materials attached. Wayfair article is the second article in the course pack.

Questions to be addressed:

  1. How did Wayfair historically improve its delivery speed and reliability while offering a highly variable assortment of products?
  2. What further improvements to Wayfair’s supply chain would you recommend?
  3. Assume that Wayfair wants to increase its focus on customer intimacy. What customer relationship management improvements would you recommend?


Requirements – Written Case Analysis—Assignments Guidelines

  1. We will discuss three business cases in this course. You will be required to read each case and be prepared to discuss each of them in online class and/or discussion board. You will also be required to write three case analyses. The first two cases (Week 1 and Week 2) are given. For the third case analysis/write up, you have the option of analyzing the Week 3 case or analyzing a firm of your choosing (preferably a place with which you are or will be affiliated). See the note in the “Class Participation” section regarding the Week 3 Case Study if interested.When writing up your analysis, first imagine that the CEO of the referenced company has requested your assessment and recommendation to help them make a business investment decision. Second, organize your paper using the following three sections (please use these titles or more descriptive headings that reflect both the essence of the following titles as well as case conditions).
    • Business Context/Key Business Drivers (25%)

    In this section, describe the company, their business model, and competitive position in their market. Also describe the business problem(s) the company faced that triggered their move to invest in information systems.

    • Analysis (50%)

    In this section, address/answer the case-specific questions (see the Canvas assignment entry). In this section, compare and contrast the approach taken by the actors in the case to guidance from course instructional material. Particularly, compare the company’s approach to relevant successful principles/practices suggested in your readings.

    • Personal Takeaways (25%)

    In this section, explain what you learned from this case that is applicable to your current or future career. Align your lessons learned with specific business elements (for example, future required skills, business challenges you will have to overcome, complex environmental or societal issues you will face).This last section represents a significant part of the paper because you are expected to apply your critical thinking skills and to demonstrate what you have learned from the case. Support your takeaways analysis with specific case facts, but do not reiterate your recommendations for the case company.Formatting Considerations

    1. Papers should be 2-3 pages in length, 1.5 or single-spaced (with default margins).
    2. Points will be deducted for poor spelling, grammar, or style. In other words, normal business standards of writing quality will apply.
    3. Structured writing is required. Use headings and subheadings to provide structure. If you are making multiple, related points, use a bulleted list (use a numbered list if you have more than three points). If you are comparing/contrasting alternatives across multiple dimensions, use a table (for example, 3 options compared across 5 success criteria results in a 3 x 5 table). The structure and information should jump off the page.
    4. The instructor is not expecting long prose. Many paragraphs of unbroken text are not normally read in a business environment and should be avoided in this course.
    5. Properly cite your sources (including course readings). Footnotes are preferred to efficiently attribute your claims to a specific source. Your footnotes should contain enough information for your instructor to locate the original source.

Northeastern University Wayfair Investment in Information Systems Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

MKT 352 California State University Business Analysis of BuyEchina Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help


Word LIMIT is 900 words but can be in the same ballpark.

Chose any online advertisement or paper advertisement! Fashion or Clothing advertisement preferred, but not required.

Answer the following questions or write in essay format, up to you.

1.Who is the advertisement targeted to? How would you describe the consumer targeted with this ad (for example, age, gender, lifestyle, stage of family lifecycle…?)

2.Describe the visual appeal and images in the advertisement (colors, images, etc…) What kind of slogan is being used? Do you think this advertisement cuts through the clutter sufficiently – does it capture the attention of the target consumer?

3.Is the advertisement effective in reaching the target audience in terms of selected media and its message? Does it capture the interest of the target audience AND resonate with its target audience?

4.Does the advertisement focus on hedonic (i.e. what the product means/emotional needs?) or utilitarian needs (i.e. what the product actually does?) of the consumer? (PowerPoints on Differentiation and Emotional Branding / Module 1)

5.What is the emotional appeal in the advertisement? (What is really being sold here?) Which underlying consumer need(s) are being targeted in this advertisement? (You may want to think which level(s) of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs would be most applicable)

6.What trends in the marketplace / marketing environment does this advertisement reflect?

7.What is the most likely objective of this advertisement? What marketing goals do you think the company/brand is trying to achieve with this advertisement/campaign?

You can also discuss additional thoughts and observations regarding your chosen advertisement in your paper! Please make sure to include a picture (or provide a link) of your advertisement in your paper! You can either answer the questions directly or format your analysis like an essay, up to you.


Impact of Eugenics on Species Discussion Paper Science Assignment Help

I need a review paper on the impact of eugenics on species.(Discuss around genetics)

You must cite at least five sources of reference material. Examples of citable publications include academic papers in professional journals, including Nature, Science, Cancer Research, or Discover, specialty books, or reputable scientific Web sites (citing their title and URL – see below). The research paper must be typed and double-spaced. It should be a minimum of five written pages in length but not exceed eight pages including references.

The research paper must be typed and double-spaced. It should be a minimum of five written pages in length but not exceed eight pages including references.


EN 153 Mohawk Valley Community College Sandy Corp CEO Evaluation Memorandum Humanities Assignment Help

Would you pease be able to help me to do this assignment, it is self evaluation.

I did so far in this class resume and cover letter which I did good no issues making it, and then I did memorandum which was a bit to long but still pretty good. And I did quiz and I did really poorly on it.

Think of where we are this way: we are a little more than halfway through the class. This week’s assignment asks you to do two things in one memo addressed to the CEO of SandyCorp, also known as the instructor.

This memo will be an evaluation of your work in the class (that is, SandyCorp) thus far and will also include a planning piece.

To read about writing evaluations, please consult…

Please also review the characteristics of business and technical writing that we discussed in week two.

Memos that are basically essays with a memo heading will receive an F. Assignments that are submitted without a commentary (what you think you did well, what you were unsure of, what you think of what you wrote, etc.) will not receive a grade higher than a D.

You will not be posting this on a discussion board but will be submitting this for a grade by midnight on Sunday.

This memo should accomplish two goals: first, to reflect honestly but professionally about your work (assignments, discussion boards, midterm quiz) thus far in the semester. You may organize this material any way you choose, but one way might be by assignment or accomplishments (though this might seem the fastest to write, it might also require the most time); or by general observations (which might mean sections including Areas of Success (in which you might mention starting the assignments ahead of time or thoroughly responding to other students’ work, or completing the work successfully as indicated by the grades and your level of satisfaction) and then Areas to be Improved (areas might include procrastination, grammar, etc.)

Regardless of how you organize the first part of the memo, the second part of it MUST include a planning section in which how you are going to address the Areas to be Improved or whatever you mentioned earlier that most likely suggested your work might be improved.


Anytown, USA

TO: Sandra Engel, CEO


FROM: [Insert your name and title here]

DATE: [Insert date here]

RE: Evaluation

Add an introduction here

Then organize what you have to say.

This may be by assignment

Or by theme

Or by Areas of Success (use detail please)

And then Areas for Improvement

This should be followed by Planning

Come up with ideas to address Areas for Improvement or whatever you called the above section)


This should be 1-2 pages.

Single space within paragraphs; doublespace between paragraphs.

Consider using bullets or bolding; shorter-than-usual-EN101 paragraphs; and other conventions of business and technical writing.

HOWEVER, do not assume that short is good. You need detail to make yourself worthy of being listened to—for credibility. If what you write reads like it is an outline, then it is an outline and the assignment is not successful.


SOC 445 Grand Canyon University NASW Code of Ethics Case Study Humanities Assignment Help

Using the feedback you received from the instructor for each section of this assignment, revise each section and, lastly, provide the following:

Read Chapter 24 and 26 in the textbook Review the NASW Code of Ethics. Describe a possible termination process for your client/consumer (300-350 words) recommending ways to maintain change including preparing for a possible relapse while keeping in mind the autonomy of the client.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented.

Review the “NASW Code of Ethics.”

Read Chapter 24 and 26 in Fundamentals of Case Management Practice.


PYSC 101 Westchester Community College Sensation and Perception Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

PYSC 101 Westchester Community College Sensation and Perception Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

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