Quantitative Annotated Bibliography, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

Quantitative Annotated Bibliography, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help. Quantitative Annotated Bibliography, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help.

For this assignment you will review current research from South’s Online Library and provide a critical evaluation on that research through an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a brief summary and analysis of the journal article reviewed. For more information on annotated bibliographies please visit Purdue’s OWL: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/01/

A total of four annotated bibliographies are to be submitted (not to exceed one page each). The articles must come from nursing scholarly literature and may not be older than 5 years since publication. Please note that the articles must be research based and reflect a quantitative methodology (review our reading assignments). Please use the provided articles, and if you would double check that it meet the grading criteria. 
Each annotation must address the following critical elements: 

  • Explanation of the main purpose and scope of the cited work
  • Brief description of the research conducted
  • Value and significance of the work (e.g., study’s findings, scope of the research project) as a contribution to the solving the problem of managing or teaching patient self- management of COPD exacerbation.
  • Possible shortcomings or bias in the work
  • Conclusions or observations reached by the author
  • Summary as to why this research lends evidence to support the potential problem identified specific to your role option.
Assignment 3 Grading Criteria 
Maximum Points

Articles selected are appropriate to role option and support the potential problem identified.


Addresses required elements for each of the 4 nursing research articles that provide supportive evidence for the problem.


Articles selected meet guidelines (quantitative methodology, nursing scholarly literature, no older than 5 years since publication).


Followed APA guidelines for writing style, format, spelling, and grammar.




Please read the Question and address each elements for each of the four article.

Quantitative Annotated Bibliography, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Evidence-Based Clinical Question Search Assignment Health Medical Assignment Help

Hello I need
help with this assignment the second attachment is my picot question
that you helped me to have it done before but it will also give you the
information in my picot question to develop the home work in the
attachment that contain instructions to develop the assignment (evidence
assignment document attachment?

Clinical Question Search Assignment


The purpose of this
Assignment is to give you a practical application to implement your PICOT idea,
supported by the evidence-based research you have obtained in during your
systematic review. You will apply evidence-based research findings, discovered
from your clinical question, and then integrate those to support your suggested
change in nursing practice.


  1. Identify
    your refined PICOT question.
  2. Using
    PubMed and the Cochrane collaboration database, do a systematic review of
    your clinical question.
  3. Describe
    your systematic review and include an errors analysis.
  4. Determine
    an evidence-based quantitative article from the search that contains an
    evidence-based randomized control trial.
  5. Summarize
    the case study selected.
  6. Describe
    the study approach, sample size, and population studied.
  7. Apply the
    evidence from this review to your practice specifically in your overview.
  8. Evaluate
    the outcomes, identifying the validity and reliability.
  9. Discuss if
    the study contained any bias.
  10. Determine
    the level of evidence identified in the review.
  11. The length
    should be no less than 10 Pages in APA format.

To view the Grading Rubric
for this Assignment, please visit the Grading Rubrics section of the Course

Assignment Requirements:

Before finalizing your
work, you should:

  • be sure
    to read the Assignment description carefully (as
    displayed above)
  • consult
    the Grading Rubric
     (under the Course Home)
    to make sure you have included everything necessary;
  • utilize spelling and grammar
     to minimize errors; and

Your writing Assignment

  • follow the
    conventions of Standard American English (correct
    grammar, punctuation, etc.);
  • be well
    logical, and unified, as well
    as original and insightful;
  • display superior
    content, organization, style, 
    and mechanics; and;
  • use APA
    6th edition


Influence on moral responsibility, english assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Respond to two other students’
or instructor posts

  • RPs should be 150-250 words
  • Add new content, a
    distinction, or hypothesis and demonstrate how this new information makes the
    topic thread more clear

  • Draw attention to a
    consideration that has been neglected, and demonstrate how this new information
    motivates clearer understanding of the topic
  • Students should contribute to
    the discussion based on their course acquired knowledge in a meaningful way.
    Posts that simply agree with the IP will not be graded.
  • Responses will be graded for
    content, length, and level of introspection. 

    discussion 1

    on moral responsibility is also having the ability in choosing free will, or
    one’s decisions in a particular situation. A lot of people believe in
    determinism, the theory that our destiny is already planned the minute we are
    brought into this world. However, I personally feel that we as people have the
    option to choose our destiny by the decisions we make in our daily lives. When
    talking about free will, I think that everyone has the free will in deciding
    right or wrong.  In my opinion what has been instilled into our heads while
    growing up of what is right or wrong, can have an impact on what decision you
    make of being right or wrong. These would be pur moral facts. In our textbook,
    it states that “Ethical subjectivism is our moral opinions are based on our
    feelings and nothing more” (Rachels & Rachels. 2015). When it comes to
    ethical subjectivism and our textbook, I would have to say I agree, because to
    me when discussing anything related to morals or ethics, I would have to say it
    all depends on one’s feelings and beliefs. Also stated in our textbook
    concerning this theory is “There is NO such thing as right or wrong” (Rachels
    & Rachels. 2015). So if there is no such thing as right or wrong then are
    moral facts just constructs of our own minds and not really truths? And if there
    is no free will are we really responsible for our actions since our actions are
    predetermined? These questions have been bugging me for a while. To me if there
    is no such thing as right or wrong, then moral facts cease to exist how we know
    them. And if we aren’t technically making our own decisions then we aren’t
    responsiblefor the outcome though it is our responsibility to bear the

    Rachels, J. & Rachels, S.
    (2015). The elements of moral philosophy (8th ed.). New York,
    NY: McGraw-Hill Education

    discussion 2

    Having the ability to choose what path you will take can influence
    moral responsibility and moral responsibility can influence the path that you
    will take as well. The freedom to make whatever decision is based on your
    personal moral standards and is not the same for everyone.  According to
    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy; “…to be morally responsible for
    something, say an action, is to be worthy of a particular kind of reaction-
    praise, blame, or something akin to these- for having performed it” (Eshleman,
    A., 2014, p. 1). The problem with moral responsibility is that we all do not
    agree on what was the right thing to do. When you make a decision to take an
    action, the thought process is what would you do to morally do the right thing,
    then the next person would say that was not the right thing to do. This is often
    where moral facts come into play when you can prove this was the right thing to
    do. However, many times there are two ways to do the right thing. So is it a
    fact or an opinion of what is the right thing morally to do? The hardest things
    in life do not come easy and we are tested all the time; “The hard work lies not
    in recognizing that at least some moral claims are true but in carefully
    thinking through our evidence for which of the many competing moral class is
    correct”  (McBrayer, 2015).  If
    we decide that there are no moral responsibilities in the world then we are in
    fact barbarians. There would be no consequences for our actions and we would
    truly live like animals without a conscious. <o:p></o:p>

    <o:p> </o:p>


    Andrew, “Moral Responsibility”,The Stanford Encyclopedia of

    2014 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = <o:p></o:p>


    <o:p></o:p>McBrayer, J.
    P. Why our children don’t think there are moral facts. (2015, March 2). [The New
    York Times].


    International Business Competing in the global market, assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

     One way that experts analyze conditions in emerging markets is through the use of economic indicators. The Market Potential Index (MPI) is a yearly study con ducted by the Michigan State University Center for International Business Education and Research (MSU CIBER) to compare emerging markets on a variety of dimensions. Provide a description of the indicators used in the index. Which of the indicators would have greater importance for a company that markets laptop computers? Considering the MPI rankings, which de veloping countries would you advise such a company to enter first?



    read the article Power and Influence, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    For this discussion, please read the article Power and Influence (Links to an external site.)Once you have completed the reading, please post your reflection using proper APA format.  This posting must consist of at least 250 words and answer any question(s) posed. Use your best critical thinking skills and do NOT just reiterate what was stated in the reading. 

    All postings and replies must be supported by at least 2 credible sources beyond the textbook and original article. Remember to cite your sources. 

    One tip, be sure to reference the original article since that is where you got the idea for the discussion.  Thank you.



    research an advanced nursing practice role and summarize, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

    For this assignment, you will research an advanced nursing practice role and summarize your findings in a 3- to 5-page paper (excluding the title page, references and appendices):

    Focusing on the specialty for which you were admitted (Family Nurse Practitioner) to South University, select an advanced nursing role to research. (It must be one offered by South University.)

    According to the NPSGs, distinguish the role as clinical or non-clinical and how it promotes patient safety.

    Find two research articles and one expert opinion article about this role, and summarize the articles in a 3- to 5-page paper.

    The articles must be current (not more than five years old).

    Format your paper, citations, and references using correct APA Style.

    research an advanced nursing practice role and summarize, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    competency in project, operations, and information systems management, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    Assignment from nickkynickky. I only need budget part of the below assignment completed in excel and ms project.

    The paper must demonstrate additional competency in project, operations, and information systems management by preparing a succinct report that integrates project, operations, and information systems management to meet a managerial challenge at their organization and significantly improve its performance.

    Your report will include at least the following topics

    • An executive summary
    • Description of the managerial challenge
    • Application of project management to the challenge
    • Application of operations management to the challenge
    • Application of information systems management to the challenge
    • Assignment of the project team
    • Training needed
    • Work breakdown including critical path
    • A planning budget

    The report will be submitted in pdf format except for the budget, which will be in xlsx format, and the work breakdown including critical path, which will be prepared with a project management software such as MS-Project in its particular format (mpp for MS-Project).

    Critical thinking, managerial decision making, information literacy, problem-solving, systems thinking, and technology fluency are needed.

    Additional Instructions:

    What is a succinct report? Could it not be 10 pages plus a cover page and references or less?  One reads that IBM decision papers are limited to that length, and we all recall the single-sheet Ringo Sho approach to important decisions at Toyota.

    Project management always refers to the Triple Constraint and involves a project team, plus a Gantt chart with critical path.

    Operations management refers here to the daily processes at your organization; you should show how they will be improved after the project is completed.

    Information systems management refers to the support provided by IS and included IT both during the project and also afterwards; you should describe it.

    Required Readings:


    Information Requirements Gathering for Analytic Projects, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

    1. The Gartner article attached below, write A) a brief summary of the main points that the author made in the article in your own words (don’t use their “Key Findings” ;-), and B) An analysis of the article. Some points to address in your analysis: 1) Did the author have a clear purpose for the article? What makes you believe so? 2) Was this purpose accomplished? How? 3) Did the author present the information in a way that readers would find appealing? In what way? 4) Is the world a better place for this article being written? How? 5) How does this article relate to the real world, either business-wise, or personally? If it doesn’t, state why. You don’t have to write in a boring and stilted academic style in your summary and analysis – it’s all right (and encouraged!) to write in an engaging style! At least  300 words is your minimum.

    You need to support your Weighty Posts with references.

     Feel free to use news articles as references (remembering that they always have a bias, that is), making sure to list those and any other references at the bottom of the post (please use more than a URL!). Quotations by famous people are allowed, as well – you only have to identify the speaker, not the specific work, in the case of well-known quotations.


    No plagiarism


    SANDERSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    The following incomplete balance sheet for the Sanderson Manufacturing Company was prepared by the company’s controller. As accounting manager for Sanderson, you are attempting to reconstruct and revise the balance sheet.


    Balance Sheet

    At December 31, 2016

    ($ in 000s)


      Current assets:  

         Cash $1,550 

         Accounts receivable 4,100 

         Allowance for uncollectible accounts (700)

         Finished goods inventory 6,300 

         Prepaid expenses 1,500 


           Total current assets 12,750 

      Noncurrent assets:  

         Investments 3,300 

         Raw materials and work in process inventory 2,550 

         Equipment 18,000 

         Accumulated depreciation—equipment (4,500)

         Patent ? 


           Total assets $? 


    Liabilities and Shareholders’ Equity

      Current liabilities:  

         Accounts payable $5,500 

         Note payable 4,600 

         Interest payable—note 400 

         Deferred revenue 3,600 


           Total current liabilities 14,100 

      Long-term liabilities:  

         Bonds payable 5,800 

         Interest payable—bonds 500 

      Shareholders’ equity:  

         Common stock$?  

         Retained earnings ? ? 

           Total liabilities and shareholders’ equity ? 



    Additional information ($ in 000s):


    Certain records that included the account balances for the patent and shareholders’ equity items were lost. However, the controller told you that a complete, preliminary balance sheet prepared before the records were lost showed a debt to equity ratio of 1.2. That is, total liabilities are 120% of total shareholders’ equity. Retained earnings at the beginning of the year was $4,600. Net income for 2016 was $1,600 and $800 in cash dividends were declared and paid to shareholders.

    2. Management intends to sell the investments in the next six months.

    3. Interest on both the note and the bonds is payable annually.

    4. The note payable is due in annual installments of $1,150 each.

    5. Deferred revenue will be earned equally over the next two fiscal years.


    The common stock represents 300,000 shares of no par stock authorized, 280,000 shares issued and outstanding.



    Prepare a complete, corrected, classified balance sheet. (Amounts to be deducted should be indicated by a minus sign.)


    The Roman Empire, history homework help Humanities Assignment Help


    Paper should be formatted as: 12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced.


    The Roman Empire occupied a significant portion of the world and its demise literally brought about the end of an era. Alexander’s empire, though much shorter, also had significant impact on human history. The Mongols, Persians, British, Spanish, French, Germans, English, and Russians also had their turns at establishing empires. Many consider the United States today as an imperial power. What factors contribute to an empire’s rise and what contributes to its fall? What makes an empire stable and long-lasting? What makes one unstable and short-lived?

    Keep in mind that this is the pre-modern world history time period. (so think of BCE period )

    All parts of the essay need to be answered, with NO PLAGIARISM, and be atleast 3 pages long or you wont get paid.


    Quantitative Annotated Bibliography, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

    Quantitative Annotated Bibliography, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help