Ratio analysis for last two years financial statements for Tesla Inc Business Finance Assignment Help

Ratio analysis for last two years financial statements for Tesla Inc Business Finance Assignment Help. Ratio analysis for last two years financial statements for Tesla Inc Business Finance Assignment Help.

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My Company is TESLA INC. Focus on the financial statement analysis chapter (PDF) you are reading this week. You will want to compute ratios for your company for the last two years. Do not compute each ratio you learned about for your company. There may be some that are not relevant. Rather focus on those eight ratios that you feel are the most important and relevant to analyze how your company is doing. Make sure to justify the ratios that you choose for your analysis. Compare how your company has done to the industry averages. Do you notice any trends that are positive or negative? Does anything look good or bad that is notable? Do you have any suggestions on things they could be doing to improve these ratios? Please analyze what you found for each of the eight ratios. Then organize your findings into a 15 minute presentation. Be sure to include some background on your company in your presentation.

Ratio analysis for last two years financial statements for Tesla Inc Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

EASY 1 use case diagram and 1 transitional diagram Computer Science Assignment Help

Mini Case: Campus Bikes

Campus Bikes is a popular bicycle shop located near a major university. The business has grown and the owner, Mark Turner, wants to install an up-to-date computer system to handle all business functions.


Campus Bikes sells several brands of new bikes, including everything from high-end racing models to beach cruisers. In addition to sales of new bikes and accessories, Mark’s service department is always busy. The staff includes Mark himself, a bookkeeper, two part-time sales reps, a full-time mechanic, and several part-time service helpers who assemble bikes.

Before opening the shop three years ago, Mark worked for many years in his father’s auto dealership, Turner Motors, and he learned all about the automobile business. In the bike shop, he runs a similar operation, but on a much smaller scale. For example, sales orders are recorded on preprinted forms, and service requests are written up just as they would be in an auto service department.

Mark’s customers find him fair and reasonable. He likes to say that the main difference between his business and a big-box retailer is that he knows his customers and will do whatever it takes to keep them happy.

You work at the college as a lab assistant in the computer information department. You earned a computer science degree at a two-year school, and you recently decided to work toward your four-year-degree. The computer lab manager, Jill, often suggests that local businesses contact you for help in troubleshooting IT issues.

This morning, you received a call from Mark, who wants to hire you as a consultant to help plan a system for Campus Bikes. You learned that Jill had referred him, and you are excited to have this opportunity. It probably didn’t hurt that both you and Jill had bought bikes from Mark, and already knew him. After spending several weekends talking with Mark and the staff, you are ready to start. You decide to use an object-oriented approach that will be easy to understand.


(50 pts) Create a use case diagram along with its description document that shows how service requests are handled (See Fig 6-14 from your textbook for use case description document, and Fig 6-16 for use case diagram, create your diagrams based on textbook standards).

(50 pts) Create a state transition diagram that describes typical customer states and how they change based on specific actions and events (See Fig 6-21 for diagram format).


help in creating an industry value chain Writing Assignment Help

The goal of this assignment is to ensure that you have read the case PRIOR to the class discussion of the case.The assignment has to be typed (cannot exceed a single page, 11 font, single-spaced) and submitted as a Word document

what is the topic ??

AT&T: The lecture notes for topic #2 talks about industry value chain and industry structure. Using this, create the industry value chain for the video industry (content creation, content aggregation, and content distribution) and add as many details as you can identify (e.g., names of players, etc.).

I have uploaded an example of an industry value chain and also the notes about industry value chain and finally the case

for the case i have uploaded you are required to read only pages 7 to 28

please do your best, this assignment is very important to me

good luck


audiology assignment, one page Science Assignment Help

  1. Wear ear plugs for a minimum of two hours. Make sure you wear them when you are around other people, consider wearing them when you are out and about. Be careful not to wear them in any situation that may put you at risk!Write a reflection about your experience. Write about what you’ve learned from this experience. What were things that you found difficult or challenging? Was there anything you liked about having reduced hearing? How were your interactions with other people?Your reflection should be 1-2 pages, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font.


Chapter 5 – Information Systems for Business and Beyond Computer Science Assignment Help

Please complete the below two sections in two different documents.

1. Chapter 5 – study questions 1-9, Exercise 1 & 3 (Information Systems for Business and Beyond) Submit the above homework in one document.

Study Questions:

  1. What were the first four locations hooked up to the Internet (ARPANET)?
  2. What does the term packet mean?
  3. Which came first, the Internet or the World Wide Web?
  4. What was revolutionary about Web 2.0?
  5. What was the so-called killer app for the Internet?
  6. What does the term VoIP mean?
  7. What is a LAN?
  8. What is the difference between an intranet and an extranet?
  9. What is Metcalfe’s Law?


  1. What is the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web? Create at least three statements that identify the differences between the two.
  2. Pretend you are planning a trip to three foreign countries in the next month. Consult your wireless carrier to determine if your mobile phone would work properly in those countries. What would the costs be? What alternatives do you have if it would not work?

2. Chapter 5 – Review the Roles of Line Management and Social Network and Information Technology sections. Note the various roles in the organization and note the similarities and differences within each role. Also, note how innovation technology management shapes how we communicate amongst coworkers within an organization. (Information Technology and Organizational Learning)

The above submission should be one-page in length and adhere to APA formatting standards.




i have a theology essay Humanities Assignment Help

hello, i want a good essay ,, i want it to be high school level and simple words because i am a second language student

you must write in response .

This essay should be about 6-7 double spaced pages in length.

In evaluating your work, I’ll especially attend to:

1) your response to the prompt.

2) the scope and sophistication of your engagement with relevant texts and classroom conversations.

3) the clarity, precision, and coherence of your argument, including the mechanics and diction of your writing.

It’s been said that what you really want is what you want people to say about you when you’re dead. Well, here’s your chance. In conversation with your learning so far, write a two-part essay about how you want to be remembered when you are dead by the people who matter most to you. In part one, write your own ideal eulogy, accounting for the things that helped you develop and sustain the (imagined) life you describe. In part two, draw on our classroom conversation and the various texts you have read to this point to defend the life you have described in part one as well-lived.

N.B. : Before beginning your essay, be sure you understand what a eulogy is. Find one or more eulogies of famous persons online and watch or read them. When you have a sense of how eulogies function, then decide who you want to eulogize you, keeping in mind it could be a person you haven’t yet met. Finally, think about the kind of life you want to live. Remember, you are defending your bestlife, so feel free to place it wherever you’d like and have it last as long as you like.

i have a theology essay Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Editorial based on an policy issue paper. Need some one know how to write editorial!!!! Writing Assignment Help

Write an editorial based on your previous policy paper:

1) Argue to support your particular policy solution

2) Include research in the proper manner

3) Use the format and style of an editorial and use the four forms of the rhetoric

4) From Pathos to Ethos to Logos.

5) one and a half pages, single space

6) Do not just translate the policy paper!!!!! need new connection and logical

7) Each paragraph should be have connection and be flow.

8) Must have some source of data, and point out where it comes from.


10) Need a clear state of the issue, and a clear and doable solution.

Emotional connection with the reader in the first part, create feeling and image to let reader concern with this policy issue. Must have credibility source, point where is comes from, but no need to cite. In the policy paper, it did not give an good solution, and did not point out “which policy” should be changed, which means in the editorial you need to point out a specific policy issue (a law or something), and give some particular solutions for people could do.

The First file is the policy issue paper that you need to based on. The second and the third one is the picture of the student who took this class and wrote, may not be good but this paper should be look like this.


Discussion 2 — Theoretical Knowledge Business Finance Assignment Help

Each student will contribute to the weekly class blog, posting an approximately 250- to 500-word response to the week’s readings. (250-words are approximately 1 page, typed, double-spaced.)

— Why is understanding theory important for communications professionals?

— How might one apply theoretical knowledge to “real-world” work?

Be creative! Strive for thoughtfulness, nuance and critical thinking.

Pragmatic Public Relations — Batchelor.pdf

Onward Into More Fog — Heath.pdf

Furnishing the Edifice — Grunig.pdf


Critical Appraisal of Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Writing Assignment Help

Week 5: Assignment – Critical Appraisal of Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring

Assignment Prompt

Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring is a conceptual thread in the USU College of Nursing’s curriculum framework. The purpose of this assignment is to offer students the opportunity to be exposed to Human Caring Science while providing students with the skills of critical appraisal of evidence.

  1. Students will select one nursing research article that focuses on a study that used Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring as a theoretical framework.
  2. Students should use as a guide, an appropriate Rapid Critical Appraisal Checklist found in Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt (2019; pp. 708-722).
  3. The critiques are to be informal, although correct grammar, spelling, etc., are expected. The critique should include a brief description of the study that was reviewed and should address elements of the study relevant to critique.
  4. Students will provide a written critique on a critical appraisal of the elements relevant to the nature of the research study such as type of study, design, quality of the study; and rationale, as well as implications for practice and further research and/or evaluation.

The grade will be based on accuracy, level of content and structure of the document.

Examples of research articles incorporating Jean Watson’s theory in USU online library:

Durgun Ozan, Y., & Okumus, H. (2017). Effects of nursing care based on

Watson’s theory of human caring on anxiety, distress, and coping when

infertility treatment fails: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Caring

Sciences, 6(2), 95-109.

Rossillao, K. (2018). Caritas education: Theory to practice…2018

National Teaching Institute research abstracts presented at the AACN

National Teaching Institute, Boston, Massachusetts, May 21-24, 2018.

American Journal of Critical Care, 27(3), e 14 – e15.


A question of incorporation Business Finance Assignment Help

Here is the transcript of the video. Read and answer the questions below!

>> Hello, Dr. Kain [assumed spelling] back with you again. As we’re cruising through the [inaudible] theory, process and practice book, you’ve probably now run across the chapter on some of the legal aspects that affect entrepreneurship. In that chapter, we talked a lot about the different legal forms of organization. I’d like to share with you a story that I think encompasses some of that with the Harlow family. They were in the motel business. And let me show you some of the insights about how they’ve gone through their processes. The Harlow family opened up their very first motel in 2002. Initially business was very slow. It took almost 11 months to break even. But after about 3 years, the Harlows felt that the operation was then going to be a success so they stuck with that. And by 2007, they were able to increase the size of the motel from 28 to 50 rooms. They then expanded again in 2009. This time to 100 rooms. In each case the motel’s occupancy rate was so high that the Harlows had to turn people away during the months of April to September. And the occupancy rate was 85 percent during the other months. By industry standards, their business was one of the most successful motels in the country. As they entered the 2010 decade, Harold and Becky Harlow decided that rather than expanding more, they would be better off buying another motel, perhaps at a nearby locale. They chose to hire someone to run their current operation and they spent most of their time at the new location until they had it running properly. In 2014, they made their purchase. Like their first motel, the second location was an overwhelming success within a few years. For now, the Harlows bought a number of new motels. And as we can see by 2017, they had 7 motels with an average of 100 rooms per unit. During all of this time that Becky and Harold kept their own financial records, bringing in the certified public accountants, ACPA, only once a year to close the books and prepare their income tax returns. Last week, a very new accountant asked them how long they intended to keep running the 7 motels. The Harlows told them that they enjoyed the operation and hoped to keep it for another 10 years when they then planned to maybe sell out or retire. Harold admitted that trying to keep all of the motels going at the same time was difficult. But noted that he had some excellent managers working for him. They now asked him whether he would consider incorporating. If you incorporate, he said, you could sell stock and use the money to buy more motels. Additionally, you could keep some of the stock for yourself so you could maintain control of the operation. Sell some for expansion purposes and sell the rest to raise money you could put aside in a savings account or some conservative investment. That way if things go bad, you will still have a nest egg built up. The accountant also explained to Harold and Becky that as a partnership, they currently are responsible for all the business debts. With a corporation, they would have limited liability. That is, if the corporation failed, the creditors could not sue them for their personal assets. In this way, their assets would be protected. So the money Harold would get for selling his stock would be safely tucked away. The Harlows admitted they had never really considered another form of organization. Because as a married couple, they felt the partnership was just fine. They just assumed that a partnership was simply the best form for them. Now, they’re willing to examine the benefits of a corporation and they will go ahead and incorporate their business if this approach promises them greater advantages. So as the Harlows ponder it, I would ask you to ponder the similar questions. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a partnership? We talked about it in the chapter. What do the Harlows face from the standpoint of some of those disadvantages?

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a partnership?

2. Contrast the advantages and disadvantages of a partnership with those of a corporation.

3.Provide your opinion on whether the Harlows should incorporate.

4.Would the LLC option be a value to them? Explain.


Ratio analysis for last two years financial statements for Tesla Inc Business Finance Assignment Help

Ratio analysis for last two years financial statements for Tesla Inc Business Finance Assignment Help

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