Question at Issue Essay Writing Assignment Help

Question at Issue Essay Writing Assignment Help. Question at Issue Essay Writing Assignment Help.

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Question at Issue Essay


The Question at Issue (Q@I) is designed to better assist you with ensuring the argument you formulate for Essay 1.1 will be a strong one. While our classroom discussions and activities are intended to help you develop potential questions, the Q@I will begin and test your foundation for making a reasoned, evidence-supported arguments.


This essay requires you to formulate a stasis question (See RRW, pp. 7-8). Once you have presented the question, you will provide primary support points/evidence that conform to the style of the stasis question. For example, if you were to formulate a Question of Interpretation, your supporting evidence would not be merely a presentation of facts, but rather a measure of reasoning and examination of definitions.


This assignment will assist you with developing a critical questioning strategy. Additionally, the Q@I serves as a springboard for the work required for both of our essays this term. By developing a Q@I and providing support, you will have the opportunity to have your reasoning peer-reviewed, as well as reviewed by the instructor, to ensure that subsequent work in the essay leads to a strong enthymeme.


In 2-3 double spaced pages, word count at least 700, identify one Question at Issue that we’ve read about, discussed, or that you’ve formulated that interests you. The work you do here need be the reasoning, evidence gathering, and writing will undoubtedly help develop your final essay, as well as subsequent drafts.

Using a template from They Say/I Say, introduce your area of focus and the Q@I in the first paragraph. Then, in subsequent paragraphs, answer the following questions (without rewriting the questions!):

  • What makes this particular issue controversial?
  • Why is there disagreement to the potential answers to your question?
  • What makes this question specific enough to write a short essay on?
  • What opposing points are there to the question you are asking?
  • What supporting evidence/reasoning will you use to propose your answer to the Q@I you have asked?

Papers must be properly formatted in MLA style (Refer to the syllabus for links to Purdue OWL/come see me during office hours if you are in any way unclear or require more information about MLA style).

Criteria for Success:

This is a graded assignment, worth 10% of your final grade. Successful essays will be graded on four criteria:

  • Does the Q@I take the shape of a stasis question and offer multiple avenues for answering it?
  • Is an adequate summary of those avenues given, along with reasons why the question is a contentious one?
  • What support and sources are offered as evidence that will be used to answer the Q@I?
  • The thoughtfulness, polish, and attention to formal writing displayed. Consideration for spelling, grammar, and formatting will be assessed!

Successful essays will read like a considered and rigorous exploration of a controversy we’ve uncovered as a discourse community.


Based on these two readings, and find a question at issue:

1. (“Should Everyone Go to College” Stephanie Owen and Isabel V. Sawhill)

2. (Two Years Are Better Than Four” Liz Addison)

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Searching information help Writing Assignment Help


I have already started some of the work but I still need some assistant.

1. I need you to check my work and search/fill whatever is missing

2. find other information needed

what is needed is to find for each company:

1. top executive’s and their names, email and phone number

2. Relationship with United Way (if possible)

Please make sure that you have the correct information and if any of what I have there is wrong please fix it.

double check whole document for the correct information before submitting (my work and yours too)

please find file attached

3. please fix any grammar mistake and put all information in one style fix anything need to be fixed


COLT103 University of Michigan Characterization of Dorian Beauty & Art Paper Writing Assignment Help

Word count: 550

  • Thoughtfully respond to the course material from this week.
  • Here are some suggestions: What is your position on the characterization of Dorian, Basil, and Lord Henry? What about how beauty and art is characterized? What about the ethics of the autonomy of art, or of an aesthetic disposition towards life? Do you think there is a morality to the novel, or is it ultimately amoral and should only be “admired intensely”?
  • Cite at least two quotes from The Picture of Dorian Gray, Chapters I-VIII within the body of your response to support your positions. (ebook free on Google read:
  • Submission should be 1 ¼ -1 ½ pages, doc or pdf file type, and formatted with double-spacing, 1 inch margins, and 12-pt. Times New Roman or another serif font.


Bridger Canyon Drive Construction Project Programming Assignment Help


For this assignment, you will need to create multiple threads, and to use locks and condition variables to synchronize those threads. You’ll be using the pthreads package. Please do refer back to code examples and explanations from the lecture notes, relevant technical resources, our demo code, the man pages, etc.

Note: the pthreads locks are “Mesa” style. What does that mean? Well, it means that the broadcast mechanism exists — but a woken waiter merely gets placed back on the ready queue (it does not necessarily run right away). TL;DR: you better use while statements, not if statements 😉

If you are curious, this is what Wikipedia has to say on the topic:

With nonblocking condition variables (also called “Mesa style” condition variables or “signal and continue” condition variables), signaling does not cause the signaling thread to lose occupancy of the monitor. Instead the signaled threads are moved to the e queue. There is no need for the s queue.

Impure Operations

As we discussed in class, the real world often permits actions that are impure but convenient; pthreads is no exception: it gives you some extra features not present in textbook-pure synchronization primitives. For example:

  • the lock lets you trylock;
  • the condition variable lets you give a timedwait;
  • the semaphore lets you trywait and getvalue;
  • you can initialize a mutex lock to be less uptight about being called twice.

For purposes of this assignment, you should not use such shortcuts. Yes, they make life easy in practice, and you have my blessing to use these shortcuts in your research and professional coding (provided they don’t impair portability!). But at least once, you should use the “pure” primitives.

Your Assignment: Simulate the Bridger Canyon Drive Construction Project

Suppose that some road crews need to clear some snow off of Bridger Canyon Drive between Bozeman and Bridger Bowl. This construction requires closing one lane of traffic, making it a one-way road for a section of the drive. Traffic may only traverse the single lane road in one direction at a time. To further complicate matters, the extra snowfall on the road has weakened the road under this section of the drive, limiting its capacity to at most MAXCARS vehicles. (E.g., try MAXCARS = 3.)

Write code that simulates this scenario, where each car is simulated with a thread.


In your system, each vehicle should be represented by a thread, which executes the following function when it arrives at the point where the road goes to one-lane traffic only:

OneVehicle(direction) {
// now the car is on the one-way section!
// now the car is off

Direction should be TO_BRIDGER or TO_BOZEMAN. (You may certainly add other arguments, or collapse this all into a general argument structure, as appropriate.) ArriveBridgerOneWay must not return until it is safe for the car to get on the one-way. OnBridgerOneWay should, as a side-effect, print the state of the one-way and waiting cars, in some nice format, to make it easier to monitor the behavior of the system. (So…. watch out for race conditions here, too!)


Your simulation should try to mimic real-world conditions as best as possible. Pay close attention to the following requirements, ensuring that your program addresses each of the following points.


Inputs. Your program should accept (at least) two input arguments:

  • NUMCARS (the number of cars to create/simulate) and
  • MAXCARS (the capacity of the one-way road).

Your program may accept additional, optional arguments. For example:


But your program should still run even if only NUMCARS and MAXCARS is provided.

Specifying these parameters (and potentially others) will make testing your program much easier, since you won’t have to recompile each time you want to tweak an input parameter.

Outputs. At the very least, your program should output major changes to the state of the simulation when they take place. For example, when a car arrives, and when a car exits.

It is also a good idea to output the state of the simulation as a whole periodically. For example, output the state of the simulation whenever a car gets onto the oneway. In this case, state could include:

  • the number of cars waiting to go to Bridger,
  • the number of cars waiting to go to Bozeman,
  • the current direction of traffic on the oneway,
  • a counter for the number of cars that have passed so far,
  • the number of cars on the oneway road,
  • etc.


“May we have a ‘bridgekeeper’ thread? (i.e., a monitor)”

No. The car threads must synchronize themselves; you may not have an extra thread directing traffic.


Your simulation should always prohibit “bad interleavings” where:

  • cars going opposite directions crash on the one-way.
  • the one-way section collapses, because too many cars were on it.


Your simulation should also ensure that:

  • if a car gets on the one-way, it will eventually cross and get off.
  • if cars are waiting, and the one-way is empty, a car will get on.


Your simulation should also make efficient use of the one-way capacity; or, in other words:

  • if there are fewer than MAXCARS on the one-way section (say, traveling to Bozeman)…
  • and they are traveling sufficiently slowly…
  • and there is a car waiting to go to Bozeman…
  • then that car will get on the one-way too!

To be clear, if MAXCARS > 1, but your solution only allows one car at a time on the one-way section, then that is a problem.

Testing & Design

Be sure to test your code to try to produce a good sampling of potential interleavings.

Note, however, that your program should also have a principled design; testing may show the presence of bugs, but probably cannot assure you of their absence.

To address your testing and design, please submit a README that describes your testing efforts and presents some sample output.

Handling Race Conditions

Be sure your code does not have dangerous race conditions.

An example of this might be two cars getting on the one-way section at the same time, heading in opposite directions.

Handling Starvation

Be sure that no direction is starved.

An example of this starvation: cars already waiting to go to Bozeman never get to go, because cars keep showing up to go to Bridger Bowl, and they never forfeit access to the one-way section.

Hints, Suggestions, and Clarifications

  1. I recommend adding support for command line arguments for your simulator. For example, if you can set the number of cars to create (num_cars), the capacity of the one-way road (max_cars), etc., it will make testing your program much easier (since you won’t have to recompile each time you want to tweak an input parameter).
  2. While we primarily looked at pthread locks in class (pthread_mutex_t), you are also free to use other constructs provided by the pthreads library. For example, you may find pthread condition variables (pthread_cond_t) to be useful…


Essay question Humanities Assignment Help

I: Essay Question: You should write at least 2 and a half pages in a bluebook

1)Did conditions for Americans improve or worsen from the early 1920s to the early 1950s?Did everyone, including women, African Americans, Mexican Americans, and members of the working class experience progress? How about business leaders? Explain. Illustrate your points with specific examples from class and from your book (Give me Liberty an American history). .Make sure to address all parts of this question.

2.Focusing on the period from 1919 to the early 1950s, describe the nature of American anti-communism.Was the first red scare different from the second? Should we even talk about different periods of anti-communism?Perhaps you see similarities between these two red scares. Do you see more continuity or change between the two? When do you think official anti-communism was most successful?Make sure to provide specific examples.



Financial Option Case Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help


Case learning is a method of applying theory to sound practical real world applications. Each selected case provides a description of a problem situation taken from a specific company. The purpose of each case is to augment the course content with applications that enable the CalSouthern Learner to apply text materials to a problem and solve that application problem using Learner selected methods and procedures.

There are no exact answers or perfect solutions to case problems. Indeed, each recommended solution and justification can and is usually different comparatively amongst a group of respondents. The solution must fit the case and must be vigorously supported. The problem statement, analysis, selected solution, and especially the justification of the selected solution, are all critical elements in the case method. There are no short cuts to case presentations but a formalized methodology that enables the case presenter the optimal way to solve the case problem.

Be sure to answer all of the questions given for the case. Your responses must be complete, using terminology and concepts presented in the primary textbook as well as supplementary resources. You must read and follow the Case Submittal Format file found in the course resources area. Please double-space, use 12 point font, with one inch margins. Be sure to cite your resources and provide the references using APA format. Remember to reference all work cited or quoted by the text authors. You should be doing this often in your responses.

Complete the Mini Case Assignment at the end of Chapter 8 in your textbook. Use the Graduate Case Study Format found under the RESOURCES tab as a guide in writing your case analysis.

Complete all of the requirements in the attached pics

APA style

Financial Option Case Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Paragraph Writing Writing Assignment Help

Rubic –Read the assignment below. Plan your paragraph before you write by pre-writing and outlining. This paragraph should be a minimum of 150-200 words and should have a strong topic sentence. It should be well-developed with supporting details. Do not use any outside information to write this paragraph.


In a correctly formatted paragraph, describe your ideal life 15 years from now. What is something you can do every day to reach that goal? Be sure to have a clear topic sentence; avoid phrases such as “I think,” or “I feel.” Do not use “you.” Remember to give examples to support your topic sentence.


Do you have the proper heading?

Is your paper in the correct format?

Do you have a title that reflects what you are writing about (not the topic)?

Do you have the required number of words?

Is your topic sentence clearly stated at the beginning of your paragraph?

Did you proofread carefully?

Have you avoided using “you”?

Did you include all parts of a well-constructed paragraph?

Did you use proper grammar?

Did you punctuate correctly?

Hello tutor, thanks for you help! Above I have included the rubic and assignment.

Here I will include my ideal life in 15 years and thoughts that I need the paragraph written about.

*I will be 47 years old in 15 years. I get anxiety thinking about aging at any point in my life. It scares me.

* I hope to have obtained my nursing degree, that I am currently working towards, and working as a flight nurse with Air Evac. I have always loved caring for others its my passion in life.

* I hope to be traveling with my husband to our dream vacation places, such has Hawaii and Bahamas.

* Our 5 boys will be grown and living their own life, possibly married and have children of their own. Which would make us grandparents.

* I hope to have at least one grand daughter. Since I had all boys!

* Foremost, I pray that my family and myself are all in great health, and living our best life and dreams!

* I also to pray to be living anxiety free, this is something I struggle with on a daily basis.

* Something I can do each day to reach the goals, Is to never stop working hard to achieve what I set out for in life.

I hope this information helps you out, to be able to throw all these thoughts I have pre-written together to make me a paragraph. I struggle with writing these things. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks so much!! Just make sure to have good grammar, and punctuate correctly as needed, my instructor counts off a lot of points for not including commas where needed and run-ons and ect….


Final Research Essay Humanities Assignment Help


This essay is a culmination of all we’ve learned in English 1 about critical reading, thinking, and writing. This is your opportunity to apply the feedback from all other assignments and demonstrate that you are ready to move on from English 1 and engage with your academic and “real” life in a critical, thoughtful way. This should be the best essay you’ve ever written: show me your best stuff.


Imagine you are writing a persuasive problem/solution article for a scholarly publication about emotional and physical wellbeing. Identify a problem facing you personally, college students, or our society, especially around the topics of emotional wellbeing, mental health, behavior, college students’ success, etc. You might also consider a topic about how to use rhetoric to solve a problem. Consider choosing a problem that means something to you. (See below for topic/question suggestions.) Identify a problem that need solving.

In 3000 words, using 8-10 sources, you should

  • persuade your readers that the issue is a problem
  • identify the cause(s) of the problem
  • propose a solution to the problem (based on the cause(s) you identify)
  • refute at least one argument against your proposed solution (such as another possible solution), and
  • encourage the reader to take action toward your proposed solution.

Writing Instructions

  • Develop a question phrased so that the thesis will be a proposed solution (see below for examples).
  • Develop a thesis based on your research using scholarly, credible sources.
  • The thesis should be focused on your proposed solution. Underline your thesis statement.
  • Use a combination of ethos, logos, and pathos to persuade the reader to agree with your characterization of the causes, effects, and best solution to the problem.
  • Persuade your reader that this is actually a problem: what effect is this situation having on who, and why should we care?
  • Explain the cause of the problem and connect your solution to the cause(s).
  • Focus on a solution for the problem – this your thesis and what you want your audience to take action on.
  • Refute at least one specific counter-argument (either a reason your reader might not think this is a problem or why another solution doesn’t work).
  • Provide evidence for ALL claims using credible, scholarly information. No encyclopedias, dictionaries, or low-end journalism. Be discerning.

Topics and Questions

You may choose your own topic to research, but don’t waste too much time deciding a topic. It needs to be a problem with several possible solutions. Topics that you are interested in and/or are related to your major work really well; make this meaningful for you! You might write an answer to questions like

Topic Question phrased for problem/solution essay
Broken hearts

What is the best way to heal after a break up?


What is the best way to address the rising suicide rate among young Americans?


How can we persuade people to exercise more?

Voter turnout How can we persuade people to vote?
Student debt

What is the best solution to crippling student debt?

Childhood abuse

How can we reduce the effects of childhood trauma?


environmental issues infographic assignment Writing Assignment Help

Required Elements

Topic Statement

  • an introduction to the topic including a clear statement addressing the environmental problem
  • Visuals

  • presentation of your research which must include: 1 map and 1 graph, chart or table
  • Text

  • text supporting the visuals in your Infographic. There is no word limit on the text, but your entire Infographic should present
  • well and text should be legible when printed on standard size paper (8.5” x 11”)


  • a list of references used in your research. You must use at least 5 sources of information. Lecture notes and e
  • -learning modules do not count as sources of information.


  • must fit on one 8.5” x 11’’ paper. Text must be legible and graphics of good quality when printed at this size.
  • [supanova_question]

    Can someone do a Powerpoint. Has to be 10 Slides Law Assignment Help

    For this assignment, you can choose to either create a PowerPoint presentation or write a report depicting your analysis of historical crime data for a specific category of crime or criminal issue. Focus your research on one component of the criminal justice system (i.e., law enforcement, courts, or corrections). The data and charts you develop may be used in your Final Paper. For this assignment, you will

    • Present national data and trends based on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting and/or the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ Data Collection: National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS); another comparable nationally recognized database, such as The Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool on the U.S. Department of Education’s The Tools You Need for Campus Safety and Security Analysis; or, for an international perspective, you may present data available at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s Crime & Criminal Justice web page.
    • Present graphical statistical crime data for a specific category of crime from three comparably sized cities, counties, or states from three different regions of the country (e.g., Indianapolis, Austin, and San Francisco, etc. This information should be found on official government websites.)
    • Develop questions you would like to address based on the data you retrieved. (Note: You do not have to answer these questions for this assignment.) What crime prevention programs or initiatives are available to potentially address the crime or criminal justice issue? (Note: You are working through Step 18 in Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers in 60 Small Steps.)

    If you choose to create a PowerPoint presentation, your PowerPoint presentation must be a minimum of 10 slides long and must graphically display the statistical data developed for three comparable cities, counties, or states. Your presentation must incorporate national statistics for comparison. Your assessment may be in bullet or paragraph format and must be provided in the notes section of the presentation. Make sure you standardize your data (usually 1:1000; 1:10,000; or 1: 100,000) and incorporate the scale in a key for each chart.

    You may wish to include visual enhancements in your presentation. These may include appropriate images, a consistent font, appropriate animations, and transitions from content piece to content piece and slide to slide. (Images should be cited in APA Style as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center. Students may wish to use the following “Finding Non-Copyrighted Images for Presentations” guide for assistance with accessing freely available public domain and/or Creative Commons licensed images.) Top Ten Slide Tips, PowerPoint 2010 and the Simple Rules for Better PowerPoint Presentations web pages provide useful assistance with creating successful PowerPoint presentations.


    Question at Issue Essay Writing Assignment Help

    Question at Issue Essay Writing Assignment Help

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