questions about business law Business Finance Assignment Help

questions about business law Business Finance Assignment Help. questions about business law Business Finance Assignment Help.

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QUESTION #1 (50%): You know that every contract must have an offer, acceptance, consideration and a meeting of the minds. (1) Explain these four terms IN YOUR OWN WORDS (graded at one point per term) AND (2) Provide an example of how each of the four elements may be seen in sports (graded at one point per example).

QUESTION #2 (20%): Look again at the NFL Standard Player Contract. In your opinion, what TWO specific provisions should be added to the NFL Standard Player Contract — and WHY? Be sure to include any cited research to support your assertions that the clauses should be included in the contract.

QUESTION #3 (20 %): What is the difference between a license and a bailment? (1 points). Give one example of each from the sports industry (1 point).

Ten percent for format/language usage.
The report must be between 500-1,000 words and is to be submitted in typed, double-spaced form. This project is 15% (15/100 points) of your overall grade.

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JavaScript program help – Create Stack Computer from stack Programming Assignment Help

Hi, I need help creating JavaScript code to perform the instructions
as outlined below. The word document also contains the base code I have
so far. This code will require additional logic and functions in order
to work per instructions.

Implement a Stack in Javascript. Do not use an array as the stack or in the implementation of the stack. Repeat – You MUST implement the Stack (start with your linked list) without the use of an array..

You will build a Stack Computer from your stack. When a number is
entered it goes onto the top of the stack. When an operation is entered,
the previous 2 numbers are operated on by the operation and the result
is pushed onto the top of the stack. This is how an RPN calculator.

For example

2 [enter] 2

5 [enter] 5 2

* [enter] * 5 2 -> collapses to 10

would leave at 10 at the top of the stack.

The program should use a simple input box, either a text field or prompt and display the contents of the Stack.

[Push to Stack]

Contents of Stack:

NOTE: Implementation of a Stack using an array will not be accepted. A stack computer created using a Stack (with correct
push and pop) that performs all operations correctly – and does not
allow bad entries (non-numeric or operation, no operations until 2
numbers on stack) is what I am looking for.



read carefully and write a three page memo. Business Finance Assignment Help

You will analyze 5 crowdfunding pitches from the provided online sites at the bottom and make a case for investment in one


1. Language: Rhetoric, nostalgia, drawing on personal strengths or abstract, what words

stand out (amazing, extremely useful), what emotions are conveyed (excitement,

social/community support, technical words and descriptions, gratitude, readability

2. Storytelling: The flow of conversation, an arc, main theme, how it began,

3. Media combination: Videos, graphs, text, signaling quality, prototype available, finished

product available, animations, cartoons, illustrations, and special effects. number of

videos, images)

*How does language and words differ in text and video?

1. Public Reach Strategy/Legitimacy: Other platforms, campaigns, social media

usage(social promotion-“please tweet us”, patents, money

2. Value Proposition: Solving a problem or for entertainment

3. Transparency: Benefits, expenses, product features, progress level shown or talked about,

4. Industry/Field: electronics, software, tech, biology, ecology, engineering, medicine,


5. Stage of Product Development: Early, late, middle

6. Pitchers: Students, former employees, entrepreneurs, affiliation to universities or


7. Gender of the pitchers

8. Region of the product availability: US Pacific, US South, US Northeast, US

West/MIDWEST, NON-US, Unknown

9. Funding target: <$5000, $5000-$10,000, $10,000-$20,000, $20,000-$30,000,> $30,000



Please follow the instructions Computer Science Assignment Help

Data Science and Big Data Analytics

This week we focus on the “final exam” which is actually a comprehensive project. Please read the requirements and ensure that you are meeting all of the requirements of the assignment.

Chapter 12, “The Endgame, or Putting It All Together”

Lecture Link:

Instead of assigning a traditional exam for your “Final Exam”, you will demonstrate your understanding of the importance of the final two phases of the Data Analytics Lifecycle: Communicating the Results and Operationalizing. You have studied various analytic methods, along with surveying various available tools and techniques. But as a Data Scientist, you must also communicate what your team has accomplished.

For your Final “Exam”, you will create a Final Sponsor Presentation. You have been hired by Aetna to use big data to improve patient health. The case study you will use can be found at: .

Your assignment is to take this case study and create a PowerPoint Presentation of the Final Sponsor Presentation, as described in Chapter 12 of your text. (Make sure to use the format presented in Chapter 12.)

You will submit a PowerPoint Presentation file (ppt or pptx) with at least the following slides: (You can submit more, but I’m mainly looking for these twelve slides )

  1. Title (Your name + other info)
  2. Situation and Project Goals
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Approach
  5. Method Description
  6. Recommendations

Note: There is no direct information in the case study that covers the specific analytics methods used. You will extrapolate from the provided information in the case study and provide your own interpretation of the method (or methods) the Data Science team used. Draw from what we have covered this semester and map what you learned to what that team probably did. There is no rubric for this assignment. I want you to be as creative as possible. Tell the story. Inspire your sponsors.


White Paper on the removal of the headphone jack on the iphone 7 Writing Assignment Help

1. I have attached the instructions for the white paper we have to write. It is due on the 8th of March and a draft is due this Saturday. This paper would be for an external audience. Need to add references to paper please.

2. Also is attached a memo I wrote my instructor on my ideas and how to go about this paper.

3. Lastly, attached are examples that we have been going over.

Please help and let me know if there is anything additional you need to get this paper done by Saturday.



Argument identifying and resolving an issue of interpretation in a primary source.Identify one key issue to explore and resolve in your paper. Formulate the issue as a level 3 question, and resolve the issue by a detailed, specific analysis of the text. Humanities Assignment Help

* 4-5 pages + works cited page

* please use just the source I provide to include ins text citations (paraphrasing/quotes) to make your argument

* include counter argument

* will provide applicable secondary source as well, please only use sources I provide

* remember, the argument made is identifying and resolving an issue of interpretation of the primary source

* level three question is a thesis you come up with to argue the paper

– preferably working around the idea of ascetic monastic networking

primary source: theodret

secondary: Watts

third file is the paper guidelines

thesis formula examples :

1.What role does concept/analytical unit X play in Author Y’s

portrayal of Z?

2.What does source X reveal/show/indicate about

issue/dynamic/culture Y during…?

3.What role does concept/analytical unit X play in source Y?

4.How is X represented/what role does X play in sources Y and Z?

Some ideas to take into consideration:

This text describes a “holy man,” whose religious commitments

endow him with special abilities. What does the text reveal about the society and culture that considered this man holy and told

these stories about him? About the relationships between individual, family, and community? About political power and religion? Consider these general questions to help you identify an issue of interpretation . What contradictions, curiosities, confusing points, connections do you see? Why does it matter? What are some possible interpretations that are in conflict?

Argument identifying and resolving an issue of interpretation in a primary source.Identify one key issue to explore and resolve in your paper. Formulate the issue as a level 3 question, and resolve the issue by a detailed, specific analysis of the text. Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

please write 1000 words of essay Business Finance Assignment Help

please use the simple language write the essay, here is the request

Learning objectives:

1. Conducting research on situated practices of work

2. Connecting situated practices to interfaces, algorithms, and social forces

3. Communicating about science and technology

In Part I, we’ll be working to understand what it is like to work through, on, and for internet platforms. Why work? Play is important but people often have to work to survive, so it is an important place to begin our analysis of the social impacts of the internet industries.

Fieldwork Research

Choose one of two methods: participant-observation or informational interviews. Our goal is to understand how platforms affect work and livelihoods.

Platforms affect a wide range of people, including:

  • People who work through a platform, such as Amazon Mechanical Turk, Lyft, Uber, Postmates
  • People whose work heavily depends on a platform, for example, artists on Twitter, headhunters on LinkedIn, social media marketers on Facebook, fashion bloggers on Instagram, resellers on eBay or Craigslist
  • People whose work has been radically changed because of the competition or transformation introduced by a platform, such as taxi drivers, delivery drivers, transcriptionists, pet sitters and walkers.

Participant Observation Earning Challenge

Are you already one of the kinds of people whose work is affected by platforms? (See bulleted list above.) Or do you want to experience it first hand, like journalist Taylor Soper? Sign up for a platform of your choice. (Warning: It can take several days for platforms to approve you as a worker so start early.)

The living wage for a single adult in San Diego County is $15.01 (source: MIT)

The minimum wage in City of San Diego is $11.50 (source:

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to earn $15.01 an hour for 6 hours of work, after you subtract any expenses — that’s $90.06 net earnings.

As you go, take notes on your experience. You can take selfie videos as an easy way of logging your thoughts, reactions, feelings, frustrations, and insights as you go along.

Interviews about situated practices

Identify someone whose work has been affected by platforms (see the bulleted list above).

To get a deep perspective, find someone who has been doing the work for at least six months. The person can be paid or partially unpaid, but they should spend enough time doing the work in question that they can offer you deep insights into the process and the experience.

Before the interview, locate at least three informed sources on this form of work (e.g. long-form journalism, scholarly articles, firsthand accounts). You should spend at least an hour interviewing the person. Record the interview and transcribe the most interesting parts. Include a photo of your interviewee and their workspace, if they give you permission.

Sample interview questions you can draw from | Thomas Conner’s Amazing Interview How-To

Analysis + Deliverables

  • Write a 1000 word reflection on your learnings:
    • Explain the most interesting or surprising aspects of the work
    • Explain any pleasures and frustrations of the job
    • Reflect on how laws, competition by other workers, company policies, and tech or interface design affect the work
    • Put your observations in conversation with at least two readings from the course
    • Woodcock and Waters is one good model of how to reflect and write on work
  • Required appendices: Include any transcripts, fieldnotes (images of handwriting are fine), and photos from your fieldwork


answer both questions Humanities Assignment Help

1. What is plagiarism? What are your experiences with plagiarism? Have you ever seen it? Do you know of anyone who has been caught plagiarizing? What can you do to make sure you avoid plagiarism? What are the consequences of being caught committing plagiarism in this class? Why is making sure no one plagiarizes so important?

Please submit your essay as an attachment, must be submitted either as a word. doc, pdf. or google.doc. Please do not submit as a pages. doc – I cannot open pages. doc in Canvas.

Please make sure that you allow your essay to be viewed through the plagiarism checker by checking the box confirming that the work is your own. This is how we use VeriCite/Unicheck – please do not buy or download or set up an account with either VeriCite or Unicheck as it is not required. By checking the box confirming the work the is being submitted is your own, you will be able to check to make sure your work isn’t plagiarized.

Please submit this assignment in 250 words -350 words – only.

2.What are your study habits? How do you study? When do you study? Where do you study? Do you study in a coffee shop, the library, at work, in the car, on the bus, in the shed? Do you listen to music or watch TV or work at the same time? Do you have a set time that you like to study, early in the morning, after the kids have gone to bed, just before the assignment is due? Do you take breaks? Do you have snacks? What snacks? Do you have to have something to drink? Tea, drink, water, beer? Are you multi-tasking while you study?


audiology audsim assignment (must have audsim software) 5 questions Health Medical Assignment Help

The patient case history should appear as:

“This patient is an active 49-year-old woman who works in an office setting . She has had hearing loss, assumedly since birth and there is a history of hearing loss in her family (one sibling and one parent). She has mild tinnitus bilaterally, no fullness nor pain in her ears, and she does not experience dizziness. She is being seen for routine audiological evaluation and hearing aid consultation. The patient is also seeking advice since she has been experiencing difficulty with everyday tasks (eg. Watching tv, talking on the telephone, participating in meetings at work).”

  • Following the testing procedure learned in class, complete an audiologic evaluation to determine this patient’s hearing thresholds. Make sure you set the transducer to “insert” for each ear. Masking will NOT be used for this case. Make sure to test using AC, BC, and inter-octave frequencies when appropriate.
  • Use the obtained thresholds to answer the questions on the following page(s).
  • After you are done with your audiometric testing and answering the questions, click “Show Results” and submit your assignment. A copy of your results will be emailed to me and another copy will be saved in your Documents folder.
  • Print a copy of your answers and bring them to class to submit. You do not need to print a copy of your audiograms.

  1. For AC, which frequency did you begin testing? At which intensity? (2pt)
  2. Describe the type and degree of hearing loss found in each ear. Include the configuration. (6 pt)
  3. Calculate the pure-tone average (PTA) for each ear: (2pt)
  4. Was testing done at any inter-octave frequencies? If so, which? Why? (4 pt)
  5. Which ear(s) was/were used to conduct bone conduction testing? Does it matter which ear(s) you use? Why or why not? (2 pt)

Right ear:

Left ear:

Right ear:

Left ear:


Organizational Problem or Opportunity Writing Assignment Help

Organizational leaders make decisions every day that affect their organizations and employees. Making informed decisions is an imperative for leaders if their organizations are to remain viable and sustainable. This Capstone course was designed to integrate and synthesize research with concepts, theories, and skills learned through the Master’s program to address an organizational problem or opportunity. Integration of acquired knowledge is demonstrated by each student in the development and completion of the Capstone Project process. The final Capstone assignment, Capstone Project Report, demonstrates a student’s ability to conduct practical research in support of a decision-making process.

Your Capstone Project must include the following:

  • Title Page
  • An Executive Summary
    • An outline of the organizational problem or opportunity being investigated.
    • A summary of the background and argument surrounding your issue.
    • An overview of your recommendations for your organization
  • Section I: Organization/Industry Problem or Opportunity
    • Intro & Definition of Terms
    • Problem Statement
    • Purpose Statement
    • Research Question
    • Intended Audience
  • Section II: Problem or Opportunity Background
    • Background of Problem/Opportunity
    • Explanation of the Importance of the Topic
    • Theoretical Framework
  • Section III: Investigative Steps
    • An explanation of the research approach taken
    • Methodology used
    • Bias found
    • Topics intentionally not addressed due to time constraints, lack of substantial research, etc…
  • Section IV: Literature Review
    • An analysis of the findings of research obtained relevant to the research topic
    • A comprehensible logical flow of information, with categorized headings, that is unmistakably linked to the problem, opportunity, and research questions
    • Graphics or other analytical charts from research, if relevant to the findings
  • Section V: Recommendations and Conclusions
    • Interpretive views about results
    • Recommendations, options, action plans, or practical applications for decision makers to use
    • Correlation to investigative findings for all recommendations
    • One page, at the minimum, dedicated to the conclusion of this research project, to include future recommendations for areas of opportunity and research that were not addressed due to the time limitations of this Capstone
  • References
  • Appendixes, if applicable

Your well-written Capstone project must be 18-35 pages total in length, in addition to title and reference pages. The paper should be formatted according to the APA Requirements. You must cite at least 12 scholarly references.


questions about business law Business Finance Assignment Help

questions about business law Business Finance Assignment Help

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